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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


Omg! Im so sorry, I have been such a horrible reader/commenter. I just been so busy with work lately. But im back so anywho I've caught up and where do I glad Tink and Chris decided to give it another try, they are just the cutest! That vacation was everything. Thats such an awesone way to spend the holidays...and that ring was gorgeous! Im glad that its a boy their having. Im so excited for them!! I know they are gonna be awesome parents. Now on to Will, I dont understand him why do you continue to try and talk to Tink when clearly she just really doesnt want to be bothered with you. He is just tryna start some mess and I dont think thats a good idea. C'mon Will get ya life....

I applaud you for writing a novel. You're such a good writer. I know that it will definitely be a bestseller lol!! Go for it!! =)

Imma kick Will messy ass !!!!!

oh shhh, i knew he was sneaky. smh. she shouldnt have went to his it

Really will? I knew he was gonna do that shyt! Tink got some explaining to do...she should've said something from jump just to remove any doubt and then Chris wouldn't be blind sided by this crap...there is about to be some major drama!!!

Run it asap!

Oooo will is a low down dirty b****!!! Chris need to beat tht ass!!! He too wrong for tht!! But tink ass was trippin when it came to them pickles though lol. And Chris know he ready for her to come home i don't know why his ass trynna front lol. Ready for the next add cause I knowwww its gone be juicyyyyy. Run it:)))

Awwwww DAMN!!! here we go smh!

Will is f***ing annoying man and trifling!! RunIt!!

-___- ain't this bout a blimp ; will dnt act like a female *silently praying the baby is Chris' and that he doesn't flip out on tink* #TeamCrink

Will so stupid! Dang dude you that desperate and needy for attention? Smh

Dammit! Will just had to open his mouth. RUN IT!!!!

Will got some f***ing nerve to even be saying stuff like that he's really urking my nervers he know that his damn child

WILLIE STAY WHERE U AT!!!!!!!!!!! it :)

Damnit Will! Why must you interfere? Gosh

Lawd Will....why?....whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I just hope you end it on a good note! Don't let them break up or some s***. Let them be happily ever after!

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, RUN IT!

OMFGGGGGGGG...WILLL WDF BRUH!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE HE DID THAT(SMH) THAT WAS AN ACTION OF A MAN THAT CANT RESPECT THE FACT HIS EX IS OVER HIM...he is doing everything in his powers to be relevant in Tinks life....

P.S i really enjoyed all your stories that u have written. I know that your journey as a writer will be successful, because not once have I been disappointed with your stories on here. I wish you nothing but happiness and success in your future, and i will be looking out for you when your books hit stores.

will had to go & open his big mouth . gonna fck sht up & cause problems .. tink gotta explain that .

Oooooohhhh will is a dirty b****!

Oh Snap!!!!!..all hell is gonna break loose..damn Willie!!!!!


OH DEAR BABY JESUS!!! Will is a f***ing d***!!! I hope that f***ing clown shoe gets punched in his gotdamn ear or something! RUN IT!

ChristeLynn thanks for finally commenting! no need to be shy :)

Adding more soon!!

Work has been very overwhelming so I've been trying to find the time to add. That's one reason why I want to end the story too, just because I'm not able to update like I used to. I don't feel it's fair to my readers :(

Thank you!

“I need pickles.” I groaned while placing one of the couch pillows over my head. I was at my apartment with Indigo and London and they both smacked their lips.

“If dis b*tch whines for pickles one mo muhfuggin time…” London commented with aggravation as Indigo laughed.

“You ate ALL of the pickles we had G. You out of luck.” She told me as I pouted.

“I did NOT eat all them pickles man. I need pickles and peanut butter sandwiches. We ain’t got sh*t.” I whined as the two of them crossed their eyes at me.

“Do you wanna go to Walmart and get these pickles cuz? You’re pissin me off with all this woe is me I’m pregnant bullsh*t.” London said as I laughed. I had been getting on their nerves all day. I didn’t care. Christian has been playing soccer with my intestines all afternoon.

“You carry this big headed lil boy for the six months I have and see how you feel about it. You’re gonna want everything when you want it, no questions asked.” I explained as she crossed her eyes.

“F*ck that. My wife is having our kid. I’m good on the whole carrying another human being inside of me for months sh*t.” London replied as me and Indigo both laughed.

“Where is Chris ass at? Why ain’t he doing this sh*t?” Indigo asked me as I pouted even more.

