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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


Run it

sean over there tryna peep game
she dont want u boo
a mother knows her child tho... i think she already suspects it just waiting on her to tell
what happened at the club tho??
-___- megan either the story chris told aint true or she just plain stupid and heartless
like foo he dont wanna talk to u , u cheated on him broke the engagement off and outta no where u wanna try and be cool?/
i am curious to what she wanna say i kinda feel like they need a closure
run it!


I sat behind the register texting Sof and Mike. I was so bored. It was a very slow day in the boutique and I was only there to sign for packages while the two other employees helped the little customers we had. My mom sat in the back office going over invoices and revenue and boring sh*t like that. As I waited for a response, I checked my instagram. I saw the picture hat Sofia posted with Sean and a hint of jealousy rose. I mean, she told me she was just interviewing him but its different when you see a picture. I liked the picture and commented, <em>I can’t keep saying how proud I am of you sis. #LivingOutYourDreams!</em> Afterwards, I kept scrolling down my timeline.

“If I come up here one more time and you’re on that damn phone of yours!” My mom’s voice didn’t startle me at all.

I sighed, still scrolling. “Whatever.”

“Don’t whatever me little girl! Get off that phone, now!” she reached the front and stood on the other side of the counter in front of me.

I giggled at her and finally looked up from my phone. “Mommy, can I tell you something without you getting mad?”

“Now Gi, you know I can’t promise you that.” She smirked as she leaned on her hand. “What’s up?”

I took a deep breath, “I’m…I’m…”

“I have some packages for Ms. Monroe?” a delivery guy from Fed Ex walked through the door.

My mother signed for the packages while I told him where to put them. After he walked back to the front, I stayed in the back and began to put the new items in the inventory system. After an hour of getting things situated, I looked at the time and it was nearly time to go. I walked back up to the front and got my phone off the charger and headed to the back.

“Ugh, I’m so hungry!” I stated as I plopped down on the couch in my mother’s office with my purse in my lap.

She looked up from the papers at me and held a knowing smirk, “You’re always hungry nowadays. What’s up with that?”

“I’ve always been hungry my whole life.” I countered. It seemed as if it was a good time to tell her earlier, mainly because I wanted to get it over with. But now I see I have to have a little more finesse with it. I also wanted to have Mike there when I told her.

She grunted and went back to her paperwork, “No you can’t leave early. I know that’s why you’re in here in my face.”

I groaned, “But mommy please? I’ve done all my tasks and it’s not like Rick and Brenda can’t handle the register. We close in an hour!" I pleaded hoping she would give in easily this time.

“No, it’s bad enough you’ll be gone the entire weekend.” She retorted taking off her glasses to look at me.

I sighed heavily, “That’s not fair and you know it. It’s only an hour mommy, don’t be petty.”

“Petty? Little girl, you need to watch who you’re talking to!” she raised her voice jokingly.

I sighed as I noticed the notifications from instagram on my lock screen. “I’m grown as hell though and you still calling me little girl.” I joked back.

“Girl, bye! Get out my office.” She laughed and put her glasses back on to get back to work.

I stood to my feet, “Soooooo, you said bye so I’ma just take that as you telling me bye for the day and that I can leave. So bye mommy, love you!”

She laughed at me and waved me off, “Love you too. Tell Sofia and Michael I said hi.”

“K, bye!” I sped out of the store after saying bye to the other employees and headed out to the car.

I then texted Mike to let him know that I got off early and to just meet me at the apartment. He said he was leaving the gym and had to shower first. After I replied with a quick okay, I went to my instagram to see what the notifications were about. I went to see that Big Sean had followed me and liked several of my pictures. I then saw that he commented on the picture of him and Sofia. It said, <em>Dope to chill with you SoSo, now all I’m waiting on is to chill with @therealmonroe ;)</em>

I shook my head and exited out of the app. Sofia said that he liked me and wanted to chill this weekend while we were in LA, but I didn’t think he’d make it public. I shrugged it off as I turned up Own It by Drake. This song had been on repeat since I bought the cd, along with other songs. I sung along with it as I made my way across the city to Sof and I’s apartment. I pulled in the parking lot at killed the engine but kept the music on. There was no need to go up, only to come back down again.

