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Tough Reality

<em>I started this story, but never finished it, so I decided that i'd bring it back.</em>

All my life I wondered, how many people can I actually call my friends? How many of these people could I actually trust? In reality i've never found the answer, that is until my life took a turn for the worse. The man that raised me and my two older brothers and sister was now six feet under and the woman that gave birth to me was a stranger in our own home, and just when I though things couldn't get any worse they did. I didn't understand why God chose me to give this life to, but no matter how hard it got I needed to stay strong. This is my story, the story of <a href="">Nevaeh Cruz</a>


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they have crazy connection,

but its friggin cute!

but idk about her own place just yet, ooh her moms pissed me OFF!

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run it :)


"I talked to my brothers today." I said resting my head on Jaysen's chest. "What did they say?" He asked flipping through the channels while playing with my hair. "My mom still hasn't changed her mind, but that they got enough money to get a down payment on an apartment." "And why don't you just tell them that you're fine living here with me?" I sat up and straddled him, he laid back and waited on my response. "Jay, I don't want to intrude on your household and plus that would take us to a whole new step in our relationship that I don't think we're ready for." "So you're telling me, you don't want to go to sleep beside me every night and see my gorgeous face every morning?" He said lifting his eyebrows. I chuckled and leaned down to peck his lips. "I do, maybe later on but as of right now we need to see if we can atleast make it. I don't want to put strain on our relationship that we don't need." He nodded. "I guess you're right." "Aren't I always." "Whatever." He said rolling his eyes. I chuckled and laid on top of him. "Damn Vaeh, you ain't that damn light! What you been eating girl?" I sat up with wide eyes. "Are you calling me fat?!" He smiled and leaned up pecking my lips. "I was just kidding babe." I glared at him. "Ha ha, bet you won't be finding this funny!" I said beginning to wind my hip on his pelvis, I slowly started grinding as he bit his lip. "That ain't fair Vaeh." I smiled. "Alls fair in love and war." I leaned down and kissed his lips, I was so wrapped up in the kiss I didn't realize he had flipped us over.

We were both into our kiss that we hadn't heard the yelling and screaming coming from downstairs. "Jay, you hear that?" I said as he sucked on my neck. "Yeah, probably my siblings." He said still kissing and sucking. "We should go check." I said trying to push him off. "They're fine." "Jaysen!" I said with a serious face. He sighed in defeat and rolled off from ontop of me as I followed suit. As we neared the stairs the yelling got louder. Once we made it downstairs, we saw Deziraye being held back by James as some girl stood by the door yelling at her. "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Jay's voice boomed. They all stopped and stared at us. "And who are you?" He asked referring to the <a href="">girl</a> who was now holding her little belly and smirking. "I'm James' baby mama!" "WHAT?!" Jay and I exclaimed in unison.


I have add typed up.


"So you're telling me that you and Jay are together but not together?" Mali asked taking a sip of her Jamba Juice. I nodded as she shook her head. "I don't like this one bit Vaeh. You're my girl and all but you're toying with someone's emotions. Devin is a trill as dude and I don't want to see him get hurt." I looked at her. "You like Devin!" She glanced at me and turned away. "No! The f***!" I chuckled. "You do like him!" She sighed, "I do, but he's your man. I'm serious Vaeh, he's cool, I can't see him get hurt like that." I smiled, "You know, I might just have to hook it up for you. He's gunna need a shoulder to lean on." I said bumping her shoulder, she smiled. "I guess you're right." "Now that we're done with that conversation lets go bother your brother."
I sat at the park with Devin, just kicking it. "So what did you want to talk to me about?" I fidgeted with my fingers before looking up at him. "Devin, I think---" he cut me off. "its best if we remain friends." he said looking forward. "I feel the same." "Really?" I asked, he nodded. "I knew you liked me but when you're around Jaysen you can tell you have a connection right off the bat." I shook my head. "i'm really sorry for leading you on." "It's fine, I guess the good guys always finish last." It was quiet between us. "You know, there's someone I know that would love to go on a date with you." "Who?" He asked glancing at me. "Somalia." "Your fine ass little asian friend?" I nodded. "If it makes you any more comfortable, she's a full blown freak." "How?" He asked now curious. "This should be something she should tell you on your first date, but i'm going to tell you. Just don't bring it up unless she does." He nodded. "Mali is into girls." His mouth dropped. "Real?!" I nodded. He smiled. "Damn, that's sexy as f***!" I chuckled, "here's her number, give her a call." He nodded and we gave eachother one last hug. "I wish you the best with Jay." I nodded and thanked him.