“He has meetings all day and he’s directing a video later this evening. I told him I wasn’t going to annoy him with my crap today. He’s over me. Why ya’ll think I’ve been here for the past three days?” I asked them as they both nodded in understanding. According to everyone we associated with, I was becoming the pregnant woman from hell.

“I don’t blame em. Sh*t. Go back over there.” Indigo said as I poked my bottom lip out.

“Why…” I started as I felt the tears forming. “Why doesn’t anybody love me? Nobody wants me around and is being mean to me and all I want is pickles, Doritos, peanut butter and oreos…” I sobbed as the two of them immediately rushed to sit next to me on the couch while rubbing my back.

“Baby, we love you. You’re just annoying us. Your hormones and eating habits have been on 10 lately. We’re doing everything we can to make this a simple pregnancy for you.” Indigo soothed as London smacked her lips.

“Sh*t I’m not. Pull ya panties up nigga. We’re taking yo crybaby ass to Walmart.” She grunted as she stood up and smiled while I wiped my tears.

“I love you guys.”


“Dawg, I’m hella getting Christian one of these for Christmas.” London smiled as she rode one of the mini bikes up and down the aisle. We had gotten sidetracked while shopping for groceries in the store. I wanted to check out all of the baby toys and see if there was anything I could buy for his room at Chris’ house.

“He’s not even going to be able to ride that. He’ll only be like seven months.” I chuckled as she shrugged.

“So? You see they got Cairo that mini car and he’s only two months. Rich people don’t give a sh*t.” She commented as I nodded. It was true that Tyga bought their little boy a car and he’s nowhere near the age to drive it.

“Man, his lil ass probably bought that for himself.” Indigo said as we laughed.

“How is Chris taking the idea of having a son?” London questioned as I smiled.

“He loves it! He’s getting all this stuff together at the house preparing for him. He’s ready to really teach him everything. How to dance, how to sing, how to draw, how to play basketball. He’s super excited.”

“He’s going to look just like that dude, I can already tell.” Indigo replied as I nodded in agreement.

“Well come on, let’s get out of here. I don’t want to draw any attention to myself. It’s already bad enough I came out here in a regular shirt and you can see my pregnant belly.” I said changing the subject as they grabbed the things they had picked up for Christian and we headed to check out.

After paying for the items we were all laughing and clowning to the car until I saw some people holding up camera’s in the distance across the street. I instantly put my head down and made way to the passenger seat of London’s car. I was happy we hadn’t taken mine, or else they would’ve automatically assumed it was me. At least now, there is reasonable doubt. Regardless I was prepared to be the topic of conversation the following day.


<strong>Chris Brown KNOCKED UP his nobody GF! Betta get child support ready</strong>

<strong>Chris Brown is the father of TWINS</strong>

<strong>Can Chris Brown truly be trusted with a child after the 2009 incident?</strong>

“Man, the internet can’t get enough of you today brah.” Mijo chuckled as he scrolled over the many blogs and articles on Tink’s pregnancy. The media was having a field day since the pictures had been released of her in a parking lot.

Chris shrugged, “They were going to find out anyway. I’m not ashamed. I didn’t care if they knew or not. Just don’t harass us. I don’t have access to my twitter and Tink is never really on hers. So the most they can talk sh*t on is Instagram and I stopped reading those comments a while ago.” Chris explained as he continued to play Call of Duty.

“When you letting her come back to the house?” He asked as Chris laughed.

“Man, when she pulls her head out of her ass and quit acting handicap cuz she’s pregnant.” He joked as Mijo chuckled.

“So…tonight then?”

Chris smiled and nodded, “Hell yeah. I miss her annoying, big headed self. Guess I gotta baby her till the baby gets here.” He sighed as Mijo eyes widened at the lap top screen.

“Yo CB. This may be one rumor you might want to pay attention to…” Mijo said before turning the lap top in Chris’ direction.
He paused his game before squinting his eyes at the screen.

<strong>Willie Taylor, star of A Fool and His Money, claims that there is a strong possibility the baby that Chris Brown’s girlfriend is carrying…is HIS!</strong>

I've been a silent reader for prolly 2 yrs now because I'm a very shy , i had a ratchet ass cricket phone and not really social lol
But I'm a HUGE fan of your writing . I've shed tears , laughed , even Cussed out a few characters
Broke my phone once lol (when Chris cheated on tink with that Gigga-boo from the club)
But I'm ready shoot I BEEN #TeamCRINK alllllllllday errday , I liked will buut he was still battling some demons
but anyway im talking to much sooooo Run It !

Run It


Run It <3 !!!!

i guess will wanted to be attached to her in anyway he it!!