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~~Cold-Hearted~~ (Repost) Finished!!

<a href="">Tristan</a> is sitting at the bar like he does every Friday night. He doesn’t even know why he bothers anymore, the bar scene seems to get more boring every week. He looks around as he takes a sip of his Hennessey on the rocks; he swears he sees the same people every week; desperate men looking for woman and desperate woman looking for men. Tristan is not a desperate man and he is not looking for a woman. His motto is “never trust a b***h.” He has been this way for years and he does not think it will change anytime soon. All women are evil to Tristan and he doesn’t want anything to do with them. He continues looking around and notices <a href="">a woman</a> he has never seen before. He knows all the regulars and she is definitely not one of them. She is standing awkwardly against the wall with a drink that appears to be cranberry juice in her hand. Tristan looks her up and down and does his normal routine of rating her appearance. Her large, natural hair definitely catches his attention, pretty face, petite little shape squeezed into a fitted dress, and toned legs defined by 4 maybe 5 inch stilettos. Tristan thinks she is the perfect 10 looks wise. The woman catches Tristan staring at her and she looks away awkwardly. Tristan takes this to mean that is shy as well. She is looking around and Tristan just watches her. Tristan snaps out of his daze and looks away; he doesn’t even know why he was staring. Yes she is beautiful, but pretty faces are always deceiving. Tristan finishes his drink and asks the bartender for another one. Tristan only has two drinks for the night and he decides at 1 am, it’s time to head home. He pays and tips the bartender and then gets up from the stool and walks outside. As soon as he walks outside, he sees the woman arguing with this man. Tristan just shakes his head: wonder what the b***h did, is all Tristan is thinking. Tristan walks forward, but stops in his tracks when he hears what sounds like a slap and hears a woman’s gasp of pain. Tristan turns around and sees the woman holding her cheek and the man with his hand up. Now Tristan may hate woman, but he just doesn’t like when men ever put their hands on a woman. Tristan quickly walks over to the man and grabs his arm and spins him around and the man looks at him like he is crazy.

“Weren’t you ever taught never put your hands on a woman?,” Tristan said.

“N***a get off me. This is none of your business,” the man said while jerking Tristan’s hand off of his arm.

“When you hit a woman in the street it becomes anyone who is watching business,” Tristan said boldly.

“Man whatever. This is MY woman, you mind your own,” the man said.

“I’m not your woman,” the woman said softly.

“B***h what you say?,” the man said.

“I am not your woman Michael! You need to accept that!,” the woman yelled. Michael looks like he is about to hit the woman again, but Tristan gets in front of her and lifts up his shirt and Michael sees a 9 mm handgun. He just glares at Tristan and then looks at the woman.

“This isn’t over Malila. We have a lot to talk about,” Michael said. Michael just turns around and walks away and disappears around the corner. Tristan pulls his shirt down and then starts to walk away.

“Wait!,” Malila yelled. Tristan just shakes his head and Tristan hears Malila’s heels clicking as she tries to walk towards him. He hears her picking up speed and she gently touches his arm and then stands in front of him and Tristan just stares at her. He notices her left cheek is slightly red from the slap and her eyes are glassy from tears.

“I….I just want to say thanks for what you did. I really appreciate it,” Malila said shyly. Tristan just nods his head and walks past her.

“Wait…..what’s your name?,” Malila called out. Tristan just ignores her and keeps walking and Malila watched him disappear into the dark. She wanted to thank him personally, but guess she won’t get the chance. Tristan gets to his car and takes the keys from his pocket and unlocks the car doors and gets in the car and just sighs heavily. What he just did was so stupid. He doesn’t know this n***a Michael or what he is into to, Michael could come at Tristan for retaliation. And he did this stupid s**t over a woman?! Yes she got slapped by a man, but hell Tristan doesn’t know her. Why would he stand up for a woman, when he swears he hates every last one of them? Tristan just shakes his head and Malila pops into his mind. She has to be one of the most beautiful women Tristan has ever seen and her sweet smelling perfume is still lingering in his nostrils. Tristan just puts Malila into the back of his head and speeds off home; what is happening to him?


Too sweet. :D

Everything about them makes my heart smile :)
... That is all

Runnnnn It !!!

Awww Tristan and TJ are sooooooo cute together. I love the father son bonding already. TJ's a really smart and grounded young man. And the fact that he likes healthy foods amazes me lol, most kids his age love junk food. It's sweet how much he adores Malila too. I know Malila loves him already and will treat him as her very own. Kevin the dog even likes TJ and TJ was too excoted when he seen him. It's so amazing to see Trstan finally have the loving family he needed and deserved. RUN IT!!!

Thanks for your comments so far ladies I love them!! Readers I appreciate ya'll so much I hope you all know that :)

aww their family is so beautiful
i love it
run itt

Alicia is a DOG!

Awwwww they have a little family =)


At about 3 pm, Tristan opens his eyes from his nap. He and Malila drifted off to sleep as they were watching TJ sleep. He looks next to him and sees Malila sleeping peacefully and he smiles. He kisses her forehead and then kisses her stomach multiple times. He doesn’t see TJ in the bed, but he hears the toilet flushing in the bathroom. He hears the toilet seat being put down, then the faucet running. He hears TJ softly humming and he smiles to himself; maybe TJ got Tristan’s gift of singing! That thought just excites him and he sits up in the bed and TJ comes out of the bathroom and when he sees Tristan sitting in the bed he smiles big.

“Hi daddy,” TJ said while waving.

“Hey TJ,” Tristan said while smiling. TJ walks over to the bed and Tristan picks him up and sets him in his lap and then kisses his cheek.

“You hungry lil’ man?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes I am,” TJ said.

“What do you like to eat? What’s your favorite foods?”

“Mmm….I like everything! But I really like tacos!”

“Oh really? Mmm well how about we go shopping and we can make some tacos. Would you like that?”

“Yes! Thanks daddy!”

“No problem….how about you go put your shoes on. Can you tie them?”