After 30 minutes of waiting and replays of several different songs, Mike was pulling up next to me. I turned down the volume and opened my door which killed the music. He got out as well, and met me on the passenger side of his car. “Hey baby.” He smiled and kissed my lips, “I missed you, how was last night?” he asked as he opened the door for me to get in.

“I missed you to babe. And it was nice, I enjoyed myself. Too bad you didn’t come.” I smirked as I collapsed into the seat.

He made a face and closed my door, quickly rounding the car to his side to get in. “I don’t really care for poetry all that much.” He shrugged as he put the car in gear and sped out of the parking lot.

“How could you be an English teacher and not like poetry? That’s like a big chunk of your teaching.” I countered as the baby begged for food in my stomach.

He shrugged, “Just don’t like it. You hungry?”

“OMG, like a muthafcka! How’d you know?” I smiled and looked over at him.

He smiled and glanced over at me, “Lucky guess.”

“I almost told my mom today.” I rubbed my tummy.

Mike furrowed his brow but kept a watchful eye on the road, “And?”

“I didn’t. Figured it was something we should do together. She says hi by the way.” I looked at my phone. I kept getting notifications that Sean liked my pics. I rolled my eyes, I wasn’t even following him. I thought twitter was enough.

He nodded, “Cool.”

“Cool?” I asked as he now had my full attention.

He sighed heavily, “Yeah, cool.”

I felt some type of way about his response, but I decided to let it go. We rode in silence for a while and that was okay. We ended up at my favorite seafood restaurants, Joe’s Crab Shack in a west suburb named Schaumburg. We talked and laughed a little at dinner and then made our way back to his house for the night.

SoSo gon f*** Megan up. Sean tryna get in where he fit in and Mike gon set that straight.
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run it


I woke up in the morning with a headache not remembering a damn thing.

Giovanni popped up in the doorway with an ice coffee setting one on my night stand, "There you go, Love! Drink up! Gotta go to work today!"

I groaned and sat up. "Think I'm a quit my job today..."

"Get yo lazy ass up and go. Not my fault you wanted to go to the club and get drunk! So c'mon, if i'm goin' to work and i'm pregnant then you goin'."

"Bullsht," I laughed as i picked up the ice coffee and stood up. "What time you get off?"

"In the afternoon. Mike is comin' to pick me up. You?"

"Same. Chris said he wants to take me out so, yeah..." I grab some clothes and head to the bathroom with Giovanni a few steps behind. "What you two gon' do?"

"Don't know..." she shrugged and went into her room.

I took a shower got dressed and then grabbed my phone and purse, leaving out with Giovanni. She dropped me off and I headed into the building, waiting on the elevator take me up to the floor where the magazine company was. When I got to my desk, my boss sent me an e-mail saying I had an interview with some rapper. Turned out to be Big Sean who was doing a photo shoot for the magazine. So without hesitation i hurried back downstairs to catch a taxi cab over to where he was at in Millennium Park. It was hours before I could interview him.

"Hey," Sean smiled as he embraced me in a hug. "How you doin', SoSo?"

"I'm good, and yourself?"

"Real good." He rubbed himself together, "So we gon' do this?"

"Yeah, C'mon..." I led him to the bridge where we'd walk along to the top and stay there looking out over Chicago. I interviewed him on the way up. "Are you still in a relationship with Naya Rivera?"

"Actually, we're not together at the moment."


"Yeah, it's been a minute. Uh...and actually I wanted to ask you about Gigi."

"In...a relationship," I smiled. "She is taken. Sorry bruh!"

"You sure?"

"Positive, one billion percent."

"Damn," he smiled and leaned on the bridge's rail. "s***, you serious?"

"How many more confirmations do you need," I laughed.

"Like proof, with a picture."

I smirked, shaking my head. "Heard that song with you and J. Cole though. It's dope."

"Thank you. We're gonna be shooting the video for it out in LA this weekend."

"Oh s***, I'm posed to be, well me and Gigi are going out to LA this weekend for a fashion show."

"Okay then. How about I get your number so we can chill while we both out there?"

"Sure." We exchange numbers, take a picture together and then head back towards the park before going our separate ways. I post the picture to my social media sites and then I text messaged GiGi about Sean. On my way to hail for a taxi, i bump into someone. "Sorry."

