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<strong>Twin</strong>: <em>noun</em>

<em>1. either of two children or animals brought forth at a birth.</em>

<em>2. either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.</em>

Everyone wants one, but very few are chosen. Statistics say it's a ratio of 1 in 33 chance of having twins. Having twins is also based on your race and past genetics, there is a 1 in 60 chance of having fraternal twins. Then there's the ratio of identical twins that my mother and father were blessed with and that so happened to be 1 in 250.

I guess you can say having a twin isn't really all it was made out to be. Why you ask, because I have one. All I know is no matter how much Victoria and Tatiana Wilde look alike, they are nothing alike.
I hate the way this was written, but it will have to do. I want honest opinion.


I had to read kevs part 3 times to click it was him hahaha..
i like it tho


Run it!!!!!!!!

I'm curious to see what happens at dinner

I already know Tati gon be rude

Kevin needs to chill out with his feelings towards tori

He better bag it up and sell it lol

Run it!!!!!

Damn Kevin really feeling tori. This will not end well since he's going out with her sister smh
Run it

"Ms. Wilde, you have a letter." Mr. Morris said holding it up into the air. I set my pen down on my desk and made my way to the front of the classroom. I took it from him and trotted back to my desk. I sat down and looked at my name in cursive that sat on the front of the envelope. I opened it pulling out the letter inside, I read it over and smiled to myself trying to contain my excitement. I could feel someone looking over my shoulder, I looked to my right turning my attention to Kevin who was trying to see what I was reading. He smiled a goofy ass smile. "What's that?" I chuckled and handed him my letter as he read it over. A smile formed on his face. "Yo, that's what's up!" He said dapping me up. "I'm gunna have to check you out when season comes around." I smiled as he handed me back my letter. "My dad's going to be just as excited as I am. I just need him to come home so I can tell him." I said stuffing it into the bag. "Where's your pops?" He asked while finishing up his work. "Out in Hawaii." "Why?" "He's down at the Naval Base training the new recruiters for the navy." He looked over at me. "Your dads in the navy?" "Tati, doesn't tell you things like this." "If she did, I wouldn't be asking." I made an 'o' shape with my mouth. "How long has he been in the navy?" "Since he was eighteen." He nodded. "If basketball doesn't workout for me, i'm going into the airforce." I looked over at him. "You'll make it, I have faith in you."
She said smiling at me, I smiled back. Unlike Tatiana, she actually believed in me. Tati told me that it's a one in a million chance that I would be a pro-baller. "Your sister tells me that you've been chatting it up with my boy Dallas lately." A smile appeared on her face as soon as I mentioned his name. "Yeah, he's cool people." I nodded. "Just be careful with him. Don't let his pretty boy exterior fool you, he enjoys dogging girls." "I'm a big girl Kevin, I can handle myself." "I know you can, but I don't want a girl as gorgeous as yourself getting dogged out by him." Hold the phone, did I just call her gorgeous? f*** Kevin, you can't get caught up in her, she's your girlfriends sister and her identical sister at that. I guess she heard it too because there was and awkward silence. "I'm coming over for dinner tonight." I said trying to break the awkwardness, "that's cool. I guess i'll see you at dinner tonight then." She said gathering her bag just as the bell rang. Way to go Kevin, you just had to f*** it up.

add coming soon. I just have writers block with this one.

Yeahhh get it girl!! lol..
That trainning it is a dope way to workout!!
She goes hard for what she wants!!

