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Beautiful Mistake

Intro : Done

I watched as the girls did their dances on the poles and rolled my eyes in jealousy. Oh let me introduce myself, my name is Aaliyah Dana Haughton and I’m 18. I work in a dance studio because dancing is my passion and I have a 1 month old daughter named Tiara by my ex boyfriend Trey Songz. I love to dance, but with my daughter and all I barely have the time to live my teenage life. I finished up for the day and grabbed my gym bag then left to get my daughter from day care and went home to Trey. He was sitting on the couch with 1 of his girlfriends and Tiara started crying.

“Yo could you shut her the f*** up??”
“Trey you know she‘s sick.”
“So!! Shut her up or get the f*** out.”

I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to my room that I shared with Tiara. I took her tiny body out her car seat and rocked her as the tears flowed from my eyes. Getting with Trey was a Beautiful Mistake . .

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Thirsty jealous females smh

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Hating ass hoes
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19 :

(1 Week Later)

The papers became final today and Mama Joyce is having a big cook out at her house in celebration. Chris was wearing blue and black while Tiara and I wore blue, black, and white. Once I finished her hair and mines we all left to Mama’s house.


Tiara was playing in the fun house with the other kids and Mama Joyce was watching them with her friends. Chris was playing basketball while I watched with a few other girls including Tootie and Neisha.

“Damn girl do you see Chris?? I would love to f*** him!”

Some trick said. I just laughed and rolled my eyes as she continued talking with her friends about Chris. At break time he walked over to us and they all sat up trying to look “sexy”. I saw Chris glance at them, but then he walked over to me and kissed me.

“Hey baby.”
“Hey. You was whooping their asses baby.”
“(Laugh) I know, but it‘s all thanks to my good luck charms.”

We kissed and the girl cleared her throat. Chris turned and looked at her.

“Hey Chris.”
“Wassup Regina.”
“How has it been??”
“You enjoying yourself??”
“Do you know what‘s with the cook out??”

We heard Tiara crying so we looked up and saw Mama Joyce walking over to us with her.

“She said she wants her daddy.”

Mama Joyce said handing her to Chris.

“Who‘s baby??”

Regina’s friend asked with a stank face as Mama Joyce left.

“This is my daughter Tiara.”

Chris said as he wiped her tears.

“Who‘s her mom??”
“I am.”

I said as I rubbed her head. I heard the girl suck their teeth.

“Ya still together??”
“Yup and they’re not breaking up any time so ya can just go looking for another man because my brother is taken.”

Neisha said. Chris handed her to me and she laid her head on my chest.

“Baby go ahead and lay her down in my room. I‘ll be right up after this round.”
“Okay bae.”

We kissed and I went inside.

trey is an a**hole. point, blank. fck him.
wayne is the bestest uncle ever. and chris
idk yet, but he seem cool; however he hangs
with trey. damn. and i saw how he was acting
like a playa at the party. liyah dont need
to get caught up with chris.

<em>- note to self, left off on ch. 6</em>

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chris is such a good guy
i wish there were more guys like him

Treys an a**hole, like foreal

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18 :

Chris and I have been going strong for almost a year now and it’s crazy because I honestly didn’t think we would last this long. Tiara is in love with Chris and Mama Joyce and they feel the same way about her. She’ll be a year old in 1 month and she’s already started walking. Trey continues to try and mess up my relationship with Chris as does Chris’ ex and her friends, but we love each other too much to believe them. Even though Chris doesn’t live here, he spends a lot of time over here.

“Hey baby.”

Chris said walking downstairs with Tiara, both of them fully dressed.

“Hey boo.”

I kissed him then kissed her cheeks. They sat at the table and I put their plates in front of them.

“I already ate so I‘m gunna go shower and get dressed.”
“Aiight baby. I got her.”
“I know you do.”

I went upstairs, showered ,got dressed, did my hair, got my things, packed Tiara’s diaper bag for school, and went back downstairs. The doorbell rang so I walked over to it and opened it. There was Trey and his new girl Mika, aka Chris’ ex. I rolled my eyes as Chris and Tiara walked over to us.

