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CM Punk challenges Chrissy Brown to an MMA fight

And Chris, being the woman-beating little b****boy that he is backed down as expected. What's wrong, Chrissy? Afraid to fight someone with testicles?


Hello Mr. Brown. I am not sure if you actually read these posts, but here goes.....As a fan that may be a little older than most. My advice to you is simple. Stop using and reading tweets. Stop giving the public more fuel to use against you. You are only proving their point of the ultra violent young man of three years ago. For some, there is nothing you will say or do to change their opinion of you...let it go.
I don't mean any disrespect, but work on yourself. Be the best MAN you can be, not the spoiled boy that the media sees or is hoping to see. It takes a boy to encourage their bantor, but it takes a grown man to ignore them.

Truth hurts doesn't it? maybe you fans should just face the fact that your idol is a skinny little b**** who will only fight women.

hi i wont let u talk bout chris b like dat ok b***h?