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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


I loved the interview because the answers seem like something Chris would say. My favorite part was when Tink came over Chris's house after she moved to LA to give him a hug and cooked for him and the crew. You're a great writer and Good luck on your book.

I am seriously crying man. I loved this story! The ending was great, I loved how you ended it with the interview. My favorite part was when tink had that wet dream but now my favorite part is his long speech about what he loves about tiff. This story as sent me threw an emotional roller coaster. I've cried, laughed and even screamed at my phone when reading this story.
You are very talented and I will defiantly buy your novel when its released.

Love love loved the story

BRAVO!! BRAVO!! this story was absolutely amazing!! cant believe its over..i loved every bit of it..this story is one of the stories that had me logging on every day sometimes more than once just to see if u added a post to it favorite part would have to be when they first they acted so goofy together and it was just so cute! i really loved the seemed so real like i could actually picture him saying the answers u included in the inerview.. i love that about your writing..u make everything so believable..i think your writing will take you very far Tiff!! cant wait to hear details about your book later on :)

Just ATrillionIn1's comment, and I totally agree! Your writing is very realistic and put together. Your book is going to do great! And this story was also like I movie to me. I could picture everything going on!

Wow! I definitely got emotional reading that! Great way to end an amazing story!!! I loved the interview! Chris has grown so much through the course of this story, and I hope that in his real life he is as well! I loved every single post of this story and I'm so happy that you have shared your talent on this board! You are truly blessed! I wish you all the success on your novel and can't wait for it come out!!! :)

That was a nice ending the interview was nice I could picture Oprah on the couch asking all of those questions, I could just picture everything from the last part. I Will always say my favorite part was when when Chris went back to chruch and basically getting all of that heavy weight just lifted off his shoulders. He was finally at peace just any good moment him and Tink had was a beautiful moment because she was so amazing to Chris through everything. They always stuck it through and that's what I like very happy for the both of them.
Christian is such a beautiful child from the both of them they are some amazing parents to him... The whole was really good I really did enjoy it ,I know your going to do great on your book and I can't wait to read it :)

I thought Tink was gonna be interviewed too?

But besides that I am sooooo sad and happy at the same time...

I admit that I havent been the best commenter but I havent been super silent either...

Tink and Chris have the ideal relationship in my eyes...When things bother them they try to talk it out... they knew how to communicate--for the most part.

When he was talking about that night back in 2009, that exactly how I pictured it happening.. A person can only take so much and he snapped.

I'm sad the story is ending... I loved it soo much. I felt like I was really connected to Chris on a personal level.

Are you sure this isnt about you? Lol..

Either way you are a really great writer and I hope you bless us with another story since you took Scared of Beautiful away from us..


Those last two parts were so well written. I lived this story. I wish there was a sequel but then that would probably be too much. Eerythig was resolved I think and discussed so what else would there be to write about. I hope you sart on a new story I loved this one so much. Damn... Can't even say RUN IT anymore.

im disappointed that that was the end , but on a good note that was the best effing story ive read in a long time and a gooid azz ending to. its going to be hard to find anything that measues up to this...


I have been a silent reader since day one of this story. I never respond to any story on here, I just read then keep it moving...
I must say your writing is very true. The way you write is very put together, exactly like a real book.
Reading each chapter post has made me laugh and tear, has mad me happy and sad all in one.
The way you wrote this story was portrayed as a movie in my mind.
Just made this account to say you did a great job, great story, and that the way it ended doesn't leave me unsatisfied in the least. But rather happy that the characters are happy as if they were people in my life.