"Babe, why are you so nervous?" Janelle asked stroking my face. "I, uh, I think we need our space." She stopped pouring the lemonade into the cups. "Come again?" "I think we should brake up." She turned and faced me. "Why?" I shrugged and rubbed my neck. "I've kind of fallen in love with someone else." She sniffled and blinked back her tears. "I gave you all of me Jay. All I ever asked for was love in return and now just when were doing great some girl comes along and gets the love that I always wanted?!" "Janelle, don't say it that way!" "NO JAY! Tell me, what can I do to keep you around?" I stood up and began gathering my things. "Janelle, there's nothing you can do? I'm sorry, I hope you find someone who's willing to take everything you offer." By now tears were streaming down her face. She chased after me standing infront of the door trying to keep me from leaving. "Jay, please don't go!" I sighed. "Janelle, move!" She shook her head, "Not until you tell me you love me." "I don't love you! Now move." I said irritation clear in my voice. She wasn't moving so I shoved her out of the way. "I tried to end this nicely with you, but you found a way to screw it up. I'm gone amd you can forget about me." I said walking out to my car.
"Damn nigga, so you broke up with Janelle to be with Vaeh even though y'all are already f***ing around with eachother?!" I nodded. "And to make matters worse nigga, she tried to lock me in her house. She's crazy, I don't even know why I f***ed with her in the first place." He shook his head. "Atleast you're done with her scary ass." "That's for sure." "So, are you and Nevaeh official or what?" I shrugged, "After lastnight, I would think we are." He turned and looked at me. "Y'all f***ed?!" I chuckled. "Damn nigga! And to think y'all hated eachother." "Same thing she said.

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They better stop denying eachother!
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Damn they done got freaky!!! I just wish they weren't inadvertently hurting other people with their actions. I love them together!

Ooowwweee...Their Lovers:)


Iwalked into my bedroom to see Nevaeh sprawled out on the bed. I quietly walked in and laid next to her kissing up the back of her neck, she turned around and laid ontop of me pecking my lips repeatedly. "You're gorgeous." I said pushing a few strands of her hair behind her ear. She blushed and leaned down pecking my lips once more. "Did you do it?" I asked rubbing the small of her back. She rolled off me and walked over to my desk. "Nevaeh?" She turned and looked at me. "I couldn't do it right there, but I will. Did you?" I shook my head. "i'm in the same position you are."I watched as she played with a few things on my dresser. "Who's this?" she asked picking up a picture frame and bringing it to me. "My mom." I said taking the picture and stroking her face. "She was gorgeous. You have her eyes, you know?" I smiled and set it back down, looking Nevaeh in the eye. She stared back just as intently as I did. "How did we get here?" she questioned running her finger along my jawline. "What do you mean?" "I mean when we first met eachother we hated eachother, then we became friends, best friends at that and now we're lovers." "Maybe we were meant to be." I said slowly leaning in and kissing her. She kissed back as she slowly leaned back so I was hovering over her. Our make-out session slowly started to heat up as my hands roamed all over her body. I felt her hands rubbing my abs underneath my shirt, I sat up as I helped her pull it over my head. She sat up as I pulled off her shirt revealing her red lace bra. I bit my lip and unbuckled it and threw it on the ground along with the other things. I smiled as I laid little kisses around them, soon taking the right one into my mouth amd massaging the other. I switched up showing even attention to the other. I lead a soft trail of butterfly kisses down her chest and to her naval and kissing right above where he shorts were. I unbuckled them sliding them down right along with her panties. I stopped and stared at her precious pearl, it was gorgeous. Nicely waxed and pink, it was just to perfect. I lowered my head and kissed the inside of her thighs, I looked up to see her sitting up on her elbows watching my every move. I smirked and blew on her pussy, it had been awhile since i've given a girl head. you had to be real special for me to do it. As I blew on it, goosebumos appeared upon her skin.

