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mmmmmmmmm!!! happy bday Chris!!! I ♥ U so much!! I just wanted to say that I hope you have a nice day! ^^ xoxo. Judit from Barcelona, I would give everything for seeing your concert please come to Spain, it would be my dream come true!!!!every day I hear your songs, and I dream to become like you! and I hope to meet you in person (although that is almost impossible hahaha) but I love it, fascinated, illusionary to get to know you and what would be coolest to make a video clip with you (yes I dream much hahaha) but it is something special what I feel for you because I admire you and always fill my eyes with tears of enthusiasm so great that I have for you. chris brown happy birthday!

sorry for my mistakes in English, but I used the google translator :D


his birthday is tomorrow.....