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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

*Six Years ago*

We were on the blacktop playing one on one. I was up by two and had the ball "Ju you're never gonna beat me" <a href="">I</a> said faking left and going right and made a lay up making the score 12-8. "game over, you suck Ju" I said sitting on the side of the court taking a swig of my gatorade. "man shut up, you know last game that fat kid fell on my leg" <a href="">he</a> said snatching my gatorade. I laughed at his sorry excuse, then heard my dad calling my name. 

"Tae! Tae! It's time to come in the house"

Ju looked at me "until next time" he said getting up and reaching his hand out to pull me up.

"until next time" I said walking off with my ball as he walked in the opposite direction

I walked in the house to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch with my baby sister.

"what's going on?" I said sitting on my ball against the wall

"shaunte' sweety your dad is being stationed in Wyoming. Sooo we're moving" my <a href="">mom</a> said 

My mouth fell open 

"I know you've made friends over the past five years, but you're young you can make new friends were ever you go" she continued

"and it's not guaranteed that we stay there. We might even end up moving back here" my <a href="">dad</a> said trying to lighten the mood

"but what about basketball, and Julius? He's my best friend"

"Tae you can play basketball anywhere. And guys can call each other or even write letters"

"okay, when do we move?"

"in one week" 

I sighed deeply "okay" and I went up to my room.


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Damn another girl who cheated on him. dude been thro sum
Run itt


Damn five ... North ridge girls have no class nor shame !

Lol ! Ayanna is a fool

Runnn It !!

I got ready for school prepared to catch the bus because I didn't feel like talking to anyone. I walk down the stairs dropped my bag and went into the kitchen for breakfast. I walk in and see <a href="">him</a> sitting at the table. I turn on my heels and grab my bag and walk out the door. 

I sped walked up the street and could hear Mo calling from my house but I kept on walking. His car soon pulled up beside me calling my name.

"Tae! Tae! Can we please talk?" I ignored him "Tae can you please get in the car so we can talk about this"

"we talked about it last night" I said looking forward

"Ughhh Shaunte' come on please, I'm sorry!"

"sorry for what Maurice!? Do you even know why your apologizing"

He then sped up and parked in the nearest parking space. He stood posted on his car waiting for me to get closer. I tried to walk past him but he just pulled me back.

he held me by my waist and looked down at me he sighed heavily thinking of what to say. "Shaunte' I'm sorry"

"for what Maurice?" I said with a bit of attitude 

"for not letting these hoes know that I'm all yours. I didn't think it was that serious because I wasn't checking for her and I only want you"

"mhmm so what were y'all talking about during the game?" I asked 

"when you hit her with the ball" I nodded my head "she asked why we broke up and I reminded her that she cheated on me with five niggas. She claimed that she was sorry and wanted another chance and I said Naww I gotta girl and she out there playing and then bam the ball hit her" he said chuckling a bit

"you have interesting taste in girls"

"yeah but I found better" Mo said pecking my lips "you got good ass aim that's the second time you hit someone in the face" he said laughing again.

"next time it's gonna be your face"

He put his hand on his chest shocked "why would you wanna hurt this face"

I laughed at his silliness "come on, let's go before we're late" I got in on the passenger side

"if we are I'm blaming you" he said getting in


"yeah, I told you to get in so we could talk but nooooo"

"whateverrrr" I said mushing his face as he pulled off.

"damn she cheated on him with five different guys!" Ay said loudly

"damn Ay do you have to be so loud" I said as we walked to the gym

"sorry I'm just shocked, but then again I'm not. That's a North Ridge girl for ya" she shook her head "so you love birds are good now?" 

"yeah" I said as I began my stretches

"good because you looked like you were about to chop his balls off and feed it to him" we laughed manically

Mo is wrong for that, cuz if it was the other way around he would be flipping out!! He aint do s***!! Like tf, there is a need!! This b**** needa go on somewhere.

That Water Bottle Chick Needa Go Somewhere!!!

Mo needs to fix it now

Woooo . ohhh its goin dwn!
Mo havin a tiger woods moment, havin jump offs cumin out da wood works startin stuff. wonder wat tae gna do nxt
run it

Chill Moooooo !!! Like you just f***ed up my friend ... Smh

b**** how you thristy and you a bottle of water o_O ... I don't understand...

