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<strong>Twin</strong>: <em>noun</em>

<em>1. either of two children or animals brought forth at a birth.</em>

<em>2. either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.</em>

Everyone wants one, but very few are chosen. Statistics say it's a ratio of 1 in 33 chance of having twins. Having twins is also based on your race and past genetics, there is a 1 in 60 chance of having fraternal twins. Then there's the ratio of identical twins that my mother and father were blessed with and that so happened to be 1 in 250.

I guess you can say having a twin isn't really all it was made out to be. Why you ask, because I have one. All I know is no matter how much Victoria and Tatiana Wilde look alike, they are nothing alike.
I hate the way this was written, but it will have to do. I want honest opinion.


Team Tori all day!!!!!!

I think her and Kevin would be cute but idk how Tati is gonna feel about that one

And how in the hell did she not tell him she had a twin like what

But it is true how you can know the same people but clueless to others.

Anyway run it!!!! I love it!!!!!!

Sorryyyyyyyyy I'm reading it right now

But in the mean time run itttttt :)

I think he meant to ask Victoria out instead of Tati. RunIt!!

Aweee, I like Tori's friends..
They seem hella legit!!

I like this!


Run this!!

I Think Kevin && Tori Would Make A Better Couple Then Tati && Kevin:) Juss Sayinn!!!

"I wake up early in the morning, round the crack of dawn and wave to my neighbors like wassup..." I sang along to Soulja Boy's 'Speakers Going Hammer" as I prepared for my first day of school. I was standing in my closet looking for something to wear. I had so many clothes but at the moment I hated them all. I stepped back and looked over my closet coming across the row of shoes at the bottom. I smiled when I saw my red chucks, I picked them up and rummaged up an outfit. I set it out on my bed and walked over to my vanity and began on curling my hair. After I finished that I put on some make-up, I wasn't big on make-up so I put on a little and made it looked natural. I smiled at myself and walked over to my bed putting on my <a href="">outfit</a>. I blew myself a kiss and grabbed my backpack and iPhone. I trotted down the stairs and into the kitchen pecking my father on the cheek. I looked over to see Tati <a href="">dressed</a> as if she was going to a club. She looked me over and began eating her food. "Do you want breakfast Victoria?" My mother asked, I crossed my eyes. She was still pissed at me for dying my hair. "Yeah, but i'm going to make it to go." I said warming up a flour tortilla and putting eggs, cheese, and bacon in it making myself a breafast burrito. My mother and sister looked at me in disgust. "Why don't you sit and eat?" "Can't, Taylah is waiting for me outside. Bye!" I said waving and grabbing a juice. I walked outside to see Taylah in her BMW with the girls in the backseat. All their faces had shocked written all over them. I hopped in the front seat. "You actually went through with it!" Aysiah said touching my hair. "Whoop, whoop! Another blondie in the crew." Sochi said dancing in her seat. "It looks good though." Tay said pulling off, "and your fit looks cute too." I smiled thanks. "I like your <a href="">fit</a> too. Especially them Lebrons." "What about me though? Am I making a statement or what?" Aysiah asked applying more lipgloss. I turned and looked her <a href="">outfit</a> over. "It's cute especially that hair. I swear, you are the only girl that will be able to pull off having both sides of your hair shaved." She chuckled. "Well s***, I don't even need a compliment cause I know i'm fly." Sochi said popping her collar. Sochi always stayed true to herself and that was always rocking gold in all her <a href="">outfits</a>.

