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'* Relationships 101 <3 3/21/12

<a href=",r:10,s:217">I</a> walked into my classroom and put my books down. My Name was Christopher Brown and Im a family/marriage counselor. I was 23 years old and I just graduated from Graduate School with a social work masters 6 months ago. I was a ladies man and knew all the things you needed to know about a man. Some ladies just don't understand that we will fck up its just in our nature and until they understand that, Ladies will always be miserable and lonely. Have you ever heard that a way to a man's heart was through his stomach? Well thats true and very important! If your in a abusive relationship, happy one, or whateva your issue may be is and you want it to become better. Step into my classroom, grab a pencil and paper and take notes ;)!

Soo... I didnt really care for this intro but ion care! lol


lol nope!!

OMG I thought you were picking back up
I love this story
I mist definitely miss your greatness lol

I know! Smh... you your worst critic lol.

lol i guess s*** your scores were higher den i gave myself lol

9/10 for originality

8/10 for humor

10/10 interesting characters

8/10 for plot.


i give dis a 6 out of 10 lol

AHHH! I remember this! lol

RUN IT!!!!

Sooooooo first off....
Shad is a fckn b*tch!!
He obviously has some issues...
I'm glad that Lauren is done with him

That sex scene tho
They worked the sh*t out of each other!!
But Chris was diggin in that sh*t tho!
Best sex scene I've read so far!!!
Best pussy he's had in a long time huh?
Daaaamn right!!
Bet they fck every day now! Lmao

Gia just had to take him away tho huh?
Talm bout she hungry...
Eat then b*tch!!


Session 10:

I waited patiently on this nice cool evening for shad. I wanted to
know what kind of story his was preparing to tell. After waiting for
another 30 mins. He was pulling up at the park. I got up and gave him
dap. "what up nigga" he greeted. We sat down at a nearby bench and I
went straight to questioning. "what happened that night?" I asked him.
Shad looked at me confused and screwed his face. "just make it easier
for me and you please.. just gone head tell me bro" I stated while
shaking my head. He looked at his hands and then up at me.

"she told you?" He asked. I nodded my head as he started getting
angry. "look nigga Im not no damn FBI agent and gone report yo ass I
just wanna know why?" I expressed. Shad sighed and fumbled with his
fingers. "I was under the influence and... I got home from doing what
I do and sht got real" he exclaimed. "sht got real?" I asked being
sarcastic. Shad nodded "yea man..". I sighed "dont shortcut me and
give me the short story I wanna know what the fck happened as soon as
you got home because ur story don't add up with her's" I stressed.
"man why the fck would she even tell you" shad chimed in. "because she
needed somebodies ear thats why and I was willing to be there and
listen which is <cite> your </cite> job but since she can't she
confined somewhere where she felt comfortable" I stated. "comfortable
huh?" Shad retorted. "yes nigga now come on and stop stallin" I

He rolled his eyes slightly and began speaking. "I was at work
selling sht so that WE can continue to have a roof over our heads, I rolled up one and headed home, once I got there I sat in the
livingroom... she came in there and asked me to take my clothes off
because the scent was overpowering what she was trynna cook, I didn't
say sht and all I did was take the clothes off and came back, she
started talking to me and she said something that I can't really
remember right now and I got an attitude... we started arguing and
thats when we started fighting... I put my hands on her bruh I admit,
yea I was wrong..really wrong but I can't take it back now" Shad
confessed. "well im glad that you know you were wrong because you
DEFINITELY were, I wanna know what was going on through your head when
you were beating her? someone you love right?" I asked curiously.

Shad shook his head and looked down at his hands as he continued to
fumble with them. "I really don't know man like I said I was under the
influence and Im not justifing that and using that as an excuse but I
was wrong.. Its like I couldn't control myself" He replied. I shook my
head and laughed a lil bit. "I felt so sorry for lauren... looking at
her face and what u did, you don't deserve her I hope u know that" I
said. Shad shot a glare at me and ignored me. "im serious shad..." I
reassured him. "nigga I don't need you or anybody else to tell me what
the fck I deserve you not God.." Shad said getting up. "look Im trying
to help you thats my job" I explained. "I DONT NEED YOU TO FCKING TELL
KNOW SO LEAVE IT ALONE" He screamed walking away. I shook my head
because I tried.

