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more will come later.

Keri and Alani are sisters they come from a horrible background their mother died when they were very young they lived with their father and sometimes stayed with their grandmother. Keri and Alanis father become an alcoholic when he lost his wife and he also begin to rape keri when she was 11 keri hated him she hated her grandmother for not believing her she even hated alani because she thought alani was everybodys favorite. Alani was being molested by her father also at 8 years old but she kept it a secret. soon as keri turned 18 she left with her girlfriend and moved to DC alani 15 at the time stayed in virginia, moved in with her grandmother she was her grandmas favorite she helped her grandma run a family business that was passed down from generation to the next their father died of a bad liver alani forgave him the day before he passed. keri didnt call or bother to show at the funeral. alani graduated high school and went to new york to live and try to pursue her acting career. Now at 23 she's still not an actress and is struggling in the big city but her life is about to change.....

I hope you guys like this it seems a little all over the place but it gets better. so run it or dump it?


Oh!!! I remember you!
FRESHIE too!!!!

should i continue this story???

sorry i will update soon been super sick but more rus please???

its been a few weeks since i been online well im back and im going to make this a great story i will start tonight

Idk. DO what you feel. I get the same way about stories. I just don't have the time to update mine.
But if you want to-run it.

Run it


Day before funeral

keri:alani would you please stop all that damn crying
alani:you really should go away right now
keri:or what
alani:*rolls eyes*
sheila:look yall this is not the time or place
jodi:yea she's right
keri:who the f*** asked either one of you
alani:keri why did you come its obvious you dont care
keri:obviously i care since im here right
alani:you only here to see if nanna left you anything i hope she didnt
aunt pam:girls thats enough you too really need to grow up
aunt pam:alani you should get some sleep
keri:alani this alani that she's a grown woman now treat her like one
sheila:keri chill
keri:whatever wheres my keys i need a drink

everyone goes there separate ways and prepare theirselves for the funeral.


The funeral

nannas funeral was so packed she really touched many hearts she kept the family together well at least tried the aervice was great poor alani couldnt even sit through the service she kept throwing up and she didnt get out the car at the burial site.... back at the house nanna had a lawyer so he read the will

keri:can we get sraight to the point
lawyer:fine. alani your grandmother left you all of her jewelry except one she left this house to you and keri-
keri:she what
lawyer:her house.. she left it to you and alani
keri:why the hell-
alani:keri let him finish
lawyer:she also left the family business/her cafe to you too
lawyer:making alani head owner and keri part owner
alani:im not understanding what all of this means
lawyer:it means you and alani have this house to share with each other and the cafe
aunt pam:she just want you to to run the family business together
keri:why would she do that
lawyer:*ignoring keri* her cars and personal belongs she left to you alani and 1 ring for keri and 1 million dollars for alani and 1 million for keri
alani:a million dollars
keri:oh i love my nanna. she was so sweet-
alani:*angry* leaves out the kitchen

run it or dump it i get so bored easily should i continue i got a big surprise and shocking twist to the story but im just a little bored with it right now what yall think

This made me mad. And I get mad easily.
Run it. It is so good.

Run it Keri is so mean wow she so heartless

jodi:i think she will
A:jodi will you come with me
jodi:youre not gonna let me say no
A:look i know you wanna pursue your rappin but new york not doing neither of us any good so lets go
jodi:wait where am i gonna stay
A:just come with me
jodi:you mean leave our job and all
A:yea we can work at my grandmas cafe im sure she left it for my aunt to run
jodi:idk lani
A:girl stop being a chicken
jodi:well guess i should go home and pack
A:yea do that and imma call my sister
jodi:okay fine
she leaves and i dial the evil witch

wtf does alani want
A:hey keri
K:alani make it quick
A:grandma is dead
K:okay when is the funeral
A:you dont seem upset
K:alani she was old old people die
A:why do you have to be such a b**** nanna did everything-
K:let me stop you right there ok nanna did everything for you not me
A:nanna gave you the money to move outta town nanna bought you a car
K:and she should have it was only right its nothing compared to what shes done for you
A:you act like she owe you something nanna was all we had when mom die and when dad started-
K:dont go there nanna didnt give a damn about me and never believed me
A:youre so heartless
K:alani what do you want me to do do you want me to cry fine ill cry do you want me to feel sorry fine ill feel sorry
A:have sympathy for your grandmother
K:goodby alani
A:aunt pam is sending plane tickets