Runnn It !

After the game me Lo and Ay waited in the gym lobby for the guys to come up. We could see that Avion girl waiting as well with her crew and constantly looking in our direction.

"yo that water bottle b**** is blowing me" Ayanna said 

"she keep looking over here like she really want beef" Lo said 

"oh s*** Lo a gangsta" Ay said laughing 

"she's not about that life. That's exactly why she way over there talking s***" I said

"mhmm" they said in unison

The guys came up and immediately walked in our direction giving us Hugs and kisses. 

"I didn't know you were coming" Ju said to Lola

"yeah, it was suppose to be a surprise" she smilies

Mo put his arm around me and we were about to walk out the door when  Avion approached us. 

"make sure you call me tonight Mo Mo" she said and then kissed him on the cheek and walked off 

"oh h-h-hell no!" Ay yelled in the background

I looked at her walk off and then I looke at him. Turned to walk after her but Mo pulled me back.

"chill out, come on" she pulling  me out the door

"chill out!?, I really hope your not about to call that slut and you just let her kiss you"

"it was on the cheek. I don't want her, I got you"

"I don't care, you just let her disrespect me and our relationship by letting her kiss you on the cheek and not say nothing"

"I'm not worried about that girl Tae. She's jealous"

"if you not worried about her then go set her ass straight, that's disrespectful"

"no there's no reason to!" he yelled frustrated

"fine, Ju take me home" I said walking off to Ju's car away from everyone else

Today was our fifth game and we were going on undefeated. The game was going to be live. We were playing first  at 5 and then the boys 7. 

The gym was packed and the game had started and we were in second quarter and coach took me out for a breather. I grabbed a water bottle and squirted the Gatorade into my mouth three times and watched from the sideline. 

North Ridge called a timeout so I decided to go to the concession stand before the players started running on the  court again.

"aye y'all want something" Mo said standing up

"yeah, I'm coming with" Ju said getting up and Tyler following behind. 

We walked over towards the door that was right underneath North Ridge's basket. As I neared  closer to the door I felt someone turn me around. I looked down and saw <a href="">her</a>.

"long time no see" she said with a devilish smirk on her face.


The time out was over and coach put me back in the game. I tapped the table and ran over to my position. While I we waited for the ref I saw Mo talking to some girl and her hands were roaming his face and body. I felt my blood start to boil. The ref gave the ball to Ayanna and she passed it to me. I faked passed the ball and was suppose to give it back to Ayanna but I missed her hands completely and the ball went over her head and hit the girl that was talking to Mo in the face. The ref blew the whistle and I shrugged it off and continued to play. I play 20x better when I'm angry and we won the game by 30 points. 

The boys were 4 minutes into the game when we came back up from the locker room. When Ayanna and I came up we saw Lola coming from the concession stand and walked back into the gym with her. We took our seats behind the boys team at the bottom of the bleachers.

"hey what was up with you throwing the ball at that girls head" Lola asked eating a handful of skittles 

"it was an accident"

Lola and Ayanna gave me the b**** please look

"it was, but I did see her fondling with Mo"

Then they gave me the oh hell no look

"I would have did the same thing then"

Just then we saw the girl and a couple of her friends walking towards us 

"speak of the devil" Lo said eating another handful of skittles 

"hey" the girl said smiling

I looked her up and down "wassup"

"so what was that whole throwing the ball at my face thing"

"it was an accident" I said watching the game

"yeah, I'm sure it was" she said getting in my face

"excuse me who are you!?" I said c**king my head back

"I'm Avion Honey" she said with some sass

"we'll go get yourself some water with your thirsty ass" I said turning my attention back to the game

Lo and Ay laughed in the background

"whatever b**** just don't no s*** like again"

"stay away from my boyfriend and I won't have a reason to"

"oh little Mo Mo is your boyfriend" she said laughing as her possy joined her

"Mo Mo?" Ayanna said in the back ground

"honey I will bag your boyfriend just like that" she snapped her finger

"I'd love to see you try" I said finally giving her my attention

"I did it before and I'll do it again" she said leaving and rubbing the back of Mo's head as he sat on the bench.

He then looked at me mugging her and I looked over at him with an anger all over my face.

Last night Ju called me after his date with Lola and was rambling about how he really likes her and he thinks he wants to wife her up and how me and her could be really good friends. 
I actually believe that we could be friends so I decided to hit her up this morning.

