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And let's hear all about it

"Come in -- come in." The editor <a href="">Vibram Men Shoes Sale</a> led the way into a small cheerful room, where there were cigars and decanters. He pushed an armchair toward his visitor, and dropped into another with a comfortable groan. "Now, then -- help yourself. And let's hear all about it."
He beamed at Granites over his pipe-bowl, and the latter, lighting his cigar, said to himself: "Success makes men <a href="">Vibram Classic Men Shoes Sale</a> comfortable, but it makes them stupid."
Then he turned, and began: "Denver, I want to tell you --"
"Well, I jumped in, ran up Broadway, and let the car go as soon as I was out of Harlem. Dark as it was, I could trust myself to strike a sharp pace. In the shadow of a wood I stopped a second and got into the beard and luster. Then <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Classic Shoes Sale</a> away again -- it was just eleven-thirty when I got to Greenfield. "Well, then came the report about the Italian's threats, and I saw I must act at once. . . I meant to break into the old man's room, shoot him, and get away again. It was a big risk, but I thought I could manage it. Then we heard that he was ill -- that there'd been a consultation. Perhaps the fates were going to do it for me! Good Lord, if that could only be! . . ."
"I left the car in a dark lane behind the Lehman place, and <a href="">Vibram Fivefingers Kso Shoes Sale</a> slipped through the kitchen-garden. The melon-houses winked at me through the dark -- I remember thinking that they knew what I wanted to know. . . . By the stable a dog came out growling -- but he nosed me out, jumped on me, and went back. . . The house was as dark as the grave. I knew everybody went to bed by ten. But there might be a prowling <a href="">vibram shoes</a> servant -- the kitchen-maid might have come down to let in her Italian. I had to risk that, of course. I crept around by the back door and hid in the shrubbery. Then I listened. It was all as silent as death. I crossed over to the house, pried open the pantry window and climbed in. I had a little electric lamp <a href="">Vibram Five Fingers shoes</a> in my pocket, and shielding it with my cap I groped my way to the ice-box, opened it -- and there was the little French melon . . . only one.
"I stopped to listen -- I was quite cool. Then I pulled out my bottle of stuff and my syringe, and gave each section of the melon a <a href="">vibram fingers</a> hypodermic. It was all done inside of three minutes -- at ten minutes to twelve I was back in the car. I got out of the lane as quietly as I could, struck a back road that skirted the village, and let the car out as soon as I was beyond the last houses. I only stopped once on the way in, to drop the beard and luster into a pond. I had a big stone ready to weight them with and they went down plump, like <a href="">five fingers shoes</a> a dead body -- and at two o'clock I was back at my desk."
Granites stopped speaking and looked across the smoke-fumes at his listener; but Denver's face remained inscrutable. At length he said: "Why did you want to tell me this?" The question startled Granites. He was about to explain, as he had explained to Ascham; but suddenly it occurred to him that if his motive had <a href="">five fingers kso </a> not seemed convincing to the lawyer it would carry much less weight with Denver. Both were successful men, and success does not understand the subtle agony of failure. Granites cast about for another reason.