“Yes I can.” TJ kisses Tristan’s cheek then hugs him and hops off his lap and goes into the living room to put on his shoes. Tristan smiles and he looks at Malila and he kisses her cheek. He writes her a quick note and leaves it on the bed and then goes out to the living room and puts on his shoes, gets his keys and wallet and looks down at his son and TJ is just smiling at him.

“You all ready to go?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes,” TJ said. TJ puts his hand out and Tristan smiles and grabs it and leaves his condo, closing and locking the door behind him. Tristan and TJ walk down to Tristan’s car.

“Wow…daddy your car is nice!,” TJ exclaimed.

“Thanks…let’s get you strapped in. I don’t have a car seat for you, but we will get one,” Tristan said.

“Ok.” Tristan unlocks his car door and puts TJ in the back seat and straps him in. Tristan gets in the front seat and then he drives off. Tristan makes sure to drive really safely because now he has a child in the car and Tristan doesn’t have a car seat for TJ yet, so he really has to be careful. Tristan looks at TJ every so often in the rear view mirror and TJ is looking out the window at the surroundings and Tristan just smiles at this. Once he gets to the grocery store, Tristan parks and turns off the car and TJ unstraps himself and opens the door and Tristan gets out and helps TJ out and they walk into the store together. Tristan gets a cart and he and TJ shop together for everything they need for tacos, and Tristan also bought anything else that TJ wanted. TJ said his grandma didn’t allow him to have many sweets, so TJ eats lots of fruits and vegetable and he isn’t terribly picky yet. Tristan admires this and he makes a mental note to himself to call TJ’s grandma and talk to her and thank for taking such good care of TJ. Tristan also gets food that Malila likes as well. Tristan also makes sure that TJ does not have any allergies, and he doesn’t. Once they are done shopping, TJ and Tristan check out and then head back home. Once they get home, they get all of the bags out of the trunk and then put the majority of the groceries away. Tristan fixes TJ a bowl of grapes and strawberries for a snack, while he starts to make the beef for the tacos. As Tristan is doing this, Malila comes out of the bedroom and she sees TJ and Tristan talking as Tristan mixes something over the stove. When Tristan sees Malila, he smiles big and waves and TJ does the same. Malila goes over to the counter where TJ is sitting and sits next to him and kisses his cheek and TJ smiles and kisses her cheek. Tristan turns towards Malila and leans over the counter and pecks her lips multiple times.

“Baby are you hungry? I bought you some nectarines, I know they are your favorite. I can cut you up one. And we have strawberries too,” Tristan said.

“Aww you’re so sweet. I would love that thank you….what are you making?,” Malila said.

“We are making tacos. They are lil’ man’s favorite,” Tristan said.

“Oh is that right? You like tacos TJ?,” Malila asked.

“Yes I love them!,” TJ exclaimed. Malila just smiles at him and rubs the top of his head and stares at him; he is so handsome to her.

“You’re so handsome TJ……Tristan you’re almost as handsome as he is,” Malila joked. TJ just laughs and Tristan glares at her playfully.

“Oh you got jokes huh?,” Tristan said. Malila just laughs and nods her head and Tristan smiles and cuts Malila’s nectarine for her and places a few strawberries on the plate as well and then places it in front of Malila.

“Thank you baby….kiss,” Malila said while puckering her lips. Tristan smiles and pecks Malila’s lips and then Malila kisses his cheek and starts eating her fruit. Tristan goes back to making the taco beef and as it is cooking, he sets up all the condiments for the tacos. He puts bowls for the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and salsa and sets them all on the counter. Once the meat is ready, Tristan sets that in a large bowl and gets out the hard and soft taco shells. He gets plates, drinks and utensils for everyone and then sits at the counter in between TJ and Malila.

“Daddy this looks great! Thank you so much,” TJ said.

“No problem TJ….let me help you with your tacos. You can have as many as you want and put as much as you want of anything on it….now do you want hard or soft tacos?,” Tristan said.

“Mmm….a soft one please,” TJ said.

“Ok,” Tristan said. Tristan takes a soft shell and puts it on TJ’s plate and then takes TJ’s hand and helps put everything he wants on his tacos.

“How does that look?,” Tristan asked.

“It looks good!,” TJ said.

“Ok well let’s try and wrap it for you and then you can eat,” Tristan said. Tristan takes TJ’s hand and they wrap it together and then TJ says his blessing and starts to eat.

“Mmm this is good daddy! You can cook!,” TJ said.

“I’m glad you like it,” Tristan said. Tristan kisses TJ’s cheek and then looks at Malila, whom is just smiling so big at him. Malila wraps her arm around Tristan’s neck and kisses his cheek.

“Do I get special treatment too? Can you make my tacos?,” Malila asked nicely.

“Just because you are carrying our child Malila….you can get all the special treatment you want….as a matter of fact whenever you are around me I don’t want you to lift a finger. I will do anything and everything that you need and want you understand?,” Tristan said. Malila just smiles at him and gives him a nice kiss.

“You are too sweet…I love you handsome,” Malila said while smiling big.

“I love you more gorgeous….now do you want a hard or soft taco?,” Tristan asked.

“I want both please.”

“You would want both,” Tristan joked. Malila just smacks her lips at him and Tristan laughs and kisses her forehead. Tristan makes Malila two nice tacos and then picks up the hard one and puts it to her lips and Malila opens her mouth and takes a bite and then smiles.

“It’s delicious baby,” Malila said.

“Thank you,” Tristan said.

“….You really love Malila huh daddy?,” TJ asked. Tristan turns to look at TJ and smiles and nods his head.

“I love Malila so much TJ….she is a very special person in my life. She has helped me become a better person and I love her so deeply……I love you the same exact way TJ,” Tristan said.

“You mean it daddy?,” TJ said as his little eyes lit up.

“Of course I mean it TJ. I know I didn’t even know you existed until just a few hours ago, but you are my son. You are a part of me. How could I not love you? And you are such a sweet kid, with a very kind heart, so of course I love you. I love you so much already TJ, I mean that,” Tristan said. TJ just smiles so big and hugs Tristan tight and Tristan smiles and pulls TJ in his lap and holds him tight and kisses the top of TJ’s head multiple times. After a short embrace, Tristan pulls out of the hug and looks his son in his eyes and smiles. Tristan can’t help but smile whenever he sees TJ’s face.

