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Replaceable (A Jazzy and Lele Collaboration)

Cianna POV
<a href="">Cianna</a> walked into her condo to see her boyfriend Ricky laid out in her lazy boy with Doritos all over his lap. She looked at him in disgust and went to pop him in the head on her way to the bathroom.

"the f***" Ricky pops up spilling chips bags everywhere. He walks into cici's room 

"girl you done lost your mind?" he asked her

"no I'm just tired of coming home to your lazy ass. The f*** have you done all day?" she says as she walked away from her vanity in her bra and panties.

Ricky looked dead at her ass

"Ricky get your face out my ass" she said as she turned around. "now tell me what yo ass did all day."

"well I was just coolin with my nigga boogie after you left for work.  I got back at like 3 once he dropped me off after going to the super Walmart." he stated

Cici perks up "so you bought groceries bae!"

"hell naw. Just them chips" he stated laughing. 

She stood there watching him and then grabbed a duffle bag and filled it with his clothes and shoes. All the while Ricky was trying to interfere.

Cici's stops at her closet entry when she sees him taking s*** out the bag.

"you can leave with nothing or with what I'm putting in this bag." she says with slight anger.

"naw  son. I ain't going no where" continues to remove clothes.

Cici goes and snatches the bag and swoops the clothes back in the bag" she zips it up and throws it in the hall. 

"now I been telling yo ass to buy some food for a damn week AND I even gave you the money this morning. Where the money since I ain't get no f***ing food."

Ricky looks down while scratching his head. Cici knows exactly what that means.

"nigga say not a damn thing. No food. No money. No me."

"come on baby" Ricky looks at her with pleading eyes. Cici is not at all fazed so she walks out the room and grabs his bag and heads to the door.

D smacks his lips "f*** is you going dawg!" following her. 

"drop yo keys and phone on my kitchen table please" she said while opening the door. "hurry up!! Put them down" watches him do so as he mumbles under his breath. "yeah keep talking under your breath that's why your ass still leaving. You know what's good." taps foot as he makes his way to the door. She throws his bag in his face. 

Since you and boogie been boo lovin with my damn money go be with that nigga." she spat about to close the door.

"cici how the f*** am I pose to get there if you got my damn keys."

"baby my car staying her but I guess you gotta call Tyrone."
<a href="">Ayanna</a> is on her way to Dr.Berry's office. She walks in smiling sweetly at him as she approaches his desk and sits on it.

"Hello nurse Ayanna!" he says as he looks her up and down. "how are you this morning?"

"Fine Doc" she replies as he leans over ready to kiss her...........


And I knew it! But I'm like hmm is it ? I didn't wanna jump to that conclusion :p
Run this tho
It's too good for it to not have no ending

I will try and convince jaz..
Oh and Trapping is drug dealing sweetie. :)

can u guys please bring this one back???
it was like on pg 9..
run it

Run it!!! Please!

ok this line had me rollin
" lets have a f*** yo ex yard sale tomorrow" lol ya'll some crazy ass chicks!
phuck yo ex"S! they missed out and tae and rae can get it, ya'll gonna fall hard
i already like this story its a comedy the way ya'll act with each other but i wanna know what happen to aya when she was 15 when her dad died and her and boog broke up??
ooohh i woder what cici gon say?
dam tae kee[ing it real with her
but im a lil slow what do he do as a job? trapping?
run it!

Ayanna took her little day off but was right back at work. Doing twenty hour shifts a day.

She had finally got a ten minute gap in her day and decided to eat her salad she bought for lunch. Ayanna had to hurry because she just got paged up to ICU. A fatal car crash vicitim was on the way in and she needed to get up to ready a room for him.

As Ayanna was rinising her dish two of her co-workers came in unknowing of her persence.

"Ayanna pisses me off. Always thinking she too good for us." One of them said. "No wonder boog cheating on her." She continued as they laughed.
"Yeah! I am so happy about the Nurse Banquet because now she has no one to showoff." The other girl said. Ayanna cleared her throat as she shut the water off.

"Ohh hey girl!" The first girl that was talking trash said. Ayanna just simply head nodded them as she walked out. Ayanna rushed to ICU just as the guy was being rolled in to the hospital. Ayanna and her team did everything they could but he had lost too much blood.

Ayanna went to inform Dr. Berry after talking to the young guys family. Ayanna felt as though she did not complete her job especially after she saw his pregnant girlfriend and thought of all the things he would miss out of life.

"Not everybody can be saved Ayanna and you know this. Some of them have to answer their calling and go home." Dr. Berry said to her.

"I understand that but in four months I will be apart of his child's life." She replied.

"It will be a beautiful thing. Stay strong." He assured her and she just nodded.

"Are you excited about the dinner in a few weeks!?" He asked trying to cheer her up.