I took a lick and right then and there I knew I had her. I worked my fingers.and tongue as Nevaeh squirmed underneath me. I locked my arms around her thighs to keep her from running. I enjoyed seeing her back aching and gripping on to the sheets. Light moans escaping her mouth, right off the bat I could tell in the bedroom she wasn't as loud, but today that was all going to change. Her legs began to shake and they wrapped tighter around my neck. I watched as she gripped the sheets letting out low whimpers as I continuously flicked my tongue against her clit. Soon she let all her juices out all over my face. I licked it clean and came back up kissing her. I stood up letting my jeans fall and slipping on the condom. "Take it slow baby, its been a while." I nodded and slowly slid inside of her thrusting in and out picking up my pace. She dug her nails into my back whining amd moqning into my neck. "Say my name babygirl!" She bit her lips, her eyes rolling to the bck of her head. "Say it!" I said pounding her pussy. "JAY..MM JAYSEN!!" I smiled at the fact that I had her screaming my name. I flipped is over so that she could ride. I held onto her hips and guided her, damn she had.some good ass s***.


I could feel myself coming and so could he, he flipped us over and began ro stroke in and out sending me over my edge. My legs began to shake and no sooner was I coming. He took a few more strokes and came right after me falling beside me. We both laid under the sheets trying to catch our breaths. I laid my head against his chest as he played with my hair. Our breathing both getting back our steady breathing patterns. "Now, I know why you had all these girls after you!" I said chuckling, he chuckled too and pecked my lips. "Jay?' I asked. "Hm?" "When was your first time?" He stopped playing with my hair and began again. "I was thirteen and it was this girl named Ashley. You?" "The night of my quincenera and it was with the partner my mom had set me up with." "No way?" I nodded, "We snuck out of the party and did it in the limo." He laughed as I laughed right along woth him. "I love you Nevaeh." " I love you too." I said kissing his lips.

Imma Always Be A Faithful Reader To This Story:)

Awww No problem!! Love this story!!! :)))

Thanks for having faith in my story and being my two faithful readers :) I should have an add up soon, I have just been busy with other things. Thanks again.


run it!!!!!!

So they like each other, but ain't tryna do their shorties wrong. Understandable. But what has her and Devin been through? She's been through way more with Jay!! Lol They are always there for each other. I just hope things don't get too complicated, but it seems like its so late for that. I think they really need to see where their heads are really at.


"Boy, I've been watching you like a hawk in a sky that flies, and you were my prey. Boy, I promise you if we keep bumpin' heads and you know that one of these days we gone hook it up, probably talk from the phone, but see I don't know if that's good I've been holding back this secret from you probably shouldn't tell you but if I..." I silently stood at the foot of my door listening to Vaeh singing Aaliyah's 'Are you that somebody'. There was something about this girl that just intrigued me, it was just something. They way she acted, they way she talked and dressed, it's just everything about her that I loved. I shook my thoughts and walked into the room letting my presence be known. She turned and looked at me smiling. "Where you headed?" She asked continuing to fix the laces on her Jordans. "To Janelle's were just gunna kick it. You headed anywhere today?" She nodded, "I have to work in an hour and then hanging with Devin afterwards." I nodded and finished slipping on my J's. "Tell him what's up for me." She nodded and I began my way towards the door. "Jay, wait!" I turned back around and faced her. She got off the bed and walked over towards me wrapping her arms around my neck as she stood up on her tippy toes, her lips meeting with mine. My arms wrapped around her waist as my hands crept their way down to her ass. She pulled out of the kiss, "Jay, I may be placing the word hypocrite to my name for what I just did but it wasn't the high that made me do what I did lastnight. I like you, there's something about you that just attracts me to you. I'm just, I don't even know where i'm going with this whole speech." I planted my lips against her to shut up her rambling, I pulled away as she looked at me. "Vaeh, I like you too and I don't mean just like you. It's everything about you, but if you wanna take us somewhere" I said pointing between the two of us "we need to end everything else." She nodded, "i'm not pressuring you into anything Vaeh. It's just don't want to be sneaking around, I don't want to be that guy anymore." "I understand." 