I really like that Dany, and I know I say it a lot lol


Add coming :)

I finished up my dance with Dallas as the song came to and end. By now the sun was down and the moon shunned throughout the whole backyard. "I need a drink." I said fanning myself, all this dancing had me hot. "I'll come with." He said lacing his fingers with mine, I smiled and let him lead the way to the kitchen. As we walked in very few people mingled in here. Kevin and my sister being two of them. "Kev, haven't seen you all night man." He said dapping him up. Kevin smiled, "been busy, you know." Dallas glanced over at Tatiana and looked back at me. "You're a twin?!" I chuckled. "Yup." "What do you want to drink?" He asked looking over the array of drinks. "Fruit punch is fine." I said sitting up on the counter. "No liquor?" "Nope, I have to drive home." I watched as he poured my drink and handed it to me. "A girl with priorities and responsibilty, I like that." I bit my lip and smiled. I looked up to see the clock on the wall. It was going on 12:00 I needed to leave since I needed to meet up with Will at 6 in the morning to start my workout. "Do you need to leave Cinderella?" I chuckled. "Actually yes, I have somewhere to be in the morning." I said hoping off the counter. "Well than let me walk you out." I smiled and looked over to Kevin. "Thanks for the invite Kev, see you on Monday." "Nah, thanks for coming." I waved and walked out the kitchen and through the livingroom.

When we walked outside I could see my girls all posted up by my truck. Sochitta's eye light up as she ran over to me. "Tori please tell him to leave me alone!" She said with pleading eyes. I chuckled. "Smokey, leave my girl alone, she doesn't want you." He smiled at her then me. "Tori, I can't! We're meant to be, our names even sound good together, Smokey and Sochi." We all laughed, Dallas looked down at me and smiled. "These your friends?" I nodded. "Let me intoroduce them real quick. That is Taylah, the one with the big hair. Aysiah is the one with the shaved sides and this is my little asian baby Sochitta." He smiled and waved. "I need to get going, so turn my truck on b****!" I said to Sochi handing her my keys. She flipped me the bird and walked away. Dallas and I stood face to face. "I had a better time than I normally would, you're cool people Tori, so would you mind if I have your number?" He asked with his phone in his hand. "Nah, I wouldn't mind." I said taking it and sticking in my digits. I smiled and handed it back. "Make sure you use that." I said pecking his cheek and walking away into the drivers seat. I buckled up and pulled out as all the guys watched. "Yo, he was fine!" Tay complimented. "Yeah, Tori he was all over you, like white on rice." We all laughed at Siah's stupid comment. "Whatever, I know damn well y'all was enjoying your time with the boys. Especially Sochi, she had Smokey all over her." She smiled, "he was fine, but I have to make that nigga work for it." "Man, f*** that! Ethan can have all of me in a heartbeat." Siah said rolling her eyes. "s***, Rashaad can get some of me but not all." She said winking. We all laughed as we headed to our destinations.
"C'mon Tori, push! We work hard to play hard!" Will yelled as I ran uphill pulling a large ass tire behind me. I finally made it to the top taking off my gas mask and bending over catching my breath. "Good job kid!" He said patting my back. I had been here since six this morning working out and it was now going on 8:30. You see, <a href="">Will</a> was not only my boxing coach from when I was a kid but my trainer as well. Every Sunday before sunrise he had me working out and we weren't in the gym doing it. He felt that nature provides us with a better workout than any gym could give me, that's why we were outside. He picked up the giant tire as if it was nothing and walked beside me. "Why do I have to wesr the gas mask again?" I asked toying with it. "Because it increases your breathing. That way without it you breathe better when running." I nodded. "So is your dad home?" He asked throwing the tire into his truck. I shook my head, "no, he's suppost to be home next week. He said that they didn't need him out there that long." He nodded. "So next week, same time new location though. I'll text you the address." I nodded and hopped in my truck that was parked beside him. Now it was time to head home, shower and go to church.

Run it

Run it


what a whore
I really dont like her...
and she is too stuk up to notice that she is the issue


Oooooooooh Tati nastyyyyyyyyy

I'm still curious to see where Kevin and Tori end up

If they end up anywhere at all

Sooooo run it!!!!!

Oooooooooh Tati nastyyyyyyyyy

I'm still curious to see where Kevin and Tori end up

If they end up anywhere at all

Sooooo run it!!!!!

