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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


christian is so precious! soo glad he is finally here..their lil family is now complete and they are so cute! its so sweet how chris stayed from work to help with the baby and form a bond with him..instead of going straight back to work..i admire that..christian is going to be suuuuuper spoiled lol becuz chris never puts him down!! lol..anxious to see how this oprah interview it!! ready for the last post!!

I admit I am a silent reader. Only because the people who do comment usually comment everything their feeling and give your good lengthy comments me on the other hand I don't really know how to put ny feelings into words and I don't wanna give you a wack ass 'run it's. So imma comment now.

Loved the whole story you are a GREAT writer and this story is without a doubt my favorite story. Okay but let ne tell you how I was tearing up when everybody else was tearing up in that hospital room. The way you described Christian made me picture him and say 'awww' I really don't want this story to end but I know you writing that novel (congradulations) and I'm curious to see how you end this.

Their family is to perfect!

Next post is the LAST ONE! It's bittersweet. I am so thankful for everyone who has supported since the beginning and all the people who have joined along the way! Thank you guys so much! This story wouldn't have thrived to damn near 2700 replies without you guys!! You're amazing!!!!!!

I blinked my eyes open and smiled to myself at the sight I saw from my hospital bed. Chris was cradling Christian in his arms walking around the room looking at him and singing softly. After 15 long hours of labor, we welcomed a beautiful 6 pound 4 ounce baby boy into the world. Everyone was so excited and his baby picture was already floating all over Instagram, Twitter and every blog site imaginable. I allowed Chris to post one photo of him on his page and the world wouldn’t stop talking from there. Christian was a spitting image of his father. Same nose, a few tiny freckles, and Chris’ lips. He was perfect.

“How long have you been up with him?” I yawned as Chris shrugged not taking his eyes off the baby.

“Probably a couple hours. He was squirming while you were sleep. I didn’t want to wake you.” He replied as I nodded and sat up in the bed.

“Is he sleeping now?” I questioned as I removed the covers from off of my body.

“You know he is. He was up probably for 30 minutes.” He explained as I stood up and began to scoot towards the bathroom.

“Put him down then baby. You about to have him spoiled before we even take him home.” I said shaking my head as I went into the bathroom to pee, wash my face and brush my teeth. After I got myself together, I made my way back out into the room. Chris was sitting in the rocking chair now, still holding his son.

I smacked my teeth before placing my hand on my hip, “What did I just say?”

He looked at me before rolling his eyes, “Ugh, you’re in mommy mode already. Why can’t he be spoiled? I want to give him the world..”

I softly chuckled as I looked around for my phone, “Because when you’re gone I’m going to be the one with him, and I don’t need him crying every time I put him down.”

“Momma said he looks just like my baby picture.” He smiled changing the subject.

“He does. When does she get here?” I questioned as he finally looked up.

“Any minute now really. Pat picked her, Tootie, and your parents up from the airport.” He told me as my eyes widened.

“We’re going to be dealing with both of our parents at the same time? All fighting over who gets to hold him the longest? I can’t..” I said rubbing my temples as Chris laughed. He kissed Christian repeatedly on the cheek before standing up and handing him to me. I felt like I had barely spent time with my own baby because everyone was at the hospital last night when I gave birth.

“He is so perfect.” I cooed as I kissed his full cheeks.

“Yup we did good. Watching you give birth was probably the most beautiful and most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Chris said as I giggled.

“My favorite moment was when I saw a tear come from your eye when you held him for the first time. I was bawling.” I grinned as he did too.

“I was happy my little nigga was finally out. And when I held him for the first time, he had like this little smirk on his face. Like he was at peace with me. It was the cutest thing ever. All I saw was me.” He blushed as I did too.

“Our family is complete.” I sighed happily as I placed another kiss on his cheek.

Moments later we heard a knock at the door and footsteps entering the room. I looked up to see Big Pat, my mom, Chris’ mom, his sister and then my dad following close behind the women. Each one of them cooing the second they saw the baby in my arms.

“Now we already decided that I was going to hold him first.” Tootie said walking up to me and stretching out her arms. She placed a soft kiss on my temple before looking down at Christian. “He is gorgeous!”