“Go play in the living room baby girl.”

Chris said to Tiara then kissed her forehead. She wobbled to the living room where her toys were.

“What do you want now Trey.”

He handed me a few papers.

“What‘s this??”
“I‘m giving up my so called fatherhood. I already signed the papers.”
“You sure that this is what you want to do??”
“Hell yeah. I don‘t want no type of tie to that little brat.”

Chris stepped to him and I stepped between them.

“Baby don‘t even pay him no mind.”
“I‘m not about to sit here and let him talk s*** about my little girl like that.”
“So you think you her father??”

Trey asked.

“Yeah I‘m her father. Nigga I‘ve been there since she was a month so I‘m the only 1 she can call dad.”
“Yeah whatever. Look I‘m gone.”

I slammed the door in his face then locked it and turned to Chris.

“Baby please calm down.”
“I‘m calm.”
“Alright. Well let‘s go talk about this in the kitchen.”

We checked on Tiara 1st seeing her watching some fairy movie then went into the kitchen and sat down.

“Chris, do you want to be her dad??”
“I already basically am her dad.”
“I mean legally.”
“Oh hell yeah.”
“Chris this means that even if we break up or argue-”
“She‘s always gunna be my little girl. I won‘t abandon her of treat her as if she‘s less than like Trey did. I love Tiara and you know that baby.”
“I know. I just want to make sure.”

I passed him the papers and he signed next to Trey’s signature saying he wanted to be her new dad and I signed under Chris’ name stating that I’m her birth mom.

damn that intro was kray...
i'm interested.
catching up now

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1-2 more runs plz

Awwwwwwwwww I think I cried a little

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Awwwwwwwwww I think I cried a little

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“So I‘m guessing that was your 1st love??”
“Yeah she was.”
“Do you still love her??”
“Nah. She turned out to be a lying, cheating, hoe and I know I deserve better.”
“What is better??”
“You‘re better.”

I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder as we walked slowly along the water with the sun setting and his arm around my waist.

“Thanks. Honestly you are too and I‘m glad you‘re over her.”
“Enough about her. I want to talk about us.”
“When you gunna be my girl?? I can promise you that I‘m not like Trey or any of those other clowns you‘ve been with. I love Tiara as much as I love you-”
“You love me??”

I asked him, shocked.

“Yeah baby I love you and I love Tiara as if she‘s my own daughter.”
“We love you too.”

He smiled.

“So answer my question. When you gunna be wifey??”
“When you ask.”

He stopped in front of the sun set as the wind was lightly blowing my hair around and stared into my eyes.

“Aaliyah Dana Haughton will you be my wifey??”
“Yes I will Christopher Maurice Brown.”

We kissed for a while and cameras were flashing. We looked over at Tootie and Neisha who had tears in their eyes.

“I‘m so happy ya together now. My brother deserves a good woman and you‘re as good as they come. Welcome to the Brown family girl.”

We all hugged for a while then Chris kissed my neck and we all took pictures for the rest of the time. I got my hubby and nobody is going to mess this up for us.

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&& I might not be updating as often . I sprained my shoulder nd part of my back which causes A LOT of pain when I move my right arm . Plus Im SUPPOSED to be on bed rest .

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16 :


Chris and I were running along the water and he finally caught up to me, picked me up, and spun me in the air. I laughed and he slowly brought me back down then kissed me, but our kiss was cut short by some girls.

“Hey Chris.”

We looked at 3 girls around our age.

“Wassup Mika.”

I felt Chris’ body tense up.

“I haven‘t seen you in a while.”
“Yeah I know.”
“Where you been??”

He put his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

“With my girl.”
“Oh so this b**** ya girl now??”
“Excuse me??”

I said then Tyga, Neisha, Rick, and Tootie walked over to us. Tootie rolled her eyes once she saw who the girls were.

“Mika why are you starting trouble?? Damn get off my brother‘s d***!!”
“I‘m not on it.”
“Clearly you are if you starting trouble. He doesn‘t want you lil girl.”
“Yes he does. We lost our virginity to each other.”
“No b**** he lost his to you and you played him after you got what you wanted. He was f***ing in love with your dumb ass and you played him just because he wasn‘t hood enough for you.”
“I was his 1st love so I know he still loves me-”
“Actually Mika, I don‘t.”