“Daddy I love you too….I always have. I know I never knew you, but I always loved you,” TJ said.

“Thanks son, that means everything to me to hear you say that,” Tristan said. TJ smiles and looks at Malila and he smiles at her.

“Malila….I love you too. You make my daddy happy and you are very nice and pretty,” TJ said.

“Aww you really are sweet just like your daddy….I love you too TJ and I mean that. I will treat you just like you are my own son. I promise you that,” Malila said. TJ just smiles and Malila leans in and kisses his cheek multiple times and then hugs him tight. Tristan, Malila and TJ, enjoy their late lunch/early dinner together and then they all clean up together. Once they are done with that, Tristan takes TJ to the store to get him clothes, personal items and anything else he needs, while Malila goes to her place to get Kevin to bring him back to Tristan’s condo. Once Tristan and TJ get back to the condo, they walk in with all their bags and they see Malila sitting on the couch and Kevin sitting on his dog bed. TJ just smiles big and gasps when he sees Kevin.

“Malila is this your dog? He is so big!,” TJ exclaimed.

“Yes he sure is….his name is Kevin,” Malila said. TJ sets down the bags in his hand and walks over to Kevin and Kevin barks and TJ gently pets his ears.

“Hi Kevin! I’m TJ,” TJ said. Kevin barks again and licks TJ’s face and TJ just chuckles and Malila and Tristan admire this.

“He likes you,” Malila said.

“I like him too!,” TJ said. TJ pets Kevin gently and Kevin lies down and TJ stands up and looks at Malila and Tristan. TJ and Tristan put away the things they bought and once they are done they go back to the living room with Malila and Tristan sits next to her and puts his arm around her waist and kisses her cheek. TJ just looks around the condo, and he notices Tristan’s sketchbook on the table. He opens it and looks at the drawings in shock.

“Daddy? Did you draw these? These are so cool!,” TJ said.

“Yes I did….I like to draw in my spare time,” Tristan said.

“Wow daddy….you are good. These are amazing!,” TJ said.

“You know TJ your daddy has more drawings in his garage. He has them on a big canvas and in color. Tristan why don’t you take TJ to go see them?,” Malila suggested.

“You want to see them TJ?,” Tristan asked.

“Of course! Let’s go!,” TJ said. Tristan and Malila smile and Tristan looks at Malila.

“You want to come too babe?,” Tristan asked.

“No babe you and TJ go….get some daddy and son bonding time,” Malila said.

“Ok,” Tristan said while smiling. Malila smiles and pecks Tristan’s lips and Tristan and TJ stand up and go down to the garage. When TJ sees the numerous paintings he just gasped in shock and he looks at each of them and touches them gently. TJ is really interested in the painting and this just warms Tristan’s heart.

“Daddy…you’re so talented… know? I want to be like you when I grow up,” TJ said while looking at Tristan.

“TJ…..that means a lot to me….but you have your own talents and you have a way better heart than I do and I don’t ever want you to change anything about you….you are absolutely perfect the way you are. Do you understand?,” Tristan said.

“Yes…..I love you daddy,” TJ said.

“I love you TJ,” Tristan said. Tristan picks up TJ and hugs him tight and just smiles to himself. TJ is just the beginning of what Tristan has always wanted and needed; his own family.

ooooo eeemmmm geeeee!
Loved thee adds!...........................
that WHOREBAG kept the baby all along??!
he shulda smacked her! ok maybe dats jus me
bt im glad she did.....and her mother got
him instead. well now they can practice for
their baby.....and ithink pittsburgh is
gonna be a gud he can actually
get to kno his baby boy well his son cuz he's
a big boy now and he can get to kno him and
play wit him u kno basketball and football and
all the other things daddys and sons play. Icnt
wait for Malila to have the baby. TJ is really
sweet too and he already warmed up to his
dad and malila. and they warmed up to him
already too. ithink they are gud for him.
well now half the pain he thought Alicia
caused by gettin an abortion is replaced by
her not tellin him she kept it and he had a son.
bt im glad he knos now b4 his baby was too old.
and icnt wait to see where this goes. soooooooo
@naw21 ineed yu to RUN IT! mamacita! fast!


I love this story… you are an amazing writer… now run it!!

Whoa thats a shocker so Alicia didnt abort his child but Im still pissed she gave up his child for adoption self fish b****, she couldve told him about it. That poor baby had to suffer in foster care anshe was living a nice life with her new family.
Im glad Malila convinved Tristan to talk to her and that he knows he has a child. I see the love he has for TJ already and know he's gonna be a great dad to him. Im glad Malila so accepting of TJ and even happier theyre having a baby together. I knew her ass was preggo, I hope they have a girl then there lil family will be complerte and I can see Tristan with his lil "daddys girl" she'll be spoiled rotten and he be so protective of her. Finally they got a little bit of happines. RUN IT!!!

tears..omg that was so beautiful. like please can this be the one story where they lived happily ever after, no big drama lol because right now i love their relationship. this chapter was so real. i think in real life, alot of people need that closure with their ex or past in order to move on. im glad he forgave alicia, although she kept this secret for so long but im happy he is reunited wit him, he is so happy and the fact, he will be adding another addition to his family. i lovedd this chapter. please update soon

run it

Writing that add got me really emotional for some Can't wait to read the comments from u ladies!!! I LOVE the feedback I receive from this story :)

*wipes lone tear* Beautiful .... Just beautiful

Poor Tj going through such an unstable upbringing. Smh but I'm happy he is staying with tristan and malila

Runnn It !!

Tristan slowly opens his eyes and looks around. He notices he is on the floor and he sees Malila, Alicia, Sean, and the little boy all at his side. Malila is holding his head in his lap and he looks at her and she looks at him.

“Baby are you ok?,” Malila asked.

“….What happened?,” Tristan said while holding his head.

