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My Destiny.

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

Today my sister and I were doing the finishing touches to my boutique.
<a href=
>It‘s</a> finally all coming together, I just wish the grand opening will come faster!

“ Im so proud of you baby-sis, I know mommy and daddy are looking down on you, smiling from ear to ear.” Gee said take a seat on the lounge chair.

“Thanks Gee” I said with a smile.

“No problem, listen I’m go home an soak my damn feet this s*** aint cute” She said gathering her cell phone and bag.

“Yeah, I’m about to roll on out to” I said cutting the boutiques lights off and getting my things.

I walked Gee over to her car and watched as she drove off waving to me, I smiled and walked over to my benz. I took a quick look at my phone and saw my cousin Mike called me. I’ll call him when I get to the crib. I stopped at In and Out and got me a large fry and a strawberry milkshake as I was pulling out the parking lot I got another call from Mike.

“What Nigggaaa?” I answered

“Aye, Kit-Kat where you at?” He asked calling me the by nickname he gave me.

“I just left In and Out,why whats up?”

“Oh naa, Mika just wanted me to check up on you right quick.” He answered.

“Aww, I feel loved” I said while laughing.

“Aye come through the studio”

“Uhmmm. I look ugly right now but aitee” I said while making a U-Turn.

“It aint nothing new nigga” He said laughing and hanging up.

I shook my head “Im gon get his assss” I thought while turning up my radio, my song was on.

“If you put it down right, like the way I want it, play ya cards right baby we can fall in love” I sang along with Brandy.

I was jamming, by the time I got to studio I was rapping along with Chris Brown…..His sexy behind. I turned my car off grabbed my milkshake, got out and went into the studio. When <a href=
>I</a> walked in <a href=
>they</a> was playing back a song while Mika was chilling on the couch. All I could think was Ima f*ck up Mike I look raggedy. And it’s funny how I was just listening to him.(Chris Brown) I took a seat next to Mika on the couch giving her a hug.

“Hey mama” She asked taking my milkshake from me and taking a sip.

“Nada, your b**** ass husband told me to come through” I answered right after Mike cut the music off .

“Aye, aye ,aye what is up with all the anger?” He asked turning his attention towards me, making Chris do the same. He smiled over at me and I smiled back.

“Nigga, You aint tell me he was gon be here…I look tf terrible.” I answered as I rolled my eyes making everyone laugh.

“ Girl shut up, you look good…right Chris?” She asked smirking.
Ohh naa these fools were up to something they stay trynna hook me up with somebody.

“She sure do” He answered with a cute smile.

“Man F*uck you mean….this Kaila we talm bout” Mike said.
I chucked a pillow over at him and he dodged it.

“Anywayss” Mika said sitting up. “Hows the boutique going?” She asked

“Its aite, everything is straight, three more days till the grand opening party. 86 guest all ready R.S.V.P’d” I said sipping on my milkshake.

“Only reason why everybody coming is because ya boy gon put on a good show” Mike said while dapping up Chris.

“Man shut yo ass up” I said laughing. “What songs are you even performing?” I asked him
He looked over at Chris then at me.

“You mean us, lil cuzz. We doing songs off the fan of a fan 2 mix tape.” He answered while going back to messing around with his phone.

“Oh aitee” I answered. I could see Chris starring at from the corner of my eye. Oh jesus, my celeb crush and I were in the same room and I haven’t even curk’d out like I always thought I would. I looked at Mika and she smiled…what for I don’t know, but she got up and took Mike’s hand.

“Baby, come with me to grab my charger out the car right quick” She said
“Nah Im good” He said. She smacked him cross his head.

“Niggaa, lets goooo” She said nodding her head towards me.

“Ohh,Ohhh yeahh aite be right back yall.” And with that they left.
Chris looked over at me and laughed.

“They aint slick” He said.

“I know, Im sorry they stay trynna hook me up with people.” I said shaking my head. He got up from where he was sitting and sat next to me on the couch.