Chris said cutting her off.

“I don‘t love you in any type of way, shape, or form anymore.”
“So just because this b****-”
“You have 1 more time to call me out of my name.”

I said and Chris pulled me closer to him then backed away from her knowing I have a short temper.

“Baby don‘t even let her childish games get to you.”
“Either way Chris I know you still want me. I don’t believe what we had is over.”
“Well believe this then.”

He kissed me then pulled me away and we began walking as Tyga and Rick did the same to Tootie and Neisha.

im glad they bak together. run it

I'm glad she worked it out I lov it run it

I'm glad they talking again Run It

Run it

im glad chris didn't act like a fool.

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15 :

I haven’t seen or spoken to Chris in a few weeks and I miss him like crazy. I was sitting on the porch waiting for Wayne because he was coming to pick up Tiara for the weekend. He finally pulled up and got her then pulled off. I looked across the street at his house and saw him coming out in his basketball clothes. I couldn’t take this anymore so I jogged across the street to him.


He turned to me.


I said stopping in front of him.

“How‘s it been??”
“Straight. How has Tiara been??”
“Good. She just left with Wayne for the weekend.”
“Oh. How was your uh date with Trey??”
“Chris I swear to you on my life that message is from when I was 17 and I don‘t know why he has kept it for so long. I wouldn‘t lead you on Chris about anything like that. I like you so much and-”

He cut me off with a passionate kiss. I moaned and put my arms around his neck as his hands found their rightful place around my waist. He leaned me on his car and we kissed for a while.

“UH OH!!!!”

We pulled away and looked at Tootie and her boyfriend Rick coming out their car. I blushed and Chris smirked.

“Are ya on good terms again??”

Tootie asked.

“Yeah we are.”

Chris said as he stared in my eyes.

“I missed you.”

He said to me.

“I missed you too baby.”

He pecked my lips and Tootie made the kissing noise.

“So since ya on good terms, do ya wanna go to the beach with Rick, Tyga, Neisha, and I??”

I said and looked at Chris. He shook his head yeah then said we would meet them there so they left. I went home to get dressed and Chris went inside to change.

I'm still feelin dwn , but I'll update once for tonight

Trey a dck head n a ahole lik realli? WTF low down dirty run it I lov it

Sorry guys I had a bad , long day and my mood is really low .

I'll update tomorrow if Im feelin better .

Run it

Trey on some bulls***
he aint want her before now when she
got a man walking around he wanna say he miss her
f*** that nigga man, im heated
she need to talk to chris ASAP

Run It!

That fool really tryna mess up stuff

i wulda hit trey ass first off! then slammed the door and txtd or call chris to explain. trey childish for dat! run it

14 :

“Hey Aaliyah.”
“What are you doing here??”
“You left a few things and I thought-”
“Baby who is it??”

Chris said coming the door holding Tiara, but stopped when he saw Trey.

“Is that ya man??”

Trey asked.

“No he‘s my close friend. Trey this is Chris and Chris this is Trey, Tiara‘s dad.”

Chris said, but Trey turned his head like he wasn’t worth his time. I rolled my eyes.

“What do you want Trey??”
“Are we still on for our date tonight??”

I looked at him like he was crazy.

“What date??”
“Remember you called my phone and left a message.”
“What message??”

Trey took out his phone and called his voicemail. He entered his password and pressed play then put it on speaker. My voice came through reminding him about our date, but I could tell by the way my voice is that I sent that message when I was 17. I don’t know why he kept it for a year.


Chris said. He walked upstairs and came back downstairs with his stuff.

“Tiara is sleeping in her crib.”
“Chris that message-”
“It‘s aiight. I understand.”

He kissed my forehead and walked out the door. Trey smirked at his success.

“Trey why would you do that?!”
“I miss you.”
“f*** you Trey.”

I slammed the door in his face and locked it. I slid down the wall and held my head in my hands letting the tears fall.

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