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In New York....

<a href="">I</a> walked off stage and tossed my mic to the side. I walked to my dressing room and slammed the door shut. Collapsing on the couch that they had provided. I grabbed my iPhone off the charger and saw a message from Kay.

<strong>Out with the girls. Don't wait up.</strong>

I closed out the message and tossed my phone letting out a deep breath and closing my eyes. I just kept thinking there had to be more to life than what I knew. I wanted more out of this. This life didn't please me anymore. I needed something new or someone new.

In LA....

<a href="">Natalia</a> walked off set and into her dressing room shutting the door. She sat in front of her vanity mirror and dropped her head in disappointment. Not the life she expected but she didn't complain, it paid her bills. She took off the bathing suit she had just shot the video in and threw on some sweat pants and a T-shirt. She walked out of the room and collected her funds for the shoot. She heard her phone chime and looked at the message.

<strong>Come through tonight ma.</strong>

She sighed and started up her car ignoring the message. They always asked her to come over after the video's but she never did. The media said she was just another video vixen aka hoe but she knew the truth, the main reason she wanted out but she needed the money, so she dealt with it.

Ok I'm not stopping Lie To Me I'm still adding to both. So run it!!!!!! Oh and I need a best friend (don't pick a man). Run it!!!


I'm starting this over

I don't like the way I wrote it

So it's gonna be the same concept and Danyell you're still in it I'm just starting it over and it's gonna be called "Life in the Fastlane"

run it

Run it

Run it please!

Run it

f*** Kae!!

She stupid.

"You a stupid hoe!" *nicki voice*

Anyway, im ready to see how this goes.

Run it

"Stop b****in Kae! You either going or your not!" I said throwing some clothes in my Louis V duffel bag.

"Who tf is you yelling at?!" Kae said now approaching me. I looked at her and laughed.

"f*** it." I threw my hands up and zipped up my bag. I put on a jacket and slipped into my Jordan's. I kissed her forehead and threw the bag over my shoulder. "See you in a few days." I began walking out the door.

"CHRIS?! You just gon leave?!?! Whateber nigga f*** you!" I slammed the door shut and walked down the stairs towards the door. 

I looked at my watch. 3:47 am. I rubbed my head and met my driver in my range rover. 

"The airport." I leaned back in the back seat and went through my twitter and instagram. I posted a pic and let the comments flood.

<strong> LA bound. </strong>


<em>5 hours and 2,500 miles later...</em>

I got off my plane and was greeted by my manager, a few publicists and paparazzi out the ass. I hugged my manager and pulled out my phone. No calls from Kae. It's whatever with that girl.

"No days off." Was the first thing my manager said to me I laughed and nodded. "So today you are going to your hotel then you will go to big boi's radio station at 10:30 for an interview. That'll last about an hour. We have to talk to some people as far as the shoot and where it will be held and Club Switch wants you to promote it with a few video girls tonight. Ummmm so your schedule is busy but not that busy. And we shoot tomorrow." I rubbed my face with my hands and let out a long sigh. Things would be tiring today. 


I got to my hotel room and hit up my homeboy.

"Wassup fool?!" I said to my best friend Tyga.

"Nothing much nigga. I was just bout to hit you up. I hear you in LA?" It was a lot of noise in the background but I excused it.

"Yeah, just touched down. I'm out Club Switch tonight. You f***ing with it?" I asked throwing my bag on the bed and peeling off my hoodie.

"Oh hell yeah my nigga. Just text me yo address and s*** and I'll meet you before you ride out." I nodded and rummaged through my bag to find something to wear.

"Aite fool. I'll hit you up." I hung up and began my process.

Atleast my vacation would be drama free.

oh s***, Chris don't even kno he boutta get played!!
run it.

f*** RusselL!!!

He is not that cute!! (he really is tho)

He couldn't handle this bundle of sexiness and realness!!

Anyway, why does Natalia have to be a party pooper??

Like Chris chose you, accept it and live it.

Because if she doesn't go than neither than I, and we need that money!!!

run it

Danyell and I sat in the waiting room flipping through the pages of an old source magazine.

