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Dont he look good with his shirt off!!!

So at the concert (october 16th) chris looked so freaking fine, especially with his shirt off. the whole time i was wishing we was "body to body". i love every movie he plays in! but his chest looks good. love his tattoos. My favorite is the one with that say FAME. His best CD yet. Caint wait for the FORTUNE CD!! yall agree?


Of courseeeeee! Speaking of "body to body" he looked sooo hott in that video, it's a shame his shirt didn't come off! n all them tattoos, he looks so freakin' sexyy! I don't think anyone can be so fine? Apart from Chris Brown of coursee. And F.A.M.E was the best album of 2011, ALL of the songs were incredible and beyond! It was just amazing, and I'm counting down until fortune comes out! I can't wait! I hope he has his top off in more videos to comee! :D


the tats are dope, but if keeps going like this he'll end up tatted like cholo like souljaboy trying to figure out a new place xD
what u think about his new neck/back tat?

breezyfbaby at for if ur also there , hook me up!

- edit double post sorry!

hell yea i agree chris brown is the best F.A.M.E is the best one yett nd fortune need to hurry up nd come already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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