"No, excuse me... Hey, you're Sofia, right?"

I look up from my phone and turn around just as a taxi pulls up. "What? Who's asking?"

"I'm Meagan."

"Sorry, I don't think I know you." I lied, hoping she'd continue walking on and not say more.

"Oh I know we don't know each other. But I used to know your fiancee. I've been trying to get in contact with him because we're both going to be working at Columbia. I saw you on his Facebook page, tried to send him a message. But..."

"If he hasn't answered you back, then you need to stop trying to get in contact with him."

"Well I just want to catch up. I don't understand what's the problem."

I tilted my head and then gave her a quick smile before turning around to open the door to the cab. Getting in and closing the door, I dialed Chris' number. "Sooo guess who I just bumped into, your little ex-fiancee?" The sound of Chris spitting water out made me laugh. "I ain't do nothin' to her, chill."

"She JUST sent me a message on Facebook!"

"Yeah, she told me."

"UGH! What the f*** man...I'm not gonna talk to her."

"Well she REALLY wants to talk to you. Seeing as it's not gonna happen, if i catch her ass and she still talkin' 'bout you I'm a smack yo name out her mouth."

Chris sighed. I could imagine him pacing back and forth. "You want me to come pick you up?"

"Yeah, I'm on my way to grab my things from the office. You can meet met there."

"Aiight. See you in a few." He hangs up and sigh hard, text messaging Gigi back. As much as I wanted to kill that btch off, I continually told myself how much better I was than to get mad over someone so irrelevant right now.

run it!

she gon get in trouble!!
run it!

Uh oh! Those were AMAZING poets!!!!!!! RUN IT!

Run it

run it


“Are you seriously wearing that?” Sofia looked at me with a raised brow.

I looked down at my outfit. I wore some Aztec printed leggings with a white flowy tank top and burnt orange blazer. “And what the fck is wrong with what I got on?” I asked while folding my arms.

“It just doesn’t scream ‘Gigi’s going out tonight!’ I don’t know, maybe it’s the top.” She turned and went into my closet. She pulled out the drawer in one of my bins and pulled out a bright yellow bandeau. “Here.” She handed it to me.

I looked at it and then at her, “I don’t feel comfortable in those anymore.”

“WHAT?!” She looked at me as if I had two heads. “Gi, you’re the queen of showing as much skin that is legally possible, fck you mean uncomfortable?”

I rolled my eyes and snatched the bandeau from her hand and proceeded to put it on. “Look at this little pudge!” I pouted as I poked at the baby and looked in the mirror.

“Gi, put your fckn blazer on and let’s go.” Sof stated and walked out, headed to the door.

I sighed putting on my blazer. I rubbed my stomach and then grabbed my clutch, ready to hear some poetry. I walked out my room and Sofia was standing there looking at me. I pouted a little and stood there, now focusing on my brown leather open toe Jessica Simpson platform heels. We were both some sexy giants tonight. I then felt arms wrap around me. Without hesitation I hugged back, tighter than I knew I could.

“It’ll be okay Gi.” Sofia whispered and then pulled back with her hands still resting on my shoulders. “Now, lemme see that smile.” She beamed while looking me in the eyes.

I studied her. She had been through so much in the past few days, and here she was comforting me. My best friend never ceased to amaze me with her strength. I definitely pulled from her most of the time. After I couldn’t suppress it anymore, I smiled. “We’re gonna be late.” I stated.

“Well bring yo fat ass then!” Sofia joked as she smacked my ass. We watched it jiggle and then laughed.

I did the same to her, “Waiting on yo ass first homie.”

We both laughed as we walked out of our apartment. I locked up as Sofia waited on the elevator. We made it to the car and she tossed me the keys. I smacked the sh*t out my lips, “Why I gotta drive?!”

“Because b*tch! You’re with child, which automatically dubs you the damn designated driver. Plus, after the past few days I need several drinks!” Sofia exclaimed as she fell into the passenger side of our shared car.

I sighed and got into the car. As always we turned up all the way to the Low End of Chicago’s south side and searched for a park in the crowded parking lot. Who knew so many people liked poetry. I happened to luck up and find a space not too far from the entrance. Before getting out, we fluffed our curled hair and refreshed our lipstick. After a while, we got out and made our way to the line.

