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Snow falls into the forecourt an ox-stall, fall backyard haystack on, fall garden mansions, hanging in farmyard fence, like a pause. Snow was very big ah, decades not encountered, nearly a hundred years not meet self-owned meteorological <a href="">oakleys</a> since records, not met. Snow is still in the fall, it fell to the deck and fell into the cabin, fell to yellow sea thick breasts like flying in a kiss, snow falls silently. It landed in fell to the fell to recruit tiger hill, a fall in hill. The lighthouse shoot through her thick deep palace secret Wei, lamp like with a group of piquant butterfly catch up tag. Snow big, the <a href="">oakley glasses</a> wind also big, snow night, the wind blowing man diagonal stripe, like the polar hobbled penguins, plump, swollen, peremptory a graceful gentleman poise. color of the Chinese manufacturing, a list of "armed to the teeth". Snow falls on the child's school bag with, and light spirit to fly into his face, tongue a lick, mild <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses</a> pure, have a few silk micro Kennedy. So happy, will fly up an arrows step out of commission and the same ground, down a glass, sliding out overnight, Mother behind crazy shout, but children deaf, he likes to this group of bees buzzing hum, he will open your arms to the powder decoration carving romance of the entire world. Fall, a climb <a href="">Oakley Water Goggles</a> up, not stand firm, another staggered slippery go out, and fell down, rise, again, rise up again, patted on the snow, still laughing. Behind the sniggers girl, not uncover jade tooth, also vultures to slipped, came to a. Pretty girl jumps, only to leap touched the hips, and finally to can not help smiling, rush toward chi a break into a laugh, and the glibly the at the same time pearls: "it hurts, that thanks grandma," so humming to tender, all the way <a href="">oakley uk</a> walk. "Good heavy snow", "good harvest", took the Nobel Prize in literature of Japanese Cheng is that, in one of his kingdom "and" snow became friends. The book describes the scene, snow bask in silk seems wan at present: snow blankets, is beautiful pecked mattress static silk, ancient Chinese silkworm silk of silk, Actually there are many things by snow, especially the moist baptism enchanting, enchanting charming, with a <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses UK</a> word, do not preach *. So who also love snow, south of snow, historic scholarships-from snow song, very mountains and crisscrossing, boundless huge and a snow manner and style. Andersen's "Snow White", a Nordic romantic side.
I always think, if it doesn't rain and snow, but continuous endless, walk into mornings crackpot, then we this world is not very bored? Snow is god has given us a northerner best New Year's CARDS, every year came. No snow, how <a href="">Oakley Polarized Goggles UK</a> condenses on we northerners this hale clean character? "Snow, pressure and straight," snow make us a northerner this aggressive massiveness body and unique customs. Remember one year, the month, I went to a friend's house a guest, every day to eat a dandy mutton slices a thin, area, such as Mutton is that taste, freshness is admirable. At that time there was no refrigerators, I wonder how to preserve and host is made. Then one <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses UK</a> morning, I finally discovered the secret, originally from courtyard hided them the hostess body fat snowman stomach vomit them up, that guy parcel "goods" heart, shrewd not shallow!
Snow fell in, the earth; stronger, Next year, after being wheat seeding a graceful. Actually snow gave us is a grain, is happiness, is the will, is verve, are moderately endurance and lasting charm, is spring rain, autumn of reality.
Snow still in fall, from vast u , fell to vast sea, fall into the sea and sky wider than the human heart This is the fairy tale world? Still fantasy wonderland? Or is heaven!?
The winter morning, when you walk <a href="">oakley</a> in river side, often will revel in the fabulous snow world: the water-channel, bubbling streams, the fog is dense, The shore, silver branch grain wrapped, thousand-willow rocking gently.