“You passed out.” Tristan nods his head and he looks at the little boy and the little boy looks at him and smiles.

“Are you ok? Am I why you passed out?,” the little boy asked nicely. Tristan just stares at the little boy and the little boy just looks down.

“I know who you are……but you don’t know who I am,” the little boy said.

“You… know who I am?,” Tristan asked nervously.

“Yes… are my daddy,” the little boy said. Tristan just looks in shock and Malila gasped in shock.

“Yo-you’re my son?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes….I know mommy didn’t tell you about me….but I’m named after you….TJ for short.” Tristan just can’t believe what he is hearing right now. All this time, he has had a son living in this world that he knew nothing about. He wants to be so mad right now, but he knows he has to keep his cool.

“….Can we please talk about this?,” Alicia said. Tristan looks at Malila and she nods her head and Tristan nods his head as well and Malila helps Tristan stand up and everyone stands up as well and walks over to the couch. Malila and Tristan sit next to each other and Alicia and Sean sit across from them and TJ just stands in the middle of them.

“Mommy…..can I sit with daddy?,” TJ asked.

“Yes you can,” Alicia said while looking at Tristan. Tristan looks at Malila and she smiles and kisses his cheek. Tristan looks at TJ and smiles a bit and TJ smiles back and goes over to Tristan and climbs into his lap and just looks at Tristan. TJ rests his head against Tristan’s chest and hugs him tight. Tristan just looks down at the little boy in his lap; this is his son! He just can’t believe it! Tristan feels tears form in his eyes and he wraps his arms tightly around his son.

“Daddy I know all about you….I am so happy to meet you,” TJ said. The tears in Tristan’s eyes fall down his cheeks and Malila wipes them away. TJ looks at Malila and smiles and Malila smiles back.

“Are you my daddy’s girlfriend?,” TJ asked.

“Yes I am… name’s Malila,” Malila said.

“I’m TJ…..daddy she’s very pretty,” TJ said.

“Aww you’re sweet,” Malila said.

“Thank you…..mommy said I get my sweetness from you daddy,” TJ said.

“Oh is that right?,” Tristan said while looking at Alicia.

“Tristan…..I know you are wondering what’s going on…..I have been trying to find the right time to tell you this….and when Malila called me to talk, it seemed like the right time…..I lied to you Tristan. When I told you I had an abortion, that was a lie…..I never had one and well…..I had our son, TJ. I was already in a relationship with Sean at the time, and bringing you back into my life seemed like a mistake…..I knew you hated me and I didn’t think you would want anything to do with me and our son….but I never told you because I was scared. But I know I should have and I regret to this day not telling you about the son we had together….I know how bad you wanted children, but it didn’t seem right for me to just come back into your life without warning and bringing a new life into your life. I just….I’m sorry,” Alicia said.

“I….I don’t understand. So you and Sean have been raising TJ all this time?,” Tristan asked.

“No…..TJ was living in foster care the first three years of his life….he fell through the cracks of the system and ended up in foster care instead of at an adoption agency. But when he was three, my mother started to take care of him in North Carolina, because his foster parents were mistreating him….TJ was abused as a young child….when he was 2, the foster dad he was staying with beat him with a belt and it lashed his skin so bad, he has a very bad scar on his back from the abuse,” Alicia said as tears filled her eyes. Tristan just looks at TJ and he lifts up his shirt and sees a very bad, and long scar on the right side of his back. Tristan rubs it gently and then looks his son in his eyes. TJ smiles a bit and Tristan just pulls him into a tight embrace and glares at Alicia.

“Alicia why didn’t you raise him? And why didn’t you tell me?,” Tristan said.

“Tristan I wish I had an answer to either of those questions but I don’t….I was wrong and I am sorry. I was young and stupid though and I made decisions that I will always regret….if I could do it all over again….I would have told you the truth and given you the option to be a parent….I know how bad you have always wanted children and I took your chance away from you and I am sorry,” Alicia said.

“Alicia, you are a woman with two children, how could you not tell Tristan he has a child in this world? Did you think he wouldn’t want to be involved in his son’s life?,” Malila asked.

“No, I knew if I told Tristan he would be more than happy than to be a part of TJ’s life….but I didn’t think he wanted to have anything to do with me after what I did….or what he thought I did,” Alicia said.

“Alicia….you are so wrong for all of this…..but I need to hear everything you are telling me….so can you tell me why you cheated on me in the first place?,” Tristan said.

“Well…..Tristan I hope you know that I loved you and I still do and always will….but I wasn’t good enough for you…..our whole relationship, I just never thought I deserved you and I was attracted to Sean for a while….and he just brought out something in me that excited me… was just something between me and Sean that didn’t exist between me and you Tristan….I hope that doesn’t hurt you,” Alicia said.

“Alicia… heart is immune to any more pain from you….you have caused me too much already….but this….you keeping my son, a part of me away from me, that hurts. It’s very painful for me to know that I missed my first born’s birth, his first steps, his first words, his first day of school. He is supposed to grow up in front of my eyes, but you took that away from me…..I can forgive you for this though just because I have Malila who said she would end our relationship if I didn’t settle our issues together….but I will never forget this Alicia, just know that,” Tristan said.

“I understand Tristan. I know you will probably hate me for the rest of your life, but I understand….what I did was not right at all and I’m sorry for everything…..but I brought TJ here to talk about his living arrangements….I have never lived with him, but he obviously knows I am his mother…..but all he talks about is you…..when he was living with my mom, she made sure he knew exactly who you were. She has pictures of you everywhere and she urged me to tell you the day he was born that you were his, but I didn’t listen….but she recorded everything so if you want those tapes, she will be happy to send them to you…..Tristan you didn’t deserve any of this and I’m sorry….if I would have told you the truth, none of this would be happening right now….I should have raised TJ but once I gave birth, I was told he would be put up for adoption, but that wasn’t true…he ended up in foster care and luckily my mother searched for him until she found him and she is his legal guardian, but….she thinks that he should live with you…..what do you think? Malila?,” Alicia said.

