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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


@gigi lmao she sounded decent to me when
i wrote it but now as i went back
and read it she do seem as if she
loud and ratchet smh

@ladiimirah thanks new reader

i love the story concept. it is different. i really like ..update soon

Lmao why the whole time I was reading
The conversation that him n the NY girl was having
I pictured she was loud n ratchet lmao
And idk why but I just keep gettin the feeling that
Trey is suspect lmao idk
But anyways I'm about to write up my add

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

I was about to turn onto Wabash when I realized I forgot to pick up my print-outs at the Cage. "DAMN!" I hit the steering wheel, quickly making a right on New Orleans headed back to the school. I parked out front, notified the valet that I'd be a moment as I walked in, and hurried to get the vocabulary packets. On the way down the hall, passing in between the library to the right and the student lounge on my right, there was a nice young lady with a big ass speed-walking. I bit my bottom lip, already recognizing her from the clothes. "Late for class?" I snickered.

Sofia glanced over her shoulder and saw me. "Mr. Brown, shut up!" she said with a smile on her face as she hurried.

"Damn, where you been?!" some tall, light skinned guy who looked liked a teacher with a leather briefcase said, waiting at the end of the hall. "SoSo you always making people late!"

"Aughhh! Shut up Trey! We'll be there, iight? Damn it's the first fckin day!"

"Mm!" I shook my head in disapproval as I passed them. "You should not think like that Ms. Margueritte."

She smirked. "Mr. Brown, gone somewhere, okay?" she put her hand on her hip and rolled her neck to look at the guy.

"Ohhhh," the guy smiled down at her. "So <em>that's</em> Mr. Brown," he pinched her cheeks. "Shame!" he pointed to her, walking off with has hand open waiting for her to take it.

"I ain't even say sht ngga so quit assuming!" she grabbed his hand they went through the double doors to a long hall full of classrooms.

I made it to the cage and the student worker handed me my vocabulary list packets. "You're glowing," the female said. "Have a good first day?"

I smile and nodded. "It was great. Thanks for holding this for me."

"No problem," she said as I walked out.

I made my way back to my car and checked again to make sure I had everything. "Alright," I restarted my ignition and went home.

When I walked into my big loft, I immediately felt lonely and emptiness. I had to do something with my life besides work all the time, now. Ever since the engagement broke off, I haven't had anyone. Even my ex-fiancee has found someone now. What the hell was I going to do? Right then, I smiled and walked over to my bed snatching my shirt off and throwing it down on the floor. I took a shower, threw on some basketball shorts, a t-shirt, went to my office and began to look over Sofia and Giovanni's homework assignment they did. I was sure to find some errors or mistakes, something. But there were nothing. Their papers were perfect and knowledge on art history was perfect. I even found a few things about them, mainly Sofia. She was a fashion design student and she had great interest in art as she herself loves to design her own graphic tees and other clothes. She attends many art galleries and events, hence why she finished the paper early, and seeing as that's where she gets plenty of inspiration from. She was referring a lot of personal things to the artwork she chose for this essay and I was starting to get too interested so I threw her paper off the desk all of a sudden and put my hands on my head.

"What the f*** are you doing man?! Stop it," I gently smacked myself.

Next, I decided I was going to paint on my wall canvas. First I spray painted over the work I'd done a week before. Then I began to spray paint again. Whatever came to mind. When I was finished, I stood back and looked at it. I couldn't believe myself, I was seriously tweaking. I drew Sofia's face with a flower in her hair. I immediately spray painted over that and called a female I met at one of my art events back in New York, hoping that she'd be able to make it out here and chill because i couldnt be thinking like this about a student. I had to distract myself and quick.

"Hello," a female voice answered.

"Hey, Jasmine. It's Chris, the art teacher who had that art show a few weeks back in New York."

"Oh hey! Whassup! I'm mad at you!" she yelled.


"Because you left and we never got another chance to hang!"

I could just picture her pouting and that made me smile. "Well maybe if you come out here to Chicago, we could hang. I started teaching today so...but i have only two morning classes on Mondays' - Thursdays. Then I'm free for the rest of the day."

"Hmmm." she thought. "Okay, I'm not doing any photo shoots tomorrow or Wednesday, so I'll pack tonight and be out there by the time you get off of work. And maybe you can paint a portrait of me like you said you would. You know, you said you'd do a lot things."

"For you or to you," I bit my lip.

"Hell you can do both if you like!" she laughed.

"I'd love to."

"Okay. I gotta go. See you soon. Thanks for calling me back. Bye Chris," she hung up.

I breathed and threw my phone on the bed and then decided to make myself some food and laid around watching television until I fell asleep.