I sat on Janelle's couch waiting on her to bring in the popcorn for our movie. I sat here think about what Nevaeh just told me, then I looked towards Janelle. I really didn't want to abruptly end our relationship so i'm just going to leave that for another conversation for another day. "Are you okay?" She asked taking a seat next to me and cuddling up with me. I nodded, "Just thinking, that's all." She smiled and pecked my lips. "Well don't think too hard."


I grabbed my bag from the back waving to Alex who came to take over my shift and walking out of footlocker and to the front of the mall where Devin pulled up to pick me up. I smiled and hopped in the passenger seat, he leaned over and kissed me slipping in some tongue. I smiled and pulled back. He pulled out of there, his hand on my thigh. "How was work?" "Good." He nodded. "Where you wanna eat?" He asked stopping at a red light and looking over at me lacing our finger. "Anywhere, doesn't really matter." "McDonald's it is." I chuckled and smacked him in the arms. "Not that cheap!" He chuckled and kissed the back of my hand. "I know, I was just kidding." I smiled, maybe I was meant to be with Devin. He made me laugh and was just an all around guy. Maybe, i'm just lusting for Jaysen. I can't really break it off with Devin though, he and I have been through too much to just let it go. I sighed and he noticed. "What's wrong ma?" "I just have some thinking going on." "About?" He questioned. "About something irrelevant." He smiled. "Well than dont worry about it." I smiled and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. I hope i'm making the right choice.

His Wet Dreams Just Became Reality:)

Damn, they got a lil freaky!! I just wonder where they go from here. Do they be honest with their significant others about what happened? Do they keep it a secret? Will they be honest with themselves about how they feel? How do they feel about each other? Can they stay friends with feelings being caught? Ughhhh!!!!! So many questions!! Lol I just know that this will only get worse. Hopefully they just stop playing games. Devin is great, but obviously not what Veah wants, cuz she never even goes to him with her problems. Janelle is just there to me, she is not who Jaysen wants either. smh.



I was in my room finishing up a few things at my desk. There was a light knock on the door, I turned around to see Vaeh walking in. "Did Dez let you in?" I asked fully turning around as she shut the door behind her. She nodded, just then it hit me. This was starting off just like my dreams, she looked over at me and took a seat on my bed setting her bag beside her. I looked at her, you could see pain and anger in her eyes. I walked up to her knealing infront of her looking into her eyes. "Vaeh what's wrong?" "Let's go shoot some hoops." I looked at the time, "it's 8:30 at night..." She sighed "are you down or what because I will be happy to go alone." She said attitude present. I sighed and got up slipping on a white tee and my Jordans. She walked around the room waiting until I get dressed. She came across the little ceramic container that held my weed and opened. She pulled out a little bag with my weed and papers. "We might need this." She said slipping it into the pocket of her hoodie. I slipped on hoodie as well and grabbed the basketball. We trailed down the stairs and came across my pops who was watching tv. He thurned over and glanced at me then at Nevaeh. "And who is this gorgeous young lady?" He questioned, Vaeh smiled and waved. "Nevaeh Mendoza, pleasure to meet you." He smiled, "no, the pleasure is mine. So where are you two headed?" "To play some ball, we'll be back." He nodded and turned his attention to the television. We walked through the door and began our mission to the park.

Nevaeh and I sat in the middle of the basketball court catching our breaths. She sat in her sports bra drinking water as I wiped my face with my shirt. Even though it was more or so sixty degrees tonight, our body teperature kept us warm. I looked over at her and watched her pull out the baggie of weed as she began to roll the blunt. She started learning it after her birthday since then she had perfected that motion, it was actually quite attractive. I watched as she wrapped her perfectly plump pink lips around the blunt, lighting it and inhaling. Just thinking about her lips on all parts of my body and wrapping around certain places had my little man rising. I shook the thoughts as she handed me the blunt. I inhaled and let it sit before letting out little o's. "So why is that we're out here?" I asked giving it back, she took a long drag and let it sit before letting it out. "My mom and I got into it." "Meaning, she kicked me out." I looked over at her, she began telling me the story. "Damn!" Was all I could say. "That's why I came here. I just need somewhere to stay until I can conger up enough money to get a place or something." I nodded. "Yeah. Thats fine, you can stay at my place." She smiled ad leaned over and kissed me on my cheek. "You're the best." We sat there finishing off the blunt and tossing the roach. I stood up slipping on ny hoodie and helped her out. She stumbled standing up, I grabbed her before she fell. My arms were around her bare waist. She smiled up at me with real low red eyes, mine equally the same. "Can you get me my sweater?" I nodded and leaned down handing it to her. She slipped it on as I grabbed the basketball. On our way back home you could tell the cold was getting to her. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and we walked.

