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New To College '02-3

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

As <a href=",r:27,s:0,i:207">I</a> drove further and away from him my heart began to ache, like it was being ripped apart from his arteries and veins. Tears began to flood my eyes. Now I know how Chris felt when he had to leave on tour for a month. I guess it's different when the tables are turned.

After driving an hour we stopped to get something to eat and stretched. We walked into a nearby Wendy's.

"Yeah ma, we just stopped for a few minutes to get something to eat and stretched, we have another hour and a half to go." Essence spoke through her phone.

"Okay, thanks for checking in. Let us know when you make it. You know Michael will flip if he hasn't heard from you." Latrice voice said through speaker.

We all laughed.

I wasn't long before we got into our cars and drove to the campus of VSU. We GPS the way to our house. The guys made sure it was close to campus, yet far enough that we couldn't be in any drama. Plus, they made sure we were by a near by grocery store. To say that these men are caring is an understatement.

When we drove up to our house, I was in comlete shock! This wasn't a house this was a <a href=",r:31,s:62,i:276&tx=91&ty=68">Condo</a>

We stepped put of pur cars not able to walk up to it.

"Are you sure this the right house?" I asked Demesha.

"Yeah, see." she showed us the address that matched the house, "this is what they gave us isn't?"

"Well that's it." Essence assured.

"I need to call Chris." I said about to pull out my phone.

"No wait until we get settle in."

I nodded "You're right."

Demesha used the key to open the door.

"Oh My God!" we all said in unision

This <a href=",r:17,s:26,i:166">place</a> was huge!

"Are you serious?" i whispered to no one in particular.

"Okay, I'm kinda scared to see what the kitchen looks like.

We walked down the hallway passed the stairway to the <a href=",r:5,s:59,i:212">kitchen</a> .

I laughed, "They are some nutcases!"

"I know right?!" Essence smiled, "hey look, they left us something on the fridge." There was an evelope tape to the door with a sticky note on it reading, 'We didn't want your food to spoil so plese go grocery shopping. We're sorry that we couldn't do it for you.'

Demesha smiled, "These guys!"

We laughed.

"C'mon lets go check out some more of the house."

We walked around the first floor discory that we have a <a href=",r:15,s:162,i:189">Study Room</a> , a <a href=",r:13,s:92,i:33">Game Room</a> , and a <a href=",r:14,s:125,i:111">Pool</a>

When went up stairs all three doors to the bedrooms were closed, but they had our names painted on them. We decided to split up and see what was on the of our assigned doors.

<a href=",r:42,s:82,i:93">::Demesha's P.O.V.::

I opened the door and immediately gasps at what I had seen. I walked <a href=",r:0,s:0,i:72">in</a> slowly taking this huge room with high ceiling. I walked over to the bed and felt across the soft comforter. When I sat down, i noticed something on my night stand; it was a 'Winnie the Pooh Hunnie Pot' I laughed at Druexs silliness then picked up the letter that was on the stand also.

'Hey Muff, I hope you like your room. I decided to keep it latino for my Latina Mami ;-) You pull back the curtains to get more light in your room, but when I get there, them curtains are to be shut and you better be naked, but you can where them red heels, you know that I like babe. We gone start from the <a href="">bathroom</a> have you up on the counter- Let me stop. But all jokes aside babe, i hope you like your gift, stay in the books, and don't party too hard. I love you! And when you get a break, its me you and that honey pot.'
-Love Drubear.

I couldn't stop blushing the whole time i read the letter. How can he make me all mushy inside and he's not even here? I thought to myself. i squealed throwing myself on the bed.

<a href=",r:41,s:145,i:197">Essence' P.O.V.</a>

When walked in my <a href=",r:1,s:24,i:128">room</a>, I don't know why, why i was immediately at peace. It smelled of apple cinnimon my favorite scent, I walked over to the bed and layed down. I turned my head and noticed that my night stand was covered with message oils, inscents and candles. I took the note that was on the stand and read it.

'Hey TygrEss, I know your about to fall asleep aren't. Well, that's what I was getting at when I deisgned this room for you. If you ever have a bad day at school or just need a place to calm down, hopefully this will help you with all the fire that needs to simmer down...but don't get it twisted, it's gonna ger reall heated when I come to visit you. Those messages oil, and candles ain't just for keeping you calm ;-) So get all the rest you can, you ain't sleep when I get there!

-Love TygaMan

P.S. Are we get done making love, we hitting up the <a href="">bathroom</a>, then walking on the make love again.

I bite my lip, he's so corny but I love his corny asx!.

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

I walked in my <a href=",r:25,s:364,i:210">room</a> i instantly knew what Chris was doing. He was not going to let me live this down. I pouted and walked over to my bed. I the nighstand I saw a tablet that read Keyairra: 1 million Chris: 1 miliion and 1

"Goof ball!" i said out loud.

There was a note on the night stand, I picked it up and read it.

'Hey Boo, Bet you can't hide from me now, huh? Yeah, bae, I had to go with a glass design with you. You're going to learn to love that body of your. And when i get there, everybody gone see who I'm in love it. they gone see that gorgeous body. So get ready, Pooh gone lay it down!
Oh! And that <a href=",r:0,s:28,i:134">bathroom</a> is where the game is going to start. I wanna see try and get away from me in there. Imma let you go so you can enjoy your room somemore. Study we can play later! ;-)
-Love Pooh

I blushed so hard!!!!


lol chris wild run it

I love their relationships too they're all do different and they love eAch other so much run it

I love this story its cute run it

Runn It

i love their relationships. they're all so cute! chris is crazy!! he recorded that! run it

* @KeyTayBrown Imma kill @TygrEss and @iDRiphUnnie when I get back!*

* @KeyTayBrown Oan my Pooh @chrisbrown got me a new car! Riding Back to school in it now. He won't let me drive it! *pouts**

I walked into the kitchen while reading my tweets, "Hey Meme did you see Key's tweets?" I asked while going into the fridge.
She giggled, "Yeah, that car is dope! I wonder why he won't let her drive it."
"Hell, I don't know." I shrugged.
"Well, while you and Mike were getting it on, someone posted a video of what happened last night. They are clowning David!" she laughed, "Look!"
She showed me the video, I started cracking up, then I looked at some of the tweets that were just doggin' David. Some people also retweeted the picture Michael posted from last night--our 'after sex' picture.