I chuckled and handed the sleeping baby over to her before looking at the rest of our guest, “How did ya’ll calmly decide who was going to hold him first?” I asked as my mom came up and placed a kiss on my cheek and Momma J followed suit.

“Rock paper scissors baby.” My mom smiled as she went to hug Chris. After everyone greeted us they all took a seat and got comfortable while Pat guarded the room in the hallway.

“You guys are silly,” Chris said with a light laugh. They were all too busy looking over Tootie’s shoulder at the baby.

“Chris he is your TWIN. Looks just like you as a baby.” Joyce choked as a tear escaped her eye. She quickly wiped it away.

“Ma, you are SO emotional.” He chuckled before he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“How does it feel now that he’s finally here?” My Dad asked as everyone looked at us for the response.

“Amazing,” Chris answered. “Becoming a father is probably one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever felt. My life truly feels like it has purpose now. To ensure that I do everything I can to provide for him and his mother.”

I smiled softly at Chris as I leaned my head back, “I’m just happy he’s OUT and not kicking me in my ribs anymore.” I joked as everyone laughed.

“Was labor bad honey?” My mom questioned as I shook my head.

“On the way to the hospital was probably the worst. But once they drugged me up, I was good to go. I felt a lot of pressure, but that was manageable compared to contractions.” I told her as she nodded in understanding.

“Not me. I had you ALL natural.” She said proudly as I looked at her wide eyed.

“Me too,” Joyce added. “Had both of my babies with no drugs. Back then, that was the safest way to have them. It still is really. You just have to keep telling yourself that eventually it’ll be over and you’ll have a beautiful baby in your arms.” She smiled as I shook my head in disagreement.

“No way. I can barely handle menstrual cramps. Labor was a WHOLE new experience for me that I was not trying to feel.” I said watching Tootie pass the baby to my mother. The second she held him in her arms, the tears began to flood from her eyes. My daddy was looking over at the baby too, smiling wide and bright. It was cute. I took out my phone to take a picture of them.

“I can’t believe my baby had a baby.” My mom whimpered as she wiped her eyes.

“Me either.” Joyce said as she wiped hers too. Even Tootie was dabbing at her eyes. This was just TOO emotional for me. Chris and I widened our eyes at each other with goofy grins as we watched the waterworks continue to flood the room. Christian was loved already.


“He is the calmest baby on earth.” I said happily as I lied Christian down on our bed. We had just given him his first “bath” since being home from the hospital. He was looking up at the two of us smiling and waving his arms.

“He is just SO CUTE.” Chris giggled as he pulled out his phone to take pictures of him. Both of our phones were flooded with photos of our pride and joy. He was the perfect mixture between the two of us.

“And his little dimple on the left side is just adorable when he smiles. I’m so in love with this kid.” I said planting kisses all over his cheeks as he squirmed his head a little.

“Damn, already he’s over your kisses.” Chris teased as I pushed him.

“Shut up. Him love him mommy!” I cooed in a baby voice while I planted more kisses on his fat cheeks. Christian started whining and Chris busted out laughing.

I smacked my teeth while looking at the two of them, “Already ya’ll teaming up against me.”

“Aye,” Chris smiled as he picked up the baby. “Real niggas gotta stick together.” For whatever reason Christian liked when he was held like a football by his dad. He calmed down every single time.

“Thank you again for taking this time off to spend with us.” I said as I lied back in the bed and watched Chris gather the clothes to dress his son.

“You don’t have to thank me. I wanted to do this. I watched so many of my niggas go straight on the road after having their baby. Tyga did it and Wiz did it. I didn’t want that. I want some time to get to know him and have him get to know me. These are precious moments that I don’t feel like I should be missing. The road is the road. Money should never come before family in my opinion. Everything stops for my son. Period.” He said confidently while laying Christian back on the bed and preparing to put on his onesie.

“That means everything to me. You don’t even understand.” I smiled as he grinned and leaned in poking his lips out for a kiss. I kissed his lips repeatedly before he went back to finish getting the baby dressed.