I laid in my feeling fresh. Marijuana still present in my system. I pulled grabbed the bag of doritos that sat on my nightstand and began munching on them. I laughed at the episode of the boondocks that was on. The door opened and in walked Vaeh in some pajama shorts and a white tank top with a towel still in her hair. She let it out an towel dried it, I watched her every move. I watched as she grabbed three strands of hair and began to braid it. She was just so gorgeous. Her waist was thick, and her ass was no exception. I could feel myself rising, she turned and walked over to the bed and laid underneath the covers, snatching the bag from me. I watched closely. "I never thanked you Jay." "For?" I asked. "For just being there." She said putting the bag to the side and sucking the cheese off her fingers. "I do it because we're friends. That's what we do." She snuggled up against my chest and looked up at me. "Well thank you." Her face slowly inched towards mine, she brushed her lips against mine licking the my bottom lip and pulling me into a kiss. I kissed her back as she straddled me, I knew this was wrong but it felt good. Her hips slowly grinded on me as she kissed on my neck and nibbled on my ear. At this point I knew it was the high, I swear that shxt made everyone ten times hornier. "Nevaeh, we need to stop." "Why?" She asked sucking on my neck. God, that was going to leave a mark. "Because, you have Devin and I have Janelle. It isn't fair to them." She sighed and sat up on my waist. "You're right. I'm sorry." I smiled, "it's fine, but do you think you can get off you're making this real hard." She chuckled and got off of me. She laid back in her spot as I stood up. "Where you going?" She questioned. "The bathroom." She chuckled. "I'm sorry Jay." I shrugged. "Its cool." "On the brightside, you know that you're officially a changed man." I nodded and walked out of the room and down the hall. She was right, the old Jay would have fxcked her right then and there, but this time no matter how bad I wanted it my conscience wouldn't let me.

Her momma is trifling!!! Really f***ing bs. How dare she blame her?! I wonder what she gonna do now. Prolly go to Jaysen. Lol

WTF Its Not Vaeh Fault!!!!


I was in my room working on my abs. When I heard some noise downstairs. I stopped and turned the volume down on the radio. It was just my mom and I who were home so I wasn't really sure. I opened my door and crept downstairs. I slowly came down the stairs and peaked into the kitchen . I sighed a sigh of relief when I saw my mother. "Hey ma." I said walking in and pecking her on her cheek. She moved away, what was her problem. "Want me to help you?" I asked grabbing two slices of bread for her sandwich, she snatched it from my hand. "I don't need your help!" She said coldly, I moved back. "Ma, did I do something wrong?" She sighed and set down the butter knife she was using to spread the mayo. "Nevaeh, I don't need and want your help. It's best if you just stayed out of the way." "Ma what did I do wrong? I really want to know because the way you're treating me hurts. You don't treat Jas, Ant, or Chi the same way as you do me!" "I treat you the way I do because you're the reason your father is dead! He was on his way to see you play and you're the reason her crashed!" She said anger in her voice and tears streaming down her face. "But ma...." "Don't but me Nevaeh! It's your fault and you know it. If you wouldn't have asked for so much attention he still would've been here with me!" I could feel the hot tears streaming down my face. "I didn't kill him!" "YOU KILLED HIM! I HATE YOU FOR THAT NEVAEH! YOU SHOULD'VE BEEN ANOTHER MISCARRIAGE, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE HERE!" I could feel my anger building up, how could she blame me, her daughter, for his death. By now I haf blocked out all her harshful words, her mouth moved but nothing came out. Behind her shoulder I could see my siblings walking in. "What's going on here?" Anthony asked, she turned to him. "I want her out of my house, now!" She said pointing in my direction. I chuckled, "fine, i'm gone!" I said shoving past them all. "Ma, why are you doing this?" Jasmine questioned. "I've had enough of her, she killed him and she knows it." I could hear them all questioning her motives.