I shook my head, "Welp, I didn't want to do it--wait, Yeah, I did! LOL!" I smiled, while eating my freshly rinsed strawberries.
Demesha shook her head, "So is Mike still sleep?"
I shook my head, "Nope, he's cleaning my room. I told him to clean it up after we took a shower, since he had my whole body sore this morning." I said with an attitude.
She laughed.
"What about Druex?" I asked.
"He's sleep." she blushed while eating her toast.
I cheesed, "Demesha! That boy is turning you out!"
"Shut up!" she said then covering her face.
"Naw Demesha been a freak! Ain't that right, Muff?" Druex announced walking in the kitchen and kissing a shocked Demesha on the cheek.
"Nooo!" she exclaimed.
He laughed as he sat next to her, "I'm just playing, Hunnie!" he said in a baby voice while planting kisses on her face. "...Naw but for real, I taught her how to do ride it reverse cowgirl-"
"Druex!" she shrieked while smiling.
"And that's been her favorite position ever since."
"Oh my God!" she said then covered her face.
"I'm saying, she done mastered all kinds of ways to do that one position. Last night, she was doing the splits with it..." He trailed and looked up to the ceiling and mouthed 'Thank You!'
I couldn't do anything but crack up!
Demesha was glaring at Druex childishly. She wanted to smile, but she wouldn't.
"You mad at me Hunnie!"
"Yes! And I'm not talking to you." she crossed her arms and looked the other way.
Druex looked at me with a 'watch this' look, "Muff, you can't stay mad at me." he said while burying his head in her neck.
She cheesed, "Yes I can."
I grabbed my phone to record this, because this is just too cute.
"No you can't."
"I can too stay mad at you." she playfully jerked away from him.
He chuckled, "You know I don't like it when you run from." he said while getting off his chair and snaking his hands around her.
"So I'm still not talking to you." she giggled.
"You talking to me right now."
She shrugged, "So." she smiled.
"Why you smiling then."
"Because I want to-"
"Because you're not mad at me." he mocked.
She looked at him pouting.
"Can I get an eskimo kiss then? Since you're mad at me and haven't given me my morning kiss." he asked.
She acted like she was thinking about it, "Mmmmm..."
"Mmmmm..." Druex mocked her.
"Just a little bit." she measured with her finger and thumb.
"Just a little bit? Okay, I'll take it." he leaned down and rubbed their noses together. Demesha then grabbed his head and gave him a tongue kiss. My heart just melted. I stopped recording when they finished kissing. I'm going to send that to both of them later.
"Are they done being mushy and s***?!" Michael asked from the living room.
"Yeah, babe! C'mon." I laughed. He sat next me an kissed my cheek.
"Your room is spotless, you still sore?" he whispered.
"Not that much, my back is, but that's because of the tat." I said.
"Okay good. I'll give you a massage later."
I nodded then fed him a strawberry.
"And we're the mushy ones, right Muff?" Druex asked.
"Shut up!" Michael spat.


I walked through the door with Chris trailing behind me.
"Where y'all heffas at?!" I called out.
"Boo, I'm gonna go put the bags up in the room." Chris said.
I nodded.
"Hey Key!" Demesha chimed.
I smiled, "Hey you guys! I've missed you!" I hugged all of them.
"We got some new and piercing, look!"
They all showed me their new body work, I kinda got jealous, "Man I want one now."
"Get what?" Chris asked coming down the stairs.
"They got new tats and piercings." I explained.
He looked at their body art, "Hmmm, yeah I need another one too."
I smiled and shook my head, "You just want another excuse to get a tattoo." I teased.
He turned to looked at me and just lustfully eyed me up and down. I blushed looking the other way.
"Uhh...So where'd you go to get them?" I asked trying to get out the way of his sexual stare.
"At the mall." Demesha answered.
I walked over to her, "Really? Wouldn't have known since we never go th-" I was getting cut off by Essence giving me the signaling to be quiet. Reason being that the boys didn't know that we don't go to the mall. We slowly turned around to see them looking at us crazy.
"SOOOOOOOOO!" Essence broke the awkward silence, "We got some food, Key! C'mon." they both pulled me to the kitchen.

::CHRIS' P.O.V.::

We watched them as they walk away, which was good for Key. She better than to be alone with me. Its been two months and I'm tweakin' like hell! He's been denying me all weekend, teasing me and s***! What she doesn't know is that I'm not leaving here until I get some and since she wanna play I'm going to make this time real interesting. Oh yeah, I got something for her ass!

"So I'm guessing we're not leaving tonight?" Druex asked as we walked to the living room and sat down on the couch. I knew they saw the look in my eyes.
"Yeah, we staying." Michael answered for me, "And that's fine with me."
I smirked and shook my head, "Key on some other s***, since she came home Friday. I guess she thinks, since tomorrow is Monday, that I'm going to leave simply because she has school tomorrow." I chucked, "She'll be absent for her morning class. All her classes for that matter. May as well e-mail her teachers."
Both my brother laughed and gave me dap.
"Aye gotta let her know! I had to do the same with Deme she was gettig beside herself." He joked, "That's still my princess though.
"I feel you man, we gave these girls two months off the pipe and they done gone bananas."
We cracked up.
"Yeah...I'm not gonna be mean to her or anything. Just have her shook, I like it when she freezes up, then begs not to go through with even though she's gonna do it anyway." I smirked evily.
"That's my bro!" Michael exclaimed.
Just then the girls came out the kitchen, "Hey guys, do want dinner before you leave today?" Essence.
All three of us looked at each other.
"What?" Essence asked.
"Who told y'all we were only here for the weekend?" Michael asked.
"Well we just thought that since we have school tomorrow..." Key trailed.
"That we would just leave?" I asked.
She blushed and stepped back.
"We can't hangout with y'all on campus, see what this college life is about?" Druex asked.
"I mean...yeah. I guess." Demesha softly spoke.
We smiled, "Okay, we'll still take that dinner though." I said and winked.
All three of them sighed and walked back into the kitchen. My brothers and I snickered when they were out of sighed, "Aye man, I feel bad." I admitted.
"Me too." they both said.
"I mean its not fair they have to cook dinner and then cook breakfast so early tomorrow and be in class on time." I joked.
They played along by nodding.
"Plus Key is going to be worn out because I'mma were her out tonight?" I said logically.
"So what we gone do?" Druex asked acting like he was puzzled.
I playfully shruggged. After a few more moments of silence we finally busted out laughing.
"C'mon y'all, let's take these girls out to eat."

::Later That Night::

After coming back from a chinese buffet, we chilled, until we the girls decided to go over there notes for class tomorrow. Keyairra went to the study room while Demesha and Essence were in the kitchen studying together for a class they have together.

I was coming downstairs after dong something in Keyairra's room. Druex and Michael were in the living room playing the game they brought from home.
"Yo, can y'all do me a favor?"
"Wassup?" Michael asked.
"Can y'all take Essence and Demesha to a movie or something?"
They paused the game and looked at me and smirked, "Nigga, a movie ain't enough time." Michael said looking at his watch, "But we'll take them out until about midnight. It's almost eight now."
I dabbed them both, they then got up to work their magic on them so I could be alone with Keyairra.


I woke on top of Chris' bare chest; furthermore, we were both completely naked on top of the sheets.
"Oh my God." I whispered to myself, "I can't belive we did that." I raked my fingers through my hair to looked at Chris who was snoring. I giggled and gently slid off of him on to the bed. I happen to catch a glimpse of the clock it was three fourty-five a.m. I sighed I had to be up in almost 4 hours, I sat up and looked infront of me, There it was. I walked over to it and pressed 'REWIND' and stopped it half way thru then pressed, 'PLAY'