We pulled up to the school parking lot, kids surrounded the building. I got off and so did the girls. We were talking and chatting it up, I was walking backwards while listening to Aysiah ramble to someone when 'thud', I found myself on the floor. That s*** hurt like a b****, like these b****es could have told me I was about to run into a wall. "Damn man, s*** like this would happen to me on the first day of school." I said to no one in particular. "My bad." Said someone extending their hand to help me up. I took it and stood uo adjusting my beanie. "Tatiana? You dyed your hair blonde?" I looked up to see none other than <a href="">Kevin Cervantes</a>. You could possibly say that he and I were both on a pedestal in the athletic world of this school, but when it came to him knowing who I was, was another story. I chuckled, "uh no, more like Victoria, her twin." "Oh god! You met her!" We both turned our head in the direction of my sister and her minions. "You have a twin?" He asked her. See what I meant, he and I knew the same people, but didn't float in the same boat. Unlike my sister, she was in that boat just because of her spot on the cheer team. He and I both looked at her, frustration clear in her face. "Unfortunately." She said looking up and gasping. "What did you do to your hair?" He smiled, "you like?" She shook her head. "Why?" Was all she said before walking off, I chuckled. "If it makes you feel any better, I like it." He smiled and I began walking off catching up with my girls. They were laughing like the s*** that just happened was funny. "Why the f*** didn't you guys tell me I was about to run into someone?" "We were, but when we decided to do it you were already on the ground." Taylah said chuckling. I rolled my eyes, as we all walked into the large wooden doors.

It`s official..

I don`t like Tati, she`s seems so stuck up..
Tori, is hella laid back, and pretty with blonde!!


Runnn ittttt

<a href="">I</a> walked down the stairs happier than ever. Today mom was taking Tori and I shopping for school. I was so excited, if there was something I loved more than my car, and money, it had to be shopping. I had skipped breakfast this morning to get ready, when I walked down the stairs I saw <a href="">Tori</a> typing away on her phone. She glanced up at me and turned back to what she was doing. "C'mon girls, let's get going." I followed my mother out to her car as Tori followed behind me. When we got to the mall, we all walked into Forever 21. Ten minutes that we had walked into the store I had almost everything from every rack in my hand. I looked over at Tori who had a few things. I saw her walking over to my mom and talking to her. My mom nodded and she walked out of the store. I rolled my eyes and continued shopping.

After being at the mall for almost three hours I had enough clothes to last me the rest of the school year, but if you know me, you would know that I would be coming back for more. Before going home my mom pulled up to a hair salon. "Why are we here?" I asked. "I have a hair appointment." Tori said getting off the car. My mom rolled down the window and handed her my dad's credit card. She waved to my mom and walked in. "What is she getting done?" I asked my mom. She shrugged. "I don't know, she just asked me to drop her off there." I shrugged and turned up the radio staring out the window. When we got home I was quick to go upstairs and and look at all my clothes. I slipped out of my shorts and and into some pajama shorts. I pulled out all my clothes and began to hang them up. After hanging them up, I looked at the time and turned on my laptop. I logged on to 'skype' and saw that he was online, I clicked his name. A few seconds later <a href="">his</a> face popped up. "Arghh!" I had a blank stare on my face. I hated when he acted goofy and he knows this. "Babe, why do you always have to hate on me." I scoffed, "I wouldn't if you would just act normal." He rolled his eyes. "What ya up to?" "Nothing, I just came back from shopping with my mom." He nodded, "You excited, next week you get to see your man." He said winking. I smiled. "I am. I still don't understand why you decided to ask me out during summer break though, like why didn't you do it during the school year." He shrugged. "Be happy I asked you." "I guess you're right." "I'm always right." He said dancing in his seat. I rolled my eyes. "So babe, I was thinking that for homecoming we could wear gold." He smacked his lips. "You're already thinking about that s*** and school hasn't even begun." "Yes or no." He scrunched up his face. "I'll think about, in the mean time I have to go." I sighed. "Fine, but you're not off the hook." He blew me a kiss and then logged off. I shut my laptop and walked downstairs.