Ooohhhhh Mmmmmmmyyyu Ggggggoooooosssshhhhh!! I'm gonna miss this story so much. I love how hes grown throughout the whole story, and tink has grown too. Will ass is doing his punk ass play, confraternity to him though even if he needs to be punched in the face and probably a couple of other places too. I hop indgo and sammie are still going strong nd London finds a cute girl possibly a man lol. Rhiannas life shall progress with out Chris fully in it and I hope in reality that mae and Chris's clothing line works out. I almost cried cause I didn't want the story to be over. But I'm glad Chris got to open up about his side of that night and you can tell hes gradually forgiving himself and slowly letting go. You are absolutely a phenomenal writer and I cant wait until your real book is published!!!

Awesome...endearing...great to the end! That was one of the best stories I have ever read. Felt do real at times I couldnt take reading it, I would get so in my feelings. I started re-reading it the other day and I ran across some parts that made me fall in love even more with it. Like the time they were standing in the rain and Chris was asking Tink when she was falling back to sleep? The time they went to dinner and she doesn't eat seafood. (I love seafood, so I had to really envision that one). The time where they went to Idaho...enough said. Lol! Will grimey ass c**k blocking. Ugh! I had forgot she dated Jason. Man I'm just jumping all over. It's just so much....I'm sad it's ending but glad it didn't end on a sad note. I can remember it peacefully. Thanks for a great story ma'am! Can't wait for the novel. :)

Aww this story was amazing I know I didn't comment much on the story but I loved it....!

Man I loved this story. Wished it could have more too it. My favorite parts were when they first met and when he got sick when they were in Dallas and she took care of him. I also loved how he felt when he talked about Tink, it showed that he was truly deeply in love with her. I loved when Tink kepted it real with people, she reminded me of myself at some points.Man this is one of my favorite stories on here. Girl u did good with this one.

That's it folks!! It's FINISHED! Please...I want EVERY SINGLE READER TO LEAVE A COMMENT!! You have to tell me how you felt about the story, your favorite moments, how you felt about the ending and the answers he gave in the interview, EVERYTHING! I want to know!!

And I decided NOT to end with a cliff hanger because I seriously don't have time for a sequel. They've been through ENOUGHHH lol.

Please tell me! Over 90 pages and ya'll can't leave with Run it.

Silent readers better speak too! I'm calling ya'll OUT! I want to know who has read this story to it's end. I'm excited to hear your thoughts. Don't leave this post without leaving a reply!! Pretty please!! It will help me be a better writer.

You guys have been great amazing the best all of the above! Thank you so much for your support, runs, comments, laughs, tears everything! Every single comment and run has meant the most...

Ok i'm done being emotional lol.

Run it. :)

<strong>PART TWO</strong>

Chris adjusted himself back in his rightful place on the couch as Oprah’s hair stylist was fixing a few stray strands. The successful talk show host winked at Chris before she cued for the cameras to start rolling again.

“Tell me about Karrueche Tran. She seems to have been a major part of your life. Was there for your healing years and when you and Rihanna were forbidden to speak to each other. How did that relationship come about?” She asked smiling bright as Chris did too.

“Rueche was someone I met through a mutual friend. I always thought she was beautiful, but at the time we met I wasn’t ready to get back into a serious relationship. I was having fun and doing my thing and was happy for the time being. We started out as really good friends first. And after getting to know her for a few months I began falling for her and wanted more with us..”

“What made her special for you to want to have exclusiveness with her?” She questioned as he shrugged slightly.

“She was a sweet girl. Very down to earth and just wanted to have fun, just like me. She wasn’t looking for anything serious at the time. She just wanted to enjoy life with someone special. A very carefree spirit. And she is very loyal. Very private. It was a reason why I wasn’t too vocal about our relationship while we were dating. I’m the type of man that wears my emotions on my sleeve. I put it out there how I’m feeling, generally..and she wasn’t like that. She kept a lot of things in. Even from me. And that I had a problem with. It became draining trying to get her to open up. She’s that private about sh*t…” He expressed.

“You think that eventually caused the split?” She questioned as he shrugged.