Ayanna smirked. "Yeah but I haven't started planning. I just have the venue and date." He chuckled.

"You work to hard. I'm cutting your hours back and you better listen this time." He said to her.

"I will I will!" Ayanna said laughing.

"Good. Now leave!!!" He demanded.

"s*** you don't have to tell me twice if you going to use that tone." They laughed as she left his office.

It was only like 2:30 and Ayanna was bored. It was pretty cold outside so the park was out of the question, Ci was still at work and Oshyn was on vaca.

She headed home and decided to read this Zane book she had been trying to read for weeks.

After Ayanna took a quick shower and changed into some yoga pants, wrapped her hair and, put on a tank top. She grabbed a bottle of wine and a bowl of fruit. She sat her snacks on the table and sat up her ipod on the dock playing some Lauryn Hill. She sat down on the couch and opened her book. A little piece of paper fell into her lap.

"Tha hell?" She said to herself as she picked it up and unfolded it.

<em> Hit me up beautiful. 240-336-8484. Tae </em>

She read over it a few times and then grabbed her phone.

<strong> uh .. Hey! This is Ayanna, little chick from the store. I was wondering if you wanted to watch a few movies and have dinner?</strong>

After she sent that text and she waited twenty minutes for a reply.

"What the f*** did I do?" She said picking up her phone and dialing Ci number.

It rang a few times and then went to her voicemail. Ayanna just hung up. She took a deep breath and just her phone down so she could focus on the book.

After about an hour she was deep into her reading, fruit all gone, and consumed half a bottle of wine. Her phone rang and she thought it was Cianna so she just picked up right away.

"What b****?" She said still reading.

"Damn .. I know I aint text you back but a b**** though?" This unknown male said as he chuckled.

"I'm so sorry I thought you were my bestfriend." She giggled with embrassament.

"It is cool ma but I would like to take you up on that offer." He said.

She blushed but she wasn't sure why. "Okay my address is 4444 Edmonston Rd. I will start dinner."

"You cooking and I'm coming to yo house. You tryna kill me??" He asked jokingly.

"Naw just need some company." She said laughing at him.

"Okay well I'm close to your spot so I should be there pretty soon." He said.

"That's fine.. See ya"

"iight." And they hung up.

Ayanna just unwrapped her hair, brushed her teeth, and put on a little perfume.

She had no idea what to cook so she just went with sa'getti. After she started the meats and seasoned it, she went to pick out some movies a few action and a sappy love story.

As she headed back to kitchen and Tae walked up to her <a href="">home</a>.

Ayanna jumped when her doorbell rang. She looked at herself in the mirror.

"Stop!" She whispered walking away from the mirror and to the front door.

She opened it for <a href="">Tae</a> and was a little speechless. She felt like everytime she saw him he looked better and better.

Tae smirked. "May I come in?"

Ayanna snapped out of his trance. "Yeah yeah! I'm sorry." She lead him upstairs after closing the door and locking it.

"Okay you can have a seat! Pick a movie or find something on TV, whatever you like." She said and hurried into the kitchen and continued with her baked spaghetti. Once she put it in the oven.she went and sat on the love seat across from Tae.

"So what do you do, as far as work goes?" Ayanna asked laying her legs across the rest of the loveseat.

"I give to the community." He said painly. Ayanna looked at his attire and shook her head.

"How long have you been trappin?" She asked. He looked shocked that she knew.

"All my life ..." He said wallking over to the loveseat and lifting her.legs, sitting down and placing them in his lap. Ayanna looked at him as he started massaging her legs.

"I can tell you work somewhere that has you standing a lot or dealing with people."

She smirked. "Head Nurse.."

"You live here alone?" He asked.

"Yeah." She sighed. "I am thinking about getting a dog. Something to keep me company."

"Well what have you been doing in yo spare time?"

"Work!" She said giggling.

"How long you been wit out boog?" She side-eyed him removing her legs.

"Whatever you heard I don't play that s***! You can f***ing step. I know boog was talkin s***." She said full of attitude. Tae started laughing. Ayanna looked at him in disbelief.

"You think this a game nigga .. " She asked standing up. Tae looked over her whole little body.

"Look if I had just wanted sex I would not have came here without my car, I would have had you on that dining room table already. I am here because I want to get to know you." He said putting her in her place. "Plus I know why you called me ... "

Ayanna shifted her bodyweight.

"And why is that?"

"Bored and you wanna see if the d*** is as good as I look." Tae said pulling her onto his lap. Ayanna tried to resist but once he got her in his lap and held her arms behind her back.

"Is that true? I know how it is after a relationship." He asked her. Ayanna just shrugged.