I pulled my phone out to check up on lauren. "hello?" she answered.
"how you doing babygirl?" I replied. "chris? im fine..thanks" she
sighed. "okay well whats the next step?" I asked her. "well I went to
the hospital and nothing is broken or anything and they made me tell
who did this to me so... now there's a police report... im sorry I
didn't want it to go this far chris bu-t i- I cut her off realizing
she was breaking down. "its ok.. everything is happeneing for a
reason, just know that im here for you and I want u to be happy...
please keep me posted and whipe those tears" I demanded. I heard
lauren sniff and sigh on the other end of the phone and shook my head
feeling bad for her. Whateva was coming shad's way is what he deserved
no woman should be beaten on. "alright chris... thank you so much"
lauren cried. "no.. thank you! keep ur head up sweetie" I said hanging

I looked at my phone as I ended the call and saw a message from
monroe. I sighed and opened it to see what it could be she wanted.
<cite>"I would really like it if you would come to my house so we can
talk..."</cite> She texted. I texted her back asking <cite>"talk about
what?"</cite>. I can admit that I was being nonchalant with her but
she deserved it. I was trying to get her to open up to me and playing
her lil games was fustrating so I had enough. I didn't like to be mean
but sometimes I had to be that way to show people that I wasn't a
pushover. I felt my phone vibrate and it was her replying <cite>"about
us please..."</cite> She said. I sighed and texted back ok. She let me
know what time to come and I said alright. I wondered how this was
gonna play out. Atleast im giving her a chance and if she blows it
then Im completely done!

...<cite> Hours Later </cite>

I sprayed the last few parts of my body with cologne as I got ready
to go to monroe's house. This was my first time going over there so I
made sure to ask her for directions. I got into my car and pulled up
my text with the directions on it. She lived maybe 30 minutes from
where I stayed. Once I got to her house, I wasn't surprised at all how
it looked. A boogie person was automatically to be living boogie like
with a nice house,car, etc. I could be living good but I rather save
and manage my money wisely. But, I take that back I am living
comfortable and I love it. I didn't need to overdue like some white
people. I got out the car and rang the door bell. I waited patiently
while scanning my eyes around her nice brickstoned house.

She opened the door widely and immediately moved to the side before
saying anything. "hey to you 2" I said walking in. I heard her giggle
as I looked over my shoulder at her. I smirked at how she was dressed.
Her nice physique was playing mind tricks on me. "what u smiling at
meanie?" She asked walking ahead of me. "damn u so rude... u just
expect me to follow u? im a guest" I complained. She laughed louder
then her giggle and grabbed my hand. "come on big baby..." She stated.
She lead me to the dinning room and poured me some champagne. I took a
sip and sat down as she did the same. "I wanted u to come here because
I wanted to talk to u about us... I know that we've been getting to
know each other and I know that we been kicking it for a while and I
just don't want u to think that im just so stuck up and won't ever let
my guard down....its not that, its just that Im not used to being so
friendly and getting close to people period so quickly" she said. I
looked at her as she continued to ramble. "i have trust issues
because....because I was betrayed and witness my mom did infront of
me... my own bestfriend killed my mom so I don't let people come into
my life that easily...i..try pe- " I got up out og my chair
and pulled her into a hug as she cried on my shoulder.

I rubbed her back and whispered "shhh...its okay, im sorry you don't
have to explain anything monroe...". I felt her nodd her head and I
continued to console her the best way I could. I pulled back and
whipped her tears. "im sorry that you had to go through that but ur
strong and even I can see that so don't let that ruin ur future.. u
can overcome anything you understand? and I want u to just follow ur
heart... if u want to trust me then go ahead but I also understand
that its gonna take some time for that so im baring with u now since I
know how u feel...its all about communication right?" I said smiling a
lil. She cracked a smile and chuckled. "yea.. and u know its bad to
tell all ur business on the first date... still interested?" She said
staring into my eyes. I grabbed her face "im more then interested..."
I responded now leaning towards her lips.

Our lips pressed together as we shared a passionate intimate kiss. I
looked into her eyes as she smiled at me. She took my hand and started
taking me upstairs. That was a sign of I want you right now.
"monroe..." I whispered before making it to her room I assume. She
looked back and put her finger to her lips telling me to be quiet. I
nodded and continued to follow her. We walked into her room and she
pushed me on her bed. She straddled me and started kissing me roughly.
I broked the kiss and stared at her. "what are u doing?" I asked her.
"now this is ur turn to trust me" She retorted. I stared at her as she
got closer to my face now kissing my lips again. Her lips were soft
and juicy. I started running my hands through her hair as I slipped my
tongue into her mouth. She played along with mine as I did hers. I
felt her hips start to grind on me through our clothes. I broke the
kiss by giggling at how horny she was getting. She smiled and bit my
neck roughly. "u real naughty..." I said softly now transforming from
ok to horny. "u haven't seen naughty yet daddy" she whispered
seductively in my ear. "mmm show me" I maoned.

