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<strong>Twin</strong>: <em>noun</em>

<em>1. either of two children or animals brought forth at a birth.</em>

<em>2. either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.</em>

Everyone wants one, but very few are chosen. Statistics say it's a ratio of 1 in 33 chance of having twins. Having twins is also based on your race and past genetics, there is a 1 in 60 chance of having fraternal twins. Then there's the ratio of identical twins that my mother and father were blessed with and that so happened to be 1 in 250.

I guess you can say having a twin isn't really all it was made out to be. Why you ask, because I have one. All I know is no matter how much Victoria and Tatiana Wilde look alike, they are nothing alike.
I hate the way this was written, but it will have to do. I want honest opinion.


When we pulled up to the mall everyone immediately began to pair off and go their own ways. By the time you knew it, it was just Kevin and I. "And then there was two." He said as he watched Sochi and Smokey walk off. "You look good today. I like when you look simple." I said walking beside him. He looked down at me, "thanks, you <a href="">look</a> mighty fine yourself." I chuckled. "Why you so corny?" "You don't like it, cause I can stop." He said with a serious face. "No, I like it. Someone with humor makes my day." We walked side by side in silence. "So what you wanna do?" He asked, I shrugged. He stopped and smiled, "I got a plan." He said grabbing my hand stringing me along. I wondered what he had planned.

The girls and <a href="">I</a> pulled up to Rashaad's house his neighborhood wasn't anything like the one we all grew up in but it wasn't so bad either. We all hopped out of his car. "Well ladies, welcome to my casa." He said escorting is towards his front door. He grabbed his key from his key chain and opened the front door revealing a well put together home. It had this warm feeling to it, I liked it, it made me feel comfortable. "Yo, Shaad, did you bring me something to eat nigga?" Ethan asked coming out of the kitchen while looking at his phone. "Ethan!" Siah screached running over to him and embracing him in a hug. He wrapped his arms around her, embracing her back while kissing her neck and whispering in her ear. She pulled out of the embrace and giggled. I smiled because they were just so cute and didn't even realize it. "Go ahead and get comfy y'all, me casa is su casa." Rashaad said walking into the kitchen. I took that as a go and took off my shoes and got comfortable on the couch reaching for the remote. The girls all looked at me and did the same. Shaad came back out with a few sodas and chuckled. "Y'all really did get comfy, huh?" He said taking a seat next to Tay. "Aye, when is Smokey coming?" Sochi questioned reaching for a soda. "That nigga should be here soon." Rashaad answered. We all sat there watching the tv, except for Ethan and Asiah who were all caked up. About thirty minutes into the show we were watching the doorbell rang. We all looked at the guys, waiting on them to answer it. "Who is it?" Ethan yelled. "Smokey nigga!" They yelled back. "Alright, come in, the doors open!" The door swung open and in walked Smokey and Kevin. Kevin closed the door behind him as Smokey greeted everyone before smirking at Sochitta and taking a seat next to her. She rolled her eyes, pretending she didn't like him. Kevin nodded at everyone and took a seat. "Aye! Y'all wanna go to the mall?" Shaad asked. We all looked at eachother and nodded.

"So what are our plans for today babe?" <a href="">I</a> asked Kevin over the phone as I painted my nails. "Well, I was gunna hang out with my boys today." "You mean Eric and them? That's fine i'll invite my girls." "No, I meant smokey and them." I crossed my eyes, I don't understand why he enjoyed hanging out with those guys. I mean c'mon they're from East Palo Alto! "Nevermind, i'll speak to you later." I said hanging up. I sighed, my girls were busy today doing some irrelevant ass s*** and my boyfriend was busy. I guess this meant some retail therapy. I stood up and wobbled to the bathroom making sure not to mess up my toenails and plugged in my flat iron. I finished on my hair and make-up walking back into the room and got dressed. I took a look in the <a href="">mirror</a> and blew myself a kiss. God, I was gorgeous. I grabbed my things and headed out, as I was walking downstairs my dad was sitting on the couch. "Hey daddy!" He looked up at me and smiled. "Hey princess." "Daddy, can I use your black card to go shopping?" He looked up at me and smiled. "Sure princess." He said pulling it out of his wallet and handing it to me. I smiled and hugged him kissing his cheek. "Thank you, I love you!" I said walking out the door and to my car.

