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*Shes A Nympho New Story*

I dont know what made me want to make this story but i am, this whole sex s*** is new to me lol but the story has some kind of meaning. lol Just read it.

Chapter 1

Hello im <a href="">Abigail</a>im 21 years old and im addicted to sex im a nympho.

Thats the line have to say everyday in front of a group of people who get paid to judge me.

"hello abigail" everyone says at the same time.
"why are you a nympho abigail" the couch asked me.
"i dont know cause i like to f*** what chu think" i said snapping at her stupid question.

I forgot to mention my short temper and slick remarks some say its sexy some say its obnoxious but i really can care less.

"if your not willing to participate you can leave" the couch said to
"oh my gosh fine im sorry" repeat the question i said rolling my eyes
"why do you feel your addicted to sex?" she asked
"maybe because i was molested when i was younger" i answered truthfully
"dont doesn't that normally back people refrain from sexual contact?" she asked
"i was different, i didn't like it at first but it happened so often after awhile it didn't phase me, and i grew to like being touched" i said as everyone stared at me.

Aside from my Nympho "support group" i am a college student trying to be something in life.


"abby me, you, party tonight what chu say?" <a href="">Aaron</a> asked me as i opened my locker.
"sound tempting" i said smiling get closer to him
"enough for you to say yes" he said getting closer to me
"mmm yes" i said wanting take him right then and there forgetting where we were.

No he wasn't my boyfriend but he to fine to pas up, beside who needs a boyfriend. Call me a hoe call me a slut, but i get what i want.

i walked in to my first class of the day and sat in my seat by the window, regardless of what anyone thought of me i was a damn good student.

"class we have a new student with us say hello to <a href="">Kevin Walker</a>" he said as the the new kid waved.

*praise the lord he made a good one* i thought to myself.

"take a seat over" the teacher said trying to avoid the only open seat next to me "i guess next to me Abigail Santiago" he finally said as everyone looked at me.

"what the f*** yall looking at damn" i said getting annoyed
"hello" kevin said sitting down next to me
"hi" i said smiling at him

"dude you dont wanna do that" my friend <a href="">Mike</a> said
"do what?" kevin asked as i just laughed
"shes a nympho" mike said laughing as kevin looked at me
"really?" kevin asked me
"so they say" i said shrugging my shoulders
"trust me i know" mike said
"how you know" kevin asked him
"shes my best friend, and from experience" he said
"you mean yall" he asked
"yuup" we both said
"your still friends" he asked
"yuup" me and mike both said again
"wow" was all that came out kevins mouth.

"abby, you going to that party tonight?" mike asked me
"yeah, Aaron asked me to go with him" i said laughing
"not this kid again" mike laughed
"you gonna f*** in arent you" kevin asked me
"if he wants to i dont see why not" i said laughing with mike.
"you should be ashamed of yourself" kevin said shaking his head
"excuse me" i said looking at him
"your acting like a hoe" he said
"call me what chu want babyboy" i said
"alright, your a hoe, a slut and whore a-" i cut him
"you neew watch your mouth when your talking to me" i said standin up and looking at him.

"that enough" the teacher said but we didnt listen
"why you dont watch your mouth when you sucking d***" he said
"f*** you worried about me for, im not your girl nigga" i yelled as the teacher pulled as away from each other
"i would never in a million years date a dirty b**** like you" he said as we both got kicked out of class.


lol im iZ late but im iz sorry. i wonder how she really feels about him rejecting her? Upz

lol im iZ late but im iz sorry. i wonder how she really feels about him rejecting her? Upz

run it!!

Bol!!! Kelvin did go a little over board in the sex class lol. I hate tht Abby is catching feelings and Kelvin isn't. But she's not ready for a relationship yet cause she'll end up hurting Kelvin and loosing her best friend. Hopefully they'll get closer and she'll learn how to be in a relationship. Run it:)))

dang he already knew what she was gon say..

but hes right! he nows her more than she probably knows herself
they gonna date just not now
lol at chris and his confession
the dude is a dork
im glad he came clean about the whole prison thing
he still a good guy
I hope abby dont take his rejection the wrong way and step backwards
run it

Wel damn he cut her short lol run it


Abigail stuffed the wrist band into her pocket, put the photo album back where it was and sat on the bed once she heard Kevin's foot steps getting closer to the door. He walked back in the room with two water bottles in his hand and handed on to Abigail before sitting on his bed.

