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<strong> <em>-G H E T T O

<em>1. (n.) an impoverished, neglected, or otherwise disadvantaged residential area of a city, usually troubled by a disproportionately large amount of crime
2. (adj.) urban; of or relating to (inner) city life
3. (adj.) poor; of or relating to the poor life
4. (adj.) jury-rigged, improvised, or home-made (usually with extremely cheap or sub-standard components), yet still deserving of an odd sense of respect from ghetto dwellers and non-ghetto dwellers alike

The <a href="">Ghetto</a> is misunderstood, so let me help you understand it



Yes, still got some ideas if needed...will send when i find time if needed!...

You already know I think you should...


Ok check ya messages and txt me

Okay that's fine!

Okay. Ima inbox you my #. Cause I dont do the messaging on here like that haha

I need you break some things down for me and maybe i can help?
Like the beginning was a little confusing???

Lol I have it in my head ... I just cant seem to get it the fuuck out. Like I dont know where to go next

I'll br grateful to help too.

Ok hold on

Send me the vision you had for the story, some ideas and i'll see what i can do?

lol i would appreciate it!! :))

If you want or need help, i'd be glad to!

Ima try and come up with something for this. Give me time you guys

run it

Run it!

Glad to know I wasnt the only one who missed it.

We found it. everyone is still in it :)

Hay, I wanna help if I can?

I would also like to know if I could still be in it?
I glad ya'll bringing it back!

Give me a sec. lol

lmao i might.. oh man -_________-

Its cool. Lol. At least its up here. You need the cast call too? Lol..

And I applied to your other cast call.

omg. 33! geesh.. i like it too.. but i forgot the characters ima have to work on it,,

it's what i get for not adding

I wasn't. I really liked the concept of the story and was looking forward to it. Lol. It was like on page 33.

run this ;)

oh wow. you found it.!! you wasnt playing. ok great i'll make a add up give me some time

Lol. I find it ironic that I was also the last one to comment...

But here it is....

Run it!

run it!