“It played a part. A lot of things did. In a lot of ways, I didn’t respect Kae like I should have. I could’ve been a thousand times better to her. But I was still bitter about my last relationship, I was afraid to open up myself too much to her. Afraid I would love her dangerously like I had previously. I was dealing with that a lot in the anger management and counseling I had to do. But I still hadn’t mastered that yet. Then I began to think…she wasn’t worth me mastering that with. Not to downplay her worth. She was just worth more than I was willing to give and that wasn’t fair to her. I felt like Kae was who I needed to heal with it. But not..grow old with? I love her to death. We’re still friends to this day, and even business partners. We just both were in different spaces at the time of our break up. And I couldn’t force myself to feel a way..that I just didn’t. You know?”

She nodded in understanding before smirking, “So you deny that it had anything to do with Rihanna coming back into your life at rapid speed?”

He chuckled a little before subconsciously licking his lips and wiping his hands on his pants, “Possibly. I mean. When she came back I was already in a confused state with my relationship. Wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. Or where I wanted to go with that…she played on it in a sense. Took it to her advantage. And I thought for a moment that I loved them both, simply because I didn’t want to hurt them both. Here, I had the woman I was in love with, spending every day with, the woman I lived with, and nothing in me wanted to hurt her. And then on the other side I had the woman who I caused so much pain, and I didn’t want to be the cause of any more. I was conflicted. I wanted to be neutral in the situation. So I ended everything and remained friends with both. If anything, I still wanted their friendship.”

“Did you feel in way, that you were in debt to Rihanna in a sense? That you owed her your loyalty?” She asked as Chris thought hard.

He nodded slightly, “I’ve felt that way yes. And it was causing me to be a prisoner, so I stopped thinking like that. I had to let her know that we both received the closure we were looking for and now had to move forward. Either together or separately.”

“You chose… separately.”

He smiled softly, “Yes I did.”

“And why was that?” Oprah beamed as Chris looked up and locked eyes with Tink. She blushed and looked away.

“Because I had fallen in love with someone new.” He blushed as Oprah chuckled.

“You get like a little school boy at the thought of her.” She observed as he laughed and rubbed his hands together.

“I do man. I love that woman. No one makes me feel the way she does. No one.” He said firmly with the biggest smile on his face.

“You can see it. I believe that’s the obsession with this new relationship. You seem so happy and affectionate towards her. There’s not one photograph where the two of you look unhappy to be together. And you can tell how protective you are of her.” Chris nodded in agreement. “Tell me more. How did the two of you meet? There are SO many rumors out there about who she is and what she does..”

He smirked, “There are. I actually met Tiff, or Tink as I like to call her, at one of my shows. She and one of her girlfriends had backstage passes. And I saw them talking to my brother Mijo. So I had went up to introduce myself and ended up getting good vibes from her. Plus I thought they were cute and fun girls, so I invited them to the after party to hang with us in VIP.”

“And I’m guessing that’s where the “groupie” term came from.” She referenced to one of the many assumptions about the lady in his life.

“Yeah. She was FAR from a groupie. Sex or anything was out of the question. I was dating Karrueche at the time and she had nothing but respect for that. We really started out as strictly friends and eventually became the best of friends. I told her everything and she did the same with me, and always offered advice and constructive criticism. One of the few people in my life that told me the truth about myself. Being who I am, you hardly hear it anymore. Everyone wants to be on your good side. She didn’t care if she was or wasn’t.”

“What made you fall for her? What was it for you? Because most people will look at her and compare her to the women you’ve dated in the past and feel as though she doesn’t look like them or measure up. This is a mere fan of yours, turned into something more.”

“I never viewed her that way. She’s beautiful to me, and she has a beautiful spirit. Everything about her captures the attention of anyone in any room. Whether she’s trying to or not. And nine times out ten she’s not. She’s cool with fading to the back and just being regular because that’s how she’s always been. What made me fall for her though…” He clasped his hands together and looked towards the ceiling with a thinking face.