I sat on the kitchen counter talking to my mom when I heard the front door open. I looked past her shoulder to see <a href="">Tori</a> walking through the door. Her hair was blonde, I wasn't going to lie though. It looked really good. My mom turned around to see what I was looking at and almost fainted. "Oh my goodness. Victoria Wilde, what did you do to your hair?!" She walked past my mom and rummaged through the fridge. "I wanted something thing different, plus you weren't trippin' when Tati got the blonde on the side of her hair." "Well yeah, that's because she didn't do all of it!" Tori rolled her eyes. "Ma chill! Dad is cool with it." She held her forehead. "You do realize you take your senior portraits next week, don't you?" She nodded. "I'm going to have a talk with your father." She said marching upstairs. I stuffed more grapes in my mouth before heading upstairs. My sister was obviously trying to up me on this one.


Love It && Please Add To Tough Reality:)

Awe, Thanks Harlz.

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Aweee @ Tati,
I can feel like.. She loves her dad, but is so use to him being with Tori, that she just does her.. awee..

the difference in how they prepared is so noticable as well lolz

I really love this story Dany.. Awee, I`ll be an active reader and runner <3



Love the introduction.. The statistics are so interesting, hope they are true lol.. probably are..

I love the beginning and the difference between the twins..

omgosh though... When Vans stepped up to the plate and the bases were fill, 2 strikes, 2 balls brought back so many memories lol.. I love this!!

The details of the game.. so visiual..

just adding my comment..

Ok, back to reading lol

Omgosh Dany..
Why have I not seen your story?!?!

Awee, I`ma read your story!! <3

RUNN in advance!

I stood in the middle of the backroom practicing the dance routine for the fifth time with my girls. "Tati, relax girl! You're going to wear us out before the real performance." My girl <a href="">Skylar</a> said taking a sip from her gatorade. "I know, but this has to perfect." "Trust, it's perfect. Now what we need to do is chill and get ready." My other girl <a href="">Anayeli</a> stated gathering her things. I nodded and we all gathered our duffle bags as we headed out to my <a href="">Audi</a>.  We threw our stuff in the trunk and hopped in the car. "You know, I still can't believe your dad bought you this car!" Sky said changing the station. "He loves me, i'm his princess." "Then why didn't he buy Tori one?" Ana asked poking her head inbetween the seats. "Because she didn't want a small car, he said he would get her something that she wanted though so she wouldn't feel left out. Anyways next week we start cheer!" I said changing the subject. "I know and it's our senior year, things are gunna be great." Sky said dancing in her seat. "Not only that but my boo is coming home." I said with a smile.

We all walked into my house and greeted my <a href="">mother</a>. "Hey ma." I said kissing her cheek. "Is <a href="">daddy</a> home yet?" She shook her head. "No, but he said he would be here soon." "Okay." Was all I said before walking up the stairs with my girls. "So one of y'all can use the shower down the hall, i'll use my parents shower and one of you can use the shower downstairs." They nodded and we split up to shower. As of right now, we were all in my room getting ready. I was sitting infront of the mirror flat ironing my hair as Ana sat beside my flat ironing hers as well. Since Sky had shorter hair, she finished sooner. "Why don't you ever leave your hair naturally curly?" I cut my eyes at her, "because that s*** is nappy as f***!" She shook her head at me. It was true though, I always straightened my hair, the only time it was curly was when it was up in a bun, when I go swimming or just too lazy to do it. That's what made Tori and I different, her hair was always let out naturally. I finished up my hair and sat up unplugging my flat iron. I pulled out my outfit and began to put it on. My girls and I were doing a hip hop dance so we were dressing kinda gangster but still girly. When we were done we all looked in the mirror and started taking a few pictures. We giggled and grabbed our bags and walked downstairs. My mom smiled, "ready?" We nodded and made our way out to her car.

We pulled up to the auditorium and all filed out of my mom's car and into the huge door. My mom went through the door that led her to the seats while the girls and I made our way backstage. "Okay, I need to make sure all groups and dancers are here, so i'm going to go around ask for names to make sure you guys are here." We all nodded and she made her way around marking off the names that were present. I peaked behind the curtain to see the crowd filling up. I noticed my mom but my dad was nowhere in sight, I sighed. Fifteen minutes later the announcer was on stage announcing the first act. My girls and I sat together stretching mentally preparing ourselves for our performance. We were the second to last performance out of a total of six five performances. Right now the third performance was finishing up, "Alright ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the second to last performance of our night. We bring to you the Golden Girls!" Everyone clapped and the music began to play and the curtain rose. I noticed my dad sneaking in his seat next to my mom but didn't see Tori, she didn't matter anyway.