I shuffled around my room throwing all things neccessary into my duffle bag. If she wanted me gone, then I would. I could hear footsteps as Malachi appeared before me. "Vaeh, she doesn't mean it." I stopped and looked up at him and chuckled beginning to stuff more things into my bag. "You didn't hear the hate in her voice Chi, she wasn't saying it to you!" "Vaeh.." "save it!" "So then where are you going to go?" He asked, I shrugged. "Whoever will take me in." I said grabbing my bag and walking past him as he followed suit. I walked down the steps to see Jasmine and Anthony there. They came up to me and tried telling me the same thing. I sighed, "i'll be fine. I'll be back to pick up the rest of my things." "We're gunna help you out. You're our baby sister." I smiled and hugged them all as we did a group hug. "We're gunna stick together no matter what." Anthony said. I grabbed my bag and started out the door and began walking to the bus stop. I decided to call Mali on the way. "Whats good?" She sang through the phone. "I need a favor!" "What is it?" "Can I stay with you for the night?" I heard her sigh. "I would but i'm not even in town." I sighed. "Damn, okay. I'll holla at you later." "Alright." I hung up and sat back. I knew exactly where I was going now.

Omg Now I know for sure he needs to stop playing games!!! He's having wet dreams about her now. smh Stop running from the truth Jay, you like her. If nothing else, you're sexually attracted to her. I wonder how this will affect their relationship. I know he hasn't told anyone. Run it!!

girllllll! It took me the longest to catch up with this story but I think that Veah and Jaysen need to stop playing this bestfriend role and hook up. They always run to each other when something isn't right. & Jaysen havin' wet dreams huh? I wonder how that will effect how he treats Veah.... Devin seems cool but I like Jaysen!

Run It!

He Likes Her...YAY ABOUT TIME:)


"Hey Jay!" She said walking into my room. I smiled "did Raye let you in?" I asked as I spun around in my desk chair, she shut the door behind her nodding. I turned back around and finished up what I was doing at my desk. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my neck and her lips on my skin. They felt so good. "Vaeh, what are you doing?" "Shh, you and I both want this." She said spinning me around and straddling me. She kissed me deeply as I slipped in some tongue, my hands slowly gliding down to her ass. She pulled away and kissed on my neck running her tongue up and down while slowly grinding her pelvis against mine. I tugged at her crewneck as she lifted up her hands and I took it off throwing it somewhere in the room. I smiled looked at her chest that poked out before me, she came prepared wearing no bra. I kissed them both slipping the left one into my mouth. She moaned a little and rubbed the back of my head, I switched to the other showing even amount. She pulled away and smiled at me kissing me again. I stood up and laid her on the bed taking off my wife beater and shorts. You could see the bulge in my briefs perfectly, she smiled and motioned me to come close to her. I hovered above her as she pulled me close whispering in my ear. "No foreplay, I need you now!" She said pulling me into a kiss and biting my bottom lip. I stood up and pulled off her sweats, I smiled at how she had no panties on. I slipped out of my briefs and slipped on a condom. I hovered above her again pulling her into a kiss as I slid into her tight wet kitty. She moaned in my mouth as I thrust in and out of her. "Mmm, faster baby. Faster!" I followed her command. "Say my name Vaeh!" She arched her back in pleasure. I sped it up, "say my name!" She opened her mouth to say it, "Jaysennn" I smiled as I pumped in and out. "Say it again." "Jayyy!!!" "Mmm, ahh...let me ride it baby."

I shot up in my bed and looked around. I checked the time, it was 4:03 in the morning. I looked down to see little man standing erect. This was the third time this week that i've had this dream about Vaeh and I. I slung my feet over the bed and walked down across the hall to the bathroom and handled this situation. I don't know why this kept happening but it needed to stop.

aww, Jaysen & Veah friendship is cuute.
Ruuuun it :)