“I would love to keep my son……what do you think Malila?,” Tristan asked.

“Tristan, I want you to keep your son…you know very well that I would love TJ like my own son, just because he is a part of you….TJ would you like to live with your daddy?,” Malila said.

“I have always wanted to,” TJ said as tears ran down his cheeks. Tristan just smiles to himself and hugs TJ so tight and they both cry together and Malila gently rubs his shoulder.

“Alicia… and Tristan have been talking about moving to Pittsburgh….how would you feel if we brought TJ with us?,” Malila said.

“Honestly….I love TJ, but since I have never lived with him, I don’t think he would adjust as well with me as he would with Tristan….Tristan that little boy loves you so much….my mom said when they said their prayers at night, he always prayed for you first then himself…..he is a sweetheart just like you,” Alicia said.

“…..As much as I want to be mad at you right now Alicia, I don’t think I can thank you enough for bringing my son into my life….I can’t wait to get to know him and raise him… how will custody work? Will I have to go to court?,” Tristan asked.

“No…..I have all the necessary papers with me and I have signed them and so has my mom, they just need your signature Tristan….and Malila if you want to legally adopt TJ you can do so whenever you are ready…..the only requirement is that my mom wants to see TJ at least one holiday per year,” Alicia said.

“That’s fine,” Tristan said.

“Ok….well we can sign the papers today and you can bring them to court Monday morning… mom can send you his things whenever you want,” Alicia said.

“That won’t be necessary. You tell your mom to keep his things so when he visits, he will have everything he needs. I can buy him anything he needs… how old is he? Is he old enough to start school?,” Tristan asked.

“Yes he is 6 years old, he will start first grade after this summer,” Alicia said.

“Ok,” Tristan said. Alicia goes into her purse and takes out the papers and Tristan signs them and then looks at TJ.

“TJ…..I am so happy you are here with me and I mean that,” Tristan said.

“Me too daddy,” TJ said while smiling big. Tristan smiles and kisses TJ’s face multiple times and then just stares at him. TJ looks just like Tristan! TJ has the same color eyes as Alicia, but everything else is all Tristan. The skin complexion, the nose, the eye shape, the lips, just everything is an exact replica of Tristan! It just amazes Tristan that he has a child. He is still in shock, but just looking into TJ’s eyes just warms Tristan’s heart.

“Alicia…..thank you and Sean for coming. I really needed to hear what you had to say…..I feel like finally I have closure and I really need it to move forward in my life and also in me and Malila’s relationship…..we are planning a future together, and that is very hard to do when I am still living in the past… may have hurt me beyond measure Alicia, but…..I am glad we talked. I never ever wanted to talk to you, let alone see your face, but I needed to….so thank you,” Tristan said.

“You are welcome Tristan…..I know you will be a great father to TJ and Malila you will make a great mother….TJ….you know I will always love you, you are my son….but it’s best for you to live with Tristan and Malila do you understand?,” Alicia said.

“Yes mommy I do,” TJ said. Tristan sets TJ down and he hugs both Alicia and Sean and they both kiss his cheek multiple times and then Malila and Tristan stand up and so do Alicia and Sean.

“Thank you for having us Malila and Tristan…I hope there are no hard feelings,” Sean said while extending his hand out. Tristan just looks at Sean and he takes a deep breath and then shakes Sean’s hand and Malila and Alicia just smile at this. Tristan then looks at Alicia and he hugs her and Alicia hugs him back. Malila and Sean shake hands and then Alicia and Sean say bye to TJ one last time, and then they leave. Tristan closes and locks the door behind them and he takes a deep breath and then looks at Malila.

“Tristan…I really had no idea that Alicia was bringing TJ…..I hope you aren’t mad at me,” Malila said.

“Not at all baby….this makes me love you even more…you just helped me close a really hard chapter in my life….and you united me with my son…..Malila thank you so much,” Tristan said. Malila just smiles at him and moves closer to him and Tristan wraps his arms around her and holds her tight and rests his head on top of hers.

“I love you so much Malila…..I refuse to lose you,” Tristan said.

“I know baby that’s why you sit down with Alicia and Sean and I thank you so much for doing that for us……all four of us,” Malila said softly. Tristan smiles to himself and then he realizes what Malila said, she said four of us, but there are only three people in the room. Tristan pulls out of the embrace and stares Malila in her eyes and she just smiles at him.

“Malila… said four of us….what do you mean?,” Tristan asked.

“Well…..I went to the doctor on Thursday, and well….they confirmed…..what we both thought….Tristan…..we are going to have a baby,” Malila said while looking Tristan in his eyes. Tristan’s heart just skipped a beat and he just stares at Malila in shock.

“Wh-what? Malila? You’re pregnant?,” Tristan said above a whisper.

“Yes I am Tristan…..about five weeks according to the doctor.....I’m pregnant with our child,” Malila said. Tristan just stares at her and tears swell in his eyes. He just looks at Malila and grabs her waist and picks her up off the ground and holds her so tight and spins around with her in his arms and Malila just laughs at this. Tristan hugs Malila for a few minutes and then sets her down and grabs her face with her hands and kisses her lips multiple times.

“Malila you are carrying our child?,” Tristan asked still in disbelief.

“Yes baby I am,” Malila said.

“So….I am going to have a little brother or sister?,” TJ said.

“Yes sweetheart, you sure are,” Malila said while smiling big.

“Yay!,” TJ said while clapping his hands. Malila just smiles at him and picks him up and kisses him all over her face and TJ just laughs.

“Daddy I like her already,” TJ said.

“I am so happy to hear that,” Tristan said. TJ then yawns and rests his head on Malila’s shoulder.

“Are you tired baby boy? Huh?,” Malila said cutely.

“Yes,” TJ said while yawning again.

“Let’s lay you down for your nap….daddy can sing to you, would you like that?,” Malila said.

“I would love it,” TJ said. Malila smiles and grabs Tristan’s hand and they walk to Tristan’s bedroom. Malila lies TJ down on the bed and she lies down next to him and Tristan lies down on the other side of him. Tristan starts to softly sing and looks TJ in his eyes until he drifts off to sleep. Tristan then goes to the other side of the bed so he is lying next to Malila and he lifts up her shirt and leans down and kisses her stomach multiple times.