"you said you moved away, where did you go?" Abigail asked.
"new york" he said sipping from his water.
"why?" she asked as he laughed.
"whats with all these questions?" he asked.
"you aren't telling me the truth" she said."i know you were in prison" she said.
"what?" he asked."" he added.

"this fell out your photo album" she said pulling his inmate wrist band out her pocket and handing it to him.
"you don't understand i had to do it, i had no choice" Kevin said.
"for what?" Abigail asked.
"he held a gun to my face, i had to" he continued on talk.
"Kevin, relax, talk to me, what happened?" she asked him.

"my mom borrowed money from some guy and couldn't pay him back so he told me i had to pay off her dept" she spoke.
"by doing what?" Abigail asked.
"he wanted be to kill some guys for him, he handed me the gun but i told him i couldn't do it" Kevin said."he started going on and on about how i was going to kill or be killed, before i knew it i pulled the trigger and shot him" Kevin said.

"you killed someone?" Abigail asked shocked as he nodded his head.
"i had to or it would have been me who would have gotten shot that night" he said as he looked over at her to see a different look on her face."you don't think differently of me right?" he asked.
"no" she said."remember what you said, we all do our dirt" she added."but don't they give 25 to life for killings, did you break out?" she asked as he laughed.
"no, i pleased self defense for a reduced jail time plus good behavior" he added.

<strong>"he's a convict?" ms Davis asked as Abigail nodded her head.
"there's something else" Abigail said.
"what is it?" ms Davis asked.
"i think, i like him?" she told her.
"like him as in your wanna sleep with him or as in actually having a 1 man 1 woman relationship?" ms Davis asked.
"i don't know about the 1 man part but yeah" Abigail said.
"i don't think Kevin would be the type to allow you to sleep around, if your really serious about this boy you're gonna have to clean up your act quick" ms Davis told her.</strong>

A few days had passed and kelvin made Abigail promise she wouldn't tell anybody about him going to prison. They were in the halls of their school talking when <a href="|%20Rap%20Artist.jpg">he </a> bumped into her.

"oh s*** my bad shorty" he said.
"its cool" she said.
"aye don't i know you?" he asked."you're name Abigail right?" he asked.
"uh yeah" she said as she and Kevin continued to walk with the
guy following them.

"i'm kirk" he said holding out his hand to shake hers but she didn't return the gesture."damn it's like that?" he asked.
"its like that" she said.
"well damn i just gonna f*** and leave your hoe ass anyway" he said sucking his teeth and walking away.

"guys don't know how to take rejection well do they?" Abigail asked kevin as they walked into their next class.
"not one who think their hot s*** like ol dude back there" Kevin said referring to kirk."what you doing Saturday? wanna hang?" he asked her.
"actually i have to go to my addiction group meeting" she said rolling her eyes.
"i take it you don't like going there" he said.

"hate it, its nothing but a group of people who sit there and judge you, its bad enough i gotta deal with Ms Davis judging me all the time" she said.
"who's Ms Davis?" he asked.
"my shrink" she answered."hey you wanna come with me on Saturday were allowed to bring one guest" she said.
"to your addiction group meeting?" he asked.

"yeah" she answered.
"sure, i don't see why not" he said.
"cool, but you have to act like your addicted to sex" she added.
"wouldn't they be able to tell i was lying?" he asked.
"nope their gullible ass hell you could tell them your addicted to sex but you never had sex and they would believe you" she said.

-Saturday Morning-

They arrived at Abigail's meeting and walked into the room to see the group sitting in the circle.

"i thought it only looked liked this in the movies" he whispered to her.
"nope this is real life stuff" she said.

