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Breaking Down Barriers

"<a href="">Drea</a>, are you sure this is just going to be an in and out thing?" She rolled her eyes, "<a href="">Cam</a>, I promise you that this won't take long." I sighed and leaned back in my seat. I had more important things to tend to than sit around and party with Andrea and her boyfriend. She finally pulled up to the club and put the car in park. I got off and trailed behind her. She stopped and waited for me. "C'mon girl, lighten up. One day of partying will not kill you. Now walk like the bad b**** you are and let's go." She said linking our arms and walking to the front of the line. Immediately the bouncer let us in. The bass of the club shook the floor as body odor smacked me in the face. "C'mon, he's up in VIP." She said pointing up to the area above the dancefloor. She dragged me up the stairs and the bodyguard there let us in. We walked past various people who were sitting on the couch with females who were just being plain dirty. "Hey babe!" Drea said embracing <a href="">him</a>. I stopped in my tracks, I couldn't believe Andrea's new boo was Marcus. I slowly walked up a fake smile on my face, she finally pulled out from their make-out session. "Cam, this is my boo Trigga. Trigga, my bestfriend Cameron." He smiled, "Nice to meet you Cameron." I looked at him then away. "Please enoy yourself." He said motioning to the bottles that were being brought up.

I really couldn't be here, seeing Marcus brought back to much that I just couldn't bare to handle. After two hours of declining every drink and dance offer that came my way I got up and decided to go find Andrea to tell her I was leaving, I looked around the VIP area in search of her. She was nowhere, I began my journey down the steps and into the large crowd. I was too busy searching for Andrea's face that I didn't see <a href="">him</a>. I stepped back as I felt the wetness sinking into my dress. "This s*** would happen to me!" I said as I looked down to see the stain that was sure to form. "Yo, i'm---" I held my hand up. "It's fine." I said shoving past him. I had finally found Andrea by the bar with Marcus. "Dre." I said tapping her, she turned around her eyes glossed over. I knew she was faded. "Marcus look, my bestfriend is here!" She said her words slurred. "C'mon we need to get you home." I said grabbing her forearm. She pulled away, "No, I don't want to go.I want to stay with Trigga." I looked at him with pleading eyes. "C'mon babe, Cameron is right." She pouted, "But baby..." "C'mon i'll take you to the car." He said holding her up. I trailed behind. We made it back to her car and he sat her in the backseat buckling her up and shutting the back door. "Thank you." I said trying to walk around him but he stopped me. "How are you Cam?" I kept looking down. "Marcus, I need to get her home." "How's my <a href="">son</a>?" I looked up at him. "He'd be better if his daddy would come around more often." I said shoving past him.



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"You want some pizza?" She asked me sliding over the tray of pizza and handing me a plate. I thanked her putting a few slices on my plate. "I'm going to the bathroom." Alondra said excusing herself. "I never understood why she doesn't like me." I said taking a bite into my pizza. "Seems pretty self-explanetory if you ask me." She said biting into hers. I side eyed her as she shrugged. "So what wire triggered you to actually show up to your son's birthday?" "The thought of my son having a frown on his face when he didn't see me." She nodded and bit into her pizza. We sat there eating and chatting it up a bit when André ran over to us. "Mommy! Dad! I finished eating, can we go play? Please?" She nodded. "Let me just finish this and i'll be over there. Kay?" He nodded and ran off. "You want me to get him some tokens?" I asked finishing up my pizza and pushing my plate to the side. She shook her head, "no, I already bought him some." She said pushing her plate to the side just like me. I stood up from the booth and made way as so did she.

Ut ohhh they better b nice cuz its dre bday nd marcus kept his promise

"Dad!" Dre exclaimed running over to me and embracing me in a hug. I kissed his forehead. "Happy birthday son." "What did you bring me?" he questioned referring to the gifts I had in my hand. "It's a surprise, but go back and finish eating while I walk over there and talk to your mom." He nodded and ran back to his seat. I walked my gifts over to the table where the other ones were and set them down. I could feel Cam's eyes burning a hole in the back of my head. I turned around and walked over to the table where her and Alondra were seated. "Cameron, Alondra." I said greeting the both of them. ALondra rolled her eyes. "Mind if I have a seat?" Cameron shook her head and moved over in the booth.

more later..