"Why did you invite her?" I asked with my arms folded across my chest. "Tati, why are you trippin', that's your sister." He said staring at me, I rolled my eyes. "So what if she's my sister. Since when are you and her <em>buddies</em>? Last time I checked, you didn't even know about her." He rolled his eyes. "Look, I don't have time for this. If you're going to start drama, you can dip because at this point I just want to have fun." He said walking past me and out the back doors. I stood there shocked that he was acting like this. Over summer he and I were perfectly fine, but now that we're actually together in person it isn't the same. I shook it off and turned to look at myself in the mirror beside me fluffing my hair. I served myself a drink before heading out and searching for Sky and Ana. I had spotted them out. Sky talking to <a href="">Josiah</a> and Ana talking to <a href="">Brandon</a>. I decided against walking over there and ruining there flirting session. I walked over to the chairs by the pool and took a seat. I bobbed my head a little to the music. I was too into the song that I didn't hear anyone or anything. "Tatiana!" I jumped and looked towards the pool to see <a href="">Aaron</a> getting out. "You scared me!" I said shoving him, he chuckled and wiped his face with a towel that sat on the table. He took a seat and looked at me. "Where's your man?" I rolled my eyes. "Somewhere having a good time." "And why isn't he having a good time with you?" I shrugged knowing exactly why. "Well, if I was him I would never leave your side. Matter of fact, i'd be showing you off. Especially in that outfit." He said looking me over, I blushed. "That's sweet, but he'll realize that soon." We sat there and talked until some <a href="">girl</a> came up to him. "Dance with me Aaron?" He looked over at me then her. "Sure thing. I'll see you around Tati." I waved and watched him walk off with to the dance floor with her.
"Yo Kev, i'm glad you can finally make it. Lemme' introduce you to my future wife, Sochitta." She rolled her eyes. "Nigga, I will never be your girlfriend, babymama, wife or even mistress." He grabbed his chest. "Why you gotta hurt me like that?" She shook her head, I looked around their group and noticed Tori wasn't around. "Where Tori at?" I asked, "over there getting her flirt on. GET IT TORI!" She yelled as Tori looked over and waved her off. She was sitting talking to my nigga Dallas. "Where your girl though nigga?" Shaad asked. "Somewhere around here pissed." I said. "She don't look pissed talking to Aaron." Ethan said pointing over to where Tati sat laughing alongside Aaron. I watched them closely, then Ethan's ex Kim or some s*** came by and grabbed him. "Aye y'all, i'll be back. I have to handle something." They all nodded and I made my way around the pool to where Tatiana sat. "What were you talking to Aaron about?" I asked coming up beside her, she looked up at me and rolled her eyes. "Don't worry about it." I sighed and grabbed her hand dragging her along and into the house, we walked past people and up the stairs and into my room. I shut the door behind me and looked at her. "Why are we in here?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest. "Tatiana, i'm sorry, okay? I don't want you to be mad at me." I said pulling her by her waist and wrapping my arms around her. "Kevin, I---" I cut her off by kissing her. Her arms slowly draped across my neck as she kissed back. "I don't want you mad, smile babygirl because you're mine. Any girl would love to be in your place." She smiled and kissed me again. "I'm sorry to, so let me make it up to you." She said whispering in my ear, I could feel her hand move down into my shorts, she winked at me as she pushed me onto the bed and got on her knees.

Tati I Susch A Btch!!!

Ohhh he sexy!!
Smehh I knew Tati would be a B lol..

How about I double checked on the names Tati's crew were trying to impress haha... SAFE!!

I was worried they had the other girls guys lol.. be funny tho


I feel a connection!

So many connections everywhere lol

I definitely thought Tati would be more mad then she was

She probably going off on Kevin.