I was walking in and out of stores with plenty of bags in my hands already. I walked into H&M and looked around at a few things, that is until I bumped into someone. "Watch where you're going!" We both said in unison looking up towards eachother. I smirked when I saw <a href="">Aaron</a>. "Hello Ms. Tatiana." He said smirking as well. "What are you doing here?" He questioned. "Shopping, obviously." He chuckled, "So where is your boyfriend?" He asked looking around as if Kevin would appear out of nowhere. "He's kicking it with his boys." I said searching tnrough the rack of clothes. "So, once again he's left you by yourself." He said more as a statement rather than a question. I nodded, "but I don't need him moping around while i'm shopping anyway. He would just be a bother." I said picking up a top and looking at it. "Well than maybe we can shop together since we, you know, enjoy the same things." I smirked, "Do as you please but just know that shopping with me is endless hours of time." "And i'm perfectly fine with that." I smiled and walked away with him trailing behind.

Uh, okay.

Only if something comes to mind.

sooooooo yeah you should definitely add to this Dany

run it

very fake indeed! if imust say so myself

Tati does the f***ing most...everything gotta be a damn competition to her......she gets on my nerves......hope she knows her boyfriend is into her sister womp womp womppppp

Tati does the f***ing most...everything gotta be a damn competition to her......she gets on my nerves......hope she knows her boyfriend is into her sister womp womp womppppp

Run It

RunIt! I dont like that sly comment Kevin made to Tati, like when says she should be lucky, nigga please !!

I swell a threesome lmao damn he is reallyyyy feeling tori smh at some point something is gonna happen PAUSE if he invited them over will Tati be there O_o hmmm?? *rubs chin*
Run it

Kevin shouldn't talk to people like that then. Could wind up using him, if they already haven't.

Run it!!!

"So tell me why lastnight Tatiana was doing the most, this b**** had the audacity to tell me to change my goddamn clothes! Like the f***? I am not trying to impress anyone." I said chewing on my fries. "Girl, you know damn well your sister is crazy." Tay said sipping on her Powerade. The girls all nodded. "Moving onto the next thing, Rashaad wants us all to kick it this weekend." Siah did a little high pitch screech, "I finally get to see Ethan!" We all looked at her. "You and Ethan talk everyday, I would think that by now you would've hung out with him." She shook her head, "He lives in East Palo Alto, so we can't see eachother." "I thought they lived around here?" Tay and Siah shook their head. "So are y'all down or what?" Sochi and I looked at eachother. "Hell yeah!" We all said doing our handshake.
"Nigga, what are you staring at?" One of my teammates Tyler asked. "Uh, nothing." I said paying attention back to the crew. He turned and looked in the direction I was just looking. "Oh, I see you! You tryna f*** them both! I smell threesome!" He said trying to dap me up. I looked at him with a blank face, I didn't see that situation funny at all. "C'mon nigga, lighten the f*** up! It was a joke." I shook it off and continued eating, sometimes I wished my boys went to school with me but they all lived in the east side of town. Sometimes I wished I wasn't wealthier than my real friends. I mean the guys I hung out with here were cool dudes, but they’re just fake as f*** and fake wasn’t what I associated with. That was kind of the reason I like Tori, she wasn’t fake her sister on the other hand was something else.

ilove this! its real gud
kev likes tori kev likes
tori lol which ithink is
kute and sister r not
umm tati wulda had a
nice talk wit my very
understanding fist......
shes tori is
a daddys grl and shes a
mommys grl (shrugs) ilike
tori's hair btw and ummm
dallas is hott rite?? lol
ilike her friends too....
and sochi kno she want
michael/tyga lol she betta
get him lol kev can get the
business lol and for tati
not to tell nobody she got
a twin....awesome sister rite??
bt n e way ilove this yu gotta
RUN IT!!! yes plz thank yu :)


love it
ruuuun it :)

I totally forgot this story for a second.

I promise i'll have an add typed up either today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the runs.

I think Tori and Kevin should be together because they're both very chill people, while on the other hand Tati is like doing all this extra stuff for no reason. I do understand you wanna make a good impression, but dang -___- calm down.

Dallas seems nice, but in the end I feel like he's gonna start actin a fool.

Run It!!!