“Yo, what if he left tickets or some sh*t for you at the front?” Sofia nudged me. I had told her the whole story while we were getting dressed.

I giggled and shook my head, “He doesn’t even know I’m coming. I told him maybe.” I looked up at the front and played with the idea a little in my head.

“B*tch you know these poet niggas be hopeful and sh*t. Plus, he likes you. He knew you had a man and still wrote his number down. And on top of that, he told you to bring yo nigga. Oh, we got tickets up front. Ain’t no shame in his game.” She nodded as we both broke into laughter.

As we reached the table that was taking money or tickets, I noticed one of the people to be the camera guy on the train earlier. Soon as he saw Sofia and I approach the table, he smiled. “I remember you.” He simply said.

“What can I say? I’m hard to forget.” I shrugged as I smiled. He laughed at my remark and shook his head. I opened my clutch, “How much is it?”

He held his hand up and shook his head, “No need. Miles had a feeling you’d come. She with you?” he acknowledged Sofia.

I nodded and looked at Sofia who was smiling knowingly and rolled my eyes. The guy stamped both of our hands and gave us a wristband. “Front row. I’m Lance by the way.” He flirted with Sofia while putting on her neon pink wrist band.

We thanked Lance and found our way inside. I went to go grab some seats and Sofia went to the bar to grab herself a drink. I made it to the front row and found two seats with reserved signs on them. I just knew they weren’t for me. That is until I read what it said under it. <em>The beauty from the train</em>, and the sign next to it read, <em>& guest</em>. They were both handwritten. My cheeks instantly got hot and I looked around to see if anyone had seen this. I quickly snatched the signs off and took my seat. Not soon after, Sofia found her way to me.

“Here, I figured you were thirsty.” Sofia handed me what looked to be ginger ale. I graciously took it and then handed her the signs.

She read them and then looked at me laughing, “I told you!”

I snatched them back and balled them up, “Shut up.”

All she could do was laugh before the lights dimmed and the stage lights grew brighter. That’s when I noticed that there was a live band there. The <a href="">MC</a> stepped lively across the stage to the middle, “What’s up y’all. Welcome to our monthly People’s Choice Spoken Word event. You guys spent weeks voting these nice poets we got backstage right now. Let me tell you, we got a good line up for y’all tonight. We got a live band here, got some poet collabs, we live over here! So without further ado, let’s get this show started.”

“It’s about to go down!” Sofia whispered to me mimicking Kevin Hart.

I laughed and turned my attention to a pretty girl who was introduced as Alysia Harris. She was accompanied by an older woman singing. Her <a href="">poem</a> was so deep and made me tear up a little. I could tell Sofia felt it in her soul as well. After her, one of the guys from the train came on stage. His name was Joshua Bennett whose <a href="">poem</a> was about his long distance relationship with his girlfriend who he was very much in love with. After he left, another girl graced the stage. Her name was Jasmine Mans and her <a href="">poem</a> was about Billy Holiday and her struggle with everyday life.

All these poems were touching my soul. I found myself almost searching for Miles, just to see how he would contribute. As quick as he popped into my head, he had appeared on the stage. “How everybody doing tonight, alright?” he then saw me sitting in the seat he had reserved for me and smiled. It was almost as if he knew I was there already. His green eyes found mine so perfectly and effectively.

I felt a nudge in my side. “He’s cuuuuute!” Sofia sang out the side of her mouth as she applauded for him like everyone else did.

By the cheers he received, he must’ve been an amazing poet, or the crowd’s favorite at least. The crowd died down and the band began to play music. The same lady who sang along with Alysia had started to sing. After a few bars, his <a href="">poem</a> commenced. My eyes were glued to him as he spoke. His body language, the way he shut his eyes when he was feeling it, and the way he’d look down and smile at me. I hated the fact that I came, putting myself in such a compromising position. But then again, I loved the fact that I was here because of the greatness I’ve experienced so far. After he was done, he bowed and then winked at me before exiting the stage.

“Ooooh, I’m telling Michael.” Sofia teased. I laughed with her until the next performers came to the stage.