"Hey Shaunte'" she answered very chipper

"Hey Lola, me and Ayanna are going shopping today and I was wondering if you wanted to come?"

"sure, that would be great"

"okay, I'll pick you around 1"

"okay, bye" 

I hung up the phone then texted Ayanna to let her know she was coming. 

I went downstairs for breakfast. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and joined my sister on the couch watching spongebob. When I was finished eating I went back upstairs to do my hygiene routine and got dressed for the mall.

I grabbed my moms keys and  my purse and headed out the door. I drove a couple blocks up and picked up Ayanna.

"hey skank!" she yelled as she got in the front seat

"wassup" I said as I backed out of her drive way 

After about fifteen minutes we pulled up at Lola's house.

I called her from the driveway and she picked up on the third ring.

"hey I'm outside" 

"okay" she hung up and came out seconds later.

I backed out and drove to the mall that was about thirty minutes away. We did a little shopping and was having a great time. We went to the food court about two hours later and we all got panda express. We sat at a big table and sat our bags in the chairs and began to eat.

"so Lo, can I call you Lo?" Ayanna asked as Lola nodded "how was your date with Mr.Cruz"

"it was good, we went bowling"

Me and Ayanna looked at each other goofily "hmmm bowling"

"yeah, we're both really competitive" she said giggling "he won by a point"

"girl you gotta be on your toes next time, we don't let them win" Ayanna said as I nodded my head

"I was about to win until he got that last strike" she said shaking her head 

 "you should come to the game on Wednesday" I suggested 

"Ju mentioned it. It's suppose to be a double header or something"

"yeah, it's when the girls and boys varsity play back to back" I explained 

"it's gonna be so liveeee" Ayanna exaggerated 

"you really think I should come?" 

"yeah, Julius would be happy as hell and you'll get to see us play and we're better than them"

"okay, what time?"

"uhhh, I don't know yet. I'll tell you by Tuesday"

We finished our food and did a little bit more shopping and headed home. When I stepped in the house my phone vibrated and it was a text from Ms. Ava

"thanks for the blind date, had a great time :)"

I smiled at my role as Cupid. 

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oooohhhh go head yall!

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oooohhhh go head yall!

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Both Dates With Spectacular!!!

I loved it !!

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I walked up on to her porch and knocked on her door. A few seconds later her grandmother answered. 

"hey sweetie come on in you must be Julius" 

"yes ma'am"

"don't be calling me ma'am I ain't that old. Call me June"

"okay" I chuckled as Lola came down the steps

"hey" she said giving me a hug

"okay you two have fun now. Call me when your on the way back" she said as we headed out

We got in the car and pulled off. 

"so what are we gonna do?" she asked 

"ummm I was thinking bowling"

"I haven't been bowling in forever"

"bowling it is, maybe I'll beat you this time"

"not a chance"

We already had our drinks and were now placing our orders for dinner. Everything was going smoothly so far. 

Tracy took a sip of his drink "so what do you do?"

"I own a salon"

"oh wow that's nice, is it hard running a business?"

"it has it's good and bad days but overall I love" I took a sip of my drink "what do you do?"

"I'm a teacher at North Valley High and I coach the girls Basketball Team"

"I knew you looked familiar, my son goes there and he plays on the boys team"

"what's his name?"

"Julius, Julius Cruz"

"oh, that's how you know Shaunte'" he said laughing 

I giggled "yeah, she set me up with her coach"

"well that's not bad thing is it?"

"no, I'm having a great time"

Our pizza came in the middle of our game during my turn. 

"your gonna miss that pin and then your gonna eat your pizza looking pitiful"

"it's doesn't matter the game ain't over yet" I said turning to her 

"blah blah blah"

"shhhhhh" I said as she laughed 

I walked up the line and smoothly threw my ball. It went down the lane at a nice even pace and hit both pins.

"haaaaa!" I screamed throwing my hands in the air and walking towards her "I told you"

"yeah whatever, let's eat I'm starving"

We sat down at the table and each grabbed a slice and began eating.

"there is no way we're gonna eat all of this"I said 

"oh just watch me" 

"a girl with an appetite, I like it" I said as she giggled "so why are you single?"