<"C'mon, Boo, say hi to the camera!" Chris said zooming in on me."
I blushed and hid my face and body under the sheets.
"Boo, stop that!" He took the camera off the tripod and walked over to me. He snatch sheets off me and I whined.
"Chris, c'mon now!"
"Oh hush, this is for me." He took my hand and pulled me off the bed making me stand up so he could sit down on the bed. He pointed the camera toward me and I had my arms crossed and pouting.
He laughed, "Boo you look sexy when you mad."
I smirked and rolled my eyes.
He turned the camera to him, "Okay as you can see she's shy and kind of mad. I really don't know why, because she did her thing just a few minutes ago, she's been working on her flexibility." he whispered that last part.
"Pooh!" I exclaimed pushing his face.
"What baby?! You're the one whose shy, I'm not ashamed of nothing." he laughed. "Do me a favor, and dance for me." He said while turning up Beyonce's Dance For You on my iHome.
I cheesed and seductively walked over to him rubbing over my naked body.
"Mmm worked the s*** baby."
I walked closer to him and pushed him on the bed. He kept the camera focused on me. I put one foot on the bed while winding my hips. He lowered the camera down to my jewel and d***.
"Baby I think they're ready for round two.
I giggled and nodded, he quickly got up off the bed and put the camera back on the tri pod. He walked back over to me and began kissing me passionately feeling all over my body. I see him make his way between legs, and I started moaning afterwards.
"Get on the bed baby."
I laid on the bed and spread my leads. He grabs my legs and brought my pussy to his face. My lower half was no longer on the bed. While he rubbed my clit he darted his tongue inside me causing me to yell and moan like crazy. I legs were dangling off his shoulders and I strained my face trying to keep my upper half still.
"s*** Chris!" I screamed as both my legs began to shake, "Aaaahhhh!" I yelled at the top of my lungs when I released myself in his mouth. He stayed until he slurpped up the last drop. He unlatched his mouth from me and sat me back down on the bed.
"Turn over, poke it for me and hold your ankles." he said as he licked his lips.
I got into the doggy position, then slide my hand under me hold my ankles.
He licked his fingers then rubbed on my pussy making me moan. He then slid himself inside me pumpimg at a steady pace.
"Ssss baby you still so tight. I though I loosened you up the first time." He groaned picking up the pace.
I began screaming and wimpering in the pillow.
He then snatched the pillow from under me, "f*** that! I wanna hear you scream," He panted, "its been two months, your voice better be gone tomorrow, you hear me?!" he growled while smaking my ass.
"Yeeessss!" I wimpered.
He worked me like that for awhile then he pulled out and crawled to the headboard and sat up, "C'mere." he demanded opening his arms.
I was a bit hesitant, because he wanted me to ride him, but I wasn't that good at it.
"Its okay baby, I gotchu." he assured.
I crawled on top of him straddling him, I was nervous.
He kissed me, then lifted me up by my thighs and positioned his d*** between me. I held on to him when he lowered me onto him.
"Ahh, Chris." I hissed.
"Its okay baby, relax. Just move your hips like this." he moved my hips with his. I gripped arms around his neck while moaning in his ear. He moaned too, as he made me start to bounce on him.
"Oh s***, Keyairra!" He yelled.
I loosened my grip and looked down where we were getting our pleasure. Both our faces strained and we both wimpered as we picked up the pace.
"I swear I love you Keyairra, I swear!" he whined.
"I love you too Chris! I'll never stop!" I cried out.
We were both nearing our climax, we gripped each other grinding on each other as hard as we can while kissing sloppily. I could see both our bodies tense up as we came at the same time and we both cried out in exstacy. We both fell limp on the bed instantly falling asleep.>

I stopped the camera and smiling to myself when I felt him standing behind me.
"We look good don't we?"
"Mhm." I agreed and turned around.
"You can't talk?" He asked sarcastically.
I glared at him.
He laughed at picked me up, "C'mon and get some sleep, I'll take care of you when you wake up." he kissed me on the forhead, "but next you'll think about saying no to me.

Adding tonight, I promise. I just finished writing some more of this story, so stayed tuned for a post!

How many readers do I have left? Tell me what you think about each couples journey from New To Da Block to New to College.

Run this for me please?!!

I wanna see more from Chris and Key, they still didn't break in her room yet. lol. They are so cute. Anyway, RUN ITTTTT!

Hey ppl!
I promise I'm going to add.
But I'd like to know what you guys thinks is going to happen. The drama you think is coming up. What would you like to see happen between the couples. Anything.

And Runit!

They dont play when it comes to there girls, they really tripped about them not eating properly and not going to the grocery in over a month they were about to flip out lol. Aww that was hella nice of them to cook and go grocery shopping with them. Lol Essence crazy ass dont play she made a big fool outta Davids ass lol, bet he wont be saying he's baggn s*** else lol. Damn she and Mike went hard in the sheets after that damn, bet Dru and Dame doing the same thing lol. Where Chris and Key's ass at???

Runnnn It :)

Run it.!!!

Run it.!!!

run it

Lol dang tyga and dreux was really mad abt them not goin grocery shopping! Well its good to kno they love them so much

And essence is beyond crazy! I bet nobody at that school will Eva try to get wit her again lol she had to let em kno!

Dreux and demesha are too cute I love how he treats her lik a princess..good add!!_


I woke without opening my eyes and sat up, I stretched then fluttered my eyes open. I looked over at my night stand and noticed something that a was unfamiliar setting on it, a phone. I picked up and pressed a button that light up the screen. I smiled when I saw the screensaver of me and him. "Mikey!" I called out.

"Yeah bae?" I heard him say as he walked out my bathroom while wiping his face with a towel.

I squealed in excitement as I ran and jump the bed over to him. I leaped into his arms and planted kissed all over his face. He was loving it.

"TygaMan!...I''re here!" I said in between kisses.