"Well yeah ... But you the first person I been with since him." She said looking at his lips as he licked them and smirked. Tae leaned in and placed his lips softly on her.

They both jumped apart when the timer for the food went off. Ayanna turned in shock to see Cianna coming up her steps and she was still on his lap. He wouldn't let her move.

<em> Ci is going to freak out! </em> Ayanna thought

Writing ... :)

Coming Soon

Okayy see nah run this iish..

I like it. Good start Ci remainds me so much of myself its crazy lol.

Run It

haha run it

"Honey I'm home" Ci said walking into Ya's condo.

Ya peeked from around the corner "what are you doing here?"

Ci walked into the kitchen letting the aroma of the curry chicken fill her nostrils "I'm hungry and ain't feel like cooking. So here I am and your making my fave" she grabbed a spoon and started stirring the pot.

"just in time to because it's done" Ya turned off the burners and pulled out two bowls"

They fixed their bowls up and sat on the couch eating and watching reruns of basketball wives LA. "that b**** Jackie is crazy"

"it's just sad. And you know she got her ass whipped because Brooks ponytail was still in perfect condition" Ci laughed 

"like s*** tho" Ya joined in laughing "so what you doing tomorrow?"

"I don't know. Probably buy a dog" Ci shrugged "I be lonely as s***. I need some companionship"

"yesssss! I be about to lose my mind with all this silence" Ya gasped "guess who I saw today?"

"who who whoo? Tell me" Ci said anxiously


Ci thought for a minute "Tae....Tae who?"

"that dude from the ihop"

"ihop....dude from the ihop" she thought "oh from the club. Eww where you see him at?" Ci scrunched up her face.

"at the food lion. He helped me get some soda. I ain't even recognize him at first. He is fine as f***"

"are you serious?" Ci finished off her last bite and put down her bowl

"yes. And I got bold and asked him for his number. He said I already have it. I started looking for it but then I realized I don't need no man right now."

"child please. Don't think of him as a MAN. More like a Toy that you can play with. He can wine and dine you and even give you a little something on the side"

"I don't want to use him though"

"don't think of it as using him. More like an investment. You're investing in your needs"

Ya thought for a minute "I'll think about"

"besides he could help you get over Boog" Ci got up to put her bowl in the sink "I'm about to head home boo"

Ya got up to hug her friend goodbye "bye boo. Text me when you get in" 

Ci blew a kiss and walked out. 

Ci stopped at a gas station to fill up her Benz. She went inside to put fifty on the tank and went back outside to pump her gas. 

While she was pumping her gas another car pulled up behind at the next station. The <a href="">driver</a> got out his car and eyed her.

"riding clean I see" Cianna gave him a half smile. "oh Iight I see you Ma" Cianna then had a mini flashback realizing who he was.

"oh ummm Ray right?" Ray smiled 

"yeah but you can call me Rashawd" Ci nodded her head as he walked inside to pay for his gas

<em> got damn he fine. What the f*** was I on to not see this the first time</em>

Ci shook the gas pump to get the past few drops out as Ray was returning to his car. 

"i'll see you" Ci smiled shyly opening her car door

"yeah you will" he mumbled as Ci narrowed her eyes at him. "don't be a stranger" he said as she drove off.

"omg why did he make me feel so nervous? I've never been that quiet in my life" Ci thought out loud. "and why the f*** is he so cute!?"

Cianna and Oshyn was talking bout everything that happened in the club while Ayanna sat quietly in the back.

She still was down about Boogie and seeing him made it no better. She can't believe six years was worth nothing to him. Ayanna wants to believe he will do right but everytime she does this is where she ends up a drunken mess.

"Ya, you alrighy back there?" Ci asked. Ayanna nodded.

"Head is killin me." She replied.

"Well besides that you have fun?" Ayanna smiled and nodded.

"Good ! Now tell this heffa that them niggas was fine!!" Oshyn said softly but in a yelling kind of tone being mindful of Ayanna headache.

Ayanna chuckled. "Man ain't nobody checking for them clowns." Cianna clapped her hands.

"Thank You!!" Oshyn shook her head.

"Man get out my ride!!" Oshyn said to Ayanna. She sort if stumbled out.

"You good bestest?" Ci asked and Ayanna gave her a thumbs up as she walked towards the door. She unlocked it and went inside.

After stepping out her shoes and dropped her keys she flicked her lights them know she was okay and they sped off.

She skipped to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka.

"Why you do me like this Boogie? Huh!" She said taking a swig ranting to no one. "You like to see me hurt! f***ing them b****es is fun " she screamed passing out on her couch. Tears started to fall as she guzzled down more vodka ignoring the burn.

"I really loved that man .... He was really good to me .. He just love dem hoes." She snickered.