“ Shiit, I don’t blame them you’re a very attractive girl.” He said smiling.

“Woman” I said clearing my throat and laughing making him laugh as well.

“You know what I meant” He said

“Sure” I said smiling and getting my things.
I had to hurry up before I do or say something and embarrass myself. Im already bad with men as it is shoot.

“Im about to go, I’ll see you Saturday right?

“Yeah” He answered.

“Alright, take care” I said walking out.

When I got out to the parking lot I saw Mika and Mike.

“F*ck Yall!” I said flipping them off.

“What girl?” Mika asked

“Yall set me up” I answered.

“So?” Mike said “You crushin on him and he thinks you cute I sense some type of connection.” He said

“Yall know Im extra shy!” I said

“Oh well” Mike said

“Im going home a**holes.” I said walking off.

“Love you to kit-kat” They both said in unison.

I shook my head and got into my car. What if Chris and I do hook up…. I thought. YEAH and that’s when I wake up from my dream.
Im really gonna be dedicated to this story on the real. I honestly want everyones opinions. Be honest ! Run it or Dump!
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Thanks for taking the time to read it...but like i said girl the devil gon be creepin lls!

I'm new to your story, I decided to give it a shot and read it, so I started reading it today and actually caught up! That's great, I like their relationship, they just are so cute & easy going--aint had no type of issues--YET.. ah, run this!

“You will forget your misery; you will remember it as waters that have passed away. (Job 11:16)”

Only reason why Im nervous to go to church is because I just don’t think God can and will ever forgive me for what I have done in my past. We all walked into the church and joined the congregation. Kaila was up singing along to praise and worship, I smiled to myself and watched everyone in the church, seeing familiar faces. Once praise and worship the pastor came on and began preaching.

“The spirit of the lord is here.” He said before getting some “amen’s”

“Oh yes, I feel it, we have some people in here today who have lost themselves.” he said as I got chills. I guess Kaila sensed my nervousness because she grabbed my hand.

“Just know that God will forever fight you battles for you, it is up to you today to let him back into your life.”

“ I want those who want to wash their sins away to come up, let me pray for you.”
I looked around and seen people going up to the pastor. My mom looked towards me as I looked away . Kaila squeezed my hand and I looked at her shaking my head. I looke dover at the pastor and he was looking directly at me and motioned for me to come up. I sighed and got up and went up to him.
The pastor had everyone stretch forth their hands and pray for everyone who were up with me as he prayed for us as well. When the pastor got to me he stopped and layed his head on my heart.

“Father lord I pray that you hear your sons cries, I pray that you cover him with protection. Guide and protect him lord. rebuke any negativity and temptations…” As he prayed I heard my mom praying as well. I was trying not cry.

“Son, he has forgiven you a long time ago. He has plan for you just know that know that you have found your lord and savior the devil is going to try to ruin you in any way possible, just keep praying. And let go and let god. And make sure that you faith is stronger than before” he said as I nodded and thanked him. I felt so good after sitting back down I kept reminding myself. “FAITH.”


The service ended well, I came to realize that Chris was hurting but kept it hidden, the negativity get to him sometimes God has a plan for him. Im not saying Im perfect but God is my everything. I may not go to church every Sunday but know that the bible and I are best friends. Chris and his mom went to go pray with the pastor and when they got back Chris had a warm smile on his face. We all went back to Mama Joyce house to chill and relax. Chris and I went up to the room we were staying in to change. I was putting my hair into a bun when I noticed Chris sitting on the bed quietly.

“Babe, you ok?” I asked

“Yeah, I feel…like a whole bunch of weight got lifted of my shoulders.” He said smiling.

“That’s a good thing babe, from now on both you I will be praying every time we got to sleep.” I said as he nodded.

“You know, my pastor said that you are the star that came to brighten me.” He said as I smiled.

“Really?” I asked as he nodded.

“Yes, and I agree with him 100%.” He said getting up to hug me.

