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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


Yay!!! everythings back to normal again! I knew they were going to get through this, I cant wait till Christian is born. Its just so sad that this story is ending so fast!! :(

So happy that little baby Christian is Chris'! He doesn't have to doubt that anymore, and he and Tink can move forward. This story is beyond amazing, Nicole. I love how you have kept it very realistic and incorporated many of the things that are happening in Chris' life now. I'm sad that it's ending, but I'm really looking forward to the next 3 posts! & omg! I'm so excited for you getting to meet Chris soon! I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing! Run it!!!!!!!

No lie I was a lil nervous to hear what the results were even though we ALL knew Chris was the father but the thought of her being with another man made it questionable. Poor Chris couldn't eat thinking bout it:"((( and congrates on you meeting Chris!!! You deserve it, this story is beyond amazing!!! Its sad know tht there will only be three more adds :'((( but I know your gonna go on to make MILLIONS of novels and I am going to buy EVERY SINGLE ONE:))) Run it:)))

so looking forward to the last posts..especially since they gon be good and loooong! lol these two have definitely been thru it all..i loves this story

and i am suuuper jealous that u may have the opportunity of meeting him! one lucky girl lol..take pics!!!

I'm sooo glad it's Chris' baby. Looking forward to the last three posts!

3 more posts?! I absolutely love this story. I love this story so much I signed up just to comment. Can't believe it's ending, but I can't wait for 'Scared Of Beautiful'. You're such an amazing writer & I know you'll go far. RUN IT!

I'm glad that whole doubt part is over, Tink handled that well because I probably would've went off. I think that Vibe story would be a good look for them, get her movie some publicity but I can understand her wanting to keep things private, I know I would....can't believe it's coming to an end...looking forward to the last 3 posts.

Run It!!!

Wattt thts so not fair the closes i ever got to him was meeting his dancers

Probably not. BUT you never know. Haven't really thought about what more could possibly happen with these two lol. I tried to link this as close as I could with Chris' real life and right now it's been all about Rihanna. I plan on meeting him this year so we'll see if I do after that ;)

Are you goin to do a sequel???

Yes three more :( working on them now. They'll probably allbe lengthy. The last one definitely.

3 more left??..noooooo lol

RUN IT!!!!

Yay! You had me scared for a moment that it could actually be Will's kid. Anways 3 most posts?! No!

3 more post before this story will be complete..... *tear*

“Chris should’ve beat his ass. Let’s go beat Will’s ass!” <a href="">London</a> said furiously as <a href="">I</a> watched her paint in the back of her gallery. I chuckled before I shrugged while taking a bite of my fried chicken salad.

“F*ck Will. He’s just back to being an ass hole because I hurt his feelings. Even though he fails to realize that he gave up when I was his girlfriend and didn’t like Chris and I’s friendship.”

London shook her head, “All that drama for what though? The doctor call you yet?”

“Nah. I told him to just call Chris. I already know the results. What I need him to tell me for? I mean, I understand Chris’ concerns, but getting that test while I was still pregnant was risky. One wrong move and my child could’ve been paralyzed. The whole thing was selfish as f*ck.” I spat while taking another bite of my salad.

“How are ya’ll though?” She questioned as I sighed.

“We’re getting better. Things are pretty much the same, but just a little awkward at times. I’ve just been owning up and accepting responsibility to the part I played in all of this. I had plenty opportunity to avoid this earlier on, but I just didn’t want to bring stress to the situation. I know Chris is my child’s father, just didn’t want him doubting me.”

“Welp, so much for that. Can’t blame him though. He just doesn’t want to look stupid in all of this. He cares too much about you and that baby. Plus being a celeb, he was more than likely going to get the test anyway. Whether you were aware or not. Their lawyers n sh*t make em do that.”

I nodded, “Yeah, that I was expecting. But not for him to seriously have doubt that I was carrying another man’s child. Made me feel some kind of way about myself.”

“Mm, prally like a hoe.” London blurted as I laughed.

“Yeah, one of those..” I chuckled as I took another bite of food while she continued to paint. I felt my phone vibrate and saw a text from Chris.

<strong>He’s mine..</strong>

<em>Not surprised. Feel better?</em>

<strong>I apologize for not being confident in that. I was just shook up.</strong>

<em>No need to apologize. I should’ve been honest.</em>

<strong>…Can I take you out to dinner?</strong>

<em>I wont be hungry, but Christian might be. Lol</em>

<strong>According to you, Christian ALWAYS hungry, smfh.</strong>

I laughed out loud and London looked at me strangely.

“You texting Chris? You finna get some d*ck ain’t you?” She asked as I chuckled.

“He got the results. Apologizing for even doubting that Christian wasn’t his.” I told her as she smirked and nodded.

“Good sh*t. You better throw it back on that d*ck hard to not. You gotta cover for lost ground.” She said as I started cracking up. She was right though. I had to make things up.


I sat across from <a href="">Chris</a> at dinner, while I watched him stuff his food down his throat.

“Whyyy are you eating like that?!” I whined as I set my fork down. He was making me lose my appetite.

He chuckled as he swallowed, “I’m sorry, I’m hungry! I haven’t eaten in a few days because I was sick off this situation. Now that I’m back at peace and with my babies, I can eat!”

I nodded, “You really didn’t think he was yours babe?” I asked softly as Chris sighed before he shook his head.