I gotta feelin she gon see chris when she leaving out nd swear he actually came now he wana b a daddy huh Run it

<a href="">Alondra and I</a> walked side by side as we made our way into Chuck E. Cheeses. I was holding the cake and her the gifts. She opened the door for me as I walked in right behind André. They stamped our hands and we made our way to our reserved table. "Look ma! I got a crown, now i'm a king!" He said excitedly while putting on the blow up crown they gave him. I smiled and set down the cake. "Can I go play mom?' He questioned. "Yeah, go ahead and play on the jungle gym until I get you some tokens." He nodded and ran off to play. I turned to Alondra, "you mind going over there and ordering the pizzas?" She shook her head and walked over to the cash register. I stayed there and began to rearrange the table as Dré's friends began to show up. I would take their gifts and put them with the rest. "Mom? Is dad coming?" Asked Dré as he ran over to the table. I shrugged. "I'm not sure hun." He sighed and ran off to play. The pizza's came and I had Alondra gather all the kids and bring them back to the table so they could eat. I set slices of pizza down on all ten of the kids' plates and then let the parents have some. Alondra and I sat at a separate table eating our salads and pizza. We deep in convo when I heard, "Dad! You made it!" I turned to my left to see Marcus walking in with gifts in hand.

Trey better show up.

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she hurt his feeling a lil bit

"Trigga, what was all that back at the mall? Why was Cameron's son calling you daddy?" Andrea questioned all in my ear as she trailed behind me walking into my condo. I ignored her and set the keys down plopping down on the couch. "Trigga! Are you listening to anything i'm saying?!" She asked with a voice full of attitude. I wasn't a punk nigga, so I wasn't gunna act like a little b**** and let her yell at me like she had lost her goddamn mind. "Aye! You gon' shut all that s*** down." I said staring at her. She put her hands on her hip. "You aren't about to do anything!' She said testing my patience and continuing to ramble and yell. Two months of f***ing and this b**** thought she could run s***. I stood up and grabbed her by her throat. She immediately became tense and stopped talking. "When I tell you to shut the f*** up, you shut the f*** up! I can easily destroy you in a matter of seconds, so learn your f***ing place!" I said sternly as I watched her gasp for air and tears began to well in her eyes. I let her go and she held her neck taking in heaps of air. "So since you wanna be all up in my business, André is my son. Cameron and I once dated and had my f***ing son. Do you have a problem?" She shook her head. "Good, now next time you wanna come at me sideways, you better expect some retaliation. Now go clean yourself up, your making up is runnin'." She wiped her tears and walked down the hall and into the bathroom. I sat on the couch and ran my hand over my face, just as I shut my eyes my cell rang. I dug in my pocket and answered. "What's up?" I asked rubbing my hand over my waves. "Trig, we need you at the spot asap." My boy, Davey's, voice rang through the other end. "Alright nigga, i'll be there in twenty." I hung up and stood up. "DREA!" I called, she came down the hall. "Yes?" She questioned silently. "I'll be back, i'm gunna handle some business real quick." She nodded. I motioned for her to come over to me. She walked over and I pecked her lips. "Don't take my kindness for weakness."

I pulled up to my trap house and parked my truck walking in to the dark, dank area. I walked in to see Davey, Deuce, and Hardy surrounding some young ass looking nigga. "What you niggas call me in for?" "Our young gun here got jumped and lost 1500 dollars worth of product." I turned my glance from Davey to the teenage boy tied to the chair with fresh cuts on his face. I kinda felt bad for the kid, but hey this was a grown man business. "You lost my money and product?" I asked circling around him, he didn't speak so I punched him across the face. "When i'm speakin to you, you respond." I said getting in his face. He nodded rapidly. "Now what happened?" He was quiet before speaking. "I was selling like Duece had told me, and my shoe was untied so I bet down to tie it and next thing you know some guys came up behind me and started throwing punches. I tried to fight back but they all ganged up on me and they took the money and drugs." My nose flared as I punched the table. I knew I couldn't put youngin's on the street alone. "Did they say anything to you?" He nodded. "They told me, 'tell Trigga that Breezy is on the rise'." I cursed to myself as I walked over to the wall and punched it. "Get this little nigga out of here, but let me see that you making me lose money you're gunna regret every joining the drug game!" He nodded and he ran out of the room. "So what are we gunna do?" Davey questioned. "Breezy wants war, that's what that nigga is gunna get." I said grabbing my keys and walking out.

I was driving home just gathering my thoughts as my phone rang. I sighed frustratedly, a nigga could never get some peace because someone always had interrupt my thoughts. I guess that came with the priorities of being king of the drug game. "What's up?" I questioned irritatedly. "If you want I can call back." Cameron said calmly, which was something new because whenever we talked she was pissed. "Nah, what's up?" "Dré's birthday is Friday and i'm throwing him a little party at Chuck E. Cheese. I just thought i'd invite you since you are his father." I nodded. "Yeah, let lil man know i'll be there." She chuckled a sarcastic chuckle. "I'm not telling him anything because I don't want to get his hopes up, but i'll talk to you later." She said hanging up. The f*** did shemean by that?