“He also said it isn’t going to be easy now that I found Christ.” He said as I nodded.

“the devil is going to try all he can, but just know that all is well in Jesus name.” I said before kissing his cheek.

“I love you..” he said making me smile.

“I love you too.” I said.
We all made it back to LA safely this morning. Chris went home and I went to my apartment to unpack and SLEEP. Before we left VA, Mamma J said something that touched my heart, and I couldn’t stop think about it.

“Sweetie all I know is that you are truly a blessing, and I pray that you two stay together.” I smiled as I thought back to our conversation. I then lie down on my bed and took a quick nap.

I woke up around 3 and seen I had 3 text messages from Chris.

“I leave tomorrow morning and ya ass just went ghost on daddy?”

I laughed and read the other one..

“Babe foreal though where you at?!”

“Are you alive?!?!?”

I smiled and replied.

“On my way to the boutique, I just woke up fool.”

I then got up and brushed my teeth, before doing my hair real quick. I grabbed my bag, keys and phone before walking out the apartment to my car.

The boutique was busy as anything. As soon as I got there I went to straight to my office and back out to help customers. At around 4 Chris came with Mijo. I smiled and greeted the both of them. The story had slowly died down.

Mijo went over to go mess with Kristina while I went into my office with Chris. I began to check my emails, and noticed my girl Emily, Fabulous baby mamma. Emailed me wanted to know If I wanted to model for her swimsuit collection. I was excited but then again don’t know about being seen in just Bikinis.

“Chris read this…”I said showing him the email.

“Do it!” he said smiling. I laughed.

“I think I might.” I said.

“You should, so I can have all the pictures up in my bedroom.” he said laughing.

“You such a nigga.” I said laughing.

“Im gonna miss you.” I said pouting and getting up to go sit on his lap.

“I will too but its gonna go by fast don’t worry.” He said playing with my necklace.

“I know…” I said as I began to think about how I will be keeping my loner self busy.
I tried :) I need feedback ladies, I might get ideas from yall so run it!

Kaila is too gorgeous i love their relationship its all love :) beautiful runs!!

I wonder whats going to happen at church
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I woke up this morning sore as anything. I looked to my left and seen Chris sleeping peacefully. I slowly began to to get out of bed, but was stopped when I felt his arms wrap around me.

“Where you going?” He said his voice low and raspy.

“To the bathroom.” I said looking over at him. He sat up and kissed my cheek.

“Morning beautiful.” He said smiling, I smiled back and responded.

“Morning baby.”

I got out the bed struggling to walk towards the bathroom. I sucked my teeth when I saw I was walking funny. I heard Chris laughing so I turned around and flipped him off before walking into the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. Chris came in and did the same. I walked back into the room and turned my phone on. I had several text messages, one caught my eye. It was a text from Mike.

<strong> “Ayoo tell Chris we leave for the promo tour on Tuesday.”</strong>

I sighed remembering that he would be gone for 2 weeks. I replied to Mike simply stating Ok, before hopping on twitter. Chris came out and lied on top of me.

“Babeee.” I whined while he took my phone and tossed it to the side.

“What we doing today?” He asked

“We leave tonight, why don’t we spend the day with your family.?” I asked as he nodded his head. We sat in silence for a moment before I spoke up.

“You and Mike leave on Tuesday for your promo tour..” I said while rubbing my hand through his waves.

“Damn, too much s*** going on, I need to put out a song by the end of the month too. He said.

I laughed and he looked at me with a straight face.

“Don’t stress yourself you can do it after you get back Christopher.” I said. He nodded and smiled. I began to run my fingers across his tattoos on his neck.

“Babe, I want to get matching tattoos.” I said as his face lit up.

“Word, me too.” he said excitedly

“Good, we should get them when you come back home.” I said as he nodded. Just then my phone rang it was Mamma Joyce.