"I need to stop this pity party ... And talking to my damn self." She laughed taking another sip from the bottle and standing up. Ayanna felt the liq running through and immediately altered her senses. As she began walking to her room she ram into a wall, tripped up the steps, and pee'd on a plant in her hall way. Once she finally made it in the bed she was knocked out cold. Thankfully she didn't have to work the next day.

<strong>A Week Later . . .</strong>

Ayanna just got off a 12 hour shift at the hospital. She was looking forward to these two days off because she was working double overtime trying to get back on her A-game.

She headed inside the Food Lion to pick up a few things. She was going to make curry chicken with steamed shrimp on top.

Ayanna was picking up her items and she went down the soda aisle. She started reaching for the Dr.Pepper but was having a hardtime. She pulled the cart over trying to stand on that.

Tae was coming down the aisle with a cart full of snacks. He looked at her for awhile realizing she was the girl from the club. He easily hovered over her and grabbed the Dr. Pepper.

"Can you get me another one sir?" She asked politely. He did so. "Thanks" She began to walk away.

"So you just going to act like you dont know a nigga." Tae said. Ayanna stopped in her tracks and looked back at him.

"You damn right I don't know a nigga .. f***ing clown." She spun around walking away but started to remember that night.

She walked back catching him in line.

"You that nigga from IHOP?" She said from behind him. He looked over his shoulder.

"Yup.." He started putting his things on the belt. Ayanna nodded as she watched him.

<em> zaaaaaammmmmnnn he is fiiiineee...just ask him.</em>

Tae was paying for all his stuff.

"You have a number I can call.. Maybe we can link up?" Ayanna asked shyly.

He nodded. "And you already have it." He winked at her and walked away.

She bought her groocries and jetted home. Ayanna started looking all over for that number. Until she stopped.

"What am I doing? I aint ready for no damn guy, especially if he aint chasing me." She said and just started on her dinner but couldnt get Tae off the brain.

I guess I'm next lol runnnn it !!

"so what's your name Ma?" Ray asked from the passenger seat.

"it damn sure ain't Ma" Cianna mumbled and Ray sucked his teeth. "My name is Cianna"

"true, that's a nice name"

"mhmm. So why did y'all try to help? We had the situation under control"

"obviously not since your girl was getting jumped" Tae said

"oh boo don't do because I was definetly about to jump in and handle that s***"

"yeah whatever Ma we was just tryna be good samaritans" Ray said as they pulled up to the ihop.

Cianna hopped out the car and tried to slide Ayanna out until Tae moved in and picked Ayanna up bridal style carrying her into the ihop.  

They got a booth and laid Ayanna down as she continued to sleep. The guys orders some food and Cianna ordered some hot tea and a glass of water for Ya.

"you need to eat to eat something" Ray said taking a bite of his pancakes.

"I'm good. I can take care of myself" she flipped her 30in weave.  "So what y'all do? Rap or somethin'. I seen y'all up in VIP"

Tae and Ray glanced at each other and swallowed their food "yeah something like that" Tae answered 

"why the music stop?" Ya mumbled   "I beez in the trap beez beez in the trap" she danced a little then fluttered her eyes open. When she noticed the two unfamiliar faces she popped up quickly then felt affect of her pounding headache. She groaned then laid her head on the Table and looked at Cianna "Ci who are these clowns? And where are we?"

"we ate ihop. Here drink this water. And this is Ray and Tae"

Ya sipped on her water "Ray and Tae huh the f*** type of boy band collaboration y'all got going on" Ya snickered.

"The kind where we don't get our s*** beat by two busted ass hoes" Tae said

"who got they s*** bust? Cus it damn sure wasn't me. I still had the upper hand." Ya said rolling her neck

"you know what, f*** y'all. I don't even know why we here" Cianna got out of the booth. Ayanna followed suit climbing out of the booth slowly since she was hungover. 

Ray and Tae followed behind "where y'all going?"

"to my car" Ci and Ay walked out of the ihop

"that's like a mile away" Ray stated

"we'll walk. We got this" Ci brushed them off and continued walking with her best friend.

Ray and Tae let them be and went to pay the bill. They stopped for some gas and then slowly rolled up on Cianna and Ayanna.

"you know doing s*** like that will get you kilt" Ayanna made a gun with her hands as she kept walking.

"y'all some stubborn ass females. Will y'all just get in the car. We'll drive you back to the club to get your car." Tae insisted

"naw we cool" Ci answered

"just get in the damn car!" Tae yelled and slammed on the breaks

Ci sucked her teeth and hopped in with Ay. They sat quietly in the backseat mugging them.

"so why were you fighting" Tae asked curiously.