"generic question" Lola said laughing "I just haven't found someone that is truly worth my time. Why are you single"

"I just got out of a bad breakup. My ex cheated on me"

"that's really unfortunate but at least that gave you the opportunity to meet me"

"yeah, so am I worth your time?" I asked taking my last bite 

"you could be" she dabbed the corners of her mouth

Lola got up and grabbed her ball and went up to bowl her turn. She threw the ball and landed a strike. She turned around cheesing and jumping up and down. I put my head in my hands because now I could possibly lose.

We walked out the restaurant laughing still talking about to walk to our separate cars. 

"so you have a good time" Tracy said 

"I did, did you?"

"I did, how about next time we'll go somewhere fun and I'll pick you up" 

"I would like that" Ava said blushing

He walked her over to where her car was parked. She unlocked the door and he opened her car door for her.

"thank you, I guess chivalry isn't dead"

"no it's not, drive safely" and he closed the door

Me and Lola got some icecream and were walking around her neighborhood talking until we finished. We walked back over to her house and walked  onto her porch.

"was this a good first date?" I asked

"yeah, can't wait for the second" she said blushing 

"cool, I guess this is it for tonight

"yup, I'll talk to you later" she kissed my cheek "drive safely" she said as she went into the house.

Yeeeeaaaa Coach T!!! sumbody throw him a guitar nd watch em work (<< tlkin bout the scene from The Best Man)lol
he bout 2 get the cheecks nd so is Ju

Run it

*sips lemonade as I wait for date scenes*

Runn It Figgy ! :)

Julius' POV

Brendan went back to school so now the house was super quiet again. I was laying in bed bored out of my mind when I heard my mom come back in from the mall. 

I went in her room and saw nearly twenty shopping bags scattered on the floor.

"retail therapy" I said laying on her bed 

"no, here I got you something" she threw a polo and Armani Exchange bag at me

"thanks" I said pulling out the clothes then heading to my room.

I hung up my clothes and then decided to call Lola. I dialed her number and waited for her to answer. After the sixth ring she finally picked up.

"hey Julius" I could tell she was smiling

"hey Lola, I was just wondering if you were busy tonight?"

"no, I'm free with absolutely nothing to do."

"cool, maybe we could find something to do together"

"that sounds great"

"cool cool. Ummm I'll pick you up in an hour or so"

"okay, see you then" and we hung up.

I hopped in the shower and got dressed. When I was finished I sprayed some cologne and grabbed my keys. When I got to the bottom of the steps my <a href="*tG7eLinBPdoep-iTe4fELGURmpYzn2o1y*kgaCi39g-tc-C0w5g13MJgIpJt4jJe6dOaJQjN36cxf4RoFAAPoC/essence_evapigford.jpg">mom</a> was standing by the door looking like she was about to head out as well.

"where are you going?" she asked me 

"out with a friend" I said putting on my Jean Jacket

"where did you meet this friend?" she questioned

"the beach, now where are you going young lady?" I said tapping my foot

"on a date"

I c**ked my head back "a date! With who!?"

"lower your tone, I'm the parent. And I don't know, it's a blind date"

"hmmm good luck and don't bring back any bums" I said walking out

"haha very funny"

5  minutes later . . . . 

Ava left the house and Arrived at the cheesecake factory where she would be meeting her date. Ava stood outside by the fountain waiting when felt a tap on her shoulder.

"hello I'm Tracy" <a href="">he</a> said sticking out his hand out his hand. 

She smiled at his appearance "hi, I'm Ava" she shook his hand and then proceeded inside. 

Coach Aaron is simple ... Smh and did hee really have to tap her on the head though lol

can't what for le date !

Runnnnn It ! :)

i hope their date goes well run it!

Practice was over and I ran over to Coach Aaron to ask him a question before he left. 

"hey coach, can I ask you something" I said as he turned around

"yeah, wassup?"

"Do you know of Coach T is seeing someone"

Aaron raised an eyebrow "stick with Maurice, Coach T doesn't like young girls" he said patting my head and turning on his heals

"no, not for me. For a friend of mine." I said following behind

"how old is this friend?"


"yeah, Coach T is single"

"thanks" I said running off to grab my stuff.

I waited for Coach T outside of his office since he had to go in there to put the balls away after practice. He came strolling out and I followed on his heals.

"do you need something Shaunte'" he said not turning around

"uhhh yeah, are you free on Saturday night?"

