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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


Hm.... RUN IT!


Chris called making sure my dad and I made it to the house safely. After hanging up with him, I stepped out the car. My dad was already at the door unlocking it. "How have you been?" I ask, following him inside the house.

"Not too good to tell you the truth. I'm really mad at your mother," he says. "For her to tell us like that, over the internet? Through e-mail? That's not right!"

"And you said she was coming tomorrow?" I scoffed and plopped down on the living room's chaise. "Remind me not to be here when she comes, especially if she's not bringing my nephews."

"I found some home videos last night that I took of you and your sister when y'all were babies," he smiled and went to put them in the VHS. I couldn't believe he still had one of those! Probably put it away in the basement somewhere. "I swear y'all were some bad ass kids!"

"I ain't gon' lie," I giggled. "We were bad as hell! Always getting into trouble... Only cause momma wasn't watching us. Ugh, I shouldn't even address her as my mother. She was never one to me."

"She brought you into this world, Sofia."

"Yeah, she may have but she was wrong to do what she did and what she's done. I can't forgive her for taking my sister away, from taking your daughter away. It was hard for me to find another bond so real. It was years until I met Gigi in college. that s*** hurt, daddy. I really hate momma and i don't want to see her tomorrow." Tears built up in my eyes and I sighed. "She can stay where she's at."

"I tried to tell her that, but she wanted to come."

"Ain't no point," I shrugged.

Suddenly two toddlers appeared on the screen playing in the very living room I was sitting in. It was me and my sister at the ages of 2 and 3. Made me smile and my heart jump for joy. My daddy and I were laughing at the videos all night and reminiscing about the old days. We surely did miss them. But we came to hold our own, even with being a broken home.

The next morning around 11, I jogged over to the nature preserve that was only five minutes away. It was my special place where I could relax and draw nature's beautiful scenery. Usually I walked down my favorite path and pick a spot up on a wooden fence that faced the pond. That's what I did the rest of the morning, sketching through pages and pages until I was interrupted by something in my peripheral. It was a young man watching me draw, looking over my shoulder.

Clearing my throat, I calmly asked "Like what you see?"

He smiles and nods. "Yeah. Your art is amazing."

"Thanks." I hop down and put my sketchbook away.

"Sorry for interrupting you."

"It's okay," I shrugged and hop over the fence onto the dirt trail. "It's time for me to go anyway."

He walked by my side as I adjusted my book bag. "Jermaine Cole. Everybody calls me J though. I live right over in the Sandridge Apartments."

"Oh," I nod. "Well, it's nice to meet you Jermaine."

"You not gon' tell me your name?"


"Aw okay. Real pretty name... You're an artist?"

"Fashion designer."

"Maybe you can be my stylist soon. I'm an up-coming rapper and I just got signed to Roc Nation," he admits. "I go by the name of J. Cole though. You should check my mix tape out."

"I'll do that," I smile. We make it to the parking lot of the nature preserve and I see Chris sitting on the hood of his car, waiting for me.

"Can I get your number?"

"Ah... Sorry. But I'll see you around." I fold my lips and walk over to Chris. He gives me a kiss and a hug. I embrace him tightly and breathe in his scent before placing my chin on his chest while looking up at him, "what ya doin?"

"Mean muggin' that nigga," he said eyeing Jermaine as he jogged out of the parking lot with headphones on. "Who was he?"

"Just some dude that lives nearby. He saw me drawing and walked me out. It was nothin' baby."

"Mm," Chris nods and then sighs. "Your dad invited me out to dinner tonight and your mom is waiting to see you."

"Ugh," I roll my eyes and unwrap my arms going around to the passenger side of the car. Chris and I get in the car at the same time. "She got her damn nerves."

"Well, don't let her get you mad." Chris backed out of the driveway and sped out of the parking lot. He was driving so fast that he nearly hit Jermaine, but swerved out the way quickly turning onto the road. "I need to tell you something before we get to the house," he blurted out.

"Okay, but first of all DAMN! You almost hit him! What the hell, baby?"

"He iight," Chris cleared his throat and rolled down the window. "So...tell me why my ex-fiance called me talking about she's a teacher at Columbia too, now?"

I smirked and scanned my nails, "Well you better had let her know that you're happily engaged."

Chris nodded, biting down on his lip and I stared at him wondering how long he knew about her working at Columbia. But I wasn't about to start an argument and get upset even more than I already was having to deal with my mother as soon as we got back to the house.

