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Gucci such as luxury giant miumiu

Guide language: January 2009, DiMa Patrizio Marco Di er division (CEO) to serve as Gucci, have jokingly said: "in a crisis to accept responsibility and stimulating consumption, seem to is my destiny." Earlier, in Louis - dimension ascends and prada etc luxury brands <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> have rich experience in charge of him, Bottega Veneta brand under Gucci, when he had saved in the fire and water in 2007: created growth 49% of performance, and launch value $6,000 classic product - hand-made leather Cabat handbags.
However, despite the glory, when facing the past three years <a href="">gucci watch uk</a> has been keep 46 years markedly, but have to in the circumstance of economic recession to slow down the luxury giants, people will still be continually to DiMa er families puts forward such question: "what would you do?"
Gucci Shanghai flagship store opened in nanjing road, which is already Gucci in mainland <a href="">gucci</a> China for the first 28 home stores.
June 6, Gucci Shanghai flagship store in nanjing road grand opening, this two floors of business area more than 1600 square meters of storefront, following New <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> York, London, etc in mainland China opened after the first used the top designers, Gucci brand creative director Frida Giannini shop. 19x43 meters of giant golden glass curtain wall sends out of dazzling <a href="">gucci handbags us</a> colour and lustre, and that one has Chinese amorous feelings of red dragon pattern, is specially pleather to store the global kei production limited edition. Everything seems to be in tell people, and other companies alike, Gucci are also regard China as <a href="">gucci discount</a> stimulate the market "the doping".
In fact, China's strategy is only fashionable pioneer Gucci follows a global trend <a href="">gucci handbags</a> among them a representation. With Shanghai flagship store opened almost at the same time, Gucci still in global release a parent group PPR funded by the environmental protection documentary "Home" (Home), and in April 19 to 25 "earth week" period, Gucci group's <a href="">gucci wholesale</a> various well-known designers and child brand also have launched a limited edition is environmental protection product, and will all earned income donated environmental groups.