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Marcus is bogus for doin his son like that for sum b****. I wudda been like this my son b**** wat yu thought.

"Titi!" André exclaimed running over to Alondra. "Hey papas, como estas?" She questioned in spanish, I rolled my eyes at her attempt to make my son bilingual. He scrunched up his face before replying. "Uh, muy bwen?" He said more in question form and then smiling. Alondra and I both chuckled. "You're getting there." She said rubbing his head and walking into the kitchen where I was preparing his lunch. "So what's on the agenda for today?" She asked hopping up on the counter. "Well, i'm gunna feed Dré and then go shopping and get him a g-i-f-t, since his b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y is coming up." I said spelling out the words so he wouldn't hear me. "Cool, then well i'm at it I can get him one too." I nodded. "So where do you plan on having this?" She asked referring to André's birthday. "Chuck E. Cheese." I laid his griddle cheese on a plate and set it down on the table. "Eat up because afterwards Titi, you, and I are gunna go shopping." "Okay mama." He said biting into his sandwich. I smiled and served him his juice.

"So are you inviting Marcus?" Alondra asked looking over all the Jordans in the store. I shrugged. "I probably will, I mean André is his son. Whether he decides to show up or not is another story." She shook her head. "I'm sorry but Marcus really has some nerves, like how do you put business before your own seed. That s*** just ain't right." I shrugged and we kept shopping. Alondra, Dré, and I were walking past the food court when André started jumping up and down. "DAD! DAD!" I looked up to see Marcus staring in our direction, beside him was Andrea. I sighed, I knew for sure this wouldn't be a good situation. André ran over into their direction hugging onto Marcus' legs. I ran behind with Alondra right behind me as well. "Dré, you can't run through huge crowds like that!" I said scolding him. I tried not to look up at them, I could easily feel the hole being burned into the top of my head. "Trigga, what is going on?" Andrea's voice questioned. "What do you think is going on?" Alondra questioned sarcastically. I could feel the tension between the two, they strongly disliked her. Marcus looked between Andrea and I. "Uh, let's talk about this when we get home. I gotta go son, i'll see you later alright?" André nodded as Marcus kissed his foreheand and walked off.

@iBadWBU. My name is Angelica and thanks for the love.

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Run it trill this is good

<em>I stood on the balcony of the VIP section watching her behind the bar. She handed out drinks to the waiters and waitresses. I looked at the time on my watch, it was going on 2:30 in the morning. "You ready to dip." A faded Tyga asked coming up beside me. I nodder and grabbed my things. We walked out of VIP and through the crowd as vatious girls tried getting my attention. They obviously knew who I was. I tried spotting out that girl from behind the counter but she was no longer there. I sighed and followed the group out to the parking lot where we all went and packed into the trucks. That's when I saw her walking over to a car with some other girl. "Give me a minute." I said to Big Black. He nodded as I walked over to where she was. "Hey you." She glanced behind her shoulder and rolled her eyes. "What is it that you want?" She questioned as her friend got into the passenger seat. "A name." She chuckled, "well that's something you won't get. Now if you excuse me, I have a nice cozy bed to get to." I smirked. "Mind if I come." "I actually do, so you can excuse yourself." She said hopping in her car and shutting the door. Shelooked at me before pulling off. I smirked to myself, a challenge. Breezy loved challenges.</em>

"Girl, do you know who that was?" Alondra asked tinkering with the radio. "No, and I don't care." "Well you should because that nigga runs all of south Los Angeles." I looked over at Alondra. "Great, another great reason to stay away from him."

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Alondra and I served drinks back and forth, for some odd reason the club was really packed tonight. "Here's the four shot of Patron." I said handing them to the waiter. I watched as Alondra was spilling out drinks like crazy. Tips were getting dropped in both of our little tip jars. "Cam, can you take these bottles up to VIP?" Alondra asked handing me the bottles of Ciroc, Vodka, and Patron. I nodded and grabbed them making my way through the crowd of people. I walked up the steps to VIP and nodded at Big G. He let me in, walking into VIP was like another atmosphere. From up here you could see the entire club, I walked past a couple of girls who were putting on a show for some guys that were sitting on the couch. "Someone here ordered bottles?" I asked holding them up. "Yeah we did!" He said directing me over to <a href="">them</a>. I walked over and set the bottles on the table. "YO BREEZY! THE BOTTLES HERE MAN!" The same guy yelled while opening up one of the bottles. Just then <a href="">he</a> came over fist pumping in the air. He stopped and stared at me, a smirk forming in the corner of his mouth. "So we meet again." He said stepping closer to me. I had a confused look on my face until it hit me that he was the guy that I bumped into the other night. "I guess we do." I said beginning to walk away. "Where you going?" He asked following me. "I have to get back to work, enjoy your bottles." I said walking away from him and down the stairs.