I must admit, Professor Stevenson was everything I could go for in a guy. But being the fact that he's MY professor was totally inappropriate. When we were walking to class, I tried to keep it cool. I tried to remember that he was my teacher. But I swear it was hard not to flirt.

When we walked into the computer lab, I was relieved to see my boo Michael. I call him MBJ because those were his initials. "Hey boo!" I exclaimed as I hugged and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hello beautiful. Where you been hiding?" he flirted with me.

I've had a crush on him for the longest but I settled for being his friend. He had very promiscuous tendencies. Michael B Jordan was the name on most of the females lips here at the school. 

After class I said goodbye to Professor Stevenson as I walked out with Michael. "MJ!" I sang his name as I hooked my arm in his.

He laughed, "What's up Gi?"

"You free, lover?" I asked pullin up Sofia's name in my phone.

He chuckled, "Yeah why? You wanna be my concubine?" he laughed hard at his joke.

I however, rolled my eyes and hit him in his head just as Soso answered. "B*tch where you at?" I said as I stepped out the building.

She laughed, "Damn Gi! Why I always gotta be a b*tch?"

"You not <em>a</em> b*tch, you're <em>my</em> b*tch!" I explained.

"Wooooow, but I'm walkin up on you now. And MBJ is sooo fine!" she expressed before she hung up.

I laughed as we met up with each other. "I bet yo punk ass already ate huh?" I pushed her knowing she had come from McDonalds.

She pushed me back, "So what? I have one more class! I wasn't blessed with a schedule as great as yours where I can go home at 11." she rolled her eyes.

"Seeeee we gon fight when you get home!" I laughed.

"Fight me then!" she put her fists up like she was ready.

I laughed hard, "Anyway, I know you want me to keep you company for your hour until your last class." I smiled puttin my arm around her completely ignoring Michael.

"Yesss I do!" she hugged me back.

"Well I gotta get to class. See you guys later!" Michael walked off.

We waved and walked with our arms still around each other. I saw two guys across the street and stopped Sofia.

"What hoe?!" she exclaimed.

I nodded my head in the guys direction. "Brown and Stevenson are friends." I looked at her and smiled deviously.

"Or lovers." she joked.

I pushed her away, "You always take it there!" I laughed with her. "Let's go over there." I pulled her hand and led her over there before she could even respond.

I had no idea what to say but I knew I had to talk to him before I left and definitely before Wednesday. When we got near I could hear them talking about some girls. I didn't know who though.

"Hey! You two are friends?" I greeted enthusiastically.

They smiled uncomfortably at us. "Yeah we went to college together. And were frat brothers." Mr. Stevenson answered as he looked me up and down.

"Oh really? Which frat?" Sofia asked before I could.

Brown turned to her, "Kappa."

"Oooh pretty boy nupes!" I joked as we all laughed. "My dad's a Kappa."

"Really? That's what's up! So how's your first day going so far?" Stevenson looked into my eyes.

I blushed involuntarily, "I was good. My teachers are awesome. Think I'm gonna love this quarter." I bit my bottom lip to keep from just kissing those sexy lips.

He chuckled as he nodded, "I'm glad you feel that way." he glanced at his watch. "Well I have to go pick up my girlfriend from work, so I'll see you Wednesday? And on time." he touched my shoulder and dapped up Mr Brown before he left.

As I watched him walk away my heart fell into the pit of my stomach. I turned back to Mr Brown and Sofia talking.

"Yeah we'll ive got one more class so see you ladies Wednesday." Mr. Brown informed us before leaving.

"Professor Stevenson has a girlfriend and he picks her up from work nsh*t so you know she's living with him." I shook my head.

Sofia pushed me, "B*tch get over it! He's your fckn teacher." she laughed.

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever. Just like Mr. Brown is just yours."

She smiled but didn't say anything because she knew I was right.

"Well see you at home, I'll leave you the car." I gave her my car keys before leaving headed for the Brown Line to go to our apartment up North.

Trey, the answer to your qs:
"Ooh, no! Why you say it like that as if you have interests in him more than the class itself?"


Why have I got a feeling there's gon be some Teacher/Student relationship in this



I was headed to see my fashion design teacher when I bumped into my good friend Tremaine. "HEY TREY!" I said as he embraced me with a hug and a kiss.

"Where are you headed?" he asked. Tremaine was a fashion design student as well and he loved making jackets and designing sneakers and suits.

"Tryna get fresh!" I brushed off his nice black suit. "Nah I was going to see Mrs. Chan, but I see she's not in her office." I looked in the room and she surely wasn't at her desk or in her classroom. "Where you headed pimpin?" I asked. "Lookin like you got a job in this maf***a." I smiled as we walked around the back fashion design class room area.