I walked out of the auditorium to see my parents standing under one of the streetlights. My dad smiled and embraced me in a big hug. "I'm proud of you babygirl, you did great." I smiled "thanks daddy." "C'mon now lets go have some dinner to celebrate." "Where's Tori?" My mother asked. "At home, she said she needed a shower, so she dropped me off." "How did they tourney go?" "They won all of them up until the last one. They came in second though." My mother smiled. I sat back in my seat, even if she wasn't here he still talked about her.

Damnnnnnn they team bomb af!

I hope they make it to the recital in time.

Run it!!!!!!!!!

Run It

<a href="">I</a> walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. My dad sat in his usual spot drinking coffee while reading his morning paper. I kissed him on the cheek "Morning daddy." "Goodmorning." He said in return. "Morning mom." I said doing the same, she smiled. "Morning hun, go ahead and sit down." I took a seat across from <a href="">Tatiana</a> who was staring me down. My mother set a plate infront of me, I smiled and thanked her. She took her seat next to my father, he put his paper down and looked over at me. "Are you ready for today?" I nodded. Today I had a five game tournament with my softball team and I was more ready than ever. This would be my last game with my travel ball team before summer ends and my senior year at school began. "So what time do you think you and Tori will be back?" My mother asked my father. "We should be back before six, depending on how many games they win." He said biting into his toast. "Great! You'll be back in time before my performance." Tati said with the biggest smile on her face. He nodded, "i'd never miss it babygirl." She smiled. I stood up and excused myself to go get ready. I had to be there in an hour to get warmed up with the team. I stepped into my room and pulled out my things. I slipped on my slider shorts and then my purple Nike socks that went up to my knee. Over that I put on my black softball pants, I changed into my black sports bra and grabbed my purple and black team Jersey. I stood before my mirror and combed down my hair putting it into a ponytail and braiding the ponytail. When I finished I slipped in the ribbon turning it into a bow. I smiled at my appearance and walked over to my closet slipping on my black vans and grabbing my bag making sure it had my glove, batting gloves, bat, helmet, cleats, and nike slippers. I walked down the stairs to see my father waiting for me. "Ready?" I nodded. He stood up and grabbed my bag as we made our way outside. "Here!" He said tossing me the keys. I smiled, "I get to drive the Tahoe?!" He nodded, I smiled and hopped into the divers seat.

We soon pulled up to Robert Gross Park in Burbank. I parked the car and got off seeing multiple girls and their parents. I walked beside my dad into the gates and smiled at a few girls who I had been playing with or against since I learned how to play. This whole tournament was basically a family reunion for all these girls. My dad took a seat on the bleachers with the other parents and relatives who were here to watch. My dad knew most of these parents, so I wasn't worried. I walked into the dugout hanging up my bag and taking out my cleats and putting them on. I grabbed my glove and walked out to be greeted by my girl <a href="*9uoAqUmgBpLyPd3C-AOYHlOfH5hdmMwZZb-CVRXRs/at.jpg">Tay</a>. "You ready to whoop some ass today?!"  I chuckled and began stretching. "I'm more focused on playing good. I need those college scouts to be all over me." I said, "I don't know why you're trippin', they are already all over you." Said <a href="">Aysiah</a>, who threw her hair into a ponytail. I bit the inside of my lip. "I know but this means so much to me." "Damn man! Why doesn't my ass look like that in these damn pants!?" Tay, Aysiah, and I both both turned around to see our other girl <a href="">Sochitta</a> walking over to us. We smiled and she began stretching with us, by now the whole team was here and we started doing our warm-ups. The umpire walked onto the field and started checking our things to make sure they were safe to use. He called for the coaches and their line-ups. Coach Danny walked over there with Coach Tina, meanwhile our other coach Manny called us into a huddle. "Alright ladies, these girls are nothing. We played them before, we got this!" We all nodded. "Alright then, let me hear y'all and before we start I want to see you three." He said pointing at Sochi, Tay, Aysiah and I. We nodded, Tay stood in between the team as we all rocked back and forth holding onto each others shoulders. "We are the breeze, the breeze that gets through you! Tell me what we are and we will do!" Tay yelled. "We are the breeze and we will get through you!" We all yelled in unison. "BREEZE ON THREE! ONE, TWO, THREE!" "BREEZE!" We all cheered and walked into the dugout. Coach was telling us the line-up as we grabbed our things. "Ladies this game we are the away team, so we will be batting first. Here is how it will go. Janelle will be batting first, then Destiny, Amerie, Aysiah, Sochitta, Tori, Taylah, Kim and Nicole. The rest are sitting the bench, but you know you'll be in, in the next few innings."