"abigail i see you brought a new face" he coach Ms Kimberly said."you you like to introduce your self, just stand up and say hello i'm blank and i'm addicted to sex" she said as Kevin stood up.
"hello i'm kevin and i'm addicted to sex" he said.
"hello kevin" everyone said as he sat back down.

"so kevin why do you believe your addicted to sex?" ms kimberly asked him.
"i don't know" he said looking at abigial.
"make something up" she whispered to him.
"maybe because i love the feeling of behind inside a women" he said as abigail tried to hold in her laughter.
"you you say that feeling is better then breathing?" the woman asked him.
"if i couldn't have sex breathing is pointless" he said.

Once the meeting was done kevin and abigail walked out the room and started ding laughing.

"breathing would be pointless?" she asked him.
"you told him to make stuff up" he said.
"i know but that sound borderline crazy" she said laughing.
"i would ot see you try better" he said as they walked out the building down the street.

"i was thinking about something" abigail said.
"what is it?" he asked.
"you and me are really cool and i was thinking maybe we can try something out." he cut her off.
"i respect you and you really are my best friend but i don't feel you are at a place in your life right now where you need to be in a relationship" he told her and she stood silent."you're not mad at me are you?" he asked her.

"defiantly not" she said shacking her head.

man wassup with kevin??

WHAT!!! KEVIN WAS IN JAIL?!?! No freaking way!!!! So he's not Mr. Good Guy after all..... I need to hear more about this like now!!! Tht dude was f***ed up for saying tht s***. I'm glad Kevin didn't go off though. I hope they start dating. But I know they gotta have a long talk about what really went down in their lifes when they weren't with each other. Run it!!!

s*** just got real lol..

Aww damn smh Kevin a convict
Run it!!

Awww s*** run it

kevin a thuggie ;)
how this dude gon ask her to slide thru but as soon as she got a "man" he tell him to watch out?? tf? smh dudes nowadays
and i have a feeling hes in a gang or he drug deal....
run it


<strong>"this whole time i've been feeling like i knew him my whole life and i have, how come i couldn't remember?" abigail asked herself as she spoke to Ms Davis.
"maybe its because you blocked out everything about the little girl you used to be, you put it all in a folder mark do not open" Ms Davis spoke.
"where do i go from here?" abigail asked.
"i think it's time you open the folder, who knows what else you have hidden in here" she spoke.</strong>

"dude cut it out!" abigail said pushing kevin from his stool as they sat at the counter at a diner.
"keep putting your hands on me, were gonna have an issue" kevin said as he continued to eat his fries.

"anybody sitting here?" a random guy asked abigail a few moments later.
"no, its empty" abigail answered.
"i think i know you from somewhere" the guy said."you know aaron?" he asked.
"uhh yeah i go to school with him, why?" she asked looking at him.
"no reason" he said."lets ditch this place go back to my crib" he said lowly.

"you don't have eyes, she with me man" kevin said wrapping his arm around her.
"really?" the dude asked abigail.
"yeah" she nodded."is there a issue?" she asked.
"nah" he said standing up."word around the block is that s*** been around the block, watch yourself homie" the guy said tapping kevin on his shoulder before walking away instantly enraging him.

Kevin notice Abigail looked down at the table after the guys said what he had said. Kevin removed his arm from around her and put his finger on her chin lifting her face up to face him.

"listen to me, f*** what these dudes gotta say, people make mistakes in life, its just whether or not we learn from them and move on" he said.
"you seem to be perfect" she said.
"trust me, i'm far from it" he said."i've did my dirt but i learned from it" he said.

"can i ask you a question?" she asked.
"you just did" he said joking.
"seriously tho" she said with a giggle.
"yeah, wassup?" he asked.
"if you knew who i was this whole time, why didn't you tell me?" she asked.
"when i first walked into class, i noticed you right from the jump but when i sat down it was clear you had no clue who i was, and in my mind set i didn't know how long i was gonna be around here so telling you was pointless" he explained."i still don't know how long i'm gonna be around" he said.

"why do you say that? where are you going?" she asked.
"don't worry about that right now finish eating" he said taking a bite of his burger.