He just kept laughing and enjoying the love I was giving him. I finally stopped after awhile and looked at him, he looked in the eyes and took the opportunity to give me a nice passionate kiss. He picked me up my legs pinning me against the wall. He took my hands and threw them over my head.
"I missed you lil'bit." he mumbled while kissing down my neck.
"I've missed you too." I moaned out.
He kissed me back up to my lips ending with a tongue wrestling match. He finally let me down still staring into my eyes.
"I though you weren't coming until later." I said while putting my arms around his neck.
He placed his forehead against mine,"Yeah, but we decided to come earlier, we've missed you two so much." He confessed.
"Awww!" I pulled his ears into a kiss.
"Plus the good thing is I got to cath you wearing this!" he cheesed looking down at my white tank top that stopped a few centimeters past my breast and some red and white booty shorts that barely covered my ass. "I took a picture of you too."
I laughed shaking my head, "Freak" i said walking.
"What? I need some souvenirs for when I leave to go on tours." he defended.
I still didn't say anything, I just grabbed my robe out of my closet.
"Wait, wait! Babe, before you put that on..." he grabbed his phone, "Pose for me." he grinned.
I laughed and did I few sexy poses for him.
"Turn around I need an ass shot."
I turned around and stuck my chest and booty out while slightly pulling on the hem of my booty shorts showing off my split. I looked at the camera while biting my lip.
"Oh hell yeah! This one is gone me my wallpaper for everything!"
"You silly!" I walked over to him so I could see it. I did look like one of those high-paying strippers though! That's what I was aiming for.
"I'm serious! I like the one I have, but its getting old, and you ain't been sending me any pics!" he glared at me.
I'm sorry, babe!" I said hugging his bare torso, "C'mon lets take one in the mirror." I lead him over to the bathroom mirror. I took off my half tank and bra. I hugged him while looking back in the mirror. He cuffed my ass with his free hand while taking the picture with the other. I looked at it.
"This would be dope in black and white" I said.
"Yeah it would...Damn babe, we sexy." he said while rubbing his chin.
"Hell yeah!" I said shouted while putting on my bra and walking out the bathroom.
"This is going as my profile pic tho!"
"b****es gone me mad!" I laughed.
"Give a f*** less!" he spat.
I giggled, then there was a knock on door. "Come in!"
Both Druex and Demesha walked still in their pajamas.
"Good morning!" Demesha chimed, "Hi Ty!" she hugged him tight as did he.
"How sis!" he rocked her from side to side.
I tied my robe around me and hugged Druex, "Hey big bro!"
"Hey lil' bit!"
I released then went into the bathroom so I could brush my teeth.
"So what's up for today?" Michael asked.
"Well first we gotta take them, not only shopping, but grocery shopping too." I heard Druex say with a certain sterness in his voice. 'Uh Oh' I thought to myself.
"Oh really?" Michael said, "Scooter c'mere!"
I walked out the room still brushing my teeth acting like I didn't hear anything, "Huh?" i mumbled.
"When's the last time y'all went grocery shopping?" he asked raising his eyebrow.
I looked up like I didn't know what he was talking about and I pivoted my feet back into the restroom.
"Uh huh, I'll check her later." he said referring to me, "Meme whens the last time ya'll went grocery shopping?"
"Ummmm..." her soft voice mumbled.
"Ummmm..." Druex mocked her, "Don't lie Muff." he warned her like a five year old.
I had finished brushing my teeth and I was now standing in the door of the bathroom. Demesha looked at me and I stared back at her. We both smirked because we knew that they were going to flip. Michael and Druex patiently waited for us to answer. I knew Michael was looking at me, but I purposely wouldn't make eye contact. I wasn't about to say anything and Demesha knew that. That's why she mumbled,
"A month."
I looked at both of their facial expressions.
"Did she just say...? Come again, Muff?" Druex said walking up on her making her back up against the wall.
She smirked while looking at me, I shook my head letting her know I wasn't about to say nothing, "A month." she said a little louder.
"A month!" Druex exclaimed.
"And a week." she finished.
"What the fuhh!!" he said wiping his face.
I looked up at Michael who was now leaning backward on my bed texting while looking at me and shakng his head. I continued smirking and looked to the side.
"Wait bro, maybe that have a good explaination." Michael sarcastically reasoned.
Druex looked at his brother, "You think so?"
"Maybe they do. We can't just flip with out letting them explain first." he said still staring me down.
"Well let me sit down, 'cause I know this is about to me a good ass excuse as to why they haven't been grocery shopping on five weeks. It gotta be a good as reason." Druex said sarcastically.
"I mean yeah, it better be." Michael agreed.
"Yeah get to talkin'" Druex said.
After moments of silence, Demesha finally spoke up, "Well we've-"
"Hold that thought Meme." Michael cut her off, "You talk." he pointed to me.
I glared at him.
"Yeah you nigga, start talkin'."
I sucked my minty fresh teeth and looked the other way, I never knew why I did things like that when I'm in 'trouble' I guess it's just second nature.
"5, 4, 3,"
"Okay!" I finally spoke. I knew when Michael started counting that he was about to do something, "We haven't been grocery shopping because we've been really busy with school that we barely eat, so we just grab things on the go. We were supposed to go grocery shopping before you guys got here because we knew you were going to flip, obviously, but we got caught."
"Oh well, at least there eating." Druex said looking at me Michael.
"I mean yeah.
Demesha and I looked at each other suprised. Then they both laughed.
"Bro you see they faces." Druex said.
"Yeah they really think there being let off the hook." they both laughed.
I instantly got an attitude.
"C'mere Deme."
"You too Essence."
Demesha started walking, I stood there.
"5, 4,"
I started walked over to him. I stopped when I got between his legs. His body was still leaned back on his side.
"Relax ya'll! Act like gon kill you." Druex chuckled sitting Demesha on his lap.
"We are going to grill y'all though, because this does upset us." Michael confessed.
I sighed and let my attitude go and paid attention.
"Look, we get that school comes first and you can get busy, but don't ever get too busy that you neglect yourself." Druex started, "That fast food or cafe food is not good for y'all and y'all know it."
"Yeah, its a reason why we got y'all this place. I mean sure y'all would have been fine in a dorm and ate at the cafe or what not." Michael said, "But we didn't want y'all to have that, becaues for 1) Y'all deserve better than that and anybody else who thinks other wise can suck a d***, " we laughed, "2) we wanted y'all to be able to have a place where you didn't have to feel stressful, and able to study and get meals and rest." he finished.
I nodded, "Honestly, it was midterms and projects that we were stressed about so that whole we were focused on that, and these past week we were too exhausted to do anything." I explained.
"We understand, but please don't ever neglect yourselves. Y'all know we worry. s***! We come by to visit we find all three of y'all passed out on the floor." Druex joked.
We laughed.
"Speaking of three if us. What about Keyairra? She live here too, she need to get grilled." whined.
"Yeah, I text Chris. They're headed to church now, he said he'll deal with her tonight.
"Aw, okay." I said content.
Druex laughed, "Alright you two. Go get dressed so we can get y'all some food and then go shopping. Demesha says y'all were invited to a house party?" he asked.
"Yeah, we wanted to go. Its our first party."
"Okay we can go, now get dressed."

::TYGA'S P.O.V.::
After the girls got dressed we took them grocery shopping so we could fix a late breakfast. When I say these girls chowed down! Druex and I just shook our heads. They don't understand how much we worry about them when they do stuff like that to themselves. We feel like we have to do everything for them. Not that we're complaining, we love doing it, its second nature to us now. Its just that we want them to have the best and for some reason, I guess, they think the best is too much for them. After breakfast, we took them shopping. Essence said she wanted some more jeans. I ended buying her several outfits that I picked out for her. Then we went to Footlocker, I wanted to get a few pair of matching shoes. I noticed her sneaker game is kind of weak so I'm going to go ahead and help her out. She protested, but I didn't care. I told her ass to hush and let me do me LOL! As we were walking the mall I spotted a Kay Jeweler's. I looked over at Essence and smiled.
"No Michael! Don't go in there. If you do I'm not going in."
I sucked my teetch, "C'mon please! Let's just look around."
She laughed at me, "No you ain't slick, Mikey!" she said walking off.
I pouted. I wanted to get her something from there, like a chain or charm bracelet. That's okay. I'll get her something for her birthday that in a few weeks.
Moments later we all stopped at one place that caught our eye, a tattoo parlor. Yes! Now this is what I'm talking about. Its about time I get Essence name tatted on me somewhere. I'm thinking my neck.
"Y'all wanna go in!" Druex cheesed.
We all nodded and walked in.
"Druex, I acutally want a few things done is that okay?"
"Whatever, as long as you can take it."
She nodded.
I looked at Essence, she already knew what I was about to say.
"Where?" she asked.
"On my neck."
"I'm thinking of a tramp stamp with shooting stars going up my sides."
I was shocked, "And what will the tattoo on the back say." I questioned.
She looked at me with a 'Duh' expression, "Aw hell yeah! That way when I'm hitting it- aw s*** I can just imagine. Baby can it be right above the crack?"
She laughed and looked at Demesha, "Imma get my nosed pierced and belly button pierced too. Want that body belt ring like Jazmine got when she got her's pierced. Its a alot put I like pain."
"Yeah well, I wanna tramp stamp too, and I want my picese sign on my belly tatted acrossed my belly button, and then last I tongue peirced."
Druexs eyes widened, "Excuse me somebody to service my baby right away!"


We made it back to the house a few hours later. All of us were in some kind of pain. The girls got what they wanted. Essence tat says Mrs. Stevenson and Demesha says Mrs. Fredricks, Druex and I were happy as hell. I got Essence' name tatted right on my neck, and Druex got Demesha's name covering his whole forearm. The artist made it look like it had drop of honey dripping from it. s*** is hard!

We just chilled the rest of the day to get used to the soreness of our tats, so we could go to this party.