We all walked over to Manny while we waited for our turn to bat. "I called you guys over because I know this game is important for all four of you but especially one." I smiled. "You four are our top players, I want y'all to play with no remorse. I don't want anything getting past the in-field." We nodded. "Tay, if Tori isn't covering second base, then you do it. I want you to communicating." We nodded. He looked down at Sochi and smiled. "Sochi, the baby of the team. You being our catcher makes you the pilot of our plane. You're the one with full view of what is going on, if you see someone going don't hesitate to throw or call a play. I don't want those girls coming across your home plate." She nodded. "You talk it up like normal with Tay." I nodded. "And you" he said pointing at Aysiah. "Just pitch like in practice." She nodded. "Alright, go you're up!" Aysiah walked up to the batter's box and watched the first pitch go buy. On the second pitch she swung sending her ball out to the grass. She ran through first base getting the bases full and sending Janelle to make our first run. Sochi walked up to the plate and handed me the bat as I stood in the on deck circle. I guess that's why Sochi, Tay, Aysiah and I were in the middle of the line-up. We made contact with everyball always giving us a run. We were known for hitting home-runs like crazy. We weren't just good on the offense side but defense to. We all knew how to play any position but shortstop was my usual spot, while Tay took second, Sochi catcher and Aysiah our pitcher. I watched as Sochi swung the bat sending her ball into the out-field pass the center fielder bringing in Destiny and Amerie, moving Aysiah to third and Sochi to second. She had got herself and double and was satisfied. I smiled and gave her a thumbs up. Tay walked up to bat getting walked to first since she got hit by the ball. Bases were loaded as I walked up to the plate, I heard my teammates cheering me on. I watched the first pitch go by. "Strike!" The ump yelled. She pitched three more balls, I had the count in my head. Two strikes and two balls, I looked down the third base line as coach Danny gave me a let it go sign. I stepped back into the box and watched her wind up, releasing the ball off her hip. It was a good pitch and I was gunna swing whether Danny liked it or not. I heard the clink of the ball hitting against the bat, I didn't even watch where it went I just dropped the bat and began to run. I rounded first and saw it over the fence. I threw my fist in to the air and ran through all the bags making back to hone plate where my girls and team greeted me on home plate. First inning of the game and my scores already looked good.
I'll be doing Tatiana's point of view next. Thanks for supporting!

run it

Run it!!!!!

It's crazy how different they are

That's messed up how her dad forgot tho

Run it run it run it!!!!!!!!!