“Good morning Mamma Joyce.” I said into the phone as Chris gave me a “wtf’ look I laughed to myself and rolled my eyes.

“Morning sweetie, where yall at breakfast is almost ready. And Church service starts at 11. Tell Chris he better bring his behind” she said as I nodded as if she can see me.

“We will be there in 30 mins mamma.” I said.
“Alright, I’ll see yall soon.” She said before hanging up.

“Babe, we got to go your mom is waiting for us, I guess we all going to church with her.” I said pushing him off me and running into the shower. Chris didn’t seem excited… not like he was suppose to be but like he just sat on the bed like he didn’t feel like do anything. Big Pat bought out clothes over to the hotel and I was too happy cause I did not want to walk into the house with the clothes on from last night and do the walk of shame. Once I finished showering and washing my hair. I quickly got out and began to dry myself and my hair as Chris went into the shower. Thoughts came to mind from last night, we made love, and I LOVED every part of it. I went into the room and began to dress. When Chris came out I was working on my hair before applying a little make up. At a quarter to 10 <a href=
>I </a> was done,. Moments later <a href=
>Chris </a> was done as well. We both made our way out the hotel room and down to the lobby to wait for Big Pat. I noticed Chris demeanor saw slowly changing, I don’t know why it was but I was gonna find out soon. When we got into the car I grabbed his hand which made him look at me.

“Talk to me…” I said as he sighed.

“Haven’t been to church in a min, I don’t even remember the last time I had a conversation with the man upstairs…” he said rubbing the back of his head.

I smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Well maybe God chose this day for you to bring him back into your life.” I said rubbing his hand trying to get him to relax. He didnt say anything he just layed his head against the head rest and clothes his eyes. All I could do today was pray that today’s sermon was a message from God to him…

Haha beast!! Runn

Run it


After we left the club, we went to iHop and ate. I swear we almost got kicked out because we were acting so silly. When everyone was done eating, it was time to kick they asses to the curb and give my baby her real gift.

Big Pat dropped everyone at the hotel. When I saw Kaila trying to get out too, I gently grabbed her wrist. “No babe, this isn’t our stop.”

She looked at me confused, “What do you mean?”

“You’ll see.” I smiled.

Big pat then continued driving and stopped in front of the Four Seasons. She looked up at the hotel, “Babe, what we doing here?”

“You’ll see.” I stated again, still smiling.

I walked in, guiding her through the little traffic in the lobby to the elevators. We went up to the top floor. When we got off the elevator, there was a short hallway and a door that read PENTHOUSE SUITE.

“Okay, I’m officially freaking out.” She expressed.

I chuckled and looked back at her, “Do you trust me?”

She nodded, “Yes, you know I do.”

“Well, relax and enjoy the rest of your birthday gift.” I kissed her forehead and then turned to open the door with my key.



When he opened the door, he let me walk in first. There were roses and candles everywhere. I gasped as I covered my mouth. Starting to tear up, I turned to him. “How did you do all of this?”

He smiled, “Well I set everything up earlier. One of the hotel employees lit the candles when I said we were on our way.”

I looked around again, this time exploring the whole suite. It was big but beautiful. I couldn’t get over how romantic it was. When I came back to the middle of the suite, I saw Chris standing at the stairs. I then saw the trail of rose petals leading up.

“Follow me.” He held out his hand.

I took it, and followed him up the stairs and into a room. It was so gorgeous. Everything was just right, even down to the soft r&b music playing in the background. I could’nt have been more happier.

Chris turned to me, “Now, I had this special night planned but if you’re still not ready I can understand that. We can just cuddle or whatev----”

I cut him off with a passionate kiss. I had the most wonderful boyfriend in the world and I think it was about time that I showed him. “I’m ready.” I simply said after I broke our kiss.

He beamed. “Yeah?” he pecked my lips.

I giggled, “Yes Christopher.”