K:nanna can i tell you something
nanna:sure baby come sit on my lap
K:you promise you wont tell anybody
nanna:what is it keri
K:dad is touching me
nanna:excuse me
K:my dad is having sex with me
nanna:now keri i dont know what you seen on tv but dont go telling any lies like that on your father
K:nanna im not lying he's doing it almost every night
nanna:keri i dont want to hear you say anything like that ever again
K:but nanna
nanna:go keri go play with your sister
K:*mumbles* that b****
k:nothing nanna

sheila:keri.... keri...
keri:huh what
sheila:whats wrong with you
keri:my grandmother is dead
sheila:oh baby im sorry are you ok
keri:of course im okay she was old
sheila:keri thats your grandmother
keri:and she was old so just shut the f*** up and lets pack
sheila:you know what i think you really care you just dont wanna show it
keri:sheila shut the f*** up please
sheila:you talk to alani
keri:i sure did
sheila:i know shes taking it hard
keri:i bet she is she was my grandmothers favorite
sheila:or maybe its because its her f***in grandma keri damn why you gotta be a cold b****
sheila:f*** you

i knew keri was gonna act like this im not prepared for this at all i havent seen keri in a year or two or spoke to her in a few months i never understood why she hated me so much i wonder if she'd change her ways towards me if she knew i was being mistreated by my dad too


okay ill be back my sis gotta use the computer

Run it so sad

continuing the story

Jodi:s*** yo alani! alani! *splashes water on her face*
A:*crying* *trying to breathe*
jodi:alani whats goin on alani come on
A:its my nanna she died i-i- cant
jodi:*pulls lani into her arms* im so sorry lani im here okay
A:i dont know what happen why didnt she tell me she was sick
jodi:*silently crying*
A:she's all i had left this is not happening
jodi:im here for you alani i got you whatever you need mama i got you
A:i need my grandma *crying harder*
jodi held lani in her arms for hours poor alani cried herself to sleep
jodi:hi lani
A:*gets up to go throw up*
A:i just cant believe this
jodi:shes still here with you in your heart ok just think of all the good times
A:i have to go to virginia my aunt sending a plane ticket idk if i can go back there now
jodi:no you have too you be strong
A:now i have to tell my sister
A:she prolly wont even come

ugh im sorry for this short post but i be right back gotta go get my lil bro from practice!

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Aw. You are so welcome. I'll run it tomorrow. My time on the computer is up now.
But I say RUN IT in advance.

yup her mother her father now her grandma. new post coming up in a minute. thanks guys the story gets better

Omg. That's so sad. Her mama is dead. I would cry so hard. I love my mom SO much.
Shout out to my mama! Lol.

I hope they get famous and do what they want.

Run it.

Dang her gma died run it so sad n wow

sunday morning

I wake up to brush my teeth and wash my face sundays was my favorite day of the week it was the only one i had off i take out eggs and begin to cook cheesy scramble eggs like my grandma taught me i put a little peprika in it that gave it a kick as i sit down to eat a knock at my door its jodi

jodi:good morning alani girl it smells good whats cooking
A: what the hell jodi its 9:30 in the morning what are you doing
jodi:girl i had the craziest dream last night i had to tell you about it
A:you couldve called me
jodi:anyways (stuffing her face with my egss)
A:jodi seriously. i made those for me
jodi:dont be selfish lani
A:(snatching my plate from her) tell me the story
jodi: oh yea yea okay so girl we made it big i mean lights everywhere it was like jodi and lani against the world..
A:wait jodi is the same dream from last week and the week before that
jodi:yea but i keep having it so its gonna come true
A: jodi lay off the marijuana
jodi:you need some marijuana
my phone rings
A:hold on jodi--- hello
aunt pam:alani
A:yes. hi auntee
aunt pam:are you busy
A:no wassup
aunt pam:i have some bad news
A:bad news?
aunt pam:yes its your nanna
A: is she okay? whats wrong
aunt pam: sweeetie she's gone
A:(instant tears roll down my face)gone what do you mean
aunt pam:sweetie she was sick for a while-
A:(crying hysterically) she was fine i just spoke with her thursday
aunt pam: she didnt want you to know sweetie i know this si hard for you but i need you to let keri know and im sending you a plane ticket in the morning
A:what happen tell me
aunt pam:ill explain when you get back to virginia
A:ok bye

i hang up and black out

sorry for the short post ill post more in a second run it or dump it

I want to kill her father...
Run it.