RUN IT!! meagan better not be tryna start nothing


run it

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

“Nigga will you get out the fckn pots! I’m tryin to cook here.” I laughed as I caught Chris tasting my special sauce. I was making dinner for Gi, she specifically asked for pasta, garlic bread, and fried chicken. I started to think about why he came over here. He never told me. “So what’s up nigga, why you disturbing me.” I covered the pasta noodles and looked at him.

He sighed and leaned on the counter, “Meagan.”

“What nigga?” I immediately stopped what I was doing and gave him my undivided attention. I knew nothing good was to come of this. Whatever it was.

Chris readjusted himself, “She’s gonna be working at Columbia. This was supposed to be my fresh start. How the hell am I supposed to start fresh, with this heart breaking bi---”

“Hey no calling women b*tches in my house, even if they are. But how do you know she’s gonna be working there?” I asked now stirring the sauce.

He held the bridge of his nose, “She called me. She found out I was working there next semester and got my number from the office.”

“Damn, that b*tch!” I exclaimed.

His eyes widened, “See! I told you man, I told you. I can’t do this yo. And then the fact that she called me like sh*t was supposed to be all good was really what pissed me off.”

“As it should.” I placed the foil over the now done chicken.

He sighed and sat at one of the counter bar stools, “I just don’t know what to do. Like, I don’t even know if I could tell Sofia.”

“Maybe you <em>should</em> tell Sofia.” I suggested.

Chris looked as if he was mulling it over, “You’re right. So I could cover my own ass just in case Meagan tries something.”

“Or, I could get you a job over at DePaul.” I suggested as I poured us both a drink.

He looked at me, “What, DePaul? No! I’m an art teacher, Columbia is a school for the arts. Columbia is my school and it’s gonna be my school no matter who the hell works there. Matter of fact, I’m going back over to Sofia and GiGi’s and I’m gonna tell Sofia right now!”

“Hey, wait for me! I gotta take all this stuff over there for Gi anyway.” I said as I started to gather everything.

He sighed and started to help me, “Aiight man.”


“I’m still hungry. Mike needs to hurry up.” I sighed as I laid back on my bed.

Sofia looked at me like I was crazy, “Are you serious? You just got done eating!”

“Welllll, I’m still hungry.” I countered.

She laughed, “You’re gonna be a fat ass pregnant woman.”

I gasped, “Don’t say that!”

We both laughed together as we lay on my bed. Out of nowhere, I started to cry.

“Gi, what’s wrong?” Sofia asked.

I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, “It’s just that I love you so much! Like, you’re the sister I always wanted. Mine is so horrible and you’re like amazing! And I always wanna be there for you just like you are for me. I’m just so glad to have you in my life.”

“Aw Gi honey, I love you too! And you are always there for me, just like you are now. You’re my right hand boo.” She smiled.

I wiped my eyes and smiled too, “Damn hormones.”

We started laughing and hugged each other. Then, here was a knock at the door. It better had been Mike with my food because I was starving. Sofia went to go get the door and it was her dad. “Oh hi daddy, let me just go get my purse and tell GiGi bye.” I heard her say.

“Oh she’s here? Let me see my other daughter.” He bellowed.

I smiled and went out into the hallway to see him, “Hey dad.” I gave him a hug. I always loved his hugs, it was something genuine about them.

“And how are you doing?” he asked with a smile still creasing his lips.

I couldn’t help but smile back, “I’m doing great. Just trying to be there for Sofia like she’s always there for me.”

“That’s good. A little birdie told me that you’re packing something in that oven, huh?” he looked at me.

I looked at Sofia as she walked out of her room, “Uh yeah, yeah I am.”

“Well, I know it’ll be beautiful just like it’s mama. Just make sure you bring the daddy on by to meet me. Gotta feel him out you know?” he gave me a serious look.

I nodded, “Will do.”

He gave me another hug and then Sofia gave me one too. “Sorry about telling my dad.” She whispered.

“It’s fine.” I whispered back and then watched as they both left.

Feeling alone, I went and laid on my bed again. Not too soon after I did, there was another knock at the door. I went to open it and there was Mike and Chris with food in their hands. My food had finally arrived. I let them in and they put everything down in the kitchen.

“Hey Gi, where’s Sofia?” Chris asked as he stood awkwardly in the kitchen.

I looked back at him from one of the pots, “Oh, you just missed her. Her dad came and got her.”

“Oh, okay.” He stated a bit somberly and went to sit on the couch in the living room.


Run it!