“I knew deep down he was. I still referred to him as my son. That didn’t change. I just didn’t want to go off my gut you know? And we got down to it, and he wasn’t. I couldn’t allow myself to keep getting attached if he wasn’t.”

“I understand. I would have questioned it too…” I started before he cut me off.

“Let’s drop that sh*t. What’s done is done. No need to keep focusing on that negative energy or we’ll begin to resent each other. I got news anyway.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What type of news? It always causes us to be out there in some way..”

He flashed a grin, “Well, you’re right. Vibe wants us to do a spread. Take pictures, talk about baby sh*t, and becoming parents. You don’t have to talk much really. More like what Wiz and Amber did for Rollingstone.”

“Aww, yeah their photo’s were cute. But I don’t know. I’m more private about my life…”

“Yeah, but you can talk about the movie and all that. You don’t have to talk about “us” per say. But now that this is out, I’m proud of it, and I’m proud of us. We don’t have to hide anything to anyone.”

“Yeah..true.” I replied as I went to take a bite of mash potatoes. Chris smiled weirdly at me from across the table. “What?”

“I love you. Despite what we’ve been through. You’re an amazing woman, and you will be an amazing mother.”

I blushed. “I love you more. Thank you for accepting me even with my flaws. You’re a strong man, and you will be a great father to our son.”

He leaned over and placed a kiss on my cheek, “Ok, let’s stop being corny. I’m ready to eat!”

I'm so glad Chris handled that situation the way he did, shows so much maturity and growth. I hope will stays out of the picture now, and hopefully the DNA test will allow that to happen. Hopefully Tink will be honest from here on out just as she would expect him to be. Communication is definitely key!

Run It!

I loved that Chris handled the situation like a real man instead of tryna solve it with violence. For some reason I feel like we aint seen the last of Will. Im still confident that Christian belongs to Chris!!!!!

Run it!!!

This story really makes my day!! RunIt

(Response to post before last) damn Chris belittled her ass!!! I know tht s*** had to hurt tink but I know Chris only did all tht bc he was truly hurt by her actions. I wonder how indigo felt hearing tht s*** cause I know they asses was louuuudddd!!! Chris was wrong for tht but I guess it's not tht bad knowing tht he was all only doing it out of hurt.
(Response to last post) poor tink, I feel her pain cause she know without a doubt the baby is Chris'(he do too) and now she gotta go through all this extra bull s***. I hope she learned her lesson. But Chris going off on will though!!! He handed him his ass!!! I'm glad they didn't fight though cause tht would've been all in the media too. Hopefully the whole thing ab him being the "baby daddy" will end soon too. Run it:))

i looooove how chris handled to man..very mature! Will is such a punk.. i have no words for his stupid ass..

lol chris creepy self was outside her was too cute but indeed Couldnt help but to think what if she told his ass NO he coudnt come ova lmao he would hve had to hop back in his car head hanging low lol..glad they working it out..cant wait for christian to get here! chris will be an awesome father

Will pulled a b**** move yo!! Like a really b**** move, and it got Chris doubting his seed. But its ok, cuz they gon win through it all. I'm glad Chris stepped to Will and told his dumb ass to back off. If I was Tink I woulda went off on his ass. I'm glad Chris is tryna put it behind him and be with his boos! Run it!!

That was the perfect add. But YO! The way Chris left Will's dressing room after calling him a b****. That had me dying laughing! RUN IT!

Run It!!

I'm so happy Will didn't try anything stupid like tryna throw a lick cause that would've been a fight he would've lost...It's great that Chris and Tink are talking

i would totally buy that book !!

now , on to the update ..

chris is right . she shouldn't have to keep things from him . i honestly didn't think he would go straight to will . i thought he'd let it ride . will , however , was wrong . he seemed to be doing that out of spite . come on , will . grow up . that was a childish thing to do . and to allow it to be published without even telling Tiff was ridiculous . he could've warned her or just kept his mouth shut . i'm praying the baby is in fact Chris' . otherwise , i don't see anything positive coming out of that .

i'm proud of chris for not beating the sht out of will . he definitely could've pulled a Rih move & throw them paws at him . ( haha lil scrappy ) . but he was a man about it , said what he needed to say and drew a line for will . cross that lime , will , & you'll be hiding behind a hoody for awhile with a busted lip and black eyes . i knew he was gonna pull some corny ass sht and show up at her door . i would love for my husband to do that tho . come home from work early , tell me he has to work longer and he misses me then knock on the door . i'd fall in love all over again . now let's pray Kae and Rih don't come back around . we have had enough of the exes for awhile . time for Chris , Tiff , & baby Christian .

okay , you can RUN IT now (:

OMG!!!! I just got on this book yesterday and I finally caught up. Yes I scrolled and read through all 90 pages. I was that hooked. Can't wait to see what happens, hopefully you update soon.

RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

i wouldnt doubt that will was finished with his it!!

f*** will pussy ass slim!!!!

He pissin me to the highest level, he talk hella s***. Bitter little f***er

So I've been reading your story for the past few days and finally got caught up! I had to make a profile to let you know that you are an amazing and exceptional writer! I just love this story so much! I get so engrossed in it, it's hard to put down! It's so real, and I literally feel the emotion in every post! I see that you're writing a novel and I'm so excited and anxious for it! Can't wait to support you!!!