“The thing I loved most about Tink and still do is that…she never ceases to amaze me. She’s someone who finds joy and excitement in showing me something I’ve never seen or experiencing something with me I’ve never experienced. She’s always looking to ADD to my life and give to ME and not take away. That means the world, when you’re always the provider. Whether I’m paying someone’s bills, or paying for their education, or buying someone a house. I’m always the provider, I’m always the giver. So to have someone that genuinely wants nothing more than to give to YOU because you already give enough…is powerful.”

He continued, “People don’t know, that she still actually works for a living. While we’ve been dating, she never quit her job and was always determined to make her own money. Anything I’ve ever given her has been a gift. She doesn’t go shopping with my credit cards or ask to borrow money. She pays her own bills and takes care of her own sh*t. The only thing she doesn’t pay for is the car she drives because that was a birthday gift to her, and the viper was a graduation gift when she got her Master’s Degree, she doesn’t like driving because it’s too flashy so it sits in my garage half the time. She’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met in my life and has done nothing but make me a better man since the day she’s been in it.”

He spoke of her with such care and finesse, that even Oprah couldn’t ignore and not take notice.

“You’re so in love. And she sounds amazing.”

“She truly is. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better woman on my team, and wonderful mother to my son.” He said confidently as he sat back a little and Oprah grinned.

“So glad you brought him up. He’s the most precious thing. I had the pleasure of holding him before we started. Truly a doll baby. How does fatherhood feel? Were you nervous when you first found out?”

Chris chuckled, “To be honest, I was happy when we first found out. If I was going to have a child with anyone, I wanted it to be with Tiff. She was scared, but I wasn’t. I needed to be calmed down. My life was getting too out of hand. Beyond my control at times. And a child was going to do that for me. Being a father is the greatest hat I’ve ever worn. It’s far more important to me than the title Singer, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Artist…I would rather be called ‘Dad’ any day over everything. And Baby, coming from her.” He cheesed as Oprah laughed.

“That’s so crazy to hear you say that. You don’t sound like that same fifteen year old kid who was crazy about singing to girls.” She teased as he laughed a little.

“I’ve grown so much in the past couple years, more than my 23 years of being on this earth. I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve made a complete ass of myself, made a complete ass of others…” He started rambling a little before his eyes fell back on Tink. She was smiling and baby talking to Christian in her arms. He must’ve woken up.

“But then…I found love again. I found my heart. The person that made it all make sense. I went through that to be the best man that I can be for her..and to my son. The world may view her as just another fan that happened to luck up…But I don’t see it that way. I’m the biggest fan she could possibly have. She turned me into a believer. Makes me want to know her every move, and the next time she’ll be in my presence so I can show her that I’m her greatest supporter.” His eyes never left her as she looked up and caught his stare. She smiled sweetly and blew him a small kiss before lifting Christian’s little hand to wave at him.

Chris gave a soft chuckle before he continued, “I’m the fan really. A fan…of a fan.” He finished thinking of the title of Tink’s book she was getting published. It was a fictional story based on what they had been through in the course of their relationship.

He snapped out of his daze and turned back to Oprah. “Next question.”

Spam filter wouldn't let me great :( so no pics.

Got the second part already written. Just going to edit it real quick. It was too long to have in one post! sad guys :(

<strong>PART ONE</strong>

Chris sat on his living room couch, palms sweaty as hair and makeup were touching up both him and Oprah to continue the rest of the interview. The first 10 minutes were about when he first started at a young age and how much he’s involved as an artist and little about his art and clothing line since he was wearing one of his Black Pyramid hoodies.

He looked up and smiled softly at Tink. She was wearing leggings with a crop top “The Kill” shirt, and her hair was in a messy bun while also wearing her wide framed glasses. She was holding a sleeping Christian behind the camera crew watching intently and holding on to every word he expressed to this woman. They both knew the questions were about to get personal, and prayed the woman in his life was prepared to hear him tell the world exactly how he felt..about everything.