<em>I watched as she walked away, I swear that girl was bad as f***. "Aye nigga, what you staring at?" Ty said shoving me a little. "At the girl, swear she is bad as f***, you saw that ass?" He looked at me, "I would be lying if I said I didn't." I chuckled and dapped him up as his girl gave him attitude. He waved her off. I needed to get her attention.</em>

What if she sees Marcus at the club? Oooo (:

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I walked into the empty nightclub. We were all here thirty minutes before opening, I waved to my co-workers and made my way to the back. I opened my locker and set my purse inside it. I shut it and walked out walking towards the bathroom to go handle my business. I flushed the toilet and stepped out of the stall walking over to the sink and washing my hands. I dried them and adjusted my outfit. Working as a bartender meant that I had to wear all black. I took onelast glance before walking out. I walked down the hall and behind my bar starting to adjust things as they changed up the lightings to make sure they work. I fixed the array of drinks as James the dj tested out the mic and music. "Hey chica!" My girl and co-worker <a href="">Alondra</a> said walking behind the counter and hugging me. I hugged her back. "Did you get taller?" I said clowning on her. She glared at me. "Whatever, I am normal ass height. It's you who's a goddamn giant." She stated her Queens accent ringing through. This is why her and I clicked, we were both New York natives, just I was from Brooklyn. "So how's my nephew?" She questioned while wiping down the counter. "He's good, but guess who Drea is dating?" She looked at me. "Who?" "Marcus." Her eyes widened. "Does she know that you two dated and have a son together?" I shook my head. "We're not that close." She screwed her face. "And that nigga is really out here f***ing with these girls but can't see his son?" I sighed, "he came by yesterday, but you know André won't see him for another four months." She smacked her lips. "I'm telling you girl, take his ass to court. You give him too much from freedom. If he ain't gunba worry about his son, the least he can do is pay child support." I gave her that look that said 'really?' 'C'mon Dela, you know if I call the cops on him he'l bein jail." Sher olled her eyes. "Sorry, I forgot that he runs the streets." I shrugged, we just chatted it up as the club opened and slowly started filling up.

im liken dis run it want to no more about wats goin on wit trigga n cam n how bf dnt no that her man is the father of her bf son

thanks for the run ladies.

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Damn. Forreal she need to tell her girl that they have history and a child. If that's her friend then she should know that she has a son. Even if she doesn't know, she needs to. Marcus needs to be there for his son. Its not fair to keep popping in and out of his life. I hope he stays around.

Yep he is a dead beat nd she must b working overtime run it.

<a href="">I</a> sat up in my bed reay to begin my week. I had an hour to finish my morning routine and get to work. I removed myself from the bed and made it and grabbed some clothes to go shower. I took a quick fifteen minute shower and cameo ut lotioning up. I threw on my blouse and slacks along with some flats and my name tag putting in some mousse in my hair and some make-up. I grabbed my things and walked next door into André's room waking him from his sleep. "Dré baby, wake up. Mommy needs to get you ready." He groaned and finally sat up rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He stood up and just stared at me. "C'mon, go freshen up." I said tapping him on the butt. He dropped his head and sluggishly walked out. I made up his bed and walked over to his closet pulling him out his red polo, cargos and white Nikes. I waited for him to come back before getting him dressed and feeding him breakfast. I dropped him off at day care and made my way to Macy's. Working there wasn't the best paying job but it paid off some of my bills. It really didn't compare to working at the club either. I made more money by just recieving tips, but hey I needed to do what I had to to support my son. I walked in and greeted my co-workers before clocking in.

I was sitting at Taco Bell on my lunch break just watching everyone come in and out. I watched some people in suits and others in plain clothes. If there was something I wanted more was to get a higher education. Yeah I graduated high school, but its like if you don't have a college degree you don't matter. I had always wanted to major in business and start my own little salon. I knew how to do hair and make-up, it was just a passion of mine but when I found out I was pregnant those plans changed. I was brought back from my thoughts when my phone started ringing. "Hello." I said, "Are you sure?" "Okay. Fine. Bye." I said hanging up. I sighed I guess I should call Etta and let her know I needed her to watch André all night.