"Chris Brown's girlfriend admits to open-relationship with singer." Danyell rolled her eyes with every word she read. "Now if I was Karrueche or how ever tf you say it I would have my man on lock down. You not gon tell me we together and you f***ing Sally, Sarah, and Abigail." I laughed.

"Really Dany? Abigail?" She cut her eyes at me and smiled. 

"But foreal tho!! That's why I broke up with Russell!!!" I looked up at her and died.

"Really Dany? THAT's Why you broke up with Russell?" She threw her middle finger at me.

Danyell use to date Russell Westbrook from OKC Thunder. They broke up because, well let her tell it it was because he was always cheating on the road you know with countless women. Well that's what she told the media. But the REAL story was that he got the next b**** pregnant. The b**** got bold and started threatening her. So me nor Dany was having that so we showed up at that b**** house. The rest is for the books.

"Mmhmm sure is." she winked at me and I continued to read.

"Danyell Tyler and Natalia Lee." I heard a tall blonde say from behind the counter. We walked up and she directed us to the meeting area for our interview.

<em>30 minutes later...</em>

"Waste of time." Danyell huffed as we exited the building. 

"Tell me about it." I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I fished it out and saw my manager Carter calling.

"Hey Carter." Danyell got into the car like I did and I started it up.

"Hey gorgeous. So there's a shoot next week. Chris Brown's Sweet Love. You interested?" I rolled my eyes and looked over at Dany who was now trying to put her ear against the phone.

"No audition?" 

"Nope, well Chris' management asked for you and a friend. So I assume you'll bring Danyell." Danyell's eyes lit up at the mention of her name.

"Alright, how much does it pay?" the line got quiet.

"Still under negotiation. I'll call you with more details but it's this weekend so you have 4 days to prepare yourself. See ya toots." I hung up and pulled off.

"What did Carter say about me?" She said anxiously.

"Chris Brown shoot next week." Her face lit up. 

Mine on the other hand was dull. I heard what happened after Chris Brown shoots. And if he hired me thinking he was getting some then he's gonna be one sad sad puppy.

RUN IT !!!

Adding tonight!!!!

Run it

Run it

run it chica!

Run it

Run it

Oh man, that is so like me.

I love it, I never remember s***.

i'm always clueless. Swear i'm loving this already.

But why didn't she become a singer?

run it

<a href="">I</a> rolled over and smacked the alarm clock to the ground. I covered my face with my pillow and let out a long deep breath. I threw the pillow to the side and stared up at the ceiling. 

<em> Get up Lia. Get up! For what? I can sleep in. s*** I gotta go meet up with Mark and Tabitha for this f***ing interview. Gotta get to the dance studio by 10.Then I gotta make it to the set by 1. Ughhhh alright I'm up I'm up.</em>

I said to know one particularly. I walked to my bathroom and showered. Washing my hair along with my body and face. I felt refreshed as I walked out the bathroom naked. I loved having my own place for the main reason, I hate clothes. I walked to my kitchen allowing my body to air dry while I grabbed a peach from the fridge. I began rummaging through my closet for something decent to wear while singing along to Beyonce's end of time.

"Say you'll never let me go. I'll be the one to kiss you at night, I will love you until the end of time." I said spinning around and dancing, just acting goofy. I decided on <a href="">this</a>. I lotioned my body and put on my outfit smiling at the outcome. I applied lipstick and a touch of mascara, I preferred natural beauty. I tousled my hair and sprayed a bit of oil sheen. I grabbed my phone, purse, and keys and left out the house. I started my car up and turned up the radio. Chris Brown's Sweet Love was on. 

"Baby lets get naked. Just do we can make sweet love. All these sensations got me going crazy for ya." I belted out. I always wanted to be a singer but things didn't go as planned. I continued to sing when I came to a stop light. I felt my phone buzz in my lap and looked at the caller ID. I smiled at the name that appeared on my phone screen.

"Big Daddy!" I said with a huge smile on my face.

"Oh b****." I heard my best friend <a href="">Danyell</a> say into the other end of my phone.

