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The Break Up (Chapter 27)


<a href="">Sofi</a> 21 & <a href="">Shad</a> 22
<a href="">Shai</a> 21 & <a href="">Parker</a> 26
<a href="">Breana</a> (Bree) 25 & <a href="">Mike</a> (Tyga) 26
<a href="">Shardonnay</a> (Nay) 20 & <a href="">Chris</a> 23
<a href="!/photo.php?fbid=204080159621351&set=a.155853391110695.40411.141643449198356&type=3&theater">Monroe</a> (Roe) 24 & <a href="">Michael</a> (BJ) 26
<a href="">Nani</a> 25 & <a href="">Jermaine</a> (J) 27
<a href="">Nicole</a> (Nic) 19 & <a href="">Aubrey</a> (Drake) 21


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Oh s***!! Nic is soo....gangsta lol
I like how she voiced her opinion on her sister's bf.
I hope that she gives Aubrey a chance, but I like how she didn't stroke his ego by giving in so quickly.
I'm happy for bree and Michael! They'll be stronger than ever now :)
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Chapter 27

-The Girls-

Sofi walked Shad out to his car, happy that all was well with Shai’s sister. They had been there all night, comforting Mike and Shai through the hard time.

“You know we gotta talk about it sooner or later.” Shad said as he opened his car door.

Sofi sighed, “Of course.” She was really hoping to never talk about it again. She didn’t want to face the meaning behind the kiss, hell the whole moment.

“Aiight, call me later?” Shad asked before getting I his car.

She nodded, “Yeah sure.” She smiled as she closed his car door for him. Sofi waved as he drove off and out of the hospital parking lot. After he was gone, she walked back into the hospital where she bumped into Parker.

“What’s up with you and my brother?” He asked.

She couldn’t even answer him.

Shai hugged Bree for the thousandth time since they were able to visit her. “I’m sooo glad you’re okay!”

Bree laughed as she hugged her back, “Me too! I was in such a horrible place before the crash, now I just feel at peace.”

“You should! You really scared me.” Shai exclaimed.

Bree’s smiled faded, “I scared myself. I didn’t think I’d make it.”

“I was praying that you would.” Shai grabbed her hand to comfort her.

“So was I.” Mike walked in with flowers and a teddy bear.

When Bree’s eyes met his, she couldn’t help but smile. She knew life from here on would be different, for him and because of him.

Shardonnay had just woke up and checked her phone. She had an unread txt message from Shai. She yawned and got out of bed, heading to the bathroom taking her phone with her. As she brushed her teeth, she read the message. <em><strong>Bree was in a car accident, but she’s okay now. She’s at Kaiser in Bellflower if you want to visit her.</strong></em>

This information alarmed Shardonnay. She quickly finished brushing and called Nani to see if she had heard.

“Hey Nay!” Nani answered on the third ring with a noisy background.

“Nani, what are you doing?” Shardonnay asked with a sense of urgency in her voice.

Nani smiled as she looked around, “In the French Quarter having lunch with Roe and Nic.” She had never felt so relaxed.

Shardonnay sighed, “Bree was in a car accident yesterday--”

“What? Is she okay?!” Nani excused herself from the table.

“Yes! She’s fine, but she at Kaiser. I’m gonna go see her later and find out what happened.” Nay informed her sister.

Nani nodded, “Okay and then call me and let me know.”

“Okay, have fun. Love you!” Shardonnay sang before she hung up. She sighed and shook her head as she turned on the shower.

When Nani got back to the table, Roe and Nic both looked at her.

“Is everything okay?” Roe asked.

Nani shrugged, “I guess so. Breana was in a car accident yesterday but they say that she’s fine.”

“Oh my goodness, really?” Nic asked concerned.

Nani nodded, “Yeah, but I’m sure everything is fine like they say it is.

Before Monroe could say anything, her phone rang. “It’s BJ.” She smiled as she answered.

Nic rolled her eyes like she did whenever her older sister mentioned his name.

“Why do you so that every time she says something about him?” Nani asked Nic.

Nic looked at Nani surprised, she didn’t think her disdain was that obvious. She shrugged, “I don’t know. I guess I don’t really care for the guy, you know?”

“But he makes your sister happy, can’t you tell?” Nani gestured over at a giggling Monroe.

Nic turned her face up, “So, all the guys she’s been with has had her exactly like that. Why should this a**hole be any different?”