Still on the edge of calling him a dead beat daddy "/...

There could be a valid reason, but who doesn't have enough time for their own seed?!

lovin this story already, run it run it girlie!!!

She should let him explain why he isn't around as much. Cause I wanna know why.

Run it.

I love this already . Its legit. Run it

"Mama." I stirred in bed a little. "Mommy, I hungwy." I sighed and opened my eyes to see <a href="">André</a> standing beside me. I smiled, my son was the most precious thing in the world. "Okay, go watch some tv and mommy will be in the kitchen to make you some breakfast in a few minutes." He nodded and ran out of the room. I sat up and swung my feet over the bed getting up and slipping on some sweatpants. I walked down the hall and into the bathroom to freshen up real quick before walking into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and pulled out the eggs and milk. I grabbed a bowl and the pancake mix and started on André's breakfast. I set his pancakes on a plate with a little side of eggs. "Dré, come eat baby." He ran in and took a seat at the table. "Mmm, pamcakes!" I smiled and set his orange juice infront of him and took my seat. "Mama, can we go to the park today?" He asked stuffing his mouth with pancakes. I chuckled, "Sure, I don't see why not." He smiled, I smiled too. I loved seeing my son so happy. Seven days out of the week, Sundays were the only days I had to spend the whole day with him. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I worked 8-5 and on Tuesdays and Saturdays I worked at night as a bartender at the club. Dré and I finished our breakfast and I got him ready for our day.

"Mommy, look at me! I a firefighter!" He said sliding down the pole that was part of the jungle set. I smiled and watched him run around and interact with the other kids. "Mind if I have a seat?" I looked up to my left to see Marcus taking a seat next to me. "No point in answering if you're already sitting." I said turning away and keeping an eye on André. "How did you know I was here?" "I stopped by your place and your neighbor told me that you had gone out saying that you and André always go to the park on Sunday afternoons." I turned and glanced at him real quick. "Oh, so now you wanna come see him after four months?" He sighed, "Cam, I---" He was cut off by the sound of Dré. "DAD!" He yelled excitedly, Marcus turned and embraced him in a hug. "Hey lil man!" He turned to me, "What you doing here?" He asked curiously, I waited for Marcus' response. "I just thought i'd come and surprise you and mommy." He smiled, he and Marcus had the same exact smile, everyday he was starting to look more and more like him. "Come play dad!" He said dragging him onto the playground. I sat there and watched them play, it warmed my heart. Marcus was a good father when he was around but I just wished he's be around all the time.

"C'mon Dré, it's time to leave." I said standing up. He ran over to me with Marcus behind him. "Mommy, did you see me and dad?" I nodded, "did you have fun?" I asked leaning down to tie his shoe, I felt Marcus come up beside me. "Yeah, is dad coming home with us?" I sighed inwardly before coming back up to normal level. "Ask daddy?" He turned and looked at him. Marcus rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh, only if mommy wants me to." "Please mom!" I was dreading this, I nodded. He smiled and grabbed my hand while grabbing Marcus'. We all walked to his black Bentley and buckled up, as he drove back to my place. He and Dré both jammed out to Rick Ross that was blaring from his speakers. I chuckled because it was kind of cute. When we pulled up we all filed out of the car, Marcus walked infront of me with André on his back. We walked up the stairs to my apartment and I unlocked the door as we walked in. Marcus set him down as André pulled him towards the room. "Let's go play with the hot wheel set mommy bought me."

I sat on the couch watching tv. "Lil man fell asleep." Marcus said walking into the livingroom. I nodded and stood up to escort him out. "Here." He said pulling out a wad of cash. I looked at the money and then back at him. "I don't need that." He smacked his lips. "Don't be that way Cameron." "What way Marcus? Last time I checked, my son was doing just fine without your help." "Just take the money, spend it on yourselves our on him or put it in for his college fund, s*** I don't know just take it." He said putting it in my hands, I handed it back. "I don't want your money, what I want is for you to stop coming around every five months or when it's convient for you." "Cam, I--" I put my hand up. "Save the bulls*** for someone who cares." He sighed and shook his head walking out the door. I locked it and made my way to Dre's room to see him laying in bed sleeping. I hated to wake him but he needed to shower. I got him on his bed all dressed and ready. "Mom wait!" He said sitting up, I turned back around. "What baby?" "Daddy said to give this to you." He said handing me a roll of cash. I smiled and took it from him kissing his forehead and turning off the light. I walked down the hall to my room and put the cash away. He wasn't slick for that.