“Hey baby. This is your daddy…..I can’t wait to see you….I am in love with you so much already,” Tristan said. He kisses Malila’s stomach and then rests his head against and Malila just smiles at this. A minute later, Malila feels tears on her stomach. She looks down and grabs Tristan’s head to look at her and she sees tears flowing down his face.

“Baby what’s wrong? Talk to me,” Malila said.

“Malila… are giving me everything I have ever wanted in my life….I love you so much. You are my world, my everything. With you, TJ, and our child, I don’t need anything else….I never thought I could be truly happy, but I was wrong. I am so happy baby. I’m so happy,” Tristan said as he choked up on tears the last few words. Malila just smiles at him and Tristan moves so his head is on Malila’s shoulder and he wraps his arms around her and Malila kisses his lips a few times then kisses his forehead. They both then look at TJ sleeping peacefully, while snoring slightly.

“He looks just like you baby….he’s beautiful….and he’s yours. This is your son,” Malila said softly.

“I know…he is beautiful….I can’t believe I have a son….but I will take such good care of him. I will make him forget about every bad thing that has ever happened to him… broke my heart to see that scar on his back….that hurt me so deep, but….he is with us now, and we will take good care of him…and our child together…..I love you so much Malila. You amaze me more and more everyday with your actions….you love me no matter what, and love me even when I don’t deserve to be loved…I know I can be stubborn at times, but I don’t want to be that way anymore because of you….you have changed me for the complete better and you are the reason that I have TJ with me. If it weren’t for you calling Alicia, I am not sure that I would never have met TJ and that thought scares me….but you did call Alicia and now my son is here with me…’re amazing Malila and I am going to marry you. We are going to have children together….and I….I’m blessed to have you as my woman,” Tristan said.

“You’re so sweet,” Malila said as tears ran down her cheeks. Tristan smiles to himself and wipes Malila's face of her tears.

“No crying…..I don’t want you to make our baby sad…..he or she can tell when you are sad or happy,” Tristan said. Malila just smiles and nods her head and takes Tristan’s hand and places it on her stomach and Tristan slides his hand under her shirt and rubs it gently. Just knowing that a brand new life is growing inside of Malila, it amazes Tristan. A part of him is growing inside of her and that’s mind-blowing but Tristan can honestly say that today, is the best day of his life and from today forward, it can only get better.

Don't you dare tell me that the lil boy is Tristan and Alicia's son!!! Omg if she never had the abortion, I'm gonna f***ing kill her!!!!!!! LIKE OMG!!! I WILL MURDER THIS b****. I swear on everything. Lol I can't. I really can't. Run it!!

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Sorry ladies you only get a teaser tonight :P

So two weeks pass and Malila and Tristan have been home for about a week from Pittsburgh. After Malila and Tristan’s argument, they barely talked the rest of the trip, but still enjoyed it. The hardest thing was leaving because Imani would not let them leave without crying, and hugging them both for ten minutes each. This made Malila and Tristan both so sad, but they promised Imani they would be back to see her soon. Anyway, these past few days, Malila and Tristan have talked about something very important that they both agreed needed to be done. Right now it’s Saturday at 1 pm and Tristan is waiting for Malila to come over. At 1:15, he hears a knock on his door. Tristan gets up from his couch and opens the door and sees Malila. She smiles a bit and he smiles back.

“You ready Tristan?,” Malila asked.

“As ready as I will ever be…..I still don’t want to do this s**t I hope you know that,” Tristan said.

“I know you don’t want to but you have to. We both need this closure Tristan.”

“Fine….come in.” Malila walks in and Tristan closes the door behind her. Malila takes off her jacket and shoes and then sits on the couch and Tristan just looks at her. She just looks different to him and he can’t explain why. It’s just something about her; Tristan makes a note to examine this closer, later.

“Ok Tristan, Alicia, and her husband Sean are going to be here at 1:30…please try and be calm when you see them ok?,” Malila said.

“Ok I know….d**n I don’t want to see either of them,” Tristan said.

“But you need to and you need to talk everything out with the both of them.”

“Malila….this is going to be hard.”

“I know that, which is why I am here. I am here for you….I love you, you know that and I will always be here to support you.”

“I know….I love you too…..I have really hated the way things have been between us these past two weeks. When you are mad at me, that’s the worst feeling in the world to me.”

“I don’t like it either….but we were both upset and I think we both overreacted….but you still need to talk to Alicia.”

“….You’re right. I have so many questions, but I am not sure if I want the answers to some of them.”

“….Come here Tristan.” Tristan goes over to the couch and sits next to Malila and Malila hugs him tight and Tristan smiles to himself and hugs her back. Tristan and Malila talk for a little bit longer, until 1:30, when they hear a knock on the door. Tristan looks at Malila and they both take a deep breath and then they go to the door hand in hand and open it and see Alicia and Sean holding hands as well.

“Hey Malila….hey Tristan,” Alicia said.

“Hey Alicia,” Malila said. Alicia looks at Tristan for an answer and Malila looks at him and nudges him slightly and he looks down at Malila. Malila gives him a look and he sighs and looks at Alicia and Sean.

“Hey Alicia….hey Sean,” Tristan said.

“Please come in,” Malila said.

“Um…..we have a guest with us,” Alicia said. Malila and Tristan just look at each other, and Alicia looks to her side and a little boy, maybe around the age of 5 or 6, comes to the door. Tristan looks down and when he sees the little boy, his heart stopped in his chest. He looks in the little boy’s eyes, and it’s like Tristan is looking into his own eyes. The next thing Tristan knows is everything going black……

Tristan better calm his clingy ass down!!! And Malia better be preggo cause she's being a damn crybaby!!!!!!!
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Dammit Tristan must you react overly sensitive and it bugs me still that his past problems with Alicia are compromising the situation. In all truth I think Tristan just needs some closure from Alicia because in all honesty; The relationship between him and Malila will suffer if he doesn't get it together.

