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Dark Skin . (updated 10/28)

This is my first story i ever wrote. in middle school. when like they bow wow board was booming. lol, i was gonna add it on here last year but never finish. this time i will. i hope you guys like it and i send out a never important message to everyone.


"<a href="">Mama</a>, <a href="">Daddy</a>. she's not happy here. you guys dont know what she's going through. and she only confides in me. i might
as well take her with me when i go to LA."

"That's my baby" i heard my dad say angerliy as i sat at the top of the stairs and listen to my <a href="">sister</a> have a conversation with my parents

" well do you want your baby to continue to get kicked out of school. to suffer with this bullying that yall dont even deal
with. im the one that goes up to them schools. dont you want her to graduate. to enjoy her teenage years that she has left.
meet new people. have friends. build some seft esteem" my sister said

" yes we do hunny. but you'll be busy as school and this new job offer you got" my mother said as my sister cut her off

" no im not like yall. im never to busy for my little sister. i love her and she 16. stop cradling her"

" look if she soo unhappy. take her. and in four months if she hasnt change. she's coming back to Ohio" my dad said as i
smiled and ran in my room. i heard my sister scream in excitement as she ran up my room

" Kris. <a href="">Krissy</a>" my sister called out for me as she came in

" yes" i answer as i looked at her. my sister was so beautiful.

" i needa talk to you" she said as she sat on the bed beside me " i have some good news and bad news"

"you know how i like it. give me the bad news first so maybe the good news can make it better" i said acting like i dont
know what she talking about. she took a big sigh

" I got a job promotion at chase" she started as i smiled " In LA" my smile went away as i knew i was leaving with

" I overheard yall conversation. i know im leaving with you" i said as a load of relief came off of her

" you nosey punk" she said and hit me with a pillow

" aint nothing gonna change, im still gonna be made fun of. picked, with called fat and ugly because im not a redbone"

"omg. Kristen it's not gonna be like that. You just encountered with alot of ingnorant people. cali is gonna be different
and your beautiful. dont ever doubt yourself. beside you look like me" she said huggin me

" yea i wish. your beautiful. nobody ever talked about you about your skin color" i said as they looked at me

" they did until i stood up for myself and beat up the school. bully. look we are gonna leave all of that in the past
pack up and few of your stuff. i'll call for funiture are your room to be ordered there we leaving in a few days" she
said leaving my room.

i hope she was right, cause where im from. Nobody excepted my <strong>Dark skin</strong>

Check out the cast call i have. i hope everyone likes it so far.


I liked this story u should run it

Wats happen to discuss story I really liked it run it pls

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i like this
but dam who gonna get her anthony or chris?? i smell jealousy when they waiting in line for them j's...
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New reader. I L O V E this story.




Awwww, I love this add. They have beautiful friendship. Run it!

Please continue this soon!!!

Chris likes her ; nuff said! Lol
& barbie b**** ass better stfu!
I like this though , keep it coming (:

Awwww she likes Chris & obviously Chris likes her. I mean who would kick their girl out if they didn't have feelings for the other grl lol
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barbie wants to get her ass beat.!!!
lol run it.!

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<strong>KNOCK.. KNOCK.. KNOCK</strong>

<a href="">Chris</a> looked at me after pausing his game. It's been 2 weeks since the memorial and funeral and chris really hasn't been holding up well. He even died his hair blonde and blue. Which everyone wasn't really feeling. I liked it and the reason he did it makes me want him to keep it more. Him and Matt was both gon dye they hair that color. But he asked me to just come chill with him.

"Who is that?" He asked getting up and walking to the door

"Chris you asking me and i don't live here" i said as he walked to the door and opening it without looking through the peephole or asking who it is. And when he opened it ... i wasn't to happy to see what i saw

"Bae why didn't you dye your hair back yet" <a href="">she</a> said walking in as her eyes landed on <a href="">me</a>laying down on the living room floor. "TF she doing here.?"

"I wanted some company" He said shrugging

" And you didn't want me to come through?" I was feeling uncomfortable so i grabbed my phone and decided to text anthony.