“When you thinking about heading back to work?” I asked him as he shrugged a little before putting Christian’s pants on.

“Probably when you have to start doing your promo for the movie and after the Oprah interview.” He replied as I felt my heart jump a little. With all the excitement surrounding our baby, I had forgotten all about the interview.

“Oh yeah that’s right. She’s coming to the house?” I asked him as he nodded.

“Yeah, they sent me the list of questions she’s going to ask me. She’s getting personal as sh*t..” He said picking up the baby and kissing his cheek before holding him in his arms.

“You sure you ready for that? To open up to the world…about everything?” I questioned as he looked over at me.

“It’s time the world knew me for real…”

The water broke while they were being nasty lmao that is too funny. That would be the funniest story to tell your child Lls the story is almost over. In glad I finally decided to read this when I did :)

Run it

I'm just getting caught up, I loveeee this story. Your an amazing writer.... yayyyyy! The baby is coming. RUN IT!

Oh the struggle of being pregnant n horny n the guy not wanting to hit the baby lol I wish it was time for my baby to come on, the 3rd trimester ain't no joke!

I'm glad him n her mom worked things out, always good for everybody to get along. Can't wait for them all to get together.

haha “Babe did you just cum? Or pee? Tf?” I am going to miss this story soo much I can't wait to get the novel though good luck ^_^

Woot woot!! Christian is on his way!! I knew her mom would come around in the end, Chris is such a great man and he really matured.

Tink and Chris are just too freakin' cute! I love their relationship! And Chris has matured so much over the course of this story. I loved that he continuously tried to talk to Tink's mother and finally made her realize that she was making a mistake by not being supportive of their relationship and Tink's decisions.
& yay! Christian is on the way! But what a way to go into labor! Lol Run it!!!!

Lmfaooo. Wooow. What a great way to come into the world!!! Lol. Time to run to the hospital!!! Yaayyy little Christian is almost here!!! Tht heart to heart with her mom was touching though. It took her ass long enough to come around though!!! Lol. Them getting together and getting to know each other better will be good. It'll probably be sooner than expected seeing as though tink's water just broke. Run it:)))

Chris was doing it to good, that he broke her water. RUN IT

lmao!! chris just made her water break lol..did u cum or did u just pee?? too funny..Christian is on his way!!

Starting from page 4 -_- lol I really need find time lol cause I hate getting behind!

I absolutely HATE pickles lol but poor thing, she ain't got her pickles

btw, I'm going to start doing the thing I used to do when I read something and have a thought so I type it lol

Lol London is a fool cause even if her wife carries the baby she still gone have to deal with her s***! and cater to her!

Damn, is she really that bad? Chris done pushed her ass too the side too lol damn it's so rough!

I'm sorry but I laughed soooo hard when she started to cry talkgin about nobody loved her and what not and then naming everything she wants. Poor baby! They love you!

I hope I'm not like that when I get pregnant because I already eat like a fat person AND I'm already over emotional lol it's going to be hell.....

Lol they are soooo childish and yes that was ridiculous how they bought that boy a car that he won't be able to drive until like his first birthday maybe or maybe even after that! Was a waste of money but hell, they got plenty.

And damn that really wasn't a good idea to come out in public w/o a big shirt or glasses or a wig or SOMETHING lol fr

damn.....the press can suck a d***....

SOMEBODY BETTER GET WILL TRIFLIN ASS!!! Knew she shouldn't have went to go see his dumb ass! f***in.....f***in.....f***in.......a**hole! TAKE A f***ING SEAT! Lord PLEASE don't let that s*** be true because I swear I will cry my f***ing heart out! That is Christopher Maurice Brown's SON! Not HIS ASS!!!

Calm down Chris.....

They're about to argue.....oh my....

That argument was waaay to intense yo! I feel so bad for Chris because Tink should have told him forreal.....I'm just at a loss for words right now other than how tf can you get a DNA test if she's still pregnant? And I will murder Will witchu girl!

Read your comment about Scared of Beautiful I really can't wait to read the more detailed version! I know it's going to be GREAT and that your going to succeed! And I still don't want to think of an "end" coming to this story, makes my eyes moist...


