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The fued

To Chris Brown...if you see this..
The whole feud with Miranda Lambert is understandable but yall both have to take into account of how it effects fans. Miranda Lambert going off and telling her fans to listen to her one song about a man abuser, can give fans a bad prospective. This can corrupt the mind of kids and cause them to kill everybody who "abuses" them. Overall, we need to learn to forgive, especially in your case, because God tells us to forgive all. THE PAST IS THE PAST AND IN miranda's case, IF YOU WANT TO BE RESPECTED, LEARN TO FORGIVE. It ends up affecting more then just you, even if you are trying to prove a point in a negative way.
------No Disrespect, O
----By the way, Miranda is quite hypocritical because she sang with Glen Campbell and he has a past, but we still learn to forgive.