The girls and I followed behind Kevin into his backyard as he led us threw the massive crowd. "Let me show you ladies to the drinks." He said leading us into the kitchen. On our way there, I watched at how he interacted with his guests. "Alright ladies, here's the drinks. I don't condone drinking but I do provide it." I shook my head at his silliness. "What are you drinking?" I asked looking into his cup. "Just some punch." He said. "You little pussy." Sochi said mixing herself a cup of RedBull and Vodka. He shrugged, "Not everyone can get down like you ladies." We all chuckled. "What are you doing here?" I sighed, I knew that voive anywhere. "I was invited! Problem?" I said questioning my sister. She crossed her arms over her chest. "And who invited you?" She said, I pointed in Kevin's direction. "Oh really?" She said eyebrows raised. "And that's our que to go. Now if you two would excuse us." Aysiah said as we followed her lead. We took sips of our drinks vibing to the music that was being played. "I really wanna go swimming." Sochi said beginning to remove her clothing. I nodded agreeing with her and doing the same. By now all of us were just kicking it on the shallow end of the pool sitting on the steps as everyone swam on the deeper end. The girls and I were just chatting it up when our sun was being covered. We all looked up to see <a href="">him</a> standing before us. "Do you lovely ladies mind if I join you?" We shrugged, "Suit yourself, it ain't our pool." Sochi said sipping on her drink and fixing her sunglasses, he made his way and took a seat next to Sochi. "What's your name babygirl?" He asked smiling. She gave him a blank stare, "Sochitta, and why the f*** you got all that goddamn gold on?" She said talking about the gold chains around his neck. "Oh, you mean these?" He asked holding them up, "You don't like them?" "I do, but why you have them on, this is a pool party!" Everyone else and I chuckled because Sochitta had officially found the male version of herself. "Excuse me for not introducing myself. I'm Bryce, but please feel free to call me Smokey." "You stay getting high, don't you?" Taylah said, he shrugged. "Something like that." Sochitta chuckled, "What you laughing at babygirl." "Your dumbass and why they invited you." He grabbed his chest, "That hurt, and if you may know Kevin is my cousin." He said wrapping his arm around her shoulder, she pushed it off as we continued talking.

"Damn Bry, you chillin' with the most gorgeous looking girls at the party and didn't invite us!" We all looked up to see <a href="">him</a>. Smokey smacked his lips, "I wanted them all to myself." The other guy shrugged, "Well now, you have to share." He said taking a seat between Taylah and I as his friend took one by Aysiah. "I'm Rashaad, and that guy right there is my brother Ethan." He said pointing to the <a href="">boy</a> next to Aysiah. "Brothers?" I asked confused. "Step-brothers." Ethan said, looking at Aysiah. Right then I could feel the connection, he seemed like the pretty boy type and if you knew Siah, she was obviously the pretty girl. "Aye, weren't you just in there with Kev?" I shook my head. "Man T, I would hate to be you. Everyone always seems to get you confused with Tatiana." "Actually no, that's my twin." I said. He moved his head back. "There's two of you beauties?" I nodded, "Well damn, do you have a twin?" He asked Taylah. She rolled her eyes, "Boy bye!" I chuckled and swam from their little circle and took a quick swim before walking out and over to where the beach chairs laid out in the grass. Might as well get my tan on, I was just tanning, vibing to the music when one again my sunlight was blocked. I sighed in frustration, "I'm really going to need you people to stop blocking my sunlight." I said opening my eyes and seeing <a href="">his</a> gorgeous face. "Well damn, excuse me just wanted to see if you were alive." I sat up and chuckled. "Sorry, it's just lately people been blocking my sun." He smiled and took a seat on the chair next to me. "Dallas." He said extending his hand. "Tori."

I already know s*** is gonna hit the fan when Tati sees Tori

Tori's bathing suit is so cute!!!!!!

Kevin's brother tho!!!!!! Mmm mmm mmm lol

Run it!!!!!!