"I'm hungry!" Demesha called out.
"You always hungry!" Essence spat.
"Hey, hey, hey! Love my Chunky Monkey alone." Druex laughed as he got up to get her something to eat. He came back with a bowl of ice cream. Demesha perked up, he took a spoon and pot it to her lips then pulled away, "Give DruBear some Hunnie first." He puckers his lips and she pecked them the he fed her.

I rolled my eyes dramatically, "That girl is not five years old. Stop treating her like that." I grinned.
"Nigga shut up!" he chuckled.
"See lil' bit, this is why they belong together, " I said talking to Essence, "because he's thirsty and she's hungry."
Demesha gasps and smiled at the same time, while covering her face with her hands and her head in Druex's chest. Demesha embarrases very easily, and I honest to God think it's adorable. My sister is by far the sweetest person I've ever met, the girl couldn't hurt a fly. That's why my brother is attracted to her, and that's why he can't help but treat her like a princess. He likes sweet and tender on the outside but crazy on the inside. See me, I'm like Omari, I have to have me a crazy girl. Jazmine is more of fiesty, and ready to snap at any given moment. Essence is just plain attitude and I love it! I'm the only nigga that can get through to her as far as our relationship. She'll give me attitude before and after sex never during, she knows I always at that. s***, shr have everything else. She's tried but it always fails.

She was across my lap while I rubbed on her ass,'I can't wait to chow down on this rump roast!' I thought to myself.

"Oh my God!" Essence yelled in frustation.
"What's wrong lil' bit?" I asked tapping her butt.
"Demesha you that dude David?"
"Yeah J.D's team mate."
"The one I punch and was about to whoop his ass?"
Demesha, "Yes, baby. So what about David, Essence?"
She sat to straddle me then showed her twitter on her phone, "The nigga wants to talk to me now."
I looked at it, it read:

*@DatDudeDavid @TygrEss I been checkin' you around school and everything. Wondering when can hook up?*

I frowned and shook my head, that nigga can't stand a chance against me, I mean no nigga could, but this nigga? If he had any chance at all it would be slim to none, "Just check him babe." I responded now cuffing her ass with both hands.
"Oh you already know!," she said while tapping her screen, "I don't even follow this dude. He followed the first week of school and I never followed back, that should tell you something, especially when you tweet me 'Follow back' and I don't." She rolled her eyes, then showed her phone again.

*@TygrEss @DatDudeDavid I'm sorry, sir, but I'm his -----> @Tyga wife #offlimits*

I smiled, "hope that nigga see the profile pic and background!"
We laughed, and then her phone got another notification, she looked at it, then looked at me.
"This mf dm'd me!"
"What kind of niggas are those called, Muff?" Druex asked.
"Pussy niggas!" she amswered.
"That's my baby, high five!"
I shook my head at those two goof balls.
I took Essence' phone and read the message

*'I knw who dat dude is! He's a rapper, I'm sure he's not around all dat time. So we can still talk.'*

"If I could jump through this phone I would." I said calmly, but mad as hell.
"Message him back" Essence said.
I thought about it, "I got something for his ass!"

*'You going to the party tonight? :)*

*'Yeah, I'm going. Am I goingg to see you there?'*

*'You sure will, and I got something for you since my man isn't around all the time. ;)'*

I handed the phone back to Essencee and she read the messages. She smiled at me, "You are so evil, I love it!"
I shrugged, "He wanna be a pussy? That's his fault."
"Omg, Aaron just retweeted Davids tweet look!"
Essence scrolled down her timeline and found it, then showed it to me.

*'@f***inDope RT@DatDudeDavid 'Bout to bag a rapper's gf! I'm telling you I'm smooth! #MJs***

My blood was on hell.
"I say we get ready for this party." Druex announced.

Demesha drove to the party in Druex's car, him and sat in the back. We trying to be as discrete was possible, mainly because our fan base was getting bigger and we can never be to careful.

We arrived at the party at 11:30. I'm not gonna lie it was packed and live. I could tell the girls were hesitant but we pushed them forwaed as we walked behind them. Druex and I wore our snapbacks low and sunglasses. We also wore a hooded jacket just in case we wanted to hide our faces more.
The girls said hi to some people they knew, then finally got comfortable with the atmosphere. Druex and I stayed on the wall watching them dance with some friends and turning down dances from guys.
"Damn nigga that's Tyga'a girls, she bad as hell!" I heard someone say.
"Yeah, I'm about to bag her, she was playing good girl on twitter, but behinds the scenes, I know that nigga ain't giving it to her. She'll prolly take it from anybody!" him and his crew laughed.
I wanted to beat the living spirit out of him, but my bro was holding on to my arm but I was ready to unleash in five seconds, but my wife cut infront of me.
"Hey you!!" she chimed talking to David. He faced him while caressing my handed--her way of telling to me calm down *Its okay TygaMan I got it!* She lead him to one of the rooms in the back. I wasn't worried, just along as he don't jump stupid I'm cool. After ten minutes I heard people laughing. Demesha brabbed both of our hands and lead to the living room.
"Move! Get out my f***in' way!" I heard Essence yell. When I finally saw her she was leading a blind folded, hand tied, naked David into the room. He was scared s***less! Everybody was crackin up.
"Aye D! You supposed to hit that!"
"Yeah, man what happened! random people shouted.
"She's crazy man!" He yelled.
"YOU DAMN RIGHT I'M CRAZY! BUT YOU WHAT DAVID THIS IS HAPPENS TO PUSSY NIGGAS WHEN THEYY MESS WITH ME? THEY GET BUSTED!" she kneed him right in his bare groin. He fell to the floor coughing.
"OHHHHHHHH, DAAAAAAMMMMNNN!!!!!" everyone else said exept Druex, Demesha and I, we laughed our asses off!
"AND LET THIS BE A LESSON TO ALL OF YOU PUSSIES OUT THERE! DON'T MESS WITH ANOTHER MAN'S WOMEN!" she put a smile on her face, "Anybody else wanna try me?" she asked.
I looked around and noone dared but there hands up, so I did.
"Is this nigga tripping" someone said.
She turned and smiled, "C'mere."
I bit my lip and walk over to her,stepping on David's stomach on the way, she took off my hat and sunglasses then deeped kissed me.Everyone gasped and realized who I was. She pulled my ear to her lips, "This ass is yours tonight."
I cheesed, finally! She turned around and all I could do was zone in on her ass, whenever it went I followed.
"Ayo DJ, get the party back live!"
The Dj turned the music back on and I followed my ass where ever it went. We finally made it home and I threw on on the bed.
She laughed, "Smooth."
I smiled,"Sorry, I'm not exactly thinking clearly. Now takes those clothes off and give TygaMan a lapdance!"


