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I Need Help.. Someone PLEASE Come..

Hey, Does anyone know how to post the links you can click on the word to see it?


your welcome

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Yay!! I did it thanks!


lls okk

step one... type <,a (href=".....") TAKE OUT COMMAS, PERIODS, & ()

step two.... coppy link and put it in between the quotation marks

step three... put this thingy > then type the word or phrase

step four... end it with <(/a)> TAKE OUT (THESE) LOL

that should help better lol




I think I did something


hold on..... lol

<.a (href="linkgoeshere")>type word<./a>

same rule still applies lol

you type

<a. href="(link goes here)">type word here<./a>

type it just like that without parenthesis and periods :)