I sooo know hells gon break loose hahaha..
I love Tori's bikini top and Siah's entire Bikini


Run it

Tori Bathing Suit Is Toooooooo Cute:)

<a href="">I</a> checked my appearance in the mirror. Today I was actually going with my hair natural. I spayed a little perfume on to my wrists, and winked at myself grabbing my clutch and car keys in the process. "Where are you headed?" My mother asked. "To a pool party." I said nonchantly while grabbing a few grapes. "Well aren't you going to swim? You can't swim like that?" I rolled my eyes. "Mom, this is not just any pool party, this pool party is the one of my boyfriend. I obviously have to look cute, I mean I am his arm candy." She smiled, "boyfriend, huh? And when do I meet him?" I smiled, "soon, but I have to go. See you later." I said pecking her cheek and walking out to pick up my girls. I pulled up to Skylwrs house and watched her walk out in a cute cover up dress which showcased her bikini on the bottom. She hopped in the front seat, "girl, that is cute!" She said complementing my outfit. I smiled and thanked her, driving to Anayeli's house. As soon as I pulled up, she was waiting outside. She waltzed over to the car, the fringe of her cover up bouncing as she walked, she as well was wearing a bikini underneath but if you knew my girls they were only wearing them for show because just like me they never got in the pool. "So who are y'all trying to looke cute for?" I said pulling off. "Truth, i'm trying to impress Josiah." Sky said checking her make-up. "Brandon." Ana said fixing her top. "I see, so you guys are trying to hook-up with Aaron's crew!" They nodded. "I mean, Kevin got cute friends but they aren't our type."

We finally pulled up to Kevin's house and you could hear the music blaring from the backyard. My girls and I stepped out of my car and strutted our way up the walkway and through the side gate. Everyone who was anyone was here. Some stood around chatting it up, while others were in the pool, and the others dancing. My girls and I walked through the crowd, as we walked I noticed Kevin talking to his boys. "Hey bae!" I said coming up beside him and kissing his cheek. He nodded and finished up his convo with his boys. "You want something to drink?" He asked. I shook my head, "okay, but if you want anything drinks are in the kitchen. No if you'll excuse me, I have to go." "Where you going?" I asked kind of angry that he wasn't spending time with me. "I have to go entertain my guests, I promise though when i'm done i'll be here with you." I smiled and pecked his lips as I watched him get lost in the crowd of people. I turned around and faced my girls, chit chatting it up while he handled his business.
I slipped my denim shorts over my <a href="">swimsuit</a> deciding not to even put on a shirt over the bikini top since it kind of looked like a cute bandeau. I grabbed my white gladiator sandals and slipped them on. I stood up and grabbed my shoulder bag throwing my sunscreen and iPhone into it. I grabbed my ray-bans and slipped them on making my way down the stairs. No one was home, so I just walked out of the house and hopped in to my truck. I blasted <em>Mercy</em> as I pulled up to Taylah's house. I honked the horn and out walked Taylah in some tan shorts and a white tank top that covered her <a href="">swimsuit</a>. She hopped in buckling up and taking off her ray-bans. She pulled out some sunscreen from her bag and began putting it on. I chuckled, "well sorry, that a b**** doesn't want to get burnt." I laughed and pulled off to Sochi's house. When we pulled up both her and Aysiah sat there ready to go. Sochi had some denim shorts and a white muscle tee covering up her <a href="">swimsuit</a>, and her hair was up in a bun with a cute head scarf sitting in a little bow. Aysiah sat beside her in just some khaki shorts that covered the bottom half of her <a href="">swimsuit</a>. They saw me pull up and jogged over, they buckled up and I turned up the radio as Beyonce's <em>We Like To Party</em> played.

I searched around for some parking and just decided that I would park in the drive-way, s*** I was not trying to walk super far, especially not in this heat. "Yo, can you park here?" Tay asked unbuckling her seatbelt, I shrugged. "s***, I don't know but I am not walking far as hell in this heat just because I can't park here." They shrugged and we hopped out. "Yo, no y'all ain't allowed to park here!" We all turned around to see <a href="">Kevin</a> holding a plastic red cup in his hand. "Nigga, I don what I want!" He looked at me and moved his head back a little. "This you little Tori?" I nodded. "Damn, you ride with the big boys." He said checking out my truck. I chuckled and he embraced me in a hug. "Glad you can make it, you ladies as well. You all look gorgeous." We smiled, "the party is around back, drinks in the kitchen and have fun. Also--" just as he was about to say something he was cut off by <a href="">him</a>. They looked so much alike, you would think they were twins. "Alright baby bro, i'm headed out. Don't burn down the house because mom thinks i'm here chaperoning." He nodded. "Oh, Tatiana nice to meet you." I chuckled. "Nah bro, wrong one. This is her twin Tori. Tori, my brother Kyle." I smiled and extended my hand as he shook it. "My bad little mama, I thought you were her just with different hair." "It's fine. Happens all the time." "Alright, so i'm gone for real. Tori nice meeting you." I waved as he dapped up Kevin. "Well ladies, let me lead you to the party.