Oh ok, thank GOD! 3 days until the results! I was balling over here when I decided to calm down and actually READ!

BEAT THAT NIGGA ASS CHRIS!!!!! BUST HIS s*** WIDE f***ING OPEN BRO!!!! s*** got me hype like he about to fight fr!

man HEEEEEELL NAW!!! Chris shoulda beat tf out that b**** for saying s*** like that! Dumb ass! Especially when he talking about "my son" and s*** like that! Now when they find out that he ain't your's he gone be looking stupid asf for saying that s***! Dumb ass nigga! Can't stand people like that like that think they know every damn thing! He confident asf that the baby is his! Chris shoulda hit his ass

lol f***ing creep! But it's really sweet of him! And I wonder is going to tell her about going to see Will.... since they aren't keeping any secrets anymore.

THANK YOU! At least SOMEBODY agrees with me! Glad he told her! They need to go JUMP his ass lol

Oh HELL NAW! I would've protested like hell! I be DAMNED if you bout to take the risk of paralyzing MY CHILD! That s*** IS selfish asf'

HAAAAAAAAAAA it's HIS! I knew it! Tink knew it! Now look how Will dumb ass looking! Now somebody need to REALLY jump him! And London with this sex lol I have questions about sex while pregnant! Especially when you're far along! Doesn't the belly get in the way?

Amber and Wiz's pictures were really cute and her Baby Shower pictures were really cute! I wonder are they going to have a baby shower...? And I think it's a good move if they don't get TOO personal!


So glad her mother decided to call her and apologize and even happier that Chris was being the bigger person than her own mother and trying to keep in touch despite everything that went on between all of them. And that was the best thing to do because you don't want your baby BORN into drama!

Guess they did have one and I wonder what the gift is. I also can't wait for The Kill to come out! I'm really excited for that!

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO f***ing with his head! That's too funny man! But hell she is right about "her" never being the same lol.

Oh my, better get to damn HOSPITAL! Breaking her damn water with CJ! Lol

I'm so ready for this baby to be BORN!! He's gonna be GORGEOUS!

Anywaaaay! How's the novel coming? How's life? You good? Meeting Chris?! Hmmmmm I wanna know more! Like your new picture! My e-mail is if you want to reach me about the novel or anything else. Hope everything is well!!!

Run it

Hahahahaha that's disgusting for that to happen!! RunIt!!

Christian is on his way! Yay! Sex does bring on labor lol. I'm excited that he's almost here, yet sad this story is about to end :( but excited again bc of your novel! Beautiful writing Tiffany. Truly gifted with words :)

Run it!!

Lmao.. Yay, he's almost here. Run it!

lmbo! smh she a it

Omg!!! Lmfao!! That has to be the worse way to go into labor!! Lol

lmfao!!!!!!! RUN IT!

Christian's coming!!!! Run It!

Yay! Christian is coming!
run it

Yay hes coming!!..RUN IT!!!

lmbo this is how my labor started lol...except my water didn't break, contractions just started...
Christian is on his way!!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!!
call the grandma with the much needed change of heart and tell her to get down there quick
run it

Rotfl I always heard having sex would help the baby come, but it would never work for anyone I know...Christian definitely boosted Tink's sexual hormones lol that's good her mom made an effort, but Chris shouldn't have been the one to call her she should have been the mother and called Tink

yay the babies almost here...

Thank you! Two more post :(

And me meeting him is not confirmed lol. Just something I'm pushing for. Thanks for the love tho :)

<strong>3 Months Later</strong>

“Where the hell is Chris?!” I groaned while laying my head back on the couch. I was sitting at Chris’ house with Mijo, Keeis and Indigo. They were watching Harlem Nights.

“He should be on his way home soon. For the 100th time.” Keeis said with irritation as we all chuckled.

“I’m sorry man….I’m horny.” I blurted as Mijo and Keeis smacked their teeth before Mijo threw a pillow at my head.

“Don’t nobody wanna hear OR picture that sh*t! UGH!” Mijo growled as I started cracking up before shrugging.