“I know what you mean Nic, but I’ve actually seen them interact with each other. The way he is around her, it’s like she’s the only one who exists to him. He really cares for your sister, which is more than I could say for any other guy she’s been with.” Nani expressed, trying to convince Nic to give BJ a chance.

Nic looked at her sister and then back at Nani and shrugged, “I guess.” She then looked at her phone and saw a txt from Aubrey. He seemed like he cared for her. But he was a total douche. The thing that topped it off for her was when she saw him coming out of that all girls’ dorm. He was bold as hell for fckn with a girl on the same campus as her only a week after just talking about being boyfriend and girlfriend. He had a lot to prove to her if another chance was to be given. She left the txt unread and unanswered.

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i been gone forever but it wasnt my fault
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but i didnt miss alot
but i hope aubrey and nic
get it together, because they're so cute
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Omg!! i'm coming out of my silence to tell
you that I do read this story! I love it and I want to know what happens with Nic and Aubrey! That's my favorite couple :) Run It!!

I read it! Lol I love this story!!!!! Guess I'll have to stop being a silent reader...
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Chapter 26

Nicole & Aubrey

"Aubrey, what is your purpose in life right now?" Nic spoke into the phone irritatedly.

Aubrey screwed his face, "What the fck is <em>that</em> supposed to mean?"

Nic sighed, "Why are you calling me? I thought we were clear on where we stood."

"No, we weren't. You stopped talkin to me! Far as I'm concerned, I don't know sh*t." Aubrey finally stopped pacing and sat down.

Nic took a seat on the sofa in her now empty dorm apartment. She was the last of her roommates to leave campus and Roe & Nani was due any minute. "I don't know what you want me to say..." she still liked him, but now she didn't know how much.

"Well, I'm out in LA for the summer. We can talk when you get here?" Aubrey was hopeful.

Nic closed her eyes and sighed, "Drake...."

Aubrey paused, ".....Why would you call me that?"

Nic bit her bottom lip, "We'll talk when I get home."

Aubrey sighed, "Yeah, okay."

Nic hung up and put her face in her hands. Aubrey was the bad boy she hated to want.

There was a knock on the door, "Little sister open up!!"

Nic smiled and ran to the door, she was overdue for a sisterly talk. When she opened it, she jumped into Roe's arms.

Roe giggled as she carried her into the dorm with Nani dying laughing behind them.

They all sat in the living room as smiles spread across the room.

"So, since we're here a week.....where are we staying?" Nic asked knowing she wasn't staying on campus another week.

"Hotel. But first things first, let's fill the UHaul so everything can be home." Roe stood up and looked out the window for the movers she hired. "Everything packed?" she turned back.

"Everything's ready to go!" Nic shouted enthusiastically.

Roe stepped out on the balcony, "Second floor, number 4 boys!" she smiled and came back inside. "I need a drink."

"What about visiting BJ?" Nani asked.

Nic rolled her eyes and went into her room. She was done with her and her sister's love interests.

Aubrey ate his dinner quietly, trying to get through it without the grill from his older brother.

"You talk to her?" J looked up from his plate at Aubrey.

Aubrey dropped his fork and sighed, "Yeah, she said we'll talk when she gets here."

J nodded, "Cool."

Aubrey wiped his mouth with his napkin, "She called me Drake..."

J shrugged, "So?"

"She's never called me that, I never told her, and none of the people I took her around ever mentioned it. Fck she hear it from?" Aubrey was stressing over that little fact.

J looked at his younger brother and chuckled, "Niggas talk."

Aubrey sat back and sighed, "Whatever man. Dinner was good, I'm gonna go take a walk."

J nodded as he finished his dinner.

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Chapter 25

-Nani & Jermaine-

Nani and Monroe rode in silence for a while. The only thing was the radio. “Plug in the iPod.” Nani instructed.

Monroe did what she said and began texting Nic on her phone, “Have you talked to J yet?”

“G, I’ve been in the car with you all day. So you tell me, have I talked to him?” she joked tryin to lighten the mood.

Monroe chuckled, “I don’t know b*tch! You were txtn.”

They both shared some laughter for a while.

“But seriously, I was txtn him earlier. Did you know that Nic and J’s brother were dating?” Nani asked an oblivious Monroe.

She looked confused, “Hell no! Are they still dating?”

Nani shrugged, “Apparently not. But I don’t know the whole story.”

Monroe then began to txt away on her phone while Nani’s phone rang. “It’s J, mind if I pull over?”