"AW s*** TY! BABY I CAN'T TAKE NO MORE!" she whined!
"f*** that, you can't get this nut until I'm done with you ass!" I smacked her butt, "now it in my face. I demanded while lowering face where her cheeks were. She vibrated her ass my face and I swaer I was in heaven. I spread her cheeks and flicked my tongue from the top of her pussy to the beginning of her ass crack. Had my baby moaning like crazy, giving her the ultimate pleasure.
"Aw baby, f*** me good." she cooed.
"I'll do better than that, baby," I turned her over on her back, "I'll make love to do you." I slide into her and started pumping at a very steady rhythm.
"Aaaawwwww yeeeeeaaaaah baaaaaaaabyyyy! Give it to me!" she whined while spreading her legs all the way out for me. Her face strained and did mine as I increased my speed. We're swaeting so much right now that the sheets are soaked and I do not want to stop! Its almost like I can't stop; however while my mind is telling me one thing my body is telling me another.
"s***!" I don't want to come, but its really not up to me anymore. I tried to slow down to try to decreased the swellling, but my body wanted this nut to come out of me so I began ramming myself deep inside her causing my eyes to rolled back and moans to increase in volume. I felt her grabbed the sides of my head, "C'mon baby, let me have the nut!"
Once she said that, my body completely tensed up, as soon as I pulled out my nut splashed all over her stomach. I felt like my whole body went into paralysis as squirts of it kept coming out, I couldn't say anything. I fell limp on the side of her trying to catch my breath. After ten minutes of silence I finlly looked of at Essence, she was knock out facing the opposite direction. I smiled faintly and grabbed my phone off the night stand, scooted behind her and took a picture of me kissinng my sleeping beauty on the forehead. I sent it to picture with this post.

*@Tyga Just bagged a crazy women, who happens to be my wife. I love you @TygrEss*

Run soon :)

loving ur story!

Dru bears a lil freak nasty. LOL Dame tried to talk smack, Dru wasnt gone let that go down. Again Dru's a FREAK-BEAR.

this story is good lol they all so it!!

They some freaks Mann;)

oooo lol they nasty run it

::Demesha's P.O.V.::

I tried moving away from this eating machine Druex calls his mouth. He had been at it for almost 20 minutes.
"Stop running me!" He growled as pulled me by my legs and spread them as wide as they could go. He sucked and nibbed on my nub before darting his tongue in and out of me. My moans and screams carried through my room echoing off the walls. As they grew louder my body started to tremble. My leg all of sudden had a mind of its own. This feeling that came over was more than me just cumming, this more than that.
"Oh D Dru, I-I-I think-" I couldn't finish my sentence and I didn't try to. Druex was working magic and I knew something was about explode from inside me.
Druex lifted his head up, "You think what Muff?" He asked while still rubbing on my clit really fast, "Huh?" He asked again then opened up my lips and begin tongue kissing her. He moaned like he was eating his favorite dish. It sent me over the edge. I gripped the sheets and arched as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. My whole body was like an earthquake and Druex knew I was about erupt.
"That's it baby, lemme have it." He panted.
Next thing I know I'm screaming at the top of my lungs as I felt somthing like a waterfall gush out of me.
"f*** yeah!" I heard him shout before diving in. I felt his face rubbing in it as he liked my juices. I tried catching my breath but it kept flowing like river and Druex just kept swimming until it stopped. I finally was able to relax my body while laid his head between my thighs still kissing her from time to time. After about five minutes my eyes were shut and I felt him get up. I heard the bathroom sink running, it shut off a few minutes later. I felt my bed sink in.
"Muff?" He gently shook me.
I pouted and turned the other way.
He chuckled, "C'mon baby don't be like that. I just really missed you." He said scooting close to me and holding me. Lplus its been two months Muff and you that's the longest I've without you. You s*** is like crack to me. I've been missing out my dosages."
I chuckled trying to hide my face in the pillow.
He kissed the said side of my cheek, "Muff turn around." He whined.
I turned around to face him, as soon as I faced him his lips where on mine. We tongue for awhile, I found myself on top of him when we stopped.
"You woke me up out my sleep." I pouted.
He laughed, "I'm sorry Deme."
"I don't like you right now." I continued to whine.
"Really?" He asked dissapointed while grabbing my bare ass. "But you love me though?"
I nodded sheepishly.
"Alright that's what matters"
I sighed defeated. I rolled off of him and off the bed. I grabbed my robe and headed toward the door.
"Where are you going?" He sat up.
"I may love you but I still don't like you right now. I'm going downstairs."
He sucked his teeth, "Well you're not exactly my favorite person right about now either" he spat back.
I giggled, "Guess who's not getting anymore honey for awhile."
"Who? Because I'mma be getting mine on the regular."
"We'll see."
"Can't nothing stop me from getting what's mine."
"Something stopped you for two months." I said
Before I could blink he was already in my face, "Nigga you getting bold now?"
I giggled trying to walk away but he caught me, "Don't run now, you bold nigga. You wanna say that to my face?"
I blushed holding my head down still trying to get away.
"Trynna talk slick. I'll take yo ass back over to this bed and you'll never leave this room for the rest of the weekend.
I didn't say anything back I just grinned and got out of his grip and started walking away. I got to the bottom of the steps I knew he was watching, "I still don't like you." I knew that would trigger him and before he got me I turned isible.
"Really, Honey? This is the game you wanna play now.
I walked behind him wrapping my arms around his torso, "I thought just remind you whose faster.
"Aw yeah?" He turned around. I was fully visible.
"Yeah, see you can move in a flash, which is light. I move like lightening which is faster."
"That my be true baby, but I know your weekness."
"And what might that be?" I asked while playing with his hair.
"In order for electricity." He pointed to me, "to keep moving, its needs a running current of steel," he looked down at his 'man', "to keep it flowing."
I laughed uncontrollably as he picked me up and dashed back to my room. He laid me back on my bed and took off my robe, he lick his index and middle fingers on both hands then licked his lips, "let's get you flowing again."
I laughed as we were right back where we started.

Just a fun little add. I realize I haven't done any sex scenes in awhile. I wanted to start with them. DruBear nasty ain't he? And Demesha talking slick now? But she ain't serious like Essence and Jaz.

How sweet are they. Key and Chris are sweet and they better smash before she ges back to school lol. Aww Omari and Jazz, lol at him gone let Jazz whip ol girls ass. Aww Mari's sick hope he feels better. RUN IT!!!

awww run it


::Omari's P.O.V.::

After Jazmine ate it was almost time for her to go. I noticed she seemed to be very close to Shyla and LaQuan, but that Shantelle girl was a straight up hoe and I can't stand hoes, it's physically impossible for me to be attracted to them, well actually its impossible for me to be attracted to any women besides Jazmine. That's why she doesn't worry about other hoes because she knows she has me wrapped around her finger.

And My baby has been good lately, probably because I've been putting it on her keeping in a good mood lately, don't get me wrong. She's not getting soft on me, she knows I need her fiestiness, turns me just thinking about it. But anyway, she has been a good girl for me and I think we can fun with this sneaky hoe that she works with. See, I would have had a little inch more of respect for this one hoe if she wasn't so sneaky about her s***. When she walked up to me I read her mind she was planning on going behind Jazmine back to get to me, but she has another thing coming.

"Baby, I'm ready to go? She's pissing me off and she doesn't even know it. I'm ready to set her s*** on fire." Jazmine said interrupting my thoughts. Her eyes started to change from burgundy to fire red.
I rubbed her sides, "Babe calm, we can go, c'mon."
She took a deep breath and exhaled then gathered her things. She turned around and said bye to everybody then walk out the building with me following her. I opened the car door for her and she got in. I close her door and got in on the driver's side and started the car. On our way home the car ride was silent, I purposely didn't turn on the radio because I know my babe was thinking by the look on her face. I read could everyone else's mind exept hers' but I know it has something to do with plotting on how to 'damn kill a hoe' as she likes to say, of course I wouldn't let it get that far, but like I said I know baby. I smiled at how cute she was in deep thought, I decided to take her mind off of it for a few minutes.
"Did you figure out where you wanna go for our honeymoon babe." I asked.
She looked at me knowing what I was doing. I smiled then looked back to the road.
"Actually I do." She said.
"Where?" I asked.
"Since we have two weeks to ourselves, I wanna spend a week in Egypt then a week in Italy."
I looked her. I knew she was comtemplating my response when she already knew the answer, "Okay." I simply said.
She smiled then kissed my cheek then went back into her thinking zone. 'I'm so whipped.' I thought to myself, 'but whatever the Queen wants the Queen gets.'