Run it

run it

hell naw! what makes her think he would wanna reconnect with her after what she did to him.. smh RUN IT

ahh dam it seriously?! u gona call all happy and ishh when u left him all heart broken?
-___- get outta here with that
run it

<strong>professor brown</strong>

Sofia needed some time to herself so she went to the sister that had known and that was GiGi. They wound up spending a few days together. While I missed my fiancee, I got back on working out and going to the gym, jogging around the city of Chicago. I wound up passing by Mr. Greeks and decided to go in and get some lunch. Buying extra, I headed over to Sofia's to drop hers off.

"Thanks," she smiled and walked away from the door.

"GOOD GOD!" GiGi said as she passed by me in the hallway. "Take a shower while you here Mr. Brown! Yo stank!" she laughed.

"Whatever," I smiled.

"But for real," Sofia sighed as she went into the kitchen. I followed, standing in the doorway. " not pushing you away."

"I know that."

"II'm going over to my dad's tonight."

"Alright. Want me to drop you off?"

"No. He's coming to pick me up. ...I tried to get my mom's phone number, but she wouldn't give it to me. And I tried to get my sister's fiance to be friends with me on Facebook to get his number but he hasn't accepted the request. I sister has kids, you know. I have nephews... and I want to see them. But they won't let me. I still have time to get to know them. My nephews are still babies, toddlers. I can still reunite with a that's left of my sister and that's her kids. And my mom, she's been posting so many pictures of them on her page and sending me pictures and I just wish I could meet them in person. But I guess that'll never happen..."

Sofia turned her back away from me and dropped her head as she placed her hands on the counter. I walked up behind her to give her a hug. We stood there in silence until my phone started ringing. I ignored it and turned Sofia around to search her watery eyes. What more could I say that I've already said and done? And what more could she do but cry?

"I thank God," Sofia says in a raspy voice, "that he put you and GiGi in my lives, everyday....especially GiGi. But now you and it makes me wonder what i'd do if i ever lost you, Chris."

"No, don't think like that babe. You an't think like that. You won't ever lose me, okay?" I held her face and then pulled her int me, embracing her with another hug. "It's you and me..."

"And us," Gigi said popping up behind us with her arms crossed over her chest. "Where's our food at?" she smirked. "We hungry too!"

"We can share," Sofia suggests. "You know they cut these philly's in half. I wasn't gonna eat it all anyway."

"I guess," Gigi nodded. "But fck you Mr. Brown! You know a bish eating for two now!"

"My bad, GiGi! I'm sorry! You know I luh you, baby!" I opened my arms and walked towards her.

"NUH UH!" She laughed and ran away. "GET YO MUSTY ASS AWAY FROM ME!"

I laughed and turned around. My phone rung again and I sighed, pulling it out to see who it was. the ringtone was definitely for someone unknown. Probably the wrong number. I leaned back against the counter and glanced up at Sofia as I answered it. "Hello?"

"Is this Christopher Brown?"

"May I ask who's calling?"

"It's Meagan Good."

I froze, hearing this woman's voice. It echoed in my head as my heart stopped. Meagan Good, my ex-fiance - the one who left me for somebody else back in Spain. "How did you get my number?" was all I could ask.

"Well," she sighed, "I live in Chicago now! Right across from North Shore Beach, anddd....I'm going to be teaching at Columbia. The administrators told me you were going to be a new teacher there as well so I asked for you number and they gave me your information."

I looked down, feeling my temperature rise. This had to be a joke. Not my future job.... Without hesitation I ended the phone call and went to GiGi's room where she and Sofia shared the lunch I brought. "Gi, where's Mike?"

"He's at his place," she answered. "Why?"

I shook my head no and walked in to give Sofia a kiss. "I'll call you later."

"K. Love you," Sofia placed her hand on my face.

"Love you."

"BYE STANKPOT!" GiGi laughed. "Make sure you take a shower before you go stinking up my other crib!"

I waved as I left her room and hurried out of their apartment. I quickly went to my place to take a shower and change. Then I headed over to Mike's for his advice.

run it

racquel need to get over herself like seriously it aint gigi fault she was born a girl and what do it matter obviously she is daddys girl not gigi so chill with all that
gigi was right she had no right to hold grudges if she wasnt there to witness ishh pop off
dam not even in anger do u say something like that !
run it

RUN IT!!!!!!!