He turned around to face me looking confused "for what?" 

"a date"

"with who" he asked raising his eyebrow

"my friend. She's 36 and she's gorgeous"

"you're trying to set me up on a blind date"

I nodded my head "why?" he asked 

"because, she wants to start dating again and you seem like a nice candidate" I said smiling

"candidate, huh. NO" he walked off

"why not, what do you have to lose" I said  following close behind

"I don't do blind dates and especially not ones that are set up by my players"

"don't think of me as your player. Think of me as a friend"

"Shaunte' I said No"


"Ughh fine, and it better be the best damn date of my life" 

"yessss!" I said happily running out "I'll give you the details tomorrow"

I ran out to Mo's car and hopped in smiling. 

"what you so happy for?" he asked starting up the car

"I can't tell you" I said kissing his cheek

"Okay" he said as we pulled off

Ju greedy self (: Lol " You guarding the rolls?"

Blind date? Oooo :D

Run it!!!

yayyyyyyyyyyyy mama mel loves her!!

Momma bout to BAG'EM on this blind date!!!!

Ju need to ask the girl out for some one on one time. and he hella nosey. boy mind ya business

Runn It Shawty Lo !!! ( in my frenchie voice)

Wait was it about the twinkies?? im confused nd hungry
I want a roll real live! lol

Run it

I helped set the food up around the kitchen buffet style with the rest of the women. We all gathered in the kitchen holding hands as we bowed our heads to my grandfathers thanksgiving prayer. A few minutes we were all chowing down in the living room yelling at the tv watching the game. 

Ju plopped down next to me with a roll in his mouth and three more on his plate. I laughed "got enough rolls Ju"

"you can never have enough" he said biting into the one that was already in his mouth

"dang Ju, save some for the rest of us" Brendan said looking at his plate

"Ms. Marie these rolls give me life" he said sincerely to my grandma 

We all laughed "thank you sweetie" she said 

We continued to eat and talk over dinner. Right when were about to get dessert ready there was a knock at the door.

"Ju can you get that" I yelled walking back into the kitchen

Ju opened the door to see Mo and his mom. "happy thanksgiving Ms. Mel " Ju said hugging her then dapping Mo up.

"all the women are in the kitchen Ms. Mel" Ju said directing behind him. 

"hey y'all! I brought peach cobbler" she said lifting up the pie pan

"that sounds great, my daughter Maliyah made cookies in the shape of  turkey's and my mom made a 7up cake"

"and I'm making fried twinkies" I said 

"that's like her steroid" my mom said as we all laughed 

"dessert is ready!" my mom yelled. As they came running in I began to fry my twinkies

"what are doing?" Mo asked with eyebrow raised 

"frying twinkies" I simply said

"is it good" Ju said with his mouth full of every dessert 

Me and Mo looked at him confused as hell "what!? I gotta gain weight" he said taking another bite out of his cookie

Ten minutes later the twinkies were do and Mo and Ju were stuffing their faces "yo, this is bomb" Mo said his mouth full "aye where them rolls at though?" mo asked looking around the kitchen 

"they right here" Ju said standing in front of them 

"are you guarding them?" I said laughing 

Mo moved him out the way and took a bite of one and his eyes popped open "yo these are bomb" he said grabbing three more

"I helped make them"

"stop lying" Ju said running his finger over his plate to get the icing 

"I did, and you ate like ten of them"

Ju shrugged "ain't no shame in my game"

At around nine everything was winding down and everyone was getting ready to leave. I kissed my grandparent goodbye and watched them pull off. I then walked to Mel's car to say goodbye to her and Mo.

"bye Ms. Mel it was nice having you over" I

"oh honey it was nice being here, and I hope to see you more and more" she pulled me into a hug

I then went to Mo's side and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

I walked in the house to see Ju and his mom and brother about to leave. 

"bye miss lady, now don't tell Julius about what we talked about" I nodded my head

"don't tell me what?" he said turning his head quickly

"nothing" we said in unison as he looked at us suspiciously

I hugged him goodbye and walked them to the door. As I closed the door I got a text from Mo.

"you got the stamp of approval from momma Mel!" 

I smiled then my phone vibrated in my hand again. This time it was a text from Ju.

"tell me!!!" 

I laughed and replied "no"