"well to sum it up... Our exes cheated on us in my house with some basic ass hoes. My ex claims he love me and he want to make it work but he was at the club with them same basic ass hoes. The hoes say thats her man now and tried to get bold so I boxed her ass. Then they tried to jump me with those weak as hits" Ay shook her head

"damn that f***ed up. Y'all don't deserve that at all.  Y'all too bad for  them weak niggas anyway" Ray smirked at them

"yeah nigga we know" Ci sucked her teeth. "Six years down the drain. Put I was gonna break up with Ricky's raggedy ass anyway"

"I loved Boog tho. But all that cheating was for the birds. I ain't got time for that no more. I'm about to focus on me and my career"

"HOLLA" Ci laughed high fiving Ya

They finally pulled up to the club to see Oshyn walking out. 

Ci and Ya climbed out seeing her with worry all over her face "the f*** y'all b****es go?" she said as Tae and Ray climbed out standing behind us watching the interaction.

"them niggas pulled us out the fight and took us to ihop" Oshyn eyed them

"they cute. Y'all get they numbers?"

"f*** no. They was disrespectful as s***."

"well don't be completely rude. Go say thanks or something" Ci rolled her eyes and walked back over with Ayanna

"umm thanks I guess" Ci flipped her weave

"yeah, but y'all was rude as s***"

"my bad Ma" Tae said eyeing Ya up and down

"if y'all ever need anything don't be afraid to hit us up" They handed over their cards to them.

"I'm Rashawd"

"and I'm Tae'Von" 

Ci gave a fake smile and walked off with Ayanna to Oshyn's car.

"please get us out of here" Ci laughed a little getting into the car.

Dayyyuuummm throwback !! :(

Found this mother f***er!!! Haha!!

Me and Lele bringing this back and probably with a new title.

Pshh bring this back smh we barely started

Six shots of tequila and two glasses of patron later Ayanna is in the middle of the dance floor showing off. Her dress was barely covering her ass and she was backing it up on some random girl. Cianna is at the bar waiting on <a href="">Oshyn</a> to finish making their long island ice tea. 

"Look at your girl on the stage " osyhn said handing her the drinks and laughing. Ci turns around to see Ya doing a split and bouncing her ass. She bust out laughing. 
"My b**** wildin !!" 

" Ayee , get these drinks over there. you slowing down my money b**** ! " 

" Whatever biitch ! " Cianna turned and walked away. As she is walking through the crowd she feels eyes following her. She looks up to see  <a href="">him</a>  looking down at her. When they make eye contact he nods at her and she winks back. As she continues to the stage she notices Boogie talking to her and by the look of Ya face he was f***ing up her vibe. 

" Young I love youu ! That b**** wasn't s***. " 

"Boog , it dont f***ing matter thooo. " She said grabbing one of the drinks from me. " just go !!! you are dismissed " she said turning away. Cianna looked up at the mystery guy and noticed how his demeanor changed and he tapped his very attractive friend and pointed in my direction. I turned to see Boogie holding Ayanna forcefully by her arm. I look back at the dude and I waved him off telling him to chill out.

"YOU GONNA f***--" was all he got out before Ya stole his ass. Out of nowhere Mya and Gigi 

" Who the f*** is you ? Hitting my man like you crazy. " Gigi said acting all bold. 

Ya looked at Boogie and laughed. "No b**** the question is who the f*** is YOU? Coming at me like you crazy. b**** you already know." She said adjusting her dress.

Cianna thought damn she bout to give this b**** the work. She down her drink and waited. 

Gigi got in her face " b**** I don't know a damn thing !" She pushed her and tried to walk away. Ayanna grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground and starting punching her dead in the face. 

"Now you b**** !!"  

Gigi kicked her in the stomach and then kick her again sending her to the ground then Mya grabbed her hair and started punching her. Just as Ci was about to pounce on her she felt a strong arm wrap around her and pick her up. She fought her hardest to get of his hold as he walked towards then exit. 

"Chill out ! My mans gonna take care of your girl." He said. I looked back to see the other mysterious guy back hand slapping both them hoes and grabbing ya but heading to a different exit. 

All Ya saw before she blacked out was a tall light skin figure. 

Cianna and guy reach a black on black range. He puts her down. 

"Where the f*** is my friend sir?" He looked to the right and I saw <a href="">him</a> cradling my drunken friend. He opened the door and sat her on the passenger side. 
"Can you get in the car as well miss ?" The short one asked Cianna
"Uhhh Hell No. Actually imma need yall to bring my friend to my car so we can leave" 

" We cant do that " He said. Cianna c**ked her head back and gave him the "da f***" face. 

"f*** you mean " she asked.

The taller, one joined in the conversation. " Yall said saying done and you cant drive like that. " 

"Im perfectly fine thank you. " 

"Can you just get in the damn car? We just going to talk yall to ihop to sober up and then back to your car. Deal?" The short one said. Cianna looked them up and down. 