Awww run it

i understand why mike was mad..but dang Raquel is plain evil!! the sister from hell..RUN IT

Professor Stevenson

I’d never seen Giovanni act that way, ever. I gripped the steering wheel as I drove home, alone. She needed her space and I was more than happy to give it to her. As I parked in front of my house and killed the engine, I sat there in my thoughts. My phone rang, it was her. I pocketed it and got out of the car, heading up the stairs after setting the alarm on the car. Another call came through as I entered the door. I still hadn’t decided to answer. Tonight was just too much for me.

I threw my keys in the dish by the door and walked into my room. I placed my phone, watch, and chain on my dresser. I went into my closet to remove my shoes and put them in their proper place. After, I got undressed placing the clothes in the hamper and walked into the bathroom where I proceeded to take a shower. After washing my body, I stayed in there for a while letting the warm water soothe me. I missed her, but I was upset with her. I didn’t want to give in, but she made me so weak. I had to at least call her.

I cut off the water and quickly got out. I wrapped the towel around my waist and went into the room headed straight for my phone. I picked it up and called her, only to hear her ringtone for me go off in the bedroom. “The fck?” I hit the light and there she was, sitting on the edge of my bed, looking at me.

“I called you.” She simply said.

I looked at her like she was crazy, “How did you get in here?”

“Your spare.” She tossed it to me to catch. “Are you mad at me?” she proceeded as if her sneaking in was okay.

I looked at her madly, “What do you think? You put our baby in danger! And then for you to say you didn’t care is really what blew me. I mean what was that even all about? We go over your mother’s for a nice dinner and that happens? I mean….I don’t even know what to say to you Giovanni.”

“You could’ve answered my calls, let me explain. Or even talk to me in the car for that matter.” She still spoke calmly.

I took a deep breath, “Obviously, I didn’t wanna talk to you reason why I didn’t answer. And in the car, I was too busy trying to calm you down from what happened.”

“But you called me, so obviously you wanted to talk.” She spat back.

I ran my hand over my face, wanting this to end, “Why did you come here?”

“To explain.” She spoke.

I pulled on some boxers and sat next to her on the bed, “Explain.”


<em>Earlier that night.</em>

“Oh hell no.” My whole demeanor changed. I walked in the den to see <a href="">Omari</a> and <a href=" ">Laz</a> cheering at the game on tv. “Where is she?” I folded my arms and waited.

They both turned to look at me with concerned looks on their faces. “Uh, hey lil sis.” Omari spoke awkwardly. His eyes then moved to Mike who was standing behind me, “The fck are you doing here?”

“Omari, shut the fck up okay? Nobody has time for your bullsh*t. It happened years ago, let it go. We’re together, we love each other. Get over it. Hi Laz, where’s your wife?” I exhaled.

He looked at me with a blank expression, “Ummmmm…”

“You know what? Nevermind, I’ll find her.” I left out of the room.

“Fck.” I heard Omari voice as he followed behind me, “Lil sis, it’s not worth it.”

I looked at him, “Why is she here?”

“I have no idea. She was here when I got here.” He shrugged.

That’s when the last person I wanted to see came out of the kitchen, “Ma where’s the--”the sickest smile rose on her face, “Oh hi little sis, I had no idea <em>you</em> were coming.”

“<a href="">Raquel</a> don’t start.” I spoke, looking away from her.

She scoffed, “Start? Now why would I do that? Been to see dad lately?”

“Raquel! Chill man.” Omari spoke with authority in his voice even though she was older than him.

I looked at her with disgust, “Why would you ask me something like that?”

“I just figured, you’re the reason he’s there.” She smirked.

I stood up, “No, <em>he’s</em> the reason he’s there! He beat mama’s ass for years and then he put me in the hospital. But you wouldn’t know anything about that since you were never there! Don’t be absent the whole time and then come back to hold grudges later. You have no right. Matter of fact, why are you even here? I could’ve sworn you were done with the family.”

“Little girl I swear if you weren’t my sister I--?”

I cut her off, “You’d what?! Fight me? Well bring it on b*tch cuz I’ve been waiting for this ass whooping!”

“What’s good then? You big and bad what’s up?”

“Oh hell naw! Ain’t no fighting jumping off. Y’all family!” Omari stood between us.

I laughed at his choice of words, “Family? What the fck does she know about family?! Just because she went off and started one of her own doesn’t mean she knows what a family is.”

“You talkin big sh*t for such a little person.” She countered.

I went to jump for her but Mike pulled me back, “Baby, think about the baby.”

“Mike I really don’t care about all that sh*t right now!” I said before I knew it.

His whole demeanor changed, “What?” he let me go and walked away.