<strong>"abigial you do know were here to talk about you right?" Ms Davis asked.
"yeah i know but i really do think he's in trouble, the things he said, they aren't sitting right with me" abigail said.</strong>

--A Few Days Later--

"i thought you said you moved away" abigail asked kevin as they walked towards his house after school.
"technically I did but after a few years i was able to come back" he said.
"to the same house? thats a coincidence" abigial said as they walked up the steps to his house.
"I went away my parents were always here" he said.

"you confuse me more and more each day" abigial says.
"the less you know the safer...." he trailed off."forget it come on" he said as they walked int his room and closed the door.
"why wouldn't i be safe, kevin whats going on with you?" abigal asked.
"nothing, relax your stressing yourself out i'm cool" he said sitting down on his bed.

"the things you're saying are creeping me out" she said.
"just chill, imma go get some water" he said walking back out the room.

Abigail stood up and looked around the room and found a photo album. She picture up to look at it but when she opened it a write band fell out. She looked at it to see what it said.

<em>Walker, Kevin
Inmate Number: 776745

Awwwwwwww tht is soooo freaking cute!!! *Eyes start to water* I'm so disappointed tht she slipped up. :/ Ms. Davis is right though she needs to learn how to say no even if Kevin isn't there. But she's a work in progress. I can't believe they've already meet!!! I mean it makes sence now but still, I would think she would remember him but I guess we'll find tht out in the next chapter. And why Kevin aint tell her from jump?!?! And are they gone get together now??? Cause she did say he was cute... I smell loooovvvveeee in the air:))) Run it!!!

Awww thats so cute

Awww they was bestfriends before now run it

Holy crap! That was a good reunion that was a beautiful add aww
I'm excited for this run it

Aww how cute !!
Run it!!!!


(Authors Note: the Bold letters will be her talks with MS Davis about each event)

<em>Dear Diary,
no guy has ever been so nice to me without wanting something from me, whats wrong with him? better yet whats wrong with me? i get this feeling of wholeness when i'm around this guy, almost like he's half of me thats been lost for awhile but finally came back. They think he'll change me but i swear i'm damaged goods forever. Well see. PS, He's Cute</em>

"abigail!" her teacher Mr More called out as she looked up.
"yes?" she answered.
"are you gonna answer my question?" he asked.
"can you repeat it?" she asked.
"exactly, pay attention next time" he said as he continued on to teach to the class.

"wheres your new best friend kevin?" mike asked.
"he's not my best friend, and i don't know" she answered him.
"i heard he knocked out aaron at the party, what happened?" he asked.
"i don't know" she lied.
"you lying you were there, i heard it was over you, i hope kevin aint tranna wife you, your un-wifeable" mike joked as abigail rolled her eyes.
"shut up mike" she said.

A few moments later the bell rang. She picked up her bag and her books and walked out the class room bumping into aaron.

"where your boyfriend at?" aaron asked.
"he's not my boyfriend" she said walked away but he followed right behind her.
"iight well, i never got what i wanted at that party,can i still get itt" he said hugging her from behind and kissing her on her neck.

She fought with herself in her head whether she wanted to say yes or no. As soon as she opened her mouth getting ready to talk around pulled her into the bathroom quickly and locked the door. He put his hands on both sides of her face and rubbed her checks with his thumbs.

"can i?" he asked kissing her lips softly. Her mind was saying no but her body had a whole other plan for her. She dropped her bag on the phone and hopped up on top of the sink letting him take her right there in the bathroom.


<strong>"he wasn't there" abigail said to Ms Davis.
"he's not a super hero abby he just won't pop up when ever you need saving, you have to help yourself as well" Ms davis said."what happened after he left you in the bathroom?" she asked.
"for the first time in a long time i cried" she told her honestly.
"what happened to saying no?" she asked.
"i guess i'm not strong enough" abigail shrugged.</strong>


Abigail walked into her house and seen her mom sitting on the couch watching TV.