She pushed me back on the bed and got off of me. She lifted me shirt
taking it off. I watched her as she started kissing all over my abs. She gave me eye contact as she continued to make water circles around my belly button. I bit my lip as she made her way to my nipples. Sucking them one by one. She licked down to my pelvic bone and started taking my pants off. I stared at her as she took my dck out of my pants. I laid my head back and felt her warm mouth on my dck. My mouth opened as I was beginning to pretty myself in paradise. "mmmm" I groaned softly. She sped up sucking my dck as she moved her hands at the same time. "mmm suck dat dck girl" I demanded her. "mmmmm" she responded and sped up even faster. "fcckkk" I moaned. She knew exactly what she was doing and definitely hitting every spot. I lift my body up as she continued. "let me see that pretty face babe" I said moving her long hair out of the way. She stared into my eyes as she deepthroated my dck. I titled my head back in response to this feeling. I looked at her again and grabbed her head and started fcking her face. I continued until she was gagging and spitting on my dck. "mmmmm sht girlll" I groaned. She slurped her spit and smiled at me.

She pushed me down on the bed and straddled me taking off her top. I tried touching her breast through her bra but she pushed my hands. "you a fiesty btch.." I retorted. She bit her lip and started kissing me. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. She tossed her bra to the side revealing her perkin breast. I attacked them with my mouth. "mmmmm" She moaned softly. I looked at her and flicked my tongue on each nipple. I bit my bottom lip as I made my way down her stomach mocking exactly what she did. I got to her pants and tugged them off forcefully leaving her naked. I spreaded her legs and started devouring her pussy. It was so sweet and juicy. I licked nice long licks up and down making sure she felt every stroke. I then picked up the pace flicking my tongue faster and faster on her clit. She grabbed my head and moaned. "mmmm shttt eat that pussy chris!!" She demanded. I intended to not just eat her but demolish her pussy once this dck was inside. I continued to eat her pussy until she came. I gave her contact while licking and slurping up all her juices as if I was parched. I was definitely quenched at the moment.

I reached in my pocket for a condom and slid my boxer briefs to the floor and slid the condom on my fully erected dck. "tell me what u want..." I said nibbling on monroe's ear. "mmm I want that dck inside this wet pussy right now..." she replied. I bit my lip and rammed my dck inside of her just like she wanted. I didn't take it easy on her at all because in the beginning she was trying to control me. She should know by now that I hate being controlled. I watched her grab a hold to the head board as she panted. "uh huh...u wanted this dck right?" I asked her. "oooo fck yes" She moaned. "mmmm whats my name?" I asked her. She didn't respond. I wasn't even in her for a whole minute yet and I was determined that she was gonna say my name. I grabbed her neck and pumped harder. "whats my fckin name?" I screamed. "ahhhh fckkk chris chris chrissss" She said breathing extremely hard. "u wanna be in control huh... huh... turn dat ass over and ride dis dck then" I said pulling out. She didn't say a thing but moved very quickly. I slapped her ass as she slid on my dck.

She immediately slanged her hair to the side and bounced on my dck. I slapped her ass again but harder this time making her scream. "OOOOHHH YESS DADDY!" She cried. "mmmm mmm shtt ride dis dck girl" I moaned. "oh ima ride daddy dck goood bbbabyy" She said slowing down and now rocking her hips back and forth. I started to go with her rhythm underneath her and grind as well. "mmmmmmmmm" we moaned in unision. Her pussy was the best I had in a while. I flicked my tongue at her causing her to bit her lip. "you so fckin sexy" She stated. "mmmmm dis pussy mine?" I asked her. I pulled her hair and she started to bounce again. "yes yes yesss its all ur's chris" she moaned out loud. "say yes sir" I demanded. "yyesss sirr" she grunted in a sexual way. I pulled her toward me as she continue to ride and sucked on her breast. In the meantime she sucked and bit on my neck. "imma comme all on this dck" She whispered. "oooo not yet baby..." I said to her.