The crew had finished prepping the duo and Oprah smiled softly at Chris before looking at the crew’s director.

“Are we ready to keep rolling?” She questioned as he nodded and gave the thumbs up, signaling her to continue. Tink took in a deep breath before looking down at her sleeping child. She wondered if the quickening of her heart beat was going to wake him.

“So Chris,” Oprah began as she crossed her legs and focused her attention towards the pop sensation. “You vowed to never do another sixty minute interview after Larry King…why now?”

He flashed a small smile before he cleared his throat, while getting more comfortable on the couch. “Why not now? ..People , and most importantly my fans, have been waiting to truly hear how I feel about things. They want to know so bad, that they try to piece it together, and assume. But their assumptions have been off, and my intentions have been misconstrued. I’m just ready to give my fans a little more of me. This..” He points to the couch and then to Oprah. “Will probably never happen again.”

She smiled and nodded, taking in his words, “Ok..then let’s have a chat!” She laughed as he did too a little before nervously looking at Tink. She made a goofy face in return causing him to chuckle more and feel a little more relax.

“2009…” He cringed a little knowing where she was going. “That was a rough year for you and Chris Brown fans across the world.”

He sucked in his lips and nodded, “Yeah it was. Probably the worst year of my life.”

“Before we talk about that though…Tell me a little bit about Robyn Rihanna Fenty. How did the two of you come to meet? And become an… ‘item’.” She put air quotes around that world.

Chris gave a nervous laugh as he rubbed his hands together and leaned forward, “Um. We both came into the industry around the same time. So our managers thought it would be a good opportunity to link up and feed off each other. We met and instantly friends first. I was too into women and girls to really pay attention to her at the time, even though I always knew she had a crush on me. And then after I made the Cinderella version to her song Umbrella and wrote a few songs for her, we were spending even more time together.. and..and it just took off from there.” He was stuttering a little bit as he felt his palms become even wetter with sweat. He wasn’t used to opening up about this.

“Yeah, you guys would always pull the ‘best friends’ card to the public.” Oprah joked as he laughed and nodded.

“That we did. We didn’t want anybody really knowing what was going on with us. We didn’t mind that people knew we rocked with each other. Just didn’t want people in our business.”

“And still don’t?” She smiled as he grinned before shrugging.

“I guess. Not so much now. I don’t really care too much now.”

“Ok Chris. Back to 2009…before you’ve always declined to give your side of what actually happened. Why was that?”

He swallowed hard as he felt his heart attempting to beat out of his chest. This was a part of his life he hated revisiting. But he promised himself this was going to be the last time he went back to that place. The LAST time.

“Honestly..” He started as he tucked in his bottom lip. He was nervous. “Nothing I could ever say..about that situation..could excuse or explain my actions. I did a very disgusting thing that night. That can NEVER be justified. Ever. Why would I even try to explain my side? Does it even matter? And at the same time I didn’t want to embarrass her more than I already had. She had to go through something so life changing and traumatic…in front of everyone…I just didn’t want to add to it. If she wanted to get out how she felt, cool. All power to her. But I wasn’t trying to be the cause of any more pain.”

“You said, ‘Does it even matter?’. It does matter Chris. I’m not saying you have to explain yourself to anyone..but it matters to release it. She was able to do that. You weren’t. Do you think that’s why things have been the way they have been for you?”

“I don’t really know. I’ve never looked at it from that point of view. I was just more concerned about her well being at the time than anything..”

“Well now that she’s forgiven you, and you two are back friendly, would you like to share your relationship with me? Share what you believe caused the downfall?”

Chris opened his mouth, choosing his words carefully in his head before speaking them. “Robyn and I…fell in love hard and fast. Maybe more at a dangerous pace. We loved each other with every fiber in our being. Nothing else was more important in this world than each other. To the point where if we hurt one another..our world was going to be destroyed.”