I thought this story got deleted but it isn't so run it pleaseeee

forgot the most important part


He so wants her !!

Lmaoo, omgosh Dany.. @ Tori on the xbox.. I do that.. even when I answer the door for my brothers friends, I`m like..

*Opens Door* "Hey Kepps," *lets him in*

*turns walks away* "You`re all sheit c***, watever.. yeah 1v1" lmaooo

Tati is just too much she don't deserve Kevin. I like him better with Tori he seems more himself. Run It

Girl you need to run this; I love how Tori and Tati are completely different both style and personality wise. I would prefer Tori with Kevin although Dallas seems like a nice guy, I think Tori and Kevin have that connection that Tati wished she had. I don't get why she was actin so stuck up towards Tori being around Kevin anyways

Run iT! <3

I like this :) RUN!

Tati be blowing meeee!! What did her parents do and how was tori rude smh
Run it

Kevin got a thing for tori he tryna smash lmaooo

Tati needs to just stop being so over the top

Lol at cornbread tho

Run ittttttt

"Mom, are you sure you made everything correct for dinner tonight?" I asked standing next to her watching her cut up the toasted bread for tonights dinner. "Tatiana, I made everything perfectly fine. Now relax." "How am I supposed to relax mom? My boyfriend is coming over for dinner and it needs to be perfect." I looked her over, she was wearing a maxi dress. "You're not wearing that are you?" I asked, she pulled her head back. "And what's wrong with this?" "Well it's just--" she cut me off. "Shh, I don't want to here it. Just go get ready." I rolled my eyes and made my way upstairs gathering my things to shower. As I stepped out, I lotioned up slipping on my undergarments and standing infront of my closet. I wanted to look cute, but not overdone. I finally decided on something and slipped it on. I checked my appearance in the mirror adjusting my <a href="">outfit</a>. I smiled at myself and walked over to my vanity to begin on my make-up and hair. I finished up and touched myself up with some jewelry, I look cute. I got up and walked down the stairs to see my sister on the couch playing her video games. "Are you wearing <a href="">that</a> to dinner?" I asked noticing she was still wearing the same clothes from school today. "I'm not going to go change just because you said." She said turning and glancing at me. "I mean its dinner, plus you just over dressed yourself for the both of us." She said with a little smirk. I rolled my eyes and walked back into the kitchen to assist my mother.
I swear, my sister had some damn nerves. Who gives a s***, how i'm dressed. "Yo Tori, somebody sent me a request asking to join our clan!" Sochi said. "Deny him, everyone knows if you wanna join you need to play me." "Alright, I got you." I continued blasting people and s***. "Sochi he's in area C, bust a cap in his ass!" In the corner of my sceen appeared a friend request. "Aye, who was the name of the person who wanted to join?" I asked Sochi adjusting my headset. "Uh, he had some odd future name type s***." I chuckled, "this nigga just asked to join." She chuckled, "well than handle him, but I gotta go my mom is trippin' she want me to wash these dishes." "Alright then." I said and she logged off. I went to main screen to see what was up with this kid. "Lemme' join in on your clan!" Some ten year olds voice rang through my headset. "Hold old are you like ten?" "Nah, i'm fourteen, so you gunna let me join or what?" I chuckled, "man, you have to go through initiation first. You have to play me because I don't let bums on my team." He smacked his lips. "You don't want to play me, I will whoop your girly ass." "Let your skills speak for yourself." I said starting a game between him and I. I crept around the corner in search of him. "So how old are you ma?" I busted out laughing. "Do not try to run some game on me. I am old enough to be your older sister. Where you from though?" "Atlanta." "I should've figured since you got that cornbread accent." I said chuckling, he smacked his lips. "Shut up! You probably some ugly fat b****." "Do I sound like some ugly fat b****?!" He was quiet, "didn't think so, you're probably some fat ass little boy that gets no girls, s*** i'm probably the first girl you've ever spoken to!" I watched as he wondered around and quickly shot at hin but he dodged it. "Man, I stay getting pussy!" I laughed. "You're hand don't count." I said coming near him and blasting him straight in the dome. "BOOM b****!" I yelled, he smacked his lips. "Best two out of three, I let your ass win." He said, "alright, just because you're being the baby that you are." I started another game and we began playing again. The doorbell rang and my mom yelled for me to get it. I stood up and answered it, while still playing my game. I turned to see <a href="">Kevin</a> wearing the same thing he was wearing earlier today at school. I put the game on pause. "Man, what you pause it for?" Cornbread asked. "Nigga, hold the f*** on!" I turned my attention back to Kevin and smiled. "Welcome to my house." I said letting him walk through. He smiled and gave me a quick hug. "Tatiana! Kevin's here!" I said unpausing my game, no sooner was she walking through the door. "Hey babe!" She said giving him a hug and a kiss on the lips, my mom walked in behind her smiling. "Nice to meet you! I'm Aaliyah." She said extending her hand, he smiled back. "Nice to meet your Mrs. Wilde." "Well, let's have dinner." I still stood there playing. "Victoria, get off that game!" I rolled my eyes. "Cornbread, I gotta go, but you're a legit player so you're in." "Cool!" He said excitement in his voice. I chuckled and logged off, turning off my Xbox and waltzing into the kitchen taking a seat a cross from Kevin and Tatiana.

