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Make "Kiss Kiss" Vevo certified

Have you guys heard about the Vevo Certified Award? It is given to videos that have surpassed 100 million views on Vevo.

Right now Chris Brown has three Vevo Certified videos; "Look at Me Now," "With You," and "Yeah3x." He also has another one as a featured artist in Pitbull's "International Love."

The video for "Kiss Kiss," the first single from his second studio album, is currently at 97,434,353. We're sorta 2.6 million views short. Let's help in certifying it!

Team Breezy, let's trend #MakeKissKissVevoCertified

Here's the link foe "Kiss Kiss" video: <strong></strong>


Unfortunately i do not have twitter or facebook...
but everyday i have been watching the video in hope of creating more and more views because i totally agree that it should be vevo certifed....!!!!


If you are real fans you will help us make this Breezy tune become one of the best!

i luv the way he dances i know the whole song to dont wake me up

i luv the way he dances i know the whole song to dont wake me up

Hi JiElSoSvIeCuA! :)

Help me trend #MakeKissKissVevoCertified if you have twitter and please promote to all Chris Brown fans out there to make Kiss Kiss Vevo Certified.


i used to watch this all the time when i was little coz i loved how he would dance and how he was the two guys :D

it was the beginning of my chris brown loving days :D
been with him ever since <3
mwaaa xxx