Oprah looked intently at him, “Mm. So I would say that point happened?”

He gave a small nervous grin, “Yes. It did. Before that night. During the course of our romance…I was young and a boy with raging hormones. So I had cheated on her a few times with just different girls. And she found out about it. That was the turn. When she chose to stay with me after that. She became…like a switch. One moment she was the best girlfriend I could ever ask for..the next moment she hated my guts and made me eat my mistakes. She got very insecure, and jealous. And it caused our arguments to get bad. Real bad.”

“Did it cause you to feel a certain way towards her?”

He gave an unsure expression, “It caused a little resentment. Because after I had confessed my mistake..I didn’t want to make it again. Once I realized the damage it caused her heart and our relationship, I didn’t want to be responsible for something like that for a second time. And I would try over and over to prove to her. To the point it caused <strong>me</strong> to get insecure. Thinking she was going to hurt me the same way I had hurt her. And anybody knows, when trust is gone between two people, there’s not much left of a relationship. We loved each other so much that we didn’t want to see that person with someone else, but couldn’t stand each other all in the same breath. It caused things to get ugly…but we could go back to happy in a flash. In front of the cameras, you couldn’t tell us we weren’t happy or in love. Behind the scenes…when the cameras stopped flashing…that’s when reality set in. We were no longer on a stage..putting on a show. It was the real us. The miserable us. Trying so hard to make things how they were…”

“I understand what you mean by putting on a show for the cameras. Even that night in February, you all were inseparable and there was not one picture where the two of you were not smiling.”

He laughed a little, “We actually argued on the way there. We were mad as hell attending that grammy party. But the second cameras started flashing we put on a happy face. That’s how we were. We’d be mad and then one of us would say something to make the other smile..and then we were happy again. Like the argument never existed. Our love for each other was crazy. No one close to us understood it. They just accepted it.”

“Forgive me for asking this Chris…but what happened afterwards? What caused the switch to flip..for you?”

Chris cleared his throat and adjusted himself on the couch. Was he finally going to open up? Or could he do it in a way where he didn’t reveal too much. He could already feel the emotion burning in his throat. <em>Last time, Chris…the last time</em>.

“That night..I was driving us home and I had my phone sitting between us. It was a thing we were working on with trust. Leaving our phones out. Letting the other go through it. She was insecure and it kept our fights down, so I kept it out. And all of a sudden I get this random ass message from someone I had messed with in the past. One of the women I was cheatin on her with. We hadn’t talked in months, but she was feeling some type of way about seeing me happy with Rih..and decided to call me out on it. Why she picked that night..I can’t tell you. But it gave the illusion that we were still messing around with each other.”

He looked up at Tink who was watching him close. She didn’t have the baby in her arms anymore. She gave a soft smile for reassurance. As long as she wasn’t affected, he was okay.

“She kept insisting that I was still cheating on her. Over and over. She had even pushed me a couple times while yelling at me. Mind you, I’m driving. So I decided to get off the main roads and into a neighborhood nearby so I wouldn’t crash the car. That’s how crazy it was getting. I kept telling her that I wasn’t lying. Begging her to believe me. Ask her to stop pushing on me..” He stopped for a moment, getting flashbacks of that night. Vividly.

“There just comes a point..with anybody..where you get fed up. You get angry because the person you want to understand the most, doesn’t. It had been like this for months prior. Being accused of something I wasn’t guilty of. Being forced to live out my mistake when I wanted so bad to make things right. I wanted it more than I wanted to breathe. I wanted her to love me the same way again, trust me again, be free with me again. And here she was. Screaming at me. Pushing me. Not believing me. And I was telling the truth. I had been honest. I had been doing everything this girl asked me to do to make her trust me and she wasn’t ever going to. After the last shove…I blacked out.” He choked as Oprah stared at him closely.

“Do you remember the things you did to her that night?”