“I’ll drive while you’re on the phone. I just wanna hurry and get there.” Monroe stated as they pulled over.

“Hey love!” Nani answered as she swithed with Roe.

“What’s up, how far are you?” Jermaine asked while cooking dinner.

“We’re about halfway there. We should make it by tomorrow morning. What you doing?” she asked hearing him move about.

He smirked knowing she’d throw a fit, “I’m cooking dinner.”

She gasped, “What?! And I’m <em>not</em> there?! OMG Roe he’s cooking dinner!”

Jermaine was an amazing chef but only cooked at home on rare occasions. He claimed that he was cooking all day and didn’t wanna have to come home to do it all again.

Jermaine laughed as the two spazzed out, “Calm down. I’ll cook when y’all get back with Nic. I know she missed my cooking.”

Nani relaxed, “Okay good. So has Aubrey settled in?”

“Yeah he good. You told Roe huh?” he asked knowing Nani.

“Yes, was I not supposed to?” she asked.

J shrugged, “I mean, she was bound to find out anyway. So are you guys gonna stop at a hotel or keep going?”

Nani sighed, “I mean I would rather keep going but it’s up to Roe.”

Monroe looked over at her, “What you talkin bout?”

“Nothing, J asked if we were gonna stop at a hotel or keep going.” Nani responded.

“Oh, well I’d rather keep going. I don’t wanna go to sleep and wake up and have to drive again.” Roe answered.

“So we’re driving through.” Nani informed J. “So what are you cookng?”

J laughed, “Are you sure you wanna tease yourself like that?”

“No, but I still wanna know.” Nani giggled.

“I understand that baby, but I’m not gonna tell you. It’s for your benefit, I’m doing this for you.” Jermaine joked.

Nani rolled her eyes, “Whatever Jermaine, I’ll talk to you later okay?”

He chuckled, “Aiight, love you baby.”

“Love you too.” She responded and hung up. She looked over at Monroe, “I swear I’m so glad I’m marrying him.”

Monroe smiled, “That’s nice, but if you guys don’t talk about your situation I don’t know how long it will last.”

“Damn Roe, way to put a damper on things!” Nani said playfully hitting her arm.

Monroe laughed, “I’m sorry! But you know it’s the truth.”

“It is, but if I tell Jermaine about my past you have to tell BJ about yours.” Nani proposed.

Monroe looked at her like she was crazy, “For what? I’m not getting married to the nigga!”

They both burst into laughter and Monroe turned the music up.


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Chapter 24

-Monroe & BJ-

Monroe and Nani were half way to New Orleans and doing amazing time. They walked out of the gas station and switched seats while Nani made her way back to the highway, Monroe’s phone rang.

She grabbed her phone, “Guess who.” She smirked and answered, “Hey babe, how’s the movie?”

BJ smiled, “It’s okay, how’s the drive?” He laid down on his couch in his trailer.

She sighed, “Long, I’m ready to be there already.” She picked a new cd for the highway soundtrack.

“You wanna see ya man already?” He joked because he was shooting out in New Orleans.

She giggled, “No, can’t wait to see my sister. Its been forever!” She made a face at Nani because she was making fun of her.

“You gonna see me while you out here right?” He asked to make sure. He missed her. Even more sonce Meagan approached him with that bullsh*t.

Monroe nodded as if he could see, “Yeah babe, we’re out there for a week.”

“Tell Mr. Jordan I said hey!” Nani giggled.

Monroe rolled her eyes, “Nani said hey.”

BJ chuckled, “Yeah I heard her. Tell he I said what’s up.”

“He said what’s up.” Monroe relayed the message.

BJ readjusted, “I miss you.” It was the first time he had ever told a girl that and meant it.

Monroe fought to hide a smile, “Really? I miss you too.”

Nani rolled her eyes, “OMG, stop the love fest.” She laughed and so did Monroe.

“Aye tell Nani to quit hatin. She better call J!” BJ joked.

Monroe giggled, “He said quit hatin and call J.”

Nani rolled her eyes, “Never hatin!”

“So how long you got until your next scene?” Monroe asked BJ.

He sighed, “Like an hour, I’m tired.”

“Well catch a quick nap then.” Monroe suggested.

“Nah babe, I wanna talk to you. Plus, that’s not what I mean.” He was hinting at the Meagan situation. He knew that with her on set that nothing good could come of it.

Monroe looked confused, “Well, what do you mean?”

He sighed, “Meagan. She’s doing the movie with me.”