"I was thinking babe." she started as we got of the car.
I raised my brow, "Really?" I said sarcastcally.
"Shut up, not that?! We'll that plan for later." she smirk, "But anyway do you think we should start looking for houses?"
We walked in my house, "I don't see why not, " I said as I took off my shoes and she did the same. I walked over to the couch and plopped down. I was kind of tired, even though it was only 3 in the afternoon, and I honestly think I was coming down with a cold, plus I needed a nap.
Jazmnine straddle, "You tired?" she asked rubbing my head, "Babe your burning up."
"Yeah I think I'm coming down with something, I haven't been feeling good these past few days."
"Aww babe, why didn't you say anything?" she asked.
I shrugged my should then held her waist.
"Well you know its flu season, it could be that?" she suggested, "And judging by the way your eyes look and your manual temperature, that you didn't eat when you brought my food because I'm guessing you threw up earlier today...?" She asked raising her eyebrow.
I nodded.
"Then I'd say its definately the Flu."
I groaned.
She laughed, "Welp, time me for me play doctor for a few days, huh?" she said getting of me.
"Babe you don't have to-" she cut me of by putting hre finger to my lips.
"I want to, now get some rest, I'll going to the store to-"
I started to get up with her, I didn't want her to leave me this is my first time seeing her today, but she pushed me back down laughing, "Babe, babe babe, I'll be right back, promise I'm leaving you, okay?"
I nodded I was about to doze off anyway.
"Go to sleep. I'll right back I promise."
I held on to her hand until she let go of mine. She grabbed my keys and her purse and walked out the door.
"Yep that's the mother of my kids."
Soon after saying that I dozed off.


::Jazmine's P.O.V.::

Fixed the Typos!!

"There you go chica!," I said putting the finishing touches on this girls nails, "How do you like me now?!" I said popping my collor. I had just gave this girl a manicure, manicure and I did her hair.
"Girl you already know you dope!" She laughed looking at her nails, "Here you go." she said sliding $150 she had previously taken out, "$20 tip in there."
"Thank you Gina! I really appreciate it!' I hugged her, "And I dare you man try to look at some one else while he's with you today."
We both laughed, then she left. I walked back over to my station and cleaned up while my other client's hair dried.
"Girl look here, why did you even come to school if you could already do hair and nails, I woulda been had me a underground business going." My gay friend LaQuan said. He was also a student.
"Girl cause I'm trying to be ligit, I wanna own my own business, but I gotta get my clientel up first, and maybe some people that'll hop on board has my employees.' I said nudging him.
"Girl you know i gotchu, i always support my black women, mmm." he said snapping his fingers and popping his neck.
"You already i'm with you too Jaz, i can't wait to get out of this hell whole." My other friend Shyla said walking by with her clients, "Especially, if its with the best."
"She's alright." this chick named Shantelle said. She was a four year student who couldn't seem to get her liscense. She had a few customers that would come in, but no one realy liked going to her, because the fact is, she no diversity on her styling and no creativity. At most she could be was a teacher. Anyway, she looked down on anyone that was doing better than her, basically anyone younger than her.
"Shantelle, shut up. You just mad because a freshman is showing you up after you been here four years, give her a break." LaQuan defended.
She rolled her eyes, "Whatever." she sat back in her chair and looked through a magazine.
I eyed her then went over to my client to check on her, 'Looks like you all dry Stacy, come over and take a look." I walked the middle aged women over to the mirror.
"Oh Jazmine this is just how I envisioned it. Thank you." she hugged me.
"You're welcome Mrs. Wiggins."
"How much do I owe you?" she said digging in her purse
"Its on the house, you go and enjoy your birthday." I told her.
She looked at me shocked, "Thank you dear, but here's $20 for your kindess." She handed the money to me, "And make you sure you tell the fine finace of your to keep you happy." she winked.
I blushed as she turned around and walked out.
"She's a trip." I said to myself but everyone heard me.
"Ain't she though?" Shyla agreed, "but she did have a point. Whatever this fiance of yours his doing, he must be doing it right."
"Right, and why haven't we met him?" LaQuan question.
I sighed sarcastically sitting down in my chair, "Y'all will see him soon enough, and yes he does EVERYTHING right." I explain.
Everyone smiled getting what I was talking about.
"We heard the sound of the door opening and the receptionist asking if she could help him."
"I'm looking for Jazmine Roberts." I heard him say.
"He's okay Sindy, let him come back here." I called out.
They both looked over at me and motioned for him to come over. He smiled, nodded at Sindy, and made his way over to me.
"That fine peice of chocolate is yours?" LaQuan said.
"Mhm..." I answered just as he walked up to me. He bent down over the chair and gave me a sweet kiss like he did every time he sees me.
"Hey babe." I said smiling.
"Hey Queen, how's your day going?"
"Great now that your here."
He smiled and pecked again before raising up and setting a bag on the counter, "Good 'cause I brought you some food."
"Good 'cause I haven't eaten all day." I said under my breath.
"What?" he snapped his head at me with a stern face.
"Huh? what did you get babe?" I said looking into the bag trying not to look at him.
"Mhm" she said hitting my thigh, "I got that fish dinner from the diner. Everybody's been going crazy over it."
"Ahem, Ahem." fake coughing came from behind us. I look and saw my employees acting like they working when they wanted to me introduced.
I rolled my eyes, "I'm sorry, everybody this is my finance, Omari and babe, these are....the people I work with." I said diggin into my food.
They all snickered, 'Hi Omari, I'm Shyla." she introduced herself shaking his hand.
"And hello, sir I'm LaQuan." he said doing the same thing.
After certain people introduced themselves Shantelle was the last say something. She walked up to him switching her hips.
"I'm the most important person out of everyone in this building" she said putting the emphasis on everyone them looking at me, "I'm Shantelle." she didn't bother shaking his hand she just turned around and made she was switching her hips as she walked back. Omari looked at her in disgust. He hates hoes.
"You know she plans on seducing me right?"
I nodded.
"What should we do?
"Let her do what she thinks she can do, I been waiting to fight something, I need a reward for being really patient now-a-days."
He looked at her then back at me, "I think I agree with you this time Queen. I'll let you have some fun."
"See that's why you my boo thang."
'I thought it was because you loved me?" he asked raising his eyebrow.
"That too." I said kissing him.

stilling ading!