"What's your name?" pointing to the short guy. 

"And You ?" Looking up at the tall guy. 

"Tae" he said opening the door for her. 

She looked at the car then the guys. Cianna sighs heavily. " Only to ihop ." She says sliding into the back seat and ray follows behind her. Tae hops in the front starts her up and speeds off. 

Three months have past and Ayanna only leaves her house for work. Dr. Berry takes her to lunch to see if she will open up because her depressing manner is about to cause her to get demoted. Today is friday and she is on her way home. Since it is only 8:30 she decides to stop and get some carry out. Once she gets home at about 9 she sees her friends car in her driveway and shakes her head. 
" Here goes the drama " She said gathering her  bags and getting out 

Ya walks into her house and sees Ci and O sitting on her couch waiting on her eating grapes.

Sigh "guys I know I haven't been around or returning any calls and I'm sorry but I just haven't been in a social mood"

"oh it's okay, we know what you've been going through but go get dressed" Oshyn said 

Ya looked at them confused " what? But I don't want to go anywhere"

"yeah we know but go get dressed. Your outfit is all ready for you upstairs just take a shower." Ci said

"but I don't want to go anywhere"

"we understand we really do but go get dressed" Ci said not taking no for an answer 

Ya looked at the both of them and sighed "fine" and walked up stairs.

As Ya walked upstairs Ci and Oshyn high fived each other.

About an hour later Ya came downstairs dressed looking the f*** good. They all left out and got into Oshyn's car but Ya wad still clueless of where she was going.

"Ci where are y'all taking me" 

"we're having a girls night out at the club" Oshyn answered 

" we're gonna twerk our phat asses and get f***ed up" Cianna said excitedly 

"and the drinks are on the house since I'm working tonight" Oshyn added

"I guess I could use a drink" I said

"no you could use about five" Ci said laughing "we're gonna have fun tonight!" she yelled

"b**** why you always so damn loud" 
Ayanna said laughing

"because it's ladies night" Ci sang out loud 

A couple minutes later they arrived at the club and walked straight to the front of the line with O since she worked there but of course b****es were hating mumbling s***.

We went straight to bar and started the night off right with two shots each of vodka.

Poor Girl , smh
Run it !!!!

Just as Cianna sits down there is a at the door. Ayanna gets up to answer but Ci tells her she got it remembering Osyhn was coming. When she reaches the door she opens it and steps outside. 

" Osyhn be chill for like ten minutes. You will see why when we get in here. " She said to a confused friend as she turns to go back in. 

" Okay, imma be calm because im confused" Osyhn replied following Cianna. As they appear in the living room to see Ayanna reaching for her phone. 

" Cici you know where boogie at ? He should be here by now its getting pretty late " 

" Ya , thats what I wanted to talk to you about. " She said nervously. 

Yaya puts her phone down as Cici and O sit's down. " okay, wassup"

" Boogie was cheating and you ended things with him. " 

Ayanna looked back and forth at Ci and O absently. 

" f*** you ! Ci I know you don't like him but really telling me lies like that is not cool. Everybody can't use people like you. Why cant we just be in love? Is that so f***ing wrong? " she said with so much hurt in her. 

Osyhn intervenes " how about you call him ya?" she said rubbing her back. " I'm sure he will be honest with you." She handed her the phone. Ayanna dials his number.

" Hey Baby ! " She said as he answered smiling. 

" Baby , im so - soooooo sorry. She really meant nothing to me. " As he continued to ramble ayanna had memories of all the events of earlier that day. As tuned back into him all she heard was.. " Baby please take me back. " 

Her mind is still processing and accepting all that happened. But she knows that giving in this time is not an option. She finally responds coldly with a no and then immediately hung up on him. Once she realized that this would have to be a forever thing, she fell to the floor staring absently at the wall in front of her. 

" Get Out " 

I came back to ayanna's completely trashed living room, an empty tequila bottle, a drunken heartbroken woman, and a picture of that same woman with what once brought her joy.

She sighed and decided to just let her sleep it off for awhile as she cleaned up. 30 minutes pass and she completes her task. She heads to the bathroom to get a cold wet cloth. cici walks back to the couch and knells down in front of her placing the cloth on her forehead. 

" yaya wake up . Osyhn is on the way babygirl " she says a little over a whisper to yaya.

Ayanna moves a bit but doesn't wake. Cici pops up.

" I should turn the lights off so you won't have a extremely bad headache " she said turning the living room lights out. 

Cici is lightly shaking her now. " ya, wake up " 

Ayanna mumbles a bunch of nothing while her eyes flutter open. She takes a deep breath as her eyes adjust to the body in front of her. 

"Why you so damn close Cici ?" She said in a groggy tone. "I can't take a nap in peace."