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Aww Imani is a sweetheart she too cute. Tristan and Malila will be great parents. Damnit Tristan you know pregnant women are very hormonal, he needs to be gentle with Malila. I hope he can fix it. RUN IT!!!

My laptop is fixed for now so bare with me please ladies!! School started back up so I will try to add as often as I can!! Love ya'll!!

:( awwwwwl Man.

So a few days pass, and today is Wednesday and Malila and Tristan have really enjoyed spending time with Malila’s family. Imani really loves spending time with Tristan and Malila and she has spent the last two days with them while Lauren and Damian are at work, since it’s still summer, and Imani has loved every second of it. Right now, Tristan is downstairs fixing lunch with Imani and Malila is upstairs lying down in the bed. Malila went to visit her brother’s grave and also Kevin’s grave on Monday, and ever since, she has been a little depressed. She has been thinking about the both of them so much and it’s making all of the emotions she had when they died come back. Once Tristan is done fixing lunch, at around 1 pm, he goes upstairs to tell Malila that the food is ready. He gently knocks on the door and sees Malila lying on her side and tears are flowing down her cheeks. Tristan quickly goes over to the bed and sits next to Malila and wipes her tears.

“Baby are you ok?,” Tristan asked.

“….No…..I miss them Tristan. I miss them so much….it’s not fair the way I lost them. It’s not fair at all,” Malila asked.

“Oh baby I know. It’s never fair to lose someone you love I know that. You know I know that,” Tristan said while looking Malila in her eyes. Malila just nods her head and opens her arms and Tristan leans down and holds Malila close to him as she cries a bit on his chest.

“It’s ok Malila….just know that neither of them are hurting and they are both looking down on you. I know they are very proud of you and they would want you to be happy. You hear me?,” Tristan said in Malila’s ear.

“….Yes Tristan….I know you are right. Thank you,” Malila said.

“No problem baby.” Tristan gently rubs Malila’s back and once she is calm, she pulls out of the hug and kisses Tristan’s cheek.

“Me and Imani fixed lunch….she was craving grilled cheese with tomato soup….I made enough for all of us,” Tristan said.

“Ok….I will be down in a few minutes ok?,” Malila said. Tristan smiles and nods his head and he kisses Malila and then goes downstairs to the kitchen and fixes Imani her plate and fixes a plate for Malila and himself as well. 10 minutes later, Malila walks downstairs to the kitchen and sees Tristan and Imani sitting at the table eating.

“Hi Malila…you ok?,” Imani said while waving.

“Yes baby girl I am ok,” Malila said. Malila walks over to Imani and kisses her cheek and then sits next to Tristan and quickly eats her food; she finishes eating before Imani and Tristan did! Tristan just looks at her and starts laughing.

“What’s so funny?,” Malila said while wiping her hands.

“Malila you just ate so fast baby…..eating for you and our baby huh?,” Tristan said while rubbing Malila’s stomach. Malila just smacks her lips and then slaps Tristan’s hand away and Tristan chuckles.

“I was hungry Tristan leave me alone,” Malila said while pouting.

“You are always hungry Malila and you know what that could be a sign of….when we get back, we are taking you to the doctor ok?,” Tristan said.

“Ok baby you are right.” Tristan smiles big and leans in and gives Malila a passionate kiss and Imani just laughs at them.

“That’s gross!!,” Imani exclaimed. Malila and Tristan laugh and pull out of their kiss.

“Oh stop Imani….you will be kissing one day too,” Malila teased.

“Ewwww never!,” Imani said. Tristan and Malila just laugh at Imani and they talk for a little bit and Tristan and Malila clean up while Imani sits on the couch and watches tv. Once Malila and Tristan are done, they go into the living room where Imani is and they sit on either side of her and she smiles at them and she rests her head against Malila and closes her eyes. Malila smiles and gently rubs Imani’s arm and looks at Tristan as Imani drifts off to sleep.

“Baby I am going to do something special for you tonight ok? Just to help you relax a bit. So I want you to go shopping, you know just buy a few things, I will pay for everything, and then when you come home, I will have a special evening for you alright? How does that sound?,” Tristan said softly.

“Oh baby, you’re so sweet,” Malila said as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Woman stop crying….mmm….mood swings huh? That’s another symptom….the way I have been beating up your…you know…you better be pregnant,” Tristan said while laughing. Malila just glares at him and playfully hits his chest.

“Leave me alone,” Malila said while wiping her tears.

“I’m only teasing you beautiful….so when you take Imani home tonight, go treat yourself to anything you want to buy and get back here by 7 and everything should be ready,” Tristan said.

“….I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have you Tristan. I mean that.”

“Aww stop…..honestly I am the lucky one… didn’t have to pursue me, but you did and without you in my life Malila, I would be doing the same stupid things I use to do, with the same cold heart…..but I am different person because of you. I really hope you know that too.”

“Of course I know that baby…..we were meant to be Tristan.”

“You are right about that.” Malila and Tristan smile at each other and Tristan leans over and kisses Malila’s lips. Tristan and Malila look down at Imani sleeping peacefully and they both smile.

“She’s so pretty,” Malila said.

“She sure is….I am going to put her in the bed ok?,” Tristan said. Malila nods her head and Tristan stands up and then picks up Imani without waking her and holds her close and walks her upstairs and lies her down in the bed in the guest room and then puts the covers over her and then leaves the bedroom. Tristan walks back downstairs to the living room and sees Malila reclined on the couch. He smiles a bit and lifts up her head and sits down so Malila’s head is in his lap. He gently runs his hand through her hair and just stares at her. He outlines her face with his index finger and Malila looks at him and sticks out her tongue.

“Woman you want me to bite that tongue off? Because if you stick it out at me again, I will,” Tristan said.

“No…..but you can suck it off if you want to,” Malila said sexily.

“Oh someone is feeling freaky huh? S**t you’re probably always freaky Malila, that s**t is in your DNA, I mean look at your parents,” Tristan teased. Malila just slaps Tristan’s chest hard and Tristan just laughs.