::Chris' P.O.V.::
When we arrive home, I went up to my room to pack an overnight bag to stay with Keyairra tonight and go to church with her in the morning.
"Yo lil'bro, lemme borrow this Chicago hat." Druex said coming in and going straight to my closet picking the hat up.
"Yeah, just bring it back" I said going to my drawer.
"I gotchu," he shouted, "Good thing Key came home, huh? Now you don't have to drive to VSU tomorrow."
I walked, "Yeah, I kinda wanted to vist her, we ain't brake in her bed yet. Too many people were there last time."
"I know right! That's exactly why I'm surprising Deme. It's been almost two months." Druex said licking his lips.
I shook my head, "Aight man, I don't wanna know about you sucking the overies out of my sister."
He laughed, "Shut up man, you hurting too." he said walking out my room just as Michael came in.
"You spending the weekend with Key?"
"Yeah, so make sure momma is taken care of before y'all leave tomorrow morning. Key and I will be back to spend some time with her."
"You already know we got momma. Honestly thought I think its time for momma to..ya know? get back out there."
I look at him like he was crazy, "Whose momma?"
"Our momma nigga!" He laughed pushing me.
I sighed, I can admit I'm a momma's boy. I don't want know other nigga hurting my momma after our dad did what he did.
"Bro, I know you don't want momma to get hurt, but it's been time for her to happy. Plus look at us, we're living our lives, we can't stay under momma forever."
"Well I'm pretty she'll find someone." I said trying to warm up to the idea, "Her, Momma Lesli, Ms. Alecia, and Latrice go out all the time."
Michael just shrugs letting the subject go, "Aight man, I'm hitting the sheets early, I need to rest up before I murder her sheets tomorrow!" He laughed referring to Essence.
"Okay you and Druex come in talking about the samething about my sisters. He done took Meme's innocents away and you about to trying tame a beast! Get out!" I laughed pushing him out my room.
He cracked up as he stumbled down the hall.
I finished packing my things and told momma I was leaving and that I'd be back tomorrow.

I entered the house with a spare key Keyairra's parents gave to me. I occasionally would watch Teyana when they wanted a night off.
I walked into the living room seeing Teyana running toward the door with Keyairra follwing behind her.
"Who's that TT? Huh?"
"Cwis! Cwis!"
I bent down opening my arms and see ran right into them, "Hey TT! How's me baby sis doing?!" I said kissing her all over her face making her laugh really hard. I stood up lifting her in the air making her laugh again. Then I felt something on my leg. I looked down, "Hey Ckienny! How's daddy's girl doing?!" I said petting her head.
Keyairra picked her up, "C'mon babe."
I picked my bag and followed her to the living room. Her parents were sitting on the couch.
"Hey momma, hey Vincent." I greeted.
"Hey baby."
"My man, you going to church with us tomorrow?"
"Yeah, I'm trying to spent as much time with Key as I can."
They both smiled. Keyairra went into the kitchen.
"So when are you and Key getting married." He asked.
I blushed.
Ms. Laila playfully hit her husband, "Honey don't embarass him." she said in a hushed tone.
I laighed a bit, "Hopefully soon." I said as Teyana reach for her mother, "Oh you don't want me anymore?" i asked trying to keep her still. She ignored me still trying to get to her mom, "mama!"
"Alright alright, here you go." i said handing her over.
"Sorry son, she can act iffy sometimes." Vincent said.
"I see that now, but I know some who loves me, Ckienny c'mere!" I called out. Ckienny came running towards me and picked her up, "You still love me right?" she responded my licking my face.
"I thought you were going to call Key's name."
"Naw, she be acting iffy too. Like she don't love me."
I heard Keyairra snicker and gently hit my head while walking downstairs to her room.
"See what I mean?"
They just laughed as I got up and follwed her downstairs. She walked into her bedroom and I followed closing the door, leaving it slightly open. I walked up behind her and snaked my arms around her waist.
"Where my kiss, Boo?" I asked burying my head in her neck.
"Huh?" she giggled.
I chuckled. I wrapped my arms tighter around her waist, "You still wanna play, huh?"
She giggle some more trying to get out of my grip.
"Uh uh, stop playing Boo. Its been almost two months, I'm on edge." I warned her.
She turned around grinning, "So what are you going to sleep on the couch tonight?" she asked.
"That would be best." I said looking into her eyes, making her weak by the second.
Her lips inched closer to mine, we were mili seconds away from touching..., "Its getting late, you should get to bed." she whispered with her lips brushing against mine. She quickly walked away going into her bathroom before i could even move.
I should there, shocked and frustrated, "Did she just ingore me?' I asked myself. I heard her turn on the shower which made me even more sexually frustrated. She know I don't like her saying no to me especially when I want her. I contemplated on whether or not I should go in there, I had found a way get in her bathroom even if it was locked, but i decided against it. I bit my lip and smiled, "You lucky your parents are here, Boo."I said out loud but I knew she couldn't here me, "That alright, I'mma get her good before we leaves." I said walking into her living room laying down on the couch.

3 a.m.

I was in a deep slumber when I felt someone lay next to me and put a cover over us. I knew it was her from her touch. I wrapped my arms around her with my eyes still closed. Moments later I felt her lips on mine, then I felt her tongue brush across them. I opened my mouth letting our tongues tussle around. We kissed until we couldn't anymore and we came up for air. I opened my eyes and looked into hers.
"What's wrong Boo?" i asked moving her hair back.
"I kissed you, now you have to sing to me." she answered.
I smiled, "You could have just ask me bae.'
"Can you still sing, please?" she pleaded holding me close.
I held her tight, close to my heart, as I thought of a song that always reminded me of her, "I didn't write this song, but this song makes me think of you when you're not here with me:

I see us in the park strolling the summer days of imaginings in my head
And words from my heart told only to the wind
Felt even without being said

I don't wanna bore you with my troubles (yeah)
But there's something 'bout your love
That makes me weak and knocks me off my feet
There's something 'bout your love
That makes me weak and knocks me off my feet
Knocks me off my feet

I don't wanna bore you with it
Oh but I love you, I love you, I love you
I don't wanna bore you with it
Oh but I love you, I love you, I love you

More and more

We lay beneath the stars under a lover's tree
That seems through the eyes of my mind
I reach out for the part of me that lives in you
That only our two hearts can find

I don't wanna bore you with my troubles (yeah)
But there's something 'bout your love
That makes me weak and knocks me off my feet
There's something 'bout your love
That makes me weak and knocks me off my feet
Knocks me off my feet

I don't wanna bore you with it
Oh but I love you, I love you, I love you
I don't wanna bore you with it
Oh but I love you, I love you, I love you

I looked down at her wiping the silent tears she had been weeping since the beginning of the song, "There's something 'bout your love
That makes me weak and knocks me off my feet
Knocks me off my feet" I ended then kissing her lips.

"That's been my favorite song since I was 9 years old." she finally said after a long silence.
I smiled, "I love you."
"I love you more." she responded, and soon we were off to sleep.

'I saw Keyairra walking down the street, but she wouldn't turned around when i called her name. I felt like it was something really important I need to tell her, so i ran after her trying to catch up with her when I all of a sudden I heard a loud bang.'

I shot up automatically feeling for Keyairra but she wasn't next to me then I saw her coming from behind me with a class of water.

"You okay Pooh?" she asked wiping my forehead from the sweat that formed.
"Yeah, yeah,' I said more to myself.
"You sure?"she asked concern.
I finally looked at her, she had worried written all over her ace, "I'm fine Boo, I promise, just had one of those dreams ya know?" i partly lied. I had been having this same vision since she's gone to college and everytime it scared the death of out me.
"Okay,' she sighed and handed the glass of water, 'It's time to get up anyway, we have to get ready."
I nodded. She was about to get up but I grabbed her face with my hand and gave her a good morning kiss.


I love Chris and Key, aka Pooh and Boo. There so cute together and it was too funny when Key tried to hide from him at the diner lmao. Least he wasn't mad at her. But lol at him wanting to be around her the whole weekend basically, even willing to go to church just to be in her presence lol. Aww Stacia's preggo butt, and her preggo woman wobble too cute, she and Trey are so sweet together. Glad business is doing good. Love Ms. Joyce too. Especially dealing with all those boys lol. Run It!!!