It was both Alysia and Jasmine along with a lady on a guitar. This must’ve been a collab poem that the MC mentioned in the beginning. This <a href="">poem</a> was everything. I swear the whole crowd was in tears by the time it was over. As Jasmine and the lady with the guitar left the stage, Miles joined Alysia now in a black basic tee. A guy came on stage and stood towards the band. The <a href="">music</a> started and he started to sing the words to Drake’s ‘Doing it Wrong’. I knew this poem had to be incredible. These two were my favorites of the night. Their delivery and the emotion in their voices made me love them.

When they were done, the MC came back on stage and thanked all the people who made the production possible. “Alright, now y’all know we not gonna let y’all go without a party right? That’s right! Meet us down at the Shrine in the South Loop. All you gotta do is show the bouncer your wristband at the door. Pink wristbands are VIPs which mean you will be partying with the poets, myself, the camera crew, and the vocalists. If you got green you’re with the general public but you get 10 free drinks, but remember to drink responsibly. And if you got yellow, y’all should just take y’all cheap asses home! Naw I’m playing but y’all just in that mf. But anyways, we’ll see you guys in about an hour so enjoy, thanks for coming out, and have a good night. Turn up!”

“Aiight, ready to go home?” I asked Sofia as we both stood to our feet.

She looked at me as if I had just offended her whole life, “Uhhhh, we got on pink wristbands! We goin to the muthafckn Shrine to turn the fck up!”

“Damn okay b*tch!” I laughed at her aggressive behavior and followed her out.

As we arrived to the club we were able to walk right in without a line wait. All eyes were on us, as they should be. I mean, we were too fly to wait in a line anyway. Making our way in, we stopped at the bar where I got some coke and Sof got some coconut Ciroc and pineapple juice. Afterwards, we headed up to VIP.

A whole other DJ was up there playing different music than the one on the ground floor. He was better if you ask me. We found a booth to chill as we finished our drinks.

"Yo, aren't you glad I made you change? You would've been way dressed down with that shirt on!" Sofia gushed over the music.

I looked down at my outfit and smiled a little, "Yeah I guess!" I yelled back. I scanned the crowd, seeing if I knew anyone. "We should tell the guys to come!" I yelled to her.

"Are you crazy?!" She looked at me like I had two heads. "Mike would kill me if he knew I had you in a club! All they need to know is that we went to hear some poetry." She finished her drink and got up, "Lets dance!"

I finished my soda and sat the glass down and followed her to the dance floor. We danced to a few songs before I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Miles. His eyes were low and red as he smiled to showcase his beautiful dimples that I've grown to like.

"What's up ma, I see you came through!" He yelled over the music.

I nodded and smiled back, "Yup, had to get out of the house!" I yelled back.

"What happened to your guy?" He asked.

I shrugged, "Probably hanging with her fiancé." I pointed over to Sofia who was showing her ring to Lance.

"Man, what is it with y'all having men? Be single!" He gestured to all the single people in attendance.

I laughed at him, "Be single for what?"

He moved closer to me, resting his left hand on my bare waist under my blazer. "So I could taste yo pretty ass." Liquor was evident on his breath and causing the slur in his words.

"How vulgar of you!" I shot back with offense clear in my voice.

He shrugged while still keeping a firm grip on my waist, "Hey, I'm just being real with you. Ya man is a fool for letting you step out alone. Look at you!"

"He knows what he's doing. He ain't got nothing to worry about." I responded matter of factly.

His brows rose in amusement, "Aw word? You’re one of those faithful girls huh?"

"Yup, I ride for mine." I joked but was serious in the same time.

He nodded, "No one's faithful, you just haven't met the person to make you be unfaithful yet."

I stepped back from him, "Are you saying you might be that person?"

"Naw, I'm just saying. Nobody can be that person unless you decide they are." He took hold of my hip again, downing his drink. "Are you allowed to dance with me, or are you too faithful for that?" He joked as he sat his empty glass down on a random table.

I laughed at his drunken state, "I can dance."

"Good." He looked at me lustfully as he led me to the middle of the floor. He spun me around to grind my backside into his front. “So you gonna tell me ya name?” he whispered into my ear.

I smirked, “Giovanni.”

I swear I'm adding soon
I've just been overwhelmed with these crazy hours at work
But I'm half way done with my add
It's coming soon I promise!