"some boy came by here a few minutes ago, said his name was Kevin" her mother said.
"what? what did he want?" abigail asked.
"something about homework, i don't know damn" she said."there a number on the table call him yourself" she said.

Abigal looked on the table and found of piece of paper with kevin's name and number on it. She pulled out her phone and dialed his number.

"hello?" he answered.
"uh hey this is Abigail, you needed something?" she asked.
"oh hey, i was just wondering if you had the homework?" he asked.
"yeah, i do, how did you know where i lived?" she asked.
"i uh asked people" he said.
"okay, well if you wanna come get it, i'll be here" she said.
"iight i'll be there soon" he said as they both hung up.

Abigail rested her elbows on her legs and put her head in her hands rocking back and forth.

"whats wrong with me?" she whispered to herself.
"you better not be bring any baby in my house with you fast ass" her mother said mushing her in the head as she walked pass.
"i hate you" she mumbled.
"i heard that" her mother said.
"good" Abigail said louder.

A few minutes passed and there was a knock at the door. Abigail got up and opened it seeing Kevin on the other side.

"hey" she said
"hey" he said back."sooo you got the homework?" he asked.
"oh, yeah come in" she said as he walked in and closed the door behind him."we had to do Page 204 numbers 1-25" she said opening her text book.
"cool" he said writing it down."you mind with i do it here, its kinda hectic at my house?" he asked.
"yeah sure" she said as she was about to sit down at the table but saw her mother coming down the steps.

"actually lets go outside in the front" she said scooping her books up and walking outside. She sat down on her steps and opened her books again and started to do it as kevin sat down next to her.
"is everything okay?" he asked.
"yeah, i just don't get along to well with my mother" she said."but i don't wanna talk about it" she added.
"okay" he said as he began to do his homework.

"anything happen at school today?" he asked as abigail put her pencil down and looked over at him.
"i messed up" she said simply.
"how?" he asked.
"aaron, the bathroom, you get the point" she said as he put his pen down and closed his books.
"why?" he asked.

"because you weren't there" she said.
"what?" he asked confused.
"i don't wanna sound cheesy but imma different person when i'm around you" she said."when your gone its like that new me is gone" she said.
"it's not a new you, it's just an old you i know" she said.
"yeah and how do you know?" she asked.
"just trust me" he said."matter of fact put your books in the house imma take you somewhere" he said.

"where?" she asked.
"just do it" he said."put mine in there to, i'll come back and get it" he said as she pick what she was told.

When she walked back out the house he was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps. They began to walk down the street and towards the old Playground Abigail used to run away to with her friends.

"its closed" Abigail said looking at the gates.
"just come on" he said grabbing her hands and leading her to a whole in the gate where they climbed threw.
"i thought you were a good boy" Abigail said as they climbed under the playground set and sat under the slide.
"you thought wrong" he said laughing."i used to home here when i was little with one of my best friends" he said.

"i did to, this was like my home away from home" she said looking at him and seeing he was staring at her. His brown eyes pulling her in and thats when she remembered.

<em>"i don't wanna be there anymore kevin" she cried as she sat under the slide with her 10 year old best friend.
"it will get better abby, i promise" he said."whenever your feeling down just come to me i'll always be here</em>

"i told you i'll always be here abby" he said with a smirk as she threw her arms around him and hugged him tight.

(small add)

run it


Arron definitely deserved that punch...
Kevin is a good guy.
And yes I'm glad Abigail said no!

Aww I'm proud of her and of Chris for saving her... Maybe they grew up together ?
Run it

Yay!!! I'm so proud of her. Abby is making progress!!! Kevin is like the perfect guy!!! Well, from what we know. We haven't really had them alone so tht he can let us know who he really is and if feelings are growing for abigail. I feel a date coming onnn:))) Run it!!!

Run,it. She about to get better

Omg im so proud of her she dealing wit her problems run it

New reader alert... I like it, I would've punched tf out of KEvin smh. Tf he think he is anyway update like very soon.


Later that night Abigail arrived at the house party. As soon as she walked in she could smell alcohol and weed in the air. She mad her way passed the people and went into the kitchen to grab a drink.

