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I want to talk to Breezy

Please Chris i'm a fan of you and i need to talk to you i need your help please

thank you


I have never put others needs before mine. But there is one girl I'd do anything for, I love her more than anything in this world.shes just the nicest, sweetest girl you'l ever meet. Shes just amazing and she would love to hear from you (chris brown). I only joined this forum page because I wanted to do something nice for her. And she would die just to hear from you. I am determined not to let her down. I will post a reply on this page everyday until Chris Brown gets back to me, I'm willing to do anything for this. PLEASE C.B. I really need your help

Hey fellow Chris brown fans!

I want to talk to him too, even just for a minute. I think it would be a great thing/moment to happen. :))

Please check my post. Here's the link :

Let's make Chris Brown very proud of us. :)

ive been a fan of urs scince i was 3 years old and i need ur advice on singing!!!

hahaha its cute coz we all wish the same! :D
i'll help you if you want...
(not creepily)