"I wasn't intrested in your company" He said looking at her as she grew angry

"You f***ing that black ass tramp" she said as chris scrunched his head back

"You being mad rude right now. And it ain't none of your business. you need to get up through" He said walking her to the door

" Ima call you" she said in the doorway

"I don't know what for" he said closing the door in her face as i chuckled. He looked over at me with the same evil face expression as i stopped and continued to text he walked to the kitchen as my phone vibrated

<strong>I wanna see you too. But they got me working these mad doubles. I got you a gift tho</strong>

"Who got a gift for you?" Chris asked as i turned around to see him standing between my legs with a glass in his hand

"Please tell me that's not liquor" i said as he smirked

"Okay i won't tell you"

"Chris" i yelled as he laughed

"It's water girl chill." He smiled " i wanna go paint, she pissed me off" he said as i nodded and he held out his hand to pull me up. " I didn't forget you ain't answer my question about some nigga having a gift for you" he said as i blushed and followed him downstairs.

I sat down on the couch as chris picked up his paint cans and started painting. I didnt reply back to Anthony because i didn't really know what to say. i mean we have been talking almost every night for the past 2 weeks and been on a couple dates. but GIFTS? That's like getting married isnt it? I was on instagram looking at Melody's modeling pictures. She was soo pretty and i couldn't wait to confident and embrace my color like her.

"You wanna do me a big favor?" Chris asked not once taking his eyes off the mural he was adding to

"What would that be?"

"The new j's come out tomorrow. Would you come stand in line with me"

"Omg chris" i said groaning

"Please..." he begged finially looking at me with puppy dog eyes. Those eyes were starting to get to me. and i knew he wa aware of that "i'll even buy you a pair so we can swagg" he said laughing

" I'll come. but i don't need you buying me no shoes" I said as i hopped on chris instagram. I was scrolling down until i seen a painting of <a href="">her</a>. the caption was <em>PAIN</em>. and it looked like it was down here on the mural. I looked around and surely i spotted Her. i contiuned to look at my phone as i started to hear chris <a href="">sing</a>.I put my phone down as i listened to him in awe. I didn't know he knew how to sing. and with a voice like that. He stopped and turned around laughing

"I swear i felt your eyes burning a hole in the back of my neck"

" i didn't know you knew how to sing" i said smiling

he chuckled " yeaa well. im surprised teesh, zaria, and melody didn't tell you. they can't hold water" he said as we both laughed.

" you sounded really nice" i said as he blushed

" thanks kris" he said as he contiuned painting. I picked my phone up and sunt a group text to the girls


<strong>lol, He did not sing to you. corny ass.
*^*Tae's Queen*^*</strong>

<strong>#TeamKhris Ayee!! He don't sing to people.
>>>>Tesh go BANG BANG<<<<<<<</strong>

<strong>He doesn't sing to people until he opens up to them. Chris likes you Kris.
!!!Lovely Melody!!!</strong>

After i looked at Melody's text. i smiled and i don't know why. I looked at chris but i didn't believe he would like me.

"IM FINISH" he yelled as i jumped

"You did not have to yell" i said getting up and standing next to him. he took a picture with his phone "Im bored.. let's go f*** with them niggas. ya girls prolly over there anyway" he said as i follow him upstairs both of us on the phone. And i tripped on a stair as he laughed "Glad you think it's funny" I said as he smiled. When we got into the car. i went on my instagram and seen the <a href="">painting</a> he just did. with the caption:<em>Krielle, Their black is beautiful.</em>

<strong>IlkRaww:</strong> You go ape over them huh? haha
<strong>fckyopictures:</strong> Ofcourse!
I looked at him already looking at me as he smirked and pulled off in silence.

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awww rip matt tre is to silly lol but im glad he liten the mood a lil run it

Rip Matt
Tre lightened the mood a bit
Poor them they lost a brotha & friend
Run it ^-^


i'm sorry it was approperiate for the post.

any more runs yall? i'll try and add tomorrow

Omg why did you have to use that song.!!!
im in tears man.! Rip Matt
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Awww rip matt
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We all gathered around the <a href="">memorial</a>. It was pitched black outside. As i looked at the <a href="">pictures</a> <a href="">p1</a> everyone brought of <a href="">matt</a>. I held Melody hand as she cried on Tesh shoulder. Then I wrapped my arm around <a href="">Chris</a> waist as i looked up in his face which was wet with tears. We waited a couple more mins as we seen <a href="">Tre</a> was up towards the box podium that he made. I couldnt help but crack a smile as we heard Tae, and Malik chuckle.