“Are you going to kiss me or just make jokes?,” Malila said.

“Ok stick out that tongue,” Tristan said. Malila closes her eyes and sticks out her tongue and Tristan smiles and leans down and sticks out his tongue and uses his tongue to play with hers and Malila just laughs at this. After a minute, Tristan sucks on Malila’s tongue and Malila moans softly as Tristan does this. Tristan holds Malila’s face in his hands and Malila runs her hands up and down his arms. After a few minutes, Tristan pulls out of the kiss and looks Malila in her eyes and smiles and Malila smiles back.

“I love you Malila,” Tristan said.

“I love you more Tristan,” Malila said while smiling big. Tristan laughs and kisses Malila all over her face while she just laughs. Tristan and Malila relax until Imani wakes up at a little later and they play with her until 5 pm, which is when Malila takes her home. In the meantime, Tristan fixes Malila a nice meal and sets up the patio in a romantic manner. He sets the table for two and places candles on the table. Malila’s parents are on a two day mini vacation, and they left this morning, so Malila and Tristan have the house to themselves. At 7 pm, Tristan is putting the finishing touches on the romantic dinner, and Malila comes home at around 7:15 pm. Tristan goes into the house and goes to the door and sees Malila slipping off her shoes, and she has a few bags in her hand.

“Hey gorgeous,” Tristan said.

“Hey handsome….something smells great in here….what’s going on?,” Malila asked.

“It’s a surprise….go upstairs and change into a nice dress, and make it quick ok….I don’t want our food to get cold babe ok?”

“Ok baby.” Malila pecks Tristan’s lips and Malila goes upstairs with her bags and then changes quickly into a long summer dress, puts on some lip gloss, and then goes downstairs to the kitchen and sees Tristan waiting for her.

“You look beautiful baby,” Tristan said.

“Thank you baby,” Malila said. Tristan holds out his hand and Malila smiles and grabs it and Tristan walks them to the patio and Tristan opens the door and Malila gasps in shock when she sees the sight. She sees a beautiful dinner for two on the patio, with just candles lit. She sees lasagna and salad, and homemade ice tea, one of Malila’s favorite dinners. Tristan remembers Malila telling him that her mom used to make this meal for her all the time, and she loves it. Malila looks at Tristan and frowns a bit.

“Baby…..this is beautiful. Thank you so much,” Malila said.

“Malila you are welcome….I just noticed that you haven’t been your happy self since you visited your brother and Kevin’s graves…..I just wanted to do something to make you happy. Now this isn’t much, but I thought it would help.”

“Tristan baby this is perfect and it’s just what I need….I love you so much.”

“I know,” Tristan said while grinning. Malila smiles and kisses Tristan’s lips multiple times and Tristan leads her to the table and pulls out the chair for her and Malila sits down. Tristan pours two glasses of ice tea and then sits down. He grabs Malila’s hands and they say their blessing together and then they start to eat.

“How does it taste baby?,” Tristan asked.

“Mmm….baby it’s delicious! I’ve always wanted a man who can cook….this is amazing,” Malila said.

“I’m glad you like it…..I need to tell you something baby.”

“Ok Tristan what is it?”

“Well….it’s about our future….I talked to my boss yesterday while you and Imani were at the mall….and I told him I was interested in possibly moving here to Pittsburgh.”

“You did? Baby….what did he say?”

“Well he said if I wanted to, I can transfer my job no problem at all, but….I would have to finish my current assignment until the end of October at least.”

“Really? Wow Tristan….this is a big step.”

“I know it is, but I think it’s best….I think we should move here….have you looked into jobs here?”

“Yes baby I have, but I haven’t had any luck. There aren’t a lot of opportunities here for my career.”

“Oh well….Malila…..I know you may not want to hear this, but I can support the both of us with no problem….and the baby if you are pregnant.”

“Tristan….I can’t let you do that.”

“But I can do it Malila, I am just letting you know that…….I know how much you love your career and I don’t want to take that away from you. I know you have never wanted to be a stay at home mother, but….if you need to do that for a while, until you can find a job, then how would you feel about that? Be honest with me too.”

“….I don’t know Tristan.”

“Try and say what you feel Malila.”

“Tristan….can we talk about something else please? I don’t want to talk about this now.”

“….Our future isn’t important enough Malila?”

“Tristan….it’s all moving a bit fast ok?” Tristan just stares at her in shock and Malila just looks at him. She did not mean that the way it sounded.

“Tristan….I didn’t mean that,” Malila said.

“No you did mean it Malila…..if you don’t want a future with me, please just let me know right now,” Tristan said rudely.

“Tristan stop. You know d**n well that’s not true… know I want to spend the rest of my life with you….don’t try to flip this to make me look like the bad person,” Malila said. Tristan just shakes his head and continues eating.

“Tristan…..I will do anything for you because I love you…I would love to move here to Pittsburgh and if you want to, then I will. I will do that for you……I would do that for our family if I am pregnant Tristan.”

“Fine,” Tristan said bluntly.

“Tristan why are you so stubborn?,” Malila said.

“Malila….it kind of hurts to hear you question our future together….you know the s**t I went through with Alicia, I can’t relive any of that s**t you hear me?”

“Tristan I know that. You know I know that and I do not want to hurt you. So please don’t start an argument over this. Whatever you want me to do, then I will do ok? If you want to move here, then I will.”

“I don’t want you to do it because I want to do it, I want you to want to move here because you want to move here…..maybe we are moving too fast and that’s my fault I know…..I let my heart get involved way too soon.” Malila just stares at him and tears fill her eyes. She throws her utensils down and gets up from the table and runs inside while crying. Tristan throws his utensils down as well and just rubs the top of his head while sighing. He just ruined their dinner over a very stupid argument and he knows it’s his entire fault. He questioned Malila and he knows he shouldn’t have done that. He realizes he still has issues he is dealing with, and he needs to resolve them quick, because if he ever lost Malila, he would not know what to do.

That sucks but im very patient Nicole. hope things get settled with your laptop.