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Standards and Conditions

Standards and Conditions
Life is not all people can become friends. Everyone has their own life attitude, interact in a way, interest and character, choose friends have their own standards and conditions. My friends are the principles of the pursuit of the <a href="">oakleys</a> communication of the psyche. I often think that people living in the world, without friendship, cannot leave, without care, cannot leave the mutual support. In friends encounter difficulties and setbacks, if a helping hand, help each other through, overcome difficulties, than giving rare gift useful, also firm. Both for friends, means that mutual undertake, joy sharing obligations. When this the friendship can lasting remain.
Getting along with your friends hurt is often careless, help is sincerely, forget those who unintentionally hurt; Remember those <a href="">oakley glasses</a> of you sincerely help, you will find that there you have a lot of the sincerity friend... In daily life, even if best friends can have friction, we might for these friction and separate. we looked out sky, always see the past good memories. Some trivial memories for my lonely heart bring infinite shock, make me understand more friends to <a href="">oakley sunglasses</a> my important! Network is the same, too close relationships will become complicated, too far, have lost contact with, not just right, the only nearly near each other of sincerity and feel friendship. Everyone has the party belongs to own hurrah, friend, when you are sad, when you discouraged, when you feel when friends gradually indifference, please cherish friend sincere friendship, both in the network of <a href="">cheap oakley</a> friendship or in real life, friendship is like air water, don't want to lose only when the value of which is pain. I want to always have many the sincerity friends, but I know this is impossible. Discrete should let nature take its course, not reluctantly. Belong to my friend, will coming to me, do not belong to my friend, leave also stay, if true arrive bowed and other times, without sorrow, more cannot too dispute too <a href="">oakley sunglasses sale</a> much, life side alone sad, then swallow bright grandeur of the quality show others, with the life to experience life is. Because the person is not alive for pain, pleasure in life everlasting. Each glance below is hidden deep loneliness and longing. Everyone has their own struggle the pain and journey to tacit understanding is but because understand themselves and each other understanding, only harmonious is exhaustion of <a href="">Oakley Active Sunglasses Discount</a> body and mind while still wonder smile. Mutual miss, mutual CARES, and mutual cherish most god-given emotion is worldly comfort, is most difficult forget the true between friends. Between friends so to long-term coexistence, because there are this mind mutual interdependence with the tacit understanding, only the lonely life becomes rich and deep. To have a best friend, a best friends, they have a lifetime of emotional needs, such as food and clothing, such as sun and friends, as his shadow, most alone, whether miles <a href="">Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles Discount</a> friends would blacklist, then even have been relatively, never say a word, feel is dew moist, an 18-hour as a mirror, mood cloud.
Cherish every around a friendship, whether it be already past, however it will have a future., may alienate, but never should not be forgotten. It is a seed, will be in your heart pumping leaf, flower bud, until the results. And that kind of scent will bloom with you on life... Always thought that I could not even a wisp of, or in despair, he <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses Discount</a> found his hand still holding the cloud tail. Open in the water of it, always try my best to make himself in the water looks more perfect, just lonely feeling let again how perfect all still have regret. Look gaunt association in faint in revealed, as if is a kind of magic.