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run it


wassup with the father of her nephews? and why he dont wan her in their lives
whyher mom so bitter?
lol bonnie and clyde
i like that and yeah have her on speaker the next time she calls and make sure ur fiance there
hopefully she wont be an issuse
she left him not the other way around
run it

Dang thats a dang shame her moms got some issues mane tryna keep her from her nephews and her sister all that time smh dang shame
Run It!!!


Chris and I drove back to me and gigi's apartment. We were on the highway when I turned the radio off. Dinner yesterday with my mom went fan-f***ing-tastic.

We all sat in the living room eating the fried pork chops and macaroni my dad had cooked except my mom who sat at the dining room table.
"Why is everybody over there," she questioned. "You're supposed to eat at the table with your family and talk. It's not good to sit in front of the television all day."
"Aint nobody been sitting in front of the tv all day," my dad said. "Ain't nobody sat at that table for dinner either for years."
"And ain't nothing to talk about," I added, "unless you telling me the time and days where I can see my nephews and visit my sisters grave."
"What you need to do is think about your relationship instead of your nephews, in which their father doesn't want you around, and figure out if you really should be getting married? And if you are engaged, then you must be pregnant! And is he even good enough?"
"Good enough," I questioned as I stood up. "Don't worry about me and my fiance because we're doing good! So you can't tell me s*** about getting married when you gave up on your marriage and divorced a great man! Furthermore, they're your grandkids too and I'm your daughter! How can you sit up here and try to keep me from my nephews? Does he run you or something? Is he in control?! Cause if so me, my daddy and him need to have a word! Otherwise, I'm gonna see my nephews! I'm gonna visit my sister's grave!"
"You have always taken up for you father. You don't even know him!"
"Oh please! My daddy ain't did a damn thing to you! He ain't never touched you, hit you! He ain't even sleep in the same bed as you! He slept downstairs on the couch! And for you to sit up there and accuse him of s*** and get him arrested, nearly being put in jail! WHOO!" I glared at her. "I kinda glad YOU left! Good thing my sister kept in contact as long as she could until she stopped writing! But i guess you stopped her from doing that!"
"She wanted to come back and I didn't have the money to do that so yes, I threw your letters away before she could get to the mailbox. She forgot about you."
"Cause you made think that I forgot about her." I blinked. Tears had built up and started pouring over. "If you hadn't left there wouldn't be a need for her be upset and sad all the time cause she miss her daddy and sister! Cause I miss my sister! Cause I ain't get to say goodbye because of you! Just because you weren't happy didn't mean you had to make the rest of us miserable!" Tears overflowed my face then and I walked out the front door. Chris soon followed and caught up with me as I walked it off down the block alone.</em>


"Don't worry," Chris blurts out. "We'll see your nephews this summer. We'll take a road trip with your dad to Virgina First and then we'll go down to Atlanta to see them and visit your sister's grave."

"Okay. That sounds good." I nodded. "Before we get downtown and you drop me off at the apartment...we need to talk about your ex fiancee working at Columbia."

Chris cleared his throat and nodded. "I hung up on her after a few minutes of her talking. I...she found me. I don't want to see her again, meet up with her. Nothing to do with her. f*** her." he shrugged. "She sounded happy and s*** like everything was gonna be all good. It's not."

I knew that forgiving was hard. I couldn't even forgive my mother last night for divorcing my dad and taking my sister away. I had gotten so angry. I could see Chris turning red now.
"Has she called you today?" I questioned.

He sighed and nodded. "Left a voicemail. Wanted to know if we could meet up for lunch."

"That b****... She can forget about it. If I got to come up to Columbia every day, I will! Bet the dude she left you for dumped her for somebody else!"

"Yup," Chris agreed. "That's probably what happened and it's what she deserved if it did. But Mike said he could get me a job at DePaul. I don't want to work there."

"And you won't! You'll work at Columbia and she gon' move the f*** out the way and mind her goddamn business when you come through." I groaned. "And she better not try s*** or I'm a go jail puttin the works on her ass!"

Chris smiled. "So does that mean I'll go to jail for f***in up Trey?"

"Yeah! Ride or die," I giggled. "Bonnie and Clyde, baby!"