"It pretty windy out here. It's gonna mess up the candles and this fake ass podium" Tre said as <a href="">i</a> laughed. He was well needed at a time like this. " Okay everyone we are going to begin, We are gathered here today." Tre said as chris laughed

"Tre man it's a memeorial not a wedding" Chris said as everyone laughed

"Mise well have team khris asses up there" <a href="">Zaria</a> said giggling

"Can a nigga finish" Tre said pulling out a gravel. Wtf? Was this a memorial + wedding + court room . Tre a trip

"Like i was saying, Let the church say Aman" Tre said everyone continue to laugh "You know what yall niggas aint gon play me like Kevin hart" Tre said as he started to pick up his box podium and walk away.

" Wait wait no no, continue " We all yelled as tre smiled and sat the podium down.

"Now as i was saying. We are gathered here today in memory of a great man. Matthew Shaw, 18 year old football player who time was taken from this earth too soon. I don't know much of matt. So if anymore wanna speak they can come up here for 5 mins each and tell your story. Just make sure you hold down my podium cause this muthaf***ka gon blown the fucck back" He said as <a href="">Tae</a> came up to the podium

"I met Matt 9th grade year. uhh. i was dorky looking and shiit, scrony lil nigga. and it was my first day of high school. I didn't Know where none of my classes were. I wasnt talking to anybody until i ran into this nigga right here.He was standing here my locker tryna mack on a senior. She wasn't giving this nigga a time of day. lol" When he seen that i was her locker neighbor. he asked me to put him on with her. I was shy as fucck and a couple days passed and he notice that. So he knew with my help he wasnt going to get at her. But he chilled with me. He was my nigga. And that's when i met Chris and Malik. and It's been us four niggas since then" Tae said as a strand ran down his cheek and he left. <a href="">Melody</a> went up next.

"I umm... Also met Matt in the 9th grade. And i knew... when i first laid eyes on him. He was the man that i was gonna marry, The man i was gon to bare his children. I knew that, Letesha knew, Zaria knew. Hell the boys knew. Everyone but Matt. He would do ignorant shiit. like walk pass and pull my hair, talk about my outfits. but i liked the attention. This year the friend title was gonna end. This year i was gonna get what was rightfully mine. But time took that away from me." She said as Zaria ran up there and gave her tissues. "It's gonna be hard going day buy day without you. Every relationship that went bad you was right there for me. Now who's gonna be there? Why did you leave without let me confess how i felt about you. It's wasnt fair" Mel said as zaria and tre walked her down to the yard as Chris came up next

" Umm. I knew this nigga since the 3rd grade. We got into a fight because the ignorant fucck put clear super glue in my seat before i sat down." He said as everyone laughed. "Me and Malik jumped that nigga. When we both came back from our suspension we was in the principals office with our parents. After they left. the principal talked to us than she went out to the office for a min. This nigga turned to me with a snag-a-tooth smile and said 'I got that ass good tho' haha. Me and Malik just laughed our ass off. we vowed that day. we was gonna protect each other. And that what we been doing. every fight we've been in since the we was there protecting each other. Like family. So i wanna say i'm sorry I let you down. I wasnt there in time to protect you like i promised back in 3rd grade. If i was there to protect you in time you would still be here" Chris said cracking as he left the podium.

"I just wanted to start by saying Matt and I always got into it. but he was like the brother i never wanted. There isnt much i can say because i know im going to crack so im going to sing this song by karina Pasian see you later<a href="">karina Pasian see you later</a>." Tesh said as she started singing. Chris was crying harder now as i held him. This was a emotional part right now. And i wouldn't know how to had handled it if i was in there postions right now. When <a href="">Tesh</a> finished her song she was crying in <a href="">Malik's</a> arms. It them began to rain.

"Come on yall let's go in the house" Chris said as we all got up. " Okay fuuck all yall if yall think we gonna leave my box podium that i worked hard for outside so it can get rained on and wet. i swear yall some selfish black people" Tre said picking up his podium and running in the house.

New reader! I love the fact that their helping her gain confidence!!

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Lovely add. They sure are getting close. Glad she could be there for him in his time of need

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