My laughter ceased when I looked up and smiled at the picture that was plastered in Chris’ living room. It was a picture from the spread we did for VIBE magazine. He was kneeled down kissing my pregnant belly, while I smiled down at him. It was black and white. I loved that picture.

“When your ass done being pregnant? I swear you’ve been pregnant forever.” Keeis questioned as I giggled.

“I have 13 days until my due date, but it could really be any day now. I’m tired of being pregnant. This was cute at first but now it’s annoying. My feet are swollen, nose is fat, sleep is uncomfortable, and this lil nigga loves kicking my ribs.” I complained as the boys looked at me wide eyed.

“You sound just like my baby mom did.” Mijo commented referring to his son. I forgot he was a father sometimes.

They continued to watch the movie, and I was starting to as well until I felt my phone vibrate. I looked down and my heart dropped when I saw who was calling. I quickly grabbed my phone and waddled out of the room, and upstairs to Chris’ bedroom to answer the call in private.

“…Yes?” I finally answered as I prepared to hear her voice.

“I’m sorry.” I heard my mother choke as I sighed. Took her seven months to utter those words to me.

“Are you mom. Like seriously…” I began as she quickly cut me off.

“Baby. I’m sorry. I was angry and took it all out on you. I didn’t mean those awful things I said to you. I’m missing your first pregnancy and my first grandchild all because I was being stubborn. Honey, Chris is a good man for you. I know because he’s been trying to talk to me every other week since that day at your Grandmothers. He talks to Ray weekly. He loves you and I care for him simply because of that.” She cried as I furrowed my brows. I knew he talked to my dad from time to time but I never knew that he was putting an effort to speak to my mom.

“I finally agreed to talk to him last week, and I’ve been an emotional wreck since then. He apologized to me and everything baby and he had nothing to even apologize to me for. He just felt like our fight was his fault and he wants me and your Daddy out there this weekend to be able to be there for the birth of Christian. I’ve been praying and asking for forgiveness, and I just want you to forgive me too. I judged Chris before I even tried to get to know him, and I lacked faith in you to be able to make your own choices. You’re a good daughter Tiffany. You always have been. I’ve always been proud of you honey. Always.” By now the tears were streaming down my face. I had a wonderful man.

“I know mommy. And I apologize for being stubborn as well. I just didn’t want that negativity surrounding my pregnancy. I can already tell I have a happy and healthy baby boy growing inside of me, and I didn’t want that for him. I didn’t want anyone around me that wasn’t going to love him unconditionally like I do.”

She was quiet for a moment, “…You’re going to be such a great mother. Just don’t be anything like me…”

I stopped her, “You weren’t a bad mother. Just lacked patience and understanding when it came to me. That’s key in any relationship. I just wanted you to get to know me, Mom.”

“Well, when I come down there, I want all of us to spend time together okay? Me, your father, Chris, you and the baby. I want to get to know him, and the two of you together..”

“I would like that..”

We continued to talk for a few moments until I felt Chris sneak up behind me and place little kisses on my neck and cheeks playfully before getting up to walk to the closet. Daddy’s home.

“Ok Ma, Chris is home. I have to go.” I told her ending our call, before throwing my phone on the bed. I stood up and walked over to the closet and leaned against the doorpost while I watched Chris undress to change into something more comfortable.

“I missed you today.” I said softly as he looked up and smiled while stripping from his pants.

“I missed you too Love. Got held up at The Agenda Show today. The love that Black Pyramid and The Kill are getting is crazy.” He grinned as I smiled and nodded.

“How is Kae?” I asked as he shrugged.

“She’s cool. She’s excited about the project. I told her I trust her and do as she pleases with the line. She’s doing a great job with it. I’m just ready for it to launch.” He explained as I nodded.

Over the past few months I was getting more comfortable with them working together. This version of Chris’ clothing line had been in the works long before I ever came in the picture, so I wasn’t going to come in-between that. I knew they were friends and business partners. Nothing more.

“She apologized for not being able to make it to the baby shower. She got Christian a gift though. It’s in the car.” He added as I nodded. I was shocked she even got the baby a gift.