Aweeeeee, Yayyyy!!
I figured she`d a caddy esca lol..
just suits her persaonality!!


I think Kevin is feeling her. And they have class together. Hmmmm I feel something is getting ready to happen.

Her dad got her a truck I know she tyte.

Can't wait for this party.

RUN IT!!!!!!!

<a href="">I</a> walked down the stairs and was greeted by my father. "Where are you going?" "Shopping with the girls for a party tomorrow. Can I take your truck?" I asked, he looked away from the television. "No you can't." He said staring back at the tv. "But dad, why?" I asked now confused, he always let me borrow the Tahoe. "Because, now do me a favor and go to the garage and get me a nice cold beer." I sighed and turned on the balls of my feet. I walked towards the garage and opened the door to see <a href="">this</a> parked there. "DAD!" I called, I could hear him getting up from his seat. I walked out of the doorway and made my way towards it. "What?" He asked appearing in the doorway. "When were you going to tell me you bought another car?" I asked, angry that he didn't take me. He chuckled, I didn't find this funny he knew I loved car shopping. "Babygirl, that car is yours." My face fell into shock. "You're lying!" He shook his head. "Nope, here are your keys." He said tossing me the keys. I caught them and stared at them sreaming a little and running place before running up to him and giving him a big hug while pecking his cheek repeatedly. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" He smiled. "I'm glad you like it, now go ahead and show it off." "Dad, you know I hate flaunting." I said, he chuckled. "I know, but you have no other choice since you're taking to the mall." I nodded. "You're right. I'm gunna go now, and thank you again." He smiled and watched me hop in it. I was so siked for this, I finally got my truck. I called up my girls and told them I was coming to pick them up.

"Do y'all think this is cute?" <a href="">Taylah</a> asked picking up this gold two piece. I shook my head and so did everyone else. "s***, I don't even think it's cute and i'm obsessed with gold." <a href="">Sochi</a> said. <a href="">Aysiah</a> nodded agreeing. We continued shopoing until we found the perfect swimsuits.
More tomorrow.


Add more pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


Why Is Tati So Jealous Of Tori???

"All right, let's meet at our usual spot for lunch, okay?" Tay said, we all nodded and went our separate ways. This would be the first time since middle school that my girls and I didn't have classes together, all because they decided not to take AP classes. I walked down the hall and chuckled at all the new freshman trying to find their classes. I rounded the corner just as the warning bell rang and entered my AP English class, it was half empty, so I took a seat in the back corner. Slowly it began to fill up and just as the bell rang, none other than Kevin stepped in, a smirk present on his face as the teacher rolled his eyes. His eyes grazed across the room and fell upon me. He smiled and began walking my way. I scanned the room to see an open seat near me and another one by some other girl. He sat next to me and nodded. "Everyone, go ahead and right down what is on the board. That will be your agenda for the week and soon after everyone is done, we will head to the library to get the book we'll be reading first." Said the teacher. "And since it's the first day of school, I will provide the paper for today but from now on you'll need a notebook." I recieved the paper from the girl infront of me and dug into my bag pulling out a purple pen. Just as I started writing, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked up and faced Kevin. "You got a pen I can use?" I nodded and dug into my bag pulling out another purple pen. "I only write in purple. Sorry." He chuckled. "It's fine."