I flipped her over and started hitting her pussy from behind. "ooohh sht you feel so fckin good" I state truthfully. "ahhh I feel you chriss" she whined. I closed my eyes and screwed my face as I concentrated on how good her pussy felt. I lifted one leg on the bed and started pumping faster. "AHHHH FCKKK YOUR GONNA MAKE ME COME CHRISSSS" Monroe screamed. My mouth slightly opened as I moaned silently. THis sht felt so good they wouldn't come out. "sht your dck gooodd" Monroe said. "yeaaaaa...?" I moaned. "yeaaaaa" She answered. "mmmmmmmm" She just didn't know how bad she was turning me the fck on. I wish I could marry her pussy because I was falling deeply in love. Her pussy clunged to my dck. I felt everything even with the condom. I thank God for her walls. I took my dck out and layed her infront of me as I got behind her. I lifted her leg up and started inserting from the side. I went in slow. I took her ear and bit it and blew in it. "ahhhh yesss chris make me come" She expressed. "oh ima make u come baby dont worry" I said in her ear. I gave her long strokes as I thrusted my dck in and out of her waterfall she created. She was so fckin wet I had her juices on my thighs. I closed my eyes to concentrate again and started feeling the rise. I started pumping her faster and harder. "DEEPPPERRR BABEEEE AHHH" I did exactly what she said and went deeper. "AHHH SHTTTT....CHRISSSSS MMMMMM" She screamed. I remained deep and continued to thrust as I felt her coming on my dck. Her body shook uncontrollably as I continued. "you iight?" I whispered. "MMMMMMM AHHHHH HHHH YESSSSS" She moaned. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm fckk" I said. I continued to go harder. I pulled my dck out and took the condom of and began stroking my dck in my hand. "say ahhh girlll" I said biting my lip. "ahhhhh" Monroe opened her mouth and my come started shooting her mouth. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM mmmmmmmm" I sighed heavily while moaning. "fckkk" I said.

....Mins later
We cleaned ourselves up and I stayed and chilled at her house. I guess thats what we needed because we were both very happy. I looked at my phone and saw a text from gia sayin she was hungry. I kissed monroe goodbye and left!

**had to rush the end cause I gotta go to gospel practice!
hope u liked it monroe lol~

it might be a while until ima be able to add to this because im still on spring break and I've been using my sister computer but now's she's back and tomorrow throughout the whole weekend I will be in Charlotte, North Carolina and I will be gathering thoughts about what the next chapter will consist off and I will try my best to make it lenghty for you guys!

please bare with me, im sorry if it seems if I add more to abnormal its just that its alot easier because I get alot of feedback from this story then I do this one! and I have an outline for that story! Im not sure where Im going with this story anymore but I will try my best not to discontinue it!

thats all :)

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I hope he gets in shads ass for that s***

Damn bree was creeping with a b****!

Run it like DMC!!!

:) happy to assist u lol!

oh okay makes sense

gia didn't go to the college chris went to she just performed a dance routine at the college chris was attending and wanted him to come and thats when chris was contemplating on going to class or not.

So I love how Chris was there for Lauren
Like he really cared about her safety
He also helped her to see that she had to leave
I love passionate Chris

I'm sooo confused about this whole Gia thing
But they parents are fckd up about what they did
1st the daddy molests her n then they put her up for adoption??
She was young as hell!
She probably ain't even know what was happening to her
OMG that struck a nerve

And he went IN on Monroe
Bet she won't be playin games no more
But I feel like anybody would be tired of that sh*t
Constantly making it about what you do for a living
Sometimes mfs just wanna sit back n enjoy the company

Gia needs to put the bottle down
She does the most every time tho
Like seriously, liquor don't solve everything
You still gonna have those issues plus a hangover
when you wake up the next morning
And I have another question
If Gia and Monroe went to college together n were friends
And Chris went to college with Gia
How come Monroe and Chris never met until now?

But anyways....
You know I LOVE this story

This one has me on the edge of my seat. Sheesh! s*** has gotten real.
Add soon, love.

Otay. You go do that.

really? ion really remember that, gotta look at that!

RUN IT!!!!

Oh yeah. I don't know whether I should believe Tristan or not.
He said she was a virgin.
Next chapter they're fcking.

Bree, Rihanna, and Mike got problems...

Run it, again.

Lol. Too much to write about.

I'm just saying.
Your sister's gonna look like you.
Gross, they've had sex before.
Ewwwwwww...that's the most...ew.
And he's STILL giving out advice????

yea you have @diamondz

Well, that was disgusting...
I missed a lot...

Yeah. Let me calm down first then I'll be back to write more.

Smh. -____-