Cici immediately panics. Ayanna is forcing out her painful memory like when her dad died when she was 15 and when her and boog broke up the first time.  She has to tell her, although it may result in a destroyed living room again. 

" uhhh ... Let's talk "

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imma really write something now lls


So first of I'm glad they beat the s*** outta them!!
They deserved it and them ratchet ass hoes. Move tf on boo

As for the flashback thats a sorry ass nigga in my opinion. And Oshyn bout ghetto as s***
Aha hahahaha lmaooo

Run it!!!!!!

Runnnn !!!!!!

Bout to write something small up.

Run it??

Cici says "you okay babygirl ?"

Ayanna breaks down into tears. "How could he, after a whole year. I thought he had really changed. That we moved past all this s***." She takes a deep breath and sucks up her remaining tears " but I refuse to keep crying over the same s***. I am officially done with his ass."

Cici hugs her and says " I am happy you seeing it on your own now" she hops up and screams " lets have a f*** yo ex yard sale tomorrow"

Yaya starts dying the f*** laughing and agrees.

"Ohhh let's call osyhn and see if we can get her off shannon d*** for awhile and cool with us for the night"Yaya adds.

Cici does some random two-step while singing " its ladies niiiiight " Yaya joins in with some clappin.

" ladies night ladies ladies night!!" They both stop and bust out laughing.

" okay imma go get those cupcakes and liq you left at my place brb "

" okay my keys by the front door "ayanna yells

" duh ain't they always " Cici yells back.

Cici POV

As cianna is driving back to her place she begins to think about the situation.

I can't get over boogie. He was really proving himself to her again but he let that idiot ricky get him caught up. And I'm sure them hoes didn't make it any easier for him. Like always.

-----------Senior year of high school---------

Yaya and I  was looking good as always on our last friday as high school students. Ricky was getting on my last. But yaya and boog was so in love or so I thought.

It was the second to last period of the day and me and ya was going to see our volleyball coach.

" Ms. Jones tried to suspend me for a paper ball. The b**** mad cause I stay cussing her fat ass out and then getting out of it. "I yell while yaya is cracking up .

"That lady is always f***ing .... " stops mid sentence because she hears what sounds like boogie.

"girl tf ..." Gets cut off by yaya whispering. 

" hush damn . Don't you hear boogie " pauses and listen. Then they hear a female saying.

"f*** ayanna! I just wanna feel yo d*** inside of me. I hear her talking about how good it is and I want the experience " the unknown girl says and begins to undo his pants. he smacks her hand away.

"chill the f*** out young "he says fixing his pants "you ain't never getting this d*** what the f*** don't you get? I swear the thrist is real." Shaking his head. 

" I can't take no for an answer" she quickly undid his pants and fell to her knees.

By this time me and ya were peeking around the lockers. I was so happy that boogie stood up for his relationship but I could clearly see that he was struggling to keep up that same fight with the school hoe mya sucking the life out of his d***. I looked back at ya cause she had stepped back with tears in her eyes and shaking her head.

She steps toward the two and I'm right behind her. Boogie is now pushing her head further onto his piece.

" so this is what you do slyvester ?" Yaya says. I chuckled cause I never knew that nigga name.

Boogie jumps yanking hits d*** out mya mouth and pulling his pants .

" baby please , let me expl...." Yaya put her hand up to stop him

" I know it all " she said looked directly past him at a sleazy whore with grin on its face. "so you think its funny , huh " say said to mya as she balled up her fist taking a step closer. I let her boogie wasnt having it.

" babe she ain't worth it" she back handed the f*** out of him. And looked down .

" if you want me to even consider taking you back I suggest you shut the hell up and leave " she finished now looking back at mya as he ran out.

"b**** you deaf? You think this s*** funny !?"

" actually I do. "

"haaaa, good good . You enjoy yourself?"

" I did . I see why you love daddy d*** "

" yup he d***s me down real good " she smiles at her and then upper cutted her ass , laying her out.

" it taste good like that huh b**** " she kicking her in the mouth.

After a few more kicks she spit on her and we just stepped off.

"boogie !!" She yelled .
He came running from the boys bathroom by the locker room

" baby im soooo sorry I didn't mean for any of that to happen. I promise." He said on his knees with his arms wrapped around her.

" I told you I know " she said laughing "now get up you look crazy "

   -- End flashback--

That was the first but it surely wasn't the last time he cheated I thought now pulling up to my place. But I'm glad we are here and she finally realized it was time to close that chapter. 

I was interrupted my phone ringing. I looked to see that it was osyhn .

As soon as I picked up she hollered " a b**** off and her d*** taking care of business,  so what we doing ?"