He smiled and kissed me again, this time picking me up and carrying me to the bed. Gently laying me down, he never broke the kiss. “I’ve been waiting so long for this moment. I promise to savor every second, minute, hour.” He stated as he removed my dress, kissing down my body. “I swear you won’t regret it baby.” He smirked as he kissed the inside of my thighs.

I couldn’t say anything; I was too caught up in the moment. It had been a long while since I had some proper loving. I was glad that it was with Chris, someone that I loved and who had loved me back. Soon as his tongue touched my pearl, I gasped. I was losing control with every stroke that his tongue made. He devoured me until I came uncontrollably. He then came up leaving a trail of kisses and finally kissed my lips, letting me taste myself.

“Mmmm.” I moaned.

He smiled, “You like that?”

“Mmmm, yes daddy.” I moaned again.

“Damn, baby, you kept the freaky side hid well!” he joked as he began to come out of his clothes.

I giggled as I intently watched him take off each article of clothing. His body was incredible as the candle light danced across it perfectly. He then went to the night stand and pulled out a box of Trojan Magnums, removing one.

Chris was about to climb back on top of me but I stopped him, “No daddy, let me.”

“Okay.” He smiled and lied on his back.

I slipped the condom out of his hand, opening it and gently slid it on his fully erect penis. I stroked it a little and then slid down on top of it.

“Shiiit.” We both moaned in ecstasy.

I started off slow, moving my hips back and forth and in circular motions. I took my hands off of his chest and ran them up my body and into my hair. I put it to one side and leaned down, kissing on his neck.

“Damn baby, you the truth.” He groaned into my ear.

I smiled as I nibbled on his ear, “Just for you baby.”

I sat back up and started to pick up the pace. He felt so good, that I couldn’t help it. I started to squeeze my kegel muscles as I glided up and down on his shaft.

“Fuuuck.” I moaned as I closed my eyes.

Next thing I knew, we were flipped over and I was on my back. I giggled at how serious Chris’s face was.

He looked at me confused, “What’s funny?”

“You’re so serious.” I responded.

He shook his head and smiled, “Naw, just tryna make it last baby. I want you to enjoy every bit of this.”

Soon after he said that, he started to long stroke me. He would go all the way in and pull all the way out, leaving just the tip in. It felt so good, that I couldn’t contain myself.



Kaila started to moan louder and louder and I knew I was on the right track. I started to increase my speed and hitting it a little harder. She wrapped her legs around me tightly and threw her head back into the pillow.

Never have I ever felt this way before. I knew it was only love that made me feel this way. Burying my face into her neck, I went harder and faster. Her moans were real and I couldn’t even hold mine in like usual. Her love was the sh*t and I knew I never wanted to give this up for nothing.

“Ohmigosh! Baby, I’m cum--- ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh AHHHHHHHHH!!!” She dug into my back as she reached her climax.

Soon after, I came as well. I rolled off of her and onto my back. We both stared at the ceiling and tried to regulate our breathing.

“I love you…sooo fckn much right now.” I said between breaths.

She giggled breathlessly, “I’d love you more if you got another condom.”

I looked at her and smiled, “You ain’t said nothing but a word sweetheart.”

I got up to dispose of the used condom and put on a fresh one, “Ready for round 2?”

“Hell yeah daddy.” She moaned.

I smiled and got back into bed.

A/N Monroe did her thangggg as usual :) I love ya girl!!

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Love it :)) i would b geekin if chris said i like u thats too sweet


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The club was live, the whole crew was turnt up. I was anxious right now I have a surprise for my baby girl and I don’t know she gonna take it, but I just want everything to be right for her. I <strong>love</strong> her and I think it’s about time for her to know that. I looked up to see her looking over at me. I smiled and got up from my seat and walk towards her. I pecked her lips and wrapped my arms around her.

“Chris you know mad pictures of us gon be on the internet now.” She said.

“Oh well, cant blame a niigga for showing his queen some affection” I said kissing her cheek making her giggle. I laughed to myself, I swear everything she do is a turn on.