"abby baby wassup" aaron called out as he walked up to abigail.
"wassup dimples" she said. She loved a man with dimples they were her weakness.
"you wanna come upstairs with me" he said pressing his bulge up against her ass.
"i..." she trailed off seeing Kevin walk threw the door."hold on" she said walking away towards kevin.

"you made it" she said with a smile as she hugged him and kissed him on his check.
"yeah i guess i did" he said looking around.
"don't look so lost you never been to a party before?" she asked.
"nah not really" he said.
"why not, it's not like you're a nerd or something you're pretty cute i bet you get all the girl" she said grabbing his hand and taking his to sit down.

Kevin stared at abigail as he watched her make eye contact with another guy across the room. He motioned for her to go over to her, just as she was about to get up and claim her prize kevin stopped her.

"what are you doing?" she asked him.
"stopping you from doing something i know you don't wanna do" he said.
"you don't know what i want" she said.
"i know you put up a front like you like what you're doing but deep down to regret it every-time" he said.
"who do you think you are my shrink" she said as they both stood up.

"is there a problem here?" aaron asked as he walked up.
"no, we cool" abigail said.
"you coming with me or what?" aaron asked.
"yeah" she said as Aaron grabbed her arm and lead her upstairs.

Abigail turned back around to look at kevin as she walked up the stairs. Kevin saw threw her shell and knew she didn't want to do what she was about to do but how can you save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Kevin ran his hand over his face and let out a heavy sigh as she ran up the steps and began to look for abigail.

"abigail!" he called out looking in all the rooms. He noticed one door that was closed but not all the way. He peeked in to see if abigail was in there.

"you ready?" aaron asked her.
"mmhmm" she said nodding her head.
"you don't wanna do this" kevin said walking into the room.
"what the f*** you doing man" aaron asked.
"helping her from niggas like you who try to force her to f*** you" kevin said helping abigail off the bed and beginning to walk out the room.
"i don't have to force her, she's a hoe" aaron said making kevin turn around and punch him in the face.


"how did that feel someone saving you rather than using you" her psychiatrist Ms Davis asked.
"it felt...good" abigail answered.
"he was like my knight in shinning armor" abigail said with a giggle.

"you like him?" she asked.
"no i don't like him, he just reminds me of what i used to be before..." she trailed off.
"before you were molested" Ms davis continued.
"i think you should keep kevin around you for hat very reason" ms davis said."maybe he can help you become you again" she added.

"weird this is i feel like i knew him for a long time" abigail said staring off out the window trying to connect something.
"maybe you had a class with him before" ms davis said.
"no, he's new at the school" she told her.
"if you figure something out let me know" ms davis said."have you been to your meetings with the group?" she asked.

"yes, i'm headed there after this" abigail said."those people know nothing about me" she added.
"their there to get to know you, to help you" she said.
"isn't that what you are for?" abigail asked.
"i handle past issues that effect you mental state, they handle youractual addiction" ms davis said."looks like it's time to go" ms davis said standing up.
"have a nice day ms davis" abigail said as she walked out the door.

Abigail walked out the building and put her hood over her head as she walked down the street.

"damn ma you looking type right, you got a man" a random guy said to abigail.
"naw no man why?" she asked him as she stopped walking.
"maybe we can chill or something" he said licking his lips.
"you can just say 'maybe we can f***' i have no problem with that" she said with a smile.
"word? you down as hell ma, roll with me" he said beginning to walk off.

She trailed behind him quietly before she stopped and thought about Kevin.

"whats wrong ma, you coming or what?" he asked.
"hell no, and ma is not my name" she said before turning around and walking way.
"crazy ass b****" the guy shouted as Abigail walked away.

she walked down the block with a smile on her face realizing she was overcoming obstacles. Ms Davis was right saying 'No' did make her feeling good. She walked into the building where her group meeting took place, took her seat and waited for the session to began.

"My name is Abigail, i'm a Nympho and i just learned how to say No" she with a smile of confidence as the room full of people clapped for her.