I loved that girl. She was like my other half. Ever since we met on the set of Cash money's Bedrock we've been thick as thieves. We damn near did everything together. Today we had an interview for The Source magazine, which I'm sure she forgot all about.

"You dressed hoe?" I asked turning the corner to get to her street.

"TF? No b****. It's like 9 in the morning." she said rolling her eyes on the other end.

"b**** don't roll your eyes at me!" We both laugh, "We got an interview today hoe! I'm outside." I hung up the phone and laughed while walking towards the door.

 I turned the knob knowing it would be unlocked, and found Danyell scrambling around her condo trying to find something to wear. I died of laughter and made my way to her kitchen. 

"Fruit Loops!" I sang excitedly to myself while grabbing a bowl and some milk. 

"Lia what am I gonna wear?!?!?" I heard Danyell scream from her bedroom. I followed her voice and walked into what appeared to be a clothing mountain of some sort. 

"You make s*** so difficult!" I said grabbing some material out of the pile and pulling together a gorgeous <a href="">outfit</a>.

"Ugh! b**** I look so simple!" She said puckering her lips as she put on some lipstick.

"b**** you look cute!" I said while playing with a few strands of her loose hair. "Come on we gon' be late." I said grabbing her phone, my purse, and keys and dragging her out the door. 

"You lucky I love you b****!" She said yanking her arm away. I kissed her cheek and walked to the car.

"Love you too!" 

Nasty ass.

Chris where's yout head?

Run it

<a href="">I</a> stretched in my bed and felt another body in my presence. I rolled over to see <a href="">Kay</a>. I got out of bed carefully not to wake Kay and made my way to the bathroom. I showered and turned toward the water. I heard shuffling and soon felt hands wrap around my waist. I put my hand on the wall and turned to Kay. She kissed my neck and put her arms around my shoulders. I picked her up and placed her back against the wall. She looked into my eyes and I looked into hers. I saw nothing. I buried my face in her neck as she continued to kiss me. She pulled at my face lightly and I looked at her slightly irritated. She went to kiss my lips and she knew how I felt about that.

"Kay." I said sternly. She rolled her eyes and continued to kiss my neck.

"f*** me." She said in my ear. I really wasn't in the mood but if I didn't then I wouldn't hear the end of it. 

She put her hand in between her legs and found my d***. She begin massaging it slowly getting me hard. I ain't gon' lie, s*** felt good. I let out a tiny almost inaudible grunt as she stroked faster. I smacked her hand a grabbed the other one pinning them both above her head. I inserted myself forcefully and she moaned. I went in and out harder and faster.

"s***! f*** me Chris!" She said trying to free her hands, but I wouldn't let her.

I used my other hand to play with her clit and smack her ass. She began moaning louder and louder he body started to shake a little. I knew she was about to cum. I let her hands go and she immediately grabbed onto my neck. I rammed my d*** in her as hard as I could a few times.

"Oh s*** baby I'm boutta cum!" she said completely out of breath. 

I did 3 more thrusts, I was sure I blew her back out and she came. Her whole body shook and became limp. I pulled out still erect and looked down. She smirked and got on her knees. Taking all of me into her mouth and I felt it touch the back of her throat.  I threw my head back in pleasure as I began to f*** her face. 

"s*** Kay." I said moving her head faster and making her go deeper. 

"Cum for me daddy." Kay said in her sexy voice she continued to let me f*** her face and after a few minutes I came. She swallowed my kids and stood up to wash her body. I did the same and turned to her.

"I got some things to handle so don't wait up." she sighed in frustration and got out the shower without saying anything. I shrugged and cut the water off. Today would be a long day.

Run it

Ok @Danyell and @Tia I got y'all

Updating it in a little bit!!!!

I like this, I wanna be in it *puppy dog eyes*
my name is Tia

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Yo. I like this.

I'll be the bestfriend.

Run it

Anymore runs?

Liking this so far
Run it

Girl, you betta run this! Chris and Natalia. I'm feeling it already. f*** that Kay heifer. lol