"Nah, but we're better than that, than them. Meagan...I can't guarantee that she's changed. Maybe I should have had a conversation with her and talked to her. See how she's doing, tell her about how I'm doing. Act like an adult. Forgive her, forget her. Move on with my life and never talk to her again."

"Oh yeah," I nodded, "You can do that while I'm standing there flashing this engagement AND knuckle rings in her face. Mmhm! Let her ass know! Yo fiancee don't play these games!"

Chris chuckled. "Look, I'll talk to her...over the phone...cause it's not like I can't dodge her in the teacher meetings!"

"Oh yes the hell you can! It's called the silent treatment! And if you call her, you better put it on speaker, too!"

"Maybe she's single or even married still, s*** I ain't ask!"

"All I know is the b**** better keep her damn distance. We already got enough with Trey's stalker ass. We don't need no more problems."

Chris sighed, not saying another word. We arrived at the apartment and he helped me take my bags upstairs. "Have a good time."

"I will," I promised. "Know I love me some poetry! See you later."

"iight," he nods and leaves back out.

Gigi comes out her room. "Hey soso, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. Glad to be back. What's up with you?"

"Nothing. I just heard a J. Cole and Big Sean song on the radio."

"Now that you mention Sean, he just followed me on Twitter," I smiled. "He real cool."

"Yeah he followed me too wanting me to style him one day."

"That's what dude said...Jermaine or whatever. He's following me too!"

"What's up with these guys comin' out the woodworks tryna talk to us?"

"It's god testing our commitment to a serious relationship," I smirked.

"That sounds about right! Dude was persistent as hell!"

"Man, I gotta go to work tomorrow...ugh. I glad dude invited you out. We needed to go out to a new scene anyway."

"For real," she agreed as we went to our own rooms to start getting dressed.

lol, awwwwww that's dope! RUN IT!

Run it!

run it

run it!

Gigi don't get caught up now girl! But that "we love you" was cute as hell...this story getting all deep and s*** on me and what not lol

Run it


I left Mike asleep in my bed this morning and got my hair done. It had been a long time since I’ve been alone, so I ditched my car and decided to take the bus and train. I took the bus downtown to the Red line stop on State. As it made its usual stops underground, I checked emails on my phone from different vendors who wanted to be sold at my mother’s store. As the train made surface level, I was scrolling down one of the sites looking at the dope clothes it displayed. The door opens and in walks three dudes with backpacks and two more with camera equipment. I quickly looked around and saw the other side of the car to be full, leaving my side the only place for them to sit. I pulled my Neff beanie down a little more and concentrated on my phone again.

“Aye Miles, why don’t you spit that new one for the camera?” The <a href="">guy</a> holding the camera spoke.

I rolled my eyes behind my Raybans. I just knew these niggas were not about to rap on this train. Especially since I was going to the end of the line and would be present for the entire performance.

The only one standing, against the back door, chuckled. “Y’all ain’t een ready for this. Why don’t y’all just wait for Saturday?” he spoke with a New York accent.

My ears instantly perked up while my eyes stayed glued to my phone. I was always intrigued by accents. I was a sucker for them and any chance I had to hear one, I was all ears.

“Because you know you’re performing something else for that.” Another <a href="">guy</a> spoke. He looked more like a poet than a rapper. But so does Talib Kwali, so I digress.

I snuck a peek at the one standing and almost melted. The dimples in his cheeks alone made me mentally take my panties off. But then I quickly had to put them back on because I remembered the man I left in my bed. My love. But I was only looking, so I peeked again. And this time we locked eyes. His eyes piercing mine, and mine piercing his. And neither one of us wanted to break from each other’s gaze.

“Gon head a drop some knowledge on this train man.” The <a href="">third</a> of the backpack crew spoke, hitting his arm.

“Aiight.” He cleared his throat and now looked directly in the camera.

To my surprise, he started to recite a <a href="">poem</a>. After the first line, I was completely captivated. His words, the inflections in his voice, his subtle facial expressions made me pay attention. I felt every word in my soul, and I felt as if I was in my own little world. It didn’t matter that the train made stops, or that people were getting on and off, or the loud beeping from the train sounded every time. It was just him, his words, and the realness they spoke. His poem ended about the same time the train had reached the end of the line, which was my stop and apparently theirs as well.