“These shoes are not meant to be worn for more than 10 mins” She said laughing.

“Babe you are stunning tonight though seriously.” I said rubbing on her back. She bit her lip and laughed.

“Thank you.” She said before pecking my lips. I frowned at her making her laugh.

“Whats wrong?”

“I want a real kiss.” I said

“Chris no, I am not trynna be bashed out on twi--” I cut her off with a kiss. I pulled her closer to me while deepening the kiss. Moments later she pulled out and rolled her eyes at me. I kissed her forehead and grabbed her hand to lead her over to the lounge chairs. I sat down and pulled her down onto my lap.

“You probably wondering where you present(s) are.” I said playing with her hair.

“Hell yeah, sike you have done enough at is already.” She said kissing my cheek. I shook my head and laughed.

“So you think.” I said laughing. I saw Mike, Meeka and Alexa coming, that was my cue.

“Im finna go use the bathroom.” I will be right back” I told them before getting out the V.I.P section, and going down to where Dj Baby Drew was at on the stage. I quickly made sure everything was in place before grabbing the mic.



I was chilling with the crew conversing, while we were waiting for Chris to get back from the bathroom. I was on my phone looking at my mentions on twitter when I heard a familiar voice get on the mic.

“Was Hannin’ DMV!” I got up and went to go see who it was, and to my surprise it was Chris. I turned around to the girls.

“What is he doing?” I mouthed to them, they just shrugged their shoulders. I turned back around to Chris.

“Now yall know there is a someone very special to me who is celebrating their birthday tonight. She is my everything and I just wanted to know if yall can help me sing to her.” He said looking into the audience. I made a face at the girls, and they nodded their head towards the stage. I shook my head and was about to go sit back down until Big Pat came and escorted me to the stage.

“Her name is Kaila.” he said as I climbed the steps to the stage.

“ Aight yall on 3!” He said grabbing my hand.

“1..2..3, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kaila…Happy Birthday to you.” Chris and the crowd sang. I smiled and waved to the crowd thanking them. I was about ready to get off the stage when Chris slightly pulled me back.

“One more surprise.” He said as I gave him a look making him laugh. Just the Big Pat had the club security make room on the floor in front of the stage. They brought a chair out and told me to sit down. All I kept thinking is if this fool is going to dance, Ima hurt him.
Chris sat on the edge of the stage right in front of me. He winked before the Dj played the <a href=
>song</a> and Chris began to sing. He was staring right in to my eyes. When he got to the chorus, the tears came. I was trying so hard to contain myself. I looked to the left and saw a projector, that had a slide show playing pictures of Chris and I. He was pouring his heart out, he was so sincere. He got down from the stage and walked towards me putting his hand out to me. I took his hand and he helped me up and he continued to sing to me. <strong> “Baby you’re the best thing in my life..”</strong>. The song ended
And he pulled me into a hug. The crowd was clapping and cheering, I looked up at him as he wiped away my tears, I smiled and kissed his cheek before whispering in his ear. <strong>“I love you too.”</strong>. He smiled at me and pecked my lips before we walked back up to V.I.P hand in hand.
That by far has been the <strong>BEST</strong> birthday gift I have ever received. Chris and I went back with the crew and they all cheered him on. I really appreciate him and all he does. I love him, and I mean it.

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Baaaad as* dress bad biych
TURN UP!! Run it

Girlll you betta work that dressss!!!
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Its Friday morning, and the crew and I are all going to Chris mother house in VA. Feel great and rejuvenated the medicine worked wonders. Chris and I were on our way to get on the jet. He kept telling me about all the clubs that were live out in the DMV. We all decided Saturday night we will be hitting up Ibiza. Only because I didn’t get to go out like I wanted to for my birthday. I hope it will be fun..shiiit it better.

Chris and I held hands as we made our way around to his mothers backyard. As soon as we turned the corner I everyone yelled “Happy Birthday!” as the Stevie Wonder version of “Happy Birthday” played. I was seriously caught off guard. The first person I saw was Glenna. I ran towards her and hugged her.