She sighed as well, “Is she like the love interest?”

“No. Just a costar. But I know she’s gonna try me.” He expressed.

“Try you like what?” Monroe knew that him and Meagan used to date and how toxic the relationship was. If you could even call it one.

BJ sighed, “I don’t know, like try to ambush me with the pussy.”

Monroe laughed involuntarily, “Sorry for laughing but I mean, you’re a grown ass man and she can’t force you into anything that you don’t want.” Monroe was hoping that he would make the right decision.

“You’re right. But I’ma have a security guard at my door just in case.” He joked but was totally serious.

Monroe sighed, “BJ, don’t do something that we’re gonna regret. There’s no coming back after that.”

“Hey, I will never do anything to hurt you. I want us to work. But you gotta trust me babe.” He tried to reassure her. The last thing he wanted was for her to have doubts.

“How can I trust you if you can’t trust yourself Michael?” Monroe asked seriously. She glanced at Nani who was focused on the road, trying not to be in their business.

BJ punched the air out of frustration. He hated he even brung it up now. But he was trying to be a good boyfriend and let her know what was going on just in case things got out of hand. “Roe calm down okay? I’m trying. I’m trying for us. I wanna be with you and no one else. I don’t wanna cheat on you. I’m just letting you know about her. Because if you came on set and saw her you’d think I was trying to hide something if I didn’t tell you. And don’t say you wouldn’t because I know you.”

“Okay BJ. I’ll talk to you later love. Have a good shoot and call me when you’re settled in the hotel okay? Monroe was over the conversation and was ready to get back to having fun with her girl.

BJ sighed knowing everything wasn’t okay. “Alright, I’ll call you. Be safe. Bye.” He hung up and laid there for a while. Then there was a knock on the door. “Yeah?” he got up to open the door.

“We’re ready for you on set MBJ.” One of the set people informed and waited for BJ to follow him.

BJ grabbed his jacket and made his way to the set.

Nani looked over at Monroe who was looking out of the window silently, “You okay?” She asked.

Monroe looked at her, “Yeah, just thinking.”

“He’s not gonna cheat.” Nani reassured her.

Roe shrugged, “Sure.”

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Chapter 23

-Shardonnay & Chris-

"Who is she?" Shardonnay crossed her arms and stated calmly.

Chris sighed, "It's not what you think. I'm not cheating." he sat down on the bed and started to undress.

She stood there staring into his back as he undressed, not really sure of what to say next. "So what's with the perfume and gloss on your lips? I know I'm not trippin so what the fck?!" she waited on his response and it had better be a good one.

He sighed again and turned to her, "I lost my job today."

She looked at him confused, "Fck you mean?! So that's supposed to give you the right to go fck another b****?! Chris ge--"

Chris cut her off and stood up, "First of all, shut the fck up n let a nigga explain." he looked at her sternly.

She sighed and looked away from him waiting for him to continue.

"Like I said, I didn't cheat. It's my boss...she's been sexually harassing me. She called me into her office today and she tried to seduce me. When I turned her down, she fired me." he explained with conviction.

Shardonnay was kind if finding it hard to believe. "You want me to believe that? How come you've never told me about it?"

"Fck i'ma lie about losing my job for tho?" he asked with his face screwed. "And reason I never told you is because I always had it under control, but I guess she got tired of hearing no." he shrugged and sat in the bed shaking his head.

Shardonnay sat down next to him, "Well, do you have concrete proof? Because you can sue."

He nodded and pulled out his iPhone. He went to his recordings and played  what happened. When it was over, he put his phone back down. "When I'm done with her, I'm gonna own that fckn company."

Shardonnay couldn't disagree with that. Chris had caught that b**** red handed.

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I am NOT feeling Jermaine's attitude. Why you gotta be so pissy 'cause your girl wants to go out?

Aubrey needs to get it together and stop acting like a child. Respect that she knows what she wants and she's telling you. And grow some balls and go get your girl; stop tryna save face.

I was excited for Bree and Mike, and then my heart dropped. Glad she made it out okay though, Mike needs to step his game up

Ant got what he deserved, he's lucky Mama T cared. Him and Sofi are so cute!

I can't believe Chris cheated...and I can't believe his boss.

Meagan better fall back and leave BJ alone. So what he cheated on you, get over it. You making yourself look real bad tryna force yourself on him right now. People change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst...i'm sure you wasn't always hoeing yourself out.

Um, yeah I wanna know who Staci is!

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