11:30pm saturday night I leave out my house to go to my second job Candyland a stripclub no i dont strip im just a bartender i had no choice but to take this job i had to catch up on some bills and pay my school loans off my day job isnt all that either im a stylist for lala and other tv host in New York its a job with so mch work and not enough pay i mean its not bad but its not big money the only thing is you get to meet alot of celebrities im trying to be on scene instead of behind the scene but unlike these other females im not f***ing my way to the top one day ill get there i hope. let me get out my feelings and go to work im already late

As im walking to my car my landlord approaches me

A:(thinking to myself)s***..... hi lolita
L:alani i need my money
A:ms lolita please one more week i swear ill have it
L: i cant do another week alani youve been behind for the past 3 months i cant keep letting you slide
A:i know its just im really struggling right now i-
L:monday morning thats final
A:ms lo-
L:monday morning
A:alright alright

ugh see what i mean

mac:alani youre late you know saturdays are busy i need more than two barenders up here
A:im sorry my landlord-
mac:save it.
jodi:hey lani boo
A:wassup jojo
A:theres nothing to smile about
jodi:sure there is
A:i guess
jodi:lolita again
A:lolita mac everybody
jodi:why dont you call your grandmother you was telling me about it
A:no i wouldnt ask my grandma for any money never have never will
jodi:one time wont hurt
A: ill be fine
jodi:you need a sugar daddy or something
A: no thanks
jodi:suit yourself
jodi is this white chick from around the way shes cool she raps but like me shes hoping and wishing one day her time will come
random guy:lemme get a shot of patron
A:8 dollars please
guy:*hands her the money* whats your name
A:one shot of patron coming right up
guy:so you ignoring me
A:*hands him the drink*
guy:*ulps it down leaves her a 100 dollar bill*
shelby:girl what is wrong with you why didnt you give that fine as man your number
A:not my type
Shelby:and he left you 100 dollars
A:impressive(being sarcastic)
shelby:every man that walks through here you blow them off
shelby:and you wonder why you struggling
the night goes on everybodys having a great time except me when the night is over i made 300 bucks still not enough to cover everything lord help me.

keri:what a wonderful f***in night
sheila:yes babe i cant believe you got on the bar dancing like that
keri:lol wasnt i sexy
sheila:hell yea
keri:*kisses her* time for me to get sexy for you
sheila:i like that

keri and sheila just got in from the club they live in dc in a nice condo sheila works her ass off and keri just sits back and look pretty they been together for 1 year the longest keri has ever held a relationship but thats only because sheila puts up with keri's s***

keri:babe come join me in the shower
sheila:dont mind if i do
keri:*kisses her*

they kiss and feel each other up and down sheila caresses keri' breast sucking them while squeezing her ass

sheila:like that dont you
sheila:wtf did you do that for
keri:get the f*** out
sheila:keri wtf is your problem
keri:get the f*** out!
sheila:crazy b****
sheila gets out the tub wraps her towel around herself and leaves out. keri cries with her back against the wall in the shower

little keri:daddy please stop it
dad:shut up keri im taking care of you
little keri: it hurts please
dad:shhhh it feels good.. like that dont you

like that dont you like that dont you like that dont you..... thats all keri kept hearing in her head she didnt like when ppl talk dirty during sex and sheila had a bad habit of doing that keri looked at it as if her father was haunting her she thought by now she'd forget but the scars from her father are still there

she washes up and gets out the tub put on her lotion and pj's

keri:im sorry sheila goodnight
sheila:no im sorry i-
keri:shhh *kisses her* goodnight sheila
sheila:keri have you talk to your sister
keri:goodnight sheila
sheila:i wish i had a sister you treat her like s***
keri:sheila shut up please goodnight damn

more coming soon run it or dump it

run it