“She didn’t have to.” I replied as he let out a breath while putting on his black pyramid sweats.

“Yeah, but you know she has a good heart.”

“Yeah I know. Rih ain’t get me sh*t.” I chuckled as he did too.

“She’s still a little bitter about it. I ain’t stuntin it though.” He shrugged while throwing on a shirt and finally walking up to hug me. He placed his hands on my hips and kissed me sweetly before pinching my nose.

“Fat ass nose.” He teased while I smacked his arm.

“Stooppp,” I whined while covering my nose. “You know I’m self conscious about this sh*t. I ain’t really gain weight until this month. He grew overnight I swear.”

He chuckled, “Nah he has been growing for the past 38 weeks. Don’t see why you haven’t picked up on that.”

I laughed a little before I sighed, “I talked to my mom today. I didn’t know you had been reaching out to her…”

He bit his lip a little, “Yeah. I didn’t like how we weren’t seeing eye to eye and I wanted to fix it. She’s a very stubborn woman, but she finally agreed to talk to me. I wanted to try to get her up here for the baby shower to surprise you, but she felt it wouldn’t have been a good idea and promised to call you.” I nodded as I took in his words.

“…how did it go?” He asked as I ran my fingers through my hair while walking back towards the bedroom.

“It went good. It was good to finally hear from her to be honest. I was getting emotional becoming a mother without my mother. I never pictured it to go that way.” I said plopping on the bed as he stood in front of me.

“You’re amazing for that though. It made me love you even more. It touched me. Right here.” I grabbed his hand and placed it over my heart. He grinned before moving his hand lower to give my boob two squeezes causing me to laugh and push him in his stomach.

“You always gotta f*ck up a cute moment.” I laughed shaking my head. He giggled before he cuffed my cheeks in his hands and placed soft kisses on my lips. I began sticking my hand down his pants before he stopped me.

“Man no!” He said firmly before trying to walk away before I quickly grabbed his waistband.

“Whyy babe?! Come on. I want you.” I begged as he laughed and shook his head.

“No man. It’s weird having sex now that he’s like full grown in there. He was kicking my hand and sh*t when I was doing it from behind the other night. Creeped me the hell out. I think I be f*ckin with his head or something.” He confessed as I looked at him like he crazy.

“Chris you don’t be no where near his head. Quit acting scary! I wanna do it!” I urged as I looked around for my back pillow that I rested on that helped pregnant women have sex.

“Why can’t we wait till after you have him?” He asked as I smacked my lips.

“Because you have to wait six weeks. My vagina is NEVER going to look the same after this! You have to take advantage of it now.” I said standing up and wrapping my arms around his neck. He smiled before leaning down and pecking my lips. He placed his hands on my hips as I deepened the kiss by slipping in my tongue, and heard a small grunt escape his mouth. Bingo.

I started tugging at his sweats and slipped them down to his ankles before following suit with the boxers. He smirked as he gently began backing me up towards the bed and I propped myself on the pillow. He removed my pants along with my underwear before quickly inserting himself in. I moaned as I let out a light laugh; I’ve been waiting for this all damn day.

Chris was grinding carefully while taking me to ecstasy while my back and elbows were pressed against the pillow.

“Damn, you’re tight and wet…” He moaned while biting his lip.

“Cuz you don’t f*ck me enough.” I replied while leaning my head back as my legs began to shake.

Moments later my good pain turned into real pain as I felt my stomach tightened and get rock hard. I clenched my teeth together to ignore the pain, so that Chris wouldn’t stop going. I assumed it to be another Braxton Hicks contraction. I had been getting them since entering my ninth month. He suddenly stopped anyway.

“Babe did you just cum? Or pee? Tf?” He asked pulling out as we both watched water leak from my vagina and onto the bed.

“Oh my God..” I said breathlessly while looking down. “I think my water just broke.”

HA ! In ya face Will witcho WEAK ass . He lucky Chris trying to get saved and be one with Jesus smh
))): only 3 dang I'm not ready I be stalking this story for new adds I'm going to be a lil salty . Us faithful readers been here since Tink Bust out in that good ole' robot and hit mijo in the face lol

run it