Run It

"Daddy! Tori! Mom said to come in and wash up, dinner is ready." My sister Tati called from the back porch. My father looked up and nodded, "we're coming right now, give us two minutes." He said, basically excusing her, she turned on the balls of her feet and entered the house. My dad looked at me. "Let me see that swing one last time." I stood in my stance and swung the bat as if there was a pitch coming towards me. I looked up at my father for approval, a smile present on his face. "Those college recruiters are going to be all over you." I smiled as I handed him my bat and leaned over grabbing my softball glove. We walked side by side up the porch where we left out things. My mother looked over at the both of us, "About time, go and wash up." We walked over to the kitchen sink and washed our hand drying them off with a towel that was there. We stepped into the dining room and took our seats. My mother and Tati on one side, while my father and I on the other. We all bowed our head in unison as my father spoke. "Lord, we just want to thank you for blessing my wonderful family and I with all that you have allowed us to have. We pray for those less fortunate and hope that we can help those in need and that you bless them and ourselves with another day. In Jesus' name we pray." "Amen!" we all said in unison. I grabbed the mashed potatoes and poured some on my plate along with the gravy and mac and cheese. I grabbed few slices of my mother's meat loaf and a roll. I sat there in silence as I listened to the conversation between my parents and sister. "So daddy are you showing up to my show tomorrow?" Tati asked. "What show?" He asked taking a sip of his water. My mother gave him one of those looks that said <em>How could you forget?</em>. "I have that performance that I have been working on for weeks now." He nodded, "I remember, and i'll be there right after Tori's softball game and if I do miss it i'll know your mother will be recording it." She gave a half smile, but I knew she was hurt. We all finished up dinner as Tati and I helped clean up the kitchen, when we were finished she shoved past me and stared at me giving me a dirty look. I sighed and trudged up the stairs and grabbed my clothes to shower.

I sat in the middle of my bed Indian style braiding my waist length hair. I thought back to today at dinner and the look of disappointment that appeared upon Tatiana's face. I turned to my left and saw the <a href="">picture</a> of her and I when we were younger. We might have been identical twins, but we couldn't have been any more different. From a young age everyone knew we were different. 

<strong><em>Age Five</em></strong>

<em>"So how was your first day of softball practice girls?" Mom asked turning back and looking at us. "I liked it mom. I learned how to catch a ball and the coach said I had potential to be a shortstop! Whatever that means." I said excitedly. "Oh really?! Do you know what a shortstop is?" She asked. I shook my head. "No, but if I get to play I don't care what part of the field it is." "What about you Tatiana?" She scrunched up her face in digust. "I hated it mama, I fell and it was too hot outside. Don't make me go back!" My mom sighed. "I'll tell your father."</em>

<strong><em>Age Six</em></strong>

<em>"What do you two think about your first ballet class?" She asked, "I loved it mommy. Teacher Ann said I had great talent and I could do big things! I can't wait for next time!" I slouched in my booster seat pulling at the bow in my hair. "And you Victoria?" "I hated it, can I play basketball instead like the boys at school?" I said hope in my voice. "We'll ask your father." I smiled.</em>

<strong><em>Age Seven</em></strong>

<em>"Daddy, why do we have to take boxing lessons?" Tati asked. "For your safety." He said helping us off the car and into the boxing studio. He talked with the man and brought us over to introduce us. "Will, these are my girls, Victoria and Tatiana." He smiled and shook our tiny hands."We're gunna have some fun girls." I smiled back, but Tati didn't seem to happy.</em>

Here we are now at the age of seventeen, two different people, a lemon and a lime, we were nothing alike. Tatiana being only fifteen minutes older though, made her believe she could do whatever she pleased, I knew otherwise. Being Hawaiin, Filipino, and African-American we were already different, and being twins made us stand out more. Asking me to describe her and I was simple. I am more of the athletic, quiet, down to earth and studious type, while she was the girly, spontaneous, wild, and party type. Her fun and my fine were two different things. I pulled the covers to my bed down and got underneath them. I turned off the television and side lamp, I needed to get a goodnight's sleep for tomorrow's game.

It's not a bad a bad beginning at all!
I liie it! It does caputer my intrest!

This sounds interesting despite your dislike for the way it's written.
I'd like to see where this goes, run it :)