He sniffed hard to hold back the tears threatening to escape, “When I saw the police report I got sick. I was so disgusted with myself. I couldn’t even believe I was capable of doing that. I had already caused her emotional pain…and now it was physical..on top of emotional because EVERYONE knows. There’s not a soul that doesn’t know. I f*cked up. It was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I’m just thankful I serve a God that can turn any situation, no matter the outcome, into one of growth. I learned a lot about myself, and my issues that I didn’t know existed. I had no idea there was a monster dwelling inside of me..”

“You called yourself a monster? A monster is someone who doesn’t feel bad for causing pain to others. There was always a part of you that felt remorse. You didn’t do it and not care. You didn’t do and not try to make it right. Now you’re volunteering at Domestic Violence centers. Sharing your story, and impacting others in a positive way. That, young man, requires a lot of humility and shows in more ways than one, that you are far from a monster.”

She placed her hand on Chris shoulder before looking at the camera crew, “Let’s take a ten minute break!” She ordered as they all nodded at her call.

“Thank you Chris. I know that wasn’t easy for you to share. We’re going to move on from that topic in the next segment okay?” She explained looking into his eyes as he nodded to collect himself. He stood up to join Tink behind the cameras.

She cuffed his cheeks in her hands and placed a soft kiss on his lips, “You okay love?” She asked softly as he nodded and kissed her again.

“You’re doing perfect baby.” She assured him as he nodded again.

“Where’s my Stink?” Chris asked referring to Christian. Tink pointed to his bassinet and watched him swiftly walk over to it.

He leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his forehead. He soon felt a presence next to him.

“He is a beautiful baby.” Oprah complimented as he smiled.

“Thank you. This is my little buddy right here.” Chris smiled with pride as she nodded and placed a hand on his shoulder before preparing to walk off.

“Congratulations. I’ll see you in a few moments. I’m excited to hear more about him.”

I can imagine what baby christain looks like. Tooo adorable!!! Tinks mom called right in time to settle things. I know shes happy she got to be there to see the baby. I hope this oprah interview goes well and she don't stress on any topics tht they don't want to talk ab cause we allll know how oprah can get.... cant believe the next add is the last one :'( but the timing is right, they have a family and they're at peace. Run it:)))

I hope he actually does an interview with Oprah!!
But that was beautiful and I'm glad everyone is getting along finally. Chris definetly made the right decision by staying home. I don't know how Tyga did that lol

Run it one last time!!

Awwww!!! I just wanna jump in the story and hug little Christian myself. This was such a cute moment seeing everyone coming together and being happy as one big family. Im sooooo not ready for this last add :,( but at the same time I cant wait to see what will happen in the end.

Let me see if you can Run it! Run it!

They are soooo damn cute and CHRISTIAN...omgosh he pulling already because he is just the most adorable cutest and calmest baby in the world already:))) I see their teaming up on tink so sooon!!!!&& I totally forgot about the Oprah interview as well and bittersweet my ass and nothing bad bouta happened so don't make me worry over here:)))

Awwwwwww, I love them! RUN IT!

Awe! Christian has finally arrived! I love their little family unit. They have grown so much together and the love is definitely there.
One more post left. I'm so sad that this story is coming to an end. I have loved every single post and I'm sure I'll be coming back to read the entire thing over again. Yes. It is that good! You have an amazing talent, Nicole and I wish you all the best with your novel! I will be anxiously awaiting for it to come out so I can support! :)

Aww Christian...the love in a family is so evident when a new baby is born...I'm so sad this story is ending... :( but I'll be patiently awaiting that novel! Tiffany you've gained a loyal supporter in me...I'm in love with your writing gift :)

Run it!!

Awww that chapter was too cute.

Lmao poor Tink Christian will come around eventually

So excited

I can't Wait for the interview...:-( this story has really played out so well and it's about to be done. It's the only story I've loved in so long.