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Life, Columbia

Life, Columbia
Today in the outside to see someone in the chess! One dish and then a dish! I look for a long time! Suddenly feel life really think the game! Thought he <a href="">links charm</a> heard people say in life, as in chess bureau also disagree! Chess, lost! Can never, the life? Whether you really can also be heavy to come? I don't hear ask yourself! The answer is impossible! But why there are so many people say life such as chess?

Looking at chess in one step one step walk! I watched the board in the beat constantly piece, he in traction to my heart beat!

Because walk wrong step, maybe this one dish because walk wrong this move! Caused the tray are lost. Some people, go wrong! Will soon perceived that move has gone wrong! In order to restore the tray in, whether can save! He has been in <a href="">links</a> for his wrong and introspection! But some people, lost just know yourself in that went wrong, but everything has been late!

But the most sad or those to lose still don't know oneself there go wrong! Why would lose? Also in that complacency, think oneself is a certainty!

As we were playing chess, an old man! And a child, although not sure is the old man won! But you also have individual will feel man must lose? Why most people would think the old man will not lose? Or someone said, old man used chess under! So he can win! Indeed, this is also a parlance!

But if there are 10 old man and 10 children the same <a href="">links of london sweetie</a> time to learn to play chess. I believe that with seven children will defeat to old man!

Child's brain than the old man's flexible! Why cut loss to the old man?

How many people will think this problem?

Chess, the main or the patient thinking! Next move and have already thought 3 steps chess, and don't play chess just want to win!

(this is I once worked with a grandpa chess when he told my)

The old man character composed, because <a href="">links london</a> experienced too! Anyway, they play chess thoughts were not disturb! And every step are after serious consideration.

And children? Chess mentality is what kind <a href="">jewelry</a> of? Only saw, and never consider how to get to the next step.

You say kids can not lose?

Board is so, life, what often not so?

Like me, do anything just see immediate <a href="">london links</a> benefits! But never want to step 2 how to go!

Now go wrong! Clearly know oneself has gone wrong! But what do I do? Only to restore, but in this save and can save how much??

Whether I will walk in save in the wrong? Nobody will know!

And, some things! You know very well to go <a href="">Discount links london</a> wrong, but he didn't save room, so you can go on! Perhaps, god's care! Will you go wrong because the road toward success! But ask, several people have such by god had visited life?

So, whether we should ponder once! Whether we do what we ponder then line?

Chess, lost is lost! Next time can be learned. But <a href="">links of london jewelry</a> life? Wrong, he didn't never chance! Yes, you the wrong, next time can learn! But life again how much a chance to give you never?

Have no gorgeous sentences, nor beautiful words!

I'm just telling his feelings just!


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