I finished writing what was on the board and watched as everyone was still writing, beside me Kevin had just finished up and was tapping my pen against the desk. I reached into my bag and pulled out a piece of gum, I could feel his eyes on me. I turned and faced him, "what?" "I don't get a piece?" I sighed and dug into my bag again. "Do you want me to un-wrap it for you too?" I asked sacracastically, he nodded. "And while you're at it can you chew it for me?" He replied just as sarcastically. I chuckled and smacked him in the arm. By now kids were slowly finishing and having conversations within eachother. "Have you always taken classes like these?" I nodded, "since middle school." "Then why haven't I ever had an honor class with you?" He asked curious. "What term did you have your honor classes?" I asked, he though about it. "Spring, because by then I wasn't playing sports." "Well mine were in the fall, cause I wasn't playing sports around that time." He nodded. "Alright class, we'll be heading to the library now." Everyone stood up and walked out of the classroom, Kevin trailed behind me. "I never knew Tatiana had a twin, and that surprises me." He said more to himself. "I don't know how you never knew either, you probably thought we were the same person when you walked by me. I mean we are identical." "I probably did, s*** i'm clueless like that." I chuckled. "So what's sports you play?" He asked walking beside me. "Basketball and softball, mainly softball though. I'm aiming for a scholarship with that." He nodded. "Same here, i'm tryna go full ride with basketball, that sport right there is my life!" "I know exactly how you feel." "So since you're free of sports right now, you gunna come see a nigga play some football?" I looked at him like he was crazy. "No." "Why not?" "Because you're playing." He grabbed his chest. "That hurt." I chuckled, "Nah, i'm kidding. I probably will, I always do." He nodded, "that's what's up. Wear a shirt that says <em>Kevin's number one fan</em>!" I chuckled. "Nigga, that's what you have my sister for!" "Yeah, you're right." "I'm always right."

By now we had our books and were headed back to the classroom, Kevin and I took our seat in the back. There was five minutes until the bell rang so the teacher let us talk. "So look, i'm having a back to school party this Saturday and I would love for you and your girls to come through. You know just kick it. I figured i'd tell you myself because your sister didn't seem like she would. It's a pool party, so bring something to get wet in." I nodded, just as the bell rang we gathered our things and began walking out of the classroom together. "I hope to see you there." He said making his way opposite of me. I nodded and began walking until I bumped into Sochi as we walked to our Calculus class.
"So you don't have any classes with Kevin?" Sky asked as we sat in our English class. "No, because he's taking the stupid smart classes." She looked around the classroom and so did I. I mean to tell you the truth, Kevin was smart and if he was in a classroom like this he'd never get anything done. All we did was talk and throw things, five minutes into the class the teacher just gave up. "Anyways, did you see my sisters hair?" She nodded, "You know, I seriously think she was just trying to out do me on this one, but whatever." "So what are you wearing to Kevin's back to school bash?" She asked. I shrugged, "I want to wear something cute, yet sexy." "Do you plan on jumping into the pool?" I gave her a look that said <em>are you crazy</em>? She chuckled, "Okay, I should've known sorry for asking." I looked at the clock and began gathering my things. It was going to ring any second, just as I guessed it did. Skylar and I walked out of the classroom in search of Anayeli and Kevin, of course.


"So guess what ladies?" I said taking a seat at our table. "What's up?" Sochi asked digging into her pizza. "This weekend, I got and invite to Kevin's back-to-school party." They all gave me that look that said <em>and who the hell invited you</em>? And of course Aysiah was the first one to question it. "And who the hell invited you?" I chuckled, "Kevin." I said plainly. "Kevin?!" They all asked in unison. I nodded, "When did you talk to him? Besides this morning when you bumped into him." Sochitta asked. "We have first period together. So are y'all down or not? It's a pool party!" I said, they all danced in their seats. "s***, you know we're always down for a party!" Sochi said eating some more of her pizza. "Especially a party where I get to show off my body!" Tay said dancing in her seat. "I smell bikini shopping!" Aysiah yelled. We all giggled and continued on with our lunch.