We all bowe our heads and said a quick prayer. When we were done, I reached for the spaghetti at the same time as Kevin. "Victoria, guests first." I rolled my eyes and let him have it. "No, it's fine, ladies first." He said letting me have it. I grabbed it and poured some onto my plate. "A young man with manners, I like that." He smiled, "well, my parents raised me right." "This is delicious Mrs. Wilde." He said as my mother smiled and thanked him. They sat there conversating a little more as I ate my food quietly like I always did. "I'M HOME!" A voice boomed through the house, I smiled and stood up in excitement. "Dad!" I said embracing him into a hug as he walked into the dining room. He smiled and hugged me back kissing the top of my head. He walked around and kissed my mother and Tatiana. "Honey, what are you doing home early? I thought you weren't coming back until Friday?" He nodded, "we finished recruitment early." He said walking to his spot at the table. "And who are you?" He asked questioning Kevin. "Daddy, this is my boyfriend." Tati said introducing him. Kevin stood up and greeted him with by shaking his hand. "Kevin Cervantes sir." My dad glared at him. "Leiutenant Kyle Wilde. Is your father perhaps Air Commander David Cervantes." He nodded. "That would be my father sir." I sat there watching them talk.
"So, Kevin what plans do you have for yourself after high school? Are you joining the air force?" Mr. Wilde questioned staring me down. I rubbed the back of my neck glancing at Tati beside me and looking at Tori who gave me a nod as if saying <em>just tell him, he's supportive.</em> "Well, I was actually hoping to get a scholarship for basketball to a good college and go pro." He nodded, "what's average per game?" "About 30-40 range." He nodded, "well everyone knows i'm a man of dreams and I support everyone who has one, so I can't wait to see you on my television screen." I smiled, now I know where Tori got her supportiveness. "But you do have a fall back plan right?" Mrs. Wilde asked, I nodded. "If I don't get a scholarship, I was planning on going into the airforce like my father." "Victoria, would you mind getting the dessert?" Their mother asked. She stood up and walked out in the kitchen coming back with a tray of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. I thanked her as she passed them out. I sat here talking with Tati's parents in the livingroom while Tori was in the kitchen washing the dishes. Their parents were cool people, especially their dad. I stared ahead at the Xbox Tori was playing earlier today. Seeing her with the headset on and controller in hand was a major turn on, I shook the thought and looked at my watch. "I should get going. My parents are waiting up for me. It was nice meeting you Lt. Wilde and Mrs. Wilde." "Same here son. Tell your father I said hello." I nodded. "I will, once again it was a pleasure meeting you." "Bye Kev!" Tori called out from the kitchen, I chuckled. "Bye Tori!" I waved and walked out with Tatiana behind me. I stood against the hood of my car with Tatiana between my legs. "Sorry about my parents and rude sister." I chuckled. "It's fine, they're cool people." She pecked my lips. "So maybe next time, I can come to your place?" She asked with an eyebrow raised. "Maybe." I said leaning in and kissing her. She smiled and pulled away walking up her walkway as I got in my car and pulled off.

i really like tori her twin on the other hand can kick rocks lol... anyway run it

Run It

TAITIANA IS A b**** I'm sooo team Tori she just laid back taiti is drama queen lol RUN IT HUN