“I miiiiissss youuu” She said laughing. I was cheesing really hard. I went to greet everyone and hugged them all. Chris mom had introduced me to all his family, it was a little overwhelming but I didn’t care, because they all received me with open arms. This BBQ was in a whole Hawaiian type theme. I walked over to Chris who was with his cousins. He saw me coming and he smiled and kissed my cheek when I reached him.

“You aint have to make your mom do this” I said wrapping my arms around him.

“I know, but I wanted to” he said pecking my lips.

Everyone partied and ate till’ around 8. Alexa and I began to cleanup while Chris said bye to everyone.

“This was nice” I said smiling.

“Glad you liked it, thought you weren’t gonna come though.” Alexa said laughing which made me laugh. I made a huge fit about coming to finally meet Mamma Joyce, but Chris ended up talking me into it. His mom is a very nice women, and Im glad I came. When we finished cleaning up we all went into the house. I thanked Mama Joyce and Chris.

“Im glad you enjoyed it sweet pea”

She said smiling, I returned a smile before she went upstairs. The crew and I just sat down and chilled for the rest of the night.
Alexa Just finished straightening my hair. I quickly took a shower and began to do my make up. When I walked out the bathroom, and saw Chris dressed, was examining my dress that was on the bed.

“Where the rest of it” He asked.

I just rolled my eyes and looked myself in the shower. He laughed and shook his head.

“You not wearing that” he said sitting down and going through his phone.

“Shut up” I said laughing.

I got up letting my towel go before putting on my undergarments. I then put on my dress and accessories. When everyone was ready we met Big Pat outside, Chris and Mike were complaining about my dress. I just ignored they asses.

“Sike nahh babe you look too good” Chris said licking his lips. I laughed and thanked him.

Kaila had me feeling myself. To know that this goddess was my girl made me feel extra good. I snapped a picture of <a href=
>her</a> posting it on instagram.

<strong>“chrisbrown: My queen.”</strong>

In those five minutes, her picture was getting likes. I smiled to myself at all the thirsty nigga. We made it to the club and Team Breezy showed out today. I don’t even know how they know I was in town, but tonight we finna turn up for my baby’s birthday!


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<strong>Happy Birthday Kaila<\strong>

Today is my 22nd birthday its to bad I cant celebrate, my voice is gone and Im still getting over this cold. Chris had flew back in this morning, I woke up from my slumber this morning to Stevie Wonders <strong> HAPPY BIRTHDAY<\strong> blasting through my apartment. Chris, Lexa,Meeka,Mike,and Mijo were all in my room singing all along to the song. I laughed and smiled at eveyone.

"Yall would do this knowing I will be looking like this" I said with my hoarse voice, while pointing to my face and hair. They laughed and handed me my gifts, Meeka bought me my favorite body lotions,Alexa bought me a Jimmy Cho bag,and my god babies bought me a charmh braclet with mine and thier intials. Mike boughtt a Last Kings snapback,sweater,sweats,and jacke with his album. I shook my head and rolled my eyes before opening Chris gift. He sat down next to me as I opened it. It was a Juicy Couture body set wth four red bottoms. I smiled and thanked him, I wanted to kiss him but unfourtantly I cant. Everyone went to the living room so I cvcould go get ready. I quickly took a shower straightend my hair and did som light make up an threw on a summer dress. I looked at all my gifts that were on my bed and smiled to myself. I took picture and posted it on instagram.

<strong> @ Kaila_A : I have an amazing boyfriend and great friend!</strong>

well idk bout anybody else but run this- i been enjoying this ans sorry i been too lazy to wanna get a new passwrd till now but im back like crack- run it

Lmaooo,well thanks ladies. Appreciate the love...

RUN IT:)))
&& YOU KNOW THIS MANNNNNNNNNNN(in my chris tucker voice)