" okayy  , hello I'm fine and you? " Cianna says laughing " but yeah we going to have a girls night at yaya house . She ain't call you " I asked getting worried.

" naw , why? whats up ?" sensing her worry .

"nothing , I will fill you in later." Cici said quickly gathering the stuff she came to get." see you in a hour "

" yup , hour. " she said before hanging up.

I was rushing to my car because I know how ayanna can get . she starts her car and speeds off.

" f*** ! Why did I leave her ? I hope she's okay" 

... well damn

No love :(

Yaya POV
Nigga think he slick. 6 years together and he just can't leave b****es alone. But that's fine, I got something for that ass.

"Ya, you wanna slow down some?" Cici asked

Damn, I'm going like 100. f*** it I need to get there. Five minutes later I pull up the my house and see a car I don't recognize and hear music blasting. I hop out and run to my door. Once we get inside these two fools don't even notice because of the damn music.

"Cici be quiet they don't know we here"

"Iight where they at?" she asked walking around the living room and kitchen.

"the basement" she heads that way but stops. " I know this nigga does not have that hoe back in my house."

Yaya runs downstairs to see some b****ed face in her man lap along with her friends man.

Boogie has his head back with his eyes closed. so she goes up and puts him in a choke hole scaring him and everyone else in the room.

"Who the f*** is she Boogie!?" Yaya asks while he gasps for air

"Answer me Boogie" she tightens her grip and notices the two girls tryna leave.

"Stop f***ing moving or your ass whooping will be worse" she feels Boogie's body go numb.

"Finally he is asleep, now who the f*** called y'all...." Cici cuts her off

"Ya that's them two hating ass b****es from highschool" she says laughing. Ayanna looks closely and just pounces on Gigi.

"b**** you never learn" she says while continually throwing blows to her face. She grabs her hair and drags her to the bar ad begins banging her head in.

Her friend tried to jump in and Cici who had a knife to Ricky yanks the girls hair back and knees her in the back. She puts the to Mya's neck. 

"Did the d*** taste good b****" Cici says in a whispDer and Mya starts crying.

"Cici get off her. I'm sorry" Ricky says

"Nigga shut up you just sorry you got caught"

Yaya finally stops beating Gigi.

"Cici let her go so her and this piece of s*** can go the f*** home." She says walking over to a now waking up Boogie. 

Cici pushes Mya towards Gigi and watches her help her out the house. 

Cici laughs "scary b****es" she looks at Ricky. " I have nothing to say to your stupid ass. WE ARE DONE"

Yaya kneels down to Boogie " was it worth it Boog?"

"Ya, you know it wasn't" she stood up and kicked him in the chest

"We are done y'all can leave to" Yaya says calmly sitting in the love seat adjacent to him watching him wheeze in pain.

"Baby don't do this you know I love you" he says coughing a little

"Nigga please stop!" she says pointing to the door in the basement. "oh and leave the keys too b****."

Cici goes to sit next to her. "you okay baby girl?"

Cianna POV
My girl on her way, I got my ciroc cupcakes baking and the pizza just got here. Cici plops on the couch after checking on her cupcakes. Just as she gets comfy she hears her loud ass friend laughing her ass off before she even gets to the door.

She thinks to herself imma sit here till she gets mad.

"imma call you back. Cici open the door" she says while knocking. Yaya waits two minutes.

"TF is she doing!? CICI!!!" waits again.

Yaya starts kicking the door. "if you don't get your fat ass up and let me in dammit" Cici can't hold her laughter in any longer and swings the door open.

"Oh, now you know how to work your locks. Move skank." Yaya says pushing a still laughing Cici to the side while heading to the kitchen.

Cici finally stops laughing. "did boogie call you?" Yaya asks as Cici sits on her bar stool next to her getting a slice of pizza. 

"Hell naw" she looks at her like "b**** please". " That nigga phone been going crazy over there though" she says looking across the room.

"Well you going to see who the f*** it is?" Yaya asked

"I should, huh?" she looks evilly and goes to get it. 

Yaya is now icing the cupcakes and sipping on some wine.

"Who the f*** is Mya!?" Cici yells. "This b**** talking some bulls*** like I want daddy d*** again after today. And some more s***!"

She quiets down and continues looking. Her eyes pop out of head when she sees a picture he received from this Mya b****.

"Uhhhh.....Yaya. I think you need to see this" she says a little above a whisper.

"what you whispering for?" she says taking the phone and looking at it. Once she sees her boyfriend and some other b**** face down ass up. She politely hands the phone back and grabs her keys, running towards the door. 

"Come the f*** on Cianna I got a nigga to kill." Yaya says calmly. Cici runs to get her sneakers, pocket knife and keys."f*** yeah I've been waiting for a fight." Cici yells excitedly.

Runnn it :)