As I got up to exit the train, our eyes locked once more which I cut brief. I knew he wanted to talk and that was something that I couldn’t do. I breezed out of the train stop and onto the sidewalk where I proceeded to walk to the shop where I’d get my hair done. The guy had tried to catch up to me, but I was too fast and never gave him the satisfaction of looking back.

“Excuse me, miss?” he had caught up, but was out of breath.

Without looking, I answered. “Yes?”

“You mind slowing down a little?” he chuckled to himself.

I smirked not slowing down a bit, “I have an appointment to keep.” I was totally lying. I was actually a whole 30 minutes early for my hair appointment.

“I’m Miles, Miles Hodges.” He finally fell into step with me and regulated his breathing.

I glanced at him and back in front of me, “That’s nice to know.”

“Hey, am I missing something?” he gently grabbed my arm to make me stop walking.

I looked at his hand on my arm and then up at him, he was so dreamy. Without saying anything, I waited for him to continue. Or at least explain the reason he stopped me.

“Call me crazy, but I could’ve sworn we shared a moment on that train. I didn’t wanna miss my chance.” He smiled, revealing his pearly whites and those deep dimples yet again.

Composing myself I answered, “You’re crazy.” I began to walk but was stopped again.

“Hold on now, I don’t mean to make you late for your appointment but you can’t tell me that look meant nothing.” He studied me for a minute, “Oh sh*t, you have a man don’t you?” he smiled again.

I nodded. <em>And something else too.</em> I thought to myself as he reveled over the fact he was right and it wasn’t a flaw in his game.

“Well look, here’s a flyer to a spoken word event some buddies and I are having this Saturday. I’m gonna write my number on it, as a friend. You can bring your man too.” He handed it to me.

I looked at it before I accepted it, “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Right, because you’re a busy woman.” He smiled again, seeming to think he knew otherwise.

I put my hand out, “Nice meeting you Miles Hodges.”

“And you. What’s your name?” he took my hand.

I smiled, “Maybe I’ll tell you Saturday…if I come. Bye.” I then turned to walk away, leaving him there. He was still stuck right there as I turned the corner. I then looked at the flyer. The event was gonna be at the Harold Washington Cultural Center out south. There were about six names on it including his.

Just then, my phone rang. I looked at the caller id to see Mike’s name. “Hey baby, you’re up?”

“Yeah, where you go?” he asked. I could hear him brushing his teeth.

I smiled, “I told you I had a hair appointment.”

“Right, you took the train or something? I saw you left your keys.” He spit and then proceeded to rinse his mouth.

I nodded as if he could see me, “Yeah, and I met the most interesting person. You like poetry or spoken word?”

“Naw not really.” He responded. I could tell he was making a face on the other end.

I sighed, “Okay, well I’ll see you when I get back.”

“You need a ride or anything? I can pick you up when you’re ready.” He persisted.

I thought about it and then decided against it. Being away and enjoying some alone time calmed me. “No that’s okay. But I’ll cook some dinner when I get back.”

“Okay, think I’ll go to the gym. I’ve been slacking lately.” He responded.

I stopped at the door of the salon, “Alright babe, we love you!”

“I love y’all too.” He chuckled and then hung up.

As I walked in, I shot Sofia a text <em>How’s the mom thing? :/</em>

<strong>Hell.</strong> she instantly texted back.

I chuckled knowing she was rolling her eyes. I sat down in the waiting area after checking in, I responded <em>Well try to make the best of it. And if not the hell with her!</em>

<strong>Lol, thanks.</strong> she replied.

<em>Look, I got this flyer for a poetry thing at the Cultural Center for Saturday. Wanna go?</em> I knew if not anybody would go with me that Soph would. That’s why she’s my ride or die for life.

Her answer was almost immediate, <strong>Hell yeah! You know I love spoken word!</strong>

<em>Good. I’ll talk to you later tho, I’m about to get my hair done and you know how Lia is when I’m on my phone. Lol, love you!</em>

<strong>Right lol love you more!</strong>

I smiled at her response and put my phone away in my purse so that I could get my hair done.

Run it

Chris now was not the time dude!

Run it!!