"Shut up yo." he laughed. "I'm headed to Art History II. It's right in the main hallway."

"Ooh, with Mr. Brown?"

"Ooh, no! Why you say it like that as if you have interests in him more than the class itself?"

"Cause..." I smiled as we entered into the main hallway where most of the students hung out at.

Tremaine shook his head. "But I got another teacher. Anyways, where's GiGi?"

"She went to her next class. I got this two hour break, man! I don't know what to do with myself," we stopped in front of the class.

"You can do some homework. See you around." he winked and walked into the class, letting it close.

I pouted. "TF am i gonna do? Sht..." I sighed decided to go to McDonald's. I made my way to the 2nd floor by using the escalator and then followed a long hallway that crossed over into the Merchandise Mart. When I got to McDonald’s, it wasn’t as crowded so I quickly got a 10 piece chicken strips, fries, and pepsi. I sat down at a table for two in a small cafeteria area where most McDonald customers sat. I put my purse in the other seat, sat my food on the table and checked my phone. There were 8 new e-mails. I sighed and took out my mini laptop to check them as I dug in the bag for some fries. Just as I was about to stuff my mouth, Mr. Brown caught my eye. He was sitting across the way, licking his lips to wipe away something off his mouth. I stared for a few seconds and then quickly looked back at my computer. I half-smiled as I thought to myself inappropriate things just from seeing that.

“Hey,” a voice called.

I looked up to see Mr. Brown walking pass to throw away his garbage in the trash can that was a foot away from me. “Sup.” I said as I continued to look at my e-mails on my laptop.

“Sup?” he asked.

“Yup,” I giggled, glancing up at him. “Ugh! Hello, Mr. Brown.”

He breathed in and shook his head as he walked back to where he was seated. “You should seriously not get ahead of yourself, though, on that homework in my class.”

“We were just joking,” I told him. “We really aren’t ahead on the homework. It’s just the first assignment that we finished.”

“Oh. Okay,” he nods as he gathers his jacket. “Well, have a good day.” He walks off.

“AYE!” I yell. He doesn’t stop. “YOOOOOO, MR. BROWN!” I scream, not caring who heard or saw me. “You dropped something!” I sighed, got up and ran over to get it when I bumped heads with someone. “OUCH!” I moved back, unable to pick up his wallet. “Damn!” I rubbed my head and looked at who it was.

“Sorry,” Mr. Brown said as he bent down to pick up his wallet.

“It’s cool,” I looked at him for a minute and then walked away back to my table.

“What?” he asked.

“It looks like you have tons of tattooes under that shirt of yours.”

He smiled. “And if I did?”

“Mm,” I bit my bottom lip as I looked down. “That would be some interesting art to look at,” I smiled as I glanced up at him. “SO!” I smacked my lips. “Going back to class?”

“No. I’m going home.”

“Oh,” I nodded as I stuffed my mouth full of fries while giving him a thumbs up.

“Wow,” he pursed his lips. “Enjoy that.”

“Mm hm!” I nodded and stared at the unopened e-mails, then waved goodbye.

"Goodbye." Mr. Brown laughed and then walked back off.

I put my right leg over my left and squeezed my legs together hoping that would stop me from getting any more wet, but it didn’t help. That moment when he liked his lips kept on replaying in my head. I didn’t even check my e-mails. I was on Mr. Brown’s art website browsing through his art and then decided to go to his teacher website. “You may be fine, Mr. Brown, but you are my teacher AND you strict as hell!” I thought to myself as I read into the syllabus, missing out on the presentation he gave since Gigi and I had both fallen asleep. “That’s that s*** I don’t like.” I rolled my eyes and checked my phone. I realized what time it was and hurried to go meet up with GiGi.

No problem hunny
You know you gots my support :-)

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Ooooooo they both be liking the besties!!!!
Check em out!!!
Profs these days aye

Ruuuunnnn ittt

And that is soooo fine!
But he gives quizzes on Fridays

sppspsph it need be 10 minutes lol; walk in *sign yo name, dance 4 dollas, then make it nasty* and walk out - easy A

Lol the Friday class is only 30 minutes! Lmfao
But started Paper Trail

if we gonna be comin in to class on friday, this ngga better be strippin for our ass! he on some bullsht with that lol! i could totally picture myself in one of our classrooms with his thorough ass wanna go through the whole fckn syllabus. just like one of our teachers for

i'll be addin later

Professor Stevenson

I was walking from the cage getting a fresh stack of syllabi as I bumped into a couple of girls rushing into the building. "Hey slow down! It's only the first day." I smiled at the beautiful duo.

One giggled exasperated, I'm guessing from her rush. "We're sorry. It's just that we were late