“Mike, wait!” I called after him but I was turned around by Raquel who slapped me. “B*Tch!” I hit her dead in her nose and she stumbled back. I went to find Mike, “Let’s go.” I kissed my mother’s cheek, “I’m sorry mama.” I left out as Mike followed behind me.

I was so heated, “I couldn’t believe she was there. What was her purpose? And for her to start sh*t like that? Asking me about dad. Like, fck that man! She wasn’t even there. Why does she care so much? Fck her! Uggghhhh!”

“Calm down!” Mike spoke sternly.

I looked at him and saw the flexing of his jaw and sunk into my seat, “I just wanna go home.”

He didn’t say anything, he just drove. When he pulled up to my and Sofia’s apartment, I was confused. I looked at him, “What are we doing here?”

“You said you wanted to go home, go home.” He said looking straight ahead.

I figured he might’ve been a little pissed at me because of what happened so I just got out of the car. As soon as I closed the door, he pulled off. I could feel the wet tears on my cheeks as I made my way inside of my building. Once I got settled and out of my clothes, I called him. All of my calls went unanswered so I decided to just go to his place.

Professor Stevenson

“I still don’t get this beef that you and you sister got. Like what was that all about? It’s deeper than the whole dad in jail thing, I just know it is.” I spoke as she wiped fresh tears, now ashamed of what she had done.

She looked at me, “She never liked me. Said I should’ve never been born. She was supposed to be the only girl. She tortured me. I was glad when she left.”

“Why did she leave?” I asked, not understanding.

Gi shrugged, “She said she couldn’t stand being in the house anymore. Said she had a better life to live with better people. She was in high school, and she moved in with her boyfriend Laz. He was in college then. They’re married now. The last time I saw her was at the wedding. She didn’t like the fact that I was there. That was 6 years ago before mother and I moved out here. She really threw a fit when I changed my last name. Said I could never be a part of the family now.”

“Damn.” Was all I could say. I put my hand on her stomach, “Just be careful, and don’t be telling me what you don’t care about aiight?”

She put her hand over mind and nodded then kissed me softly, “Can you hold me?”

I nodded and we laid down as I held her in my arms.


In the morning I left Mike’s and went home. When I got there, Sofia was there. I walked into her room, “Sofie omigoodness b*tch, I haven’t seen you in forever! I missed you boo.” I plopped on her bed next to her. “I have so much to tell you!”

“Hey Gi.” She simply said.

I looked at her confused, “You okay love?”

“My sister.” A single tear fell from her cheek.

I turned ocer on my side and gave her my undivided attention, “You found her?”

“She dead, Gi. My sister is dead!” she began to cry uncontrollably.

I grabbed her into my arms as she cried, “It’s gonna be okay Sofie.”

what?! how dam i feel for her
she never got to reunite wit her..
run it

dang.. RUN

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Wow! RUN IT!

Run it

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

Chris woke up, laying on his stomach across the bed. The sheets lay over his naked body. He sighed, pulling his underneath his chin to lift up his head and look at a digital photo frame of pictures of him and Sofia that sat on the night table beside the bed. It made him smile.

"Good afternoon, sleepy head!" Sofia says walking into the room and carrying a laundry basket underneath her arm. "Bout time you woke up."

I groaned and moaned turning over onto my back. "What time is it?"

"3 something." She sighed, setting the basket on the bed. "Do you want me to fold your clothes or shall I leave them for you to decide?"

"I'll get em. Thanks baby."

"Mm hm," she smiled walking back out the room. "No problem."

"Hey... Come back right quick."

Sofia backed up into the room and stops at the edge of the bed. "Yes?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight instead of staying in. We can go to the cheesecake factory or something or the movies."

"Or...both?" she raised her eyebrows. "It's whatever you wanna do, babe. I don't care. GiGi is with Mike all day today so I'm staying here."

"iight. C'mon," I said sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed.

Sofia giggled, staring at me. "What do you mean, c'mon?"

"You ain't slick, waking up early and taking a shower without me," I grinned. "You tried me last night, but I got in that ass! You're taking a shower with me before we leave!"

"Chris," Sofia half-smiled. "If I take this shower with you then we'll never leave!"

"Nah cause it's called a quickie."

"Boy ain't no such thing as a quickie with you!" Sofia headed for the door but I slid in front of her. "Ugh! Fine." she rolled her eyes.

I followed her as she pouted and marched into the bathroom. "Don't you poke that lip out acting like youon wanna shower with a nigga!"

"Yeah, well I'm taking a bath tonight so there!"

"Hey, whatever you wanna do, baby!" I shrugged. "But you better believe that I'm a be in the bath tub with yo ass getting some pussy! You not slick!" Sofia snickered and undressed. I turned the shower water on and we got in.


Before we left to go out on the town by 5 pm, I received a notification on my phone about not answering my Facebook. So I quickly went to Chris' office and hopped on the computer to log into the social network. My notifications were piling up as I ignored them this past week.

"No..." I whispered reading a message. Tears built in the wells of my eyes as I shook my head back and forth in disbelief. "No. No..."

"Baby, you re-" Chris cut himself as he stood in the doorway seeing me. I had my hand covering my mouth as tears streamed down my face. "What's wrong? What that nigga send this time?!" he growled.

"Chris," I turned to look at him. "It's my mother."

His face calmed and eyes widened in amazement. "Really? Where is she? Is she still in contact with your sister?"

Turning back to the screen, barely looking or reading anything, I sighed and went to fumbling with my fingers. I had dreamt of this moment for so long. I wished for this. I hoped. I prayed. I waited and waited for my sister to come back or for somebody to make contact since I was lost in my own search for them.

"She's dead, Chris." I say in a raspy voice. "My sister is dead."


run it!!

Oh no! what's gonna happen ?? who is it??

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oh lawd how is this dinner gonna go..RUNIT!

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

I got up making breakfast. I knew that she loved it when I made her breakfast in bed. After putting everything on a tray, I brought it to the bedroom where she still lay sleeping. "Baby, wake up." I kissed her temple.

Her eyes fluttered open and then she smiled, "Morning baby." I pecked her lips as she sat up.

"I made breakfast." I put the tray in front of her.

Without warning, her whole facial expression changed and she threw back the covers trying to jump off the bed and into the bathroom. I sat down the tray and stood in the doorway as her head hovered over the toilet.

"Baby, are you okay?" I asked.

She emptied out her stomach's contents, "Go away!" She barely got out.

"But I wanna help." I persisted as I put my hand on her shoulder.

She knocked it off, "Get out! You can't see me like this!!"

"Okay." I walked out. It didn't matter to me how I saw her, she was still beautiful to me. Especially now since she's gonna make me a daddy. I smiled at the thought.

She wiped her mouth, "Close the door!"

I did as she said and sat in the floor on the other side. "I have to tell you something."

"Right now?" She asked, irritated.

I smirked, "Yeah, you told me to tell you in the morning."

"Oh my gosh Michael, leave me the hell alone!" She demanded before she threw up in the toilet again.

I got up, “Fine, I’m gonna take a shower!” I went upstairs and showered. I guess it was good that she didn’t wanna talk right away, or couldn’t rather, so I could have time to think about how to actually tell her.

After showering, I wrapped a towel around my waist and made my way back downstairs into the bedroom. She was riffling through her overnight bag with her toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. “You okay now?” I asked.

“For now.” She grabbed some underwear out and then looked up at me. “Really? You’re gonna come in here with all this sexiness?” she smirked.

I chuckled, “I thought you liked my sexiness.”

“Are you kidding? I love it. That’s why I’m in this mess now.” She laughed as she rubbed her stomach.

I raised an eyebrow, “Mess?”

“The morning sickness. So what did you wanna tell me?” she walked into the bathroom to turn on the shower.

I stood in the doorway, “I uh, I know your brother.”

“You told me, you knew him from school.” She remembered as she undressed.

I nodded as I sat on the toilet, “Yeah, but it’s more than that.”

“Oh?” she gave me her undivided attention.


"You nervous?" I grabbed Mike's hand as we pulled up at my mother's for dinner. After he told me about his and my brother’s past together, I could understand if he was. There was no telling how my brother would act. Especially since he knows I’m pregnant.

Mike smiled and kissed my hand, “Yes babe, just fine. You okay?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “But can we hold off on telling my mother that I’m pregnant? I don’t really know how I wanna tell her yet. I’m her baby, you know?”

He chuckled, “Yeah baby, I know.” He kissed my forehead and then looked dad in my eyes, “I got you aiight? I love you, now come on.” He pecked my lips and then got out of the car, walking around to help me out.

“There they are!” my mother exclaimed when she answered the door. “How are my babies?” she hugged and kissed both of us.

“Is Omari here?” I asked as I walked in.

She nodded and had a strange look on her face, “Yes, he’s uh…he’s in the den watching the game.”

“Come on.” I reached for Mike’s hand and led him to the den where I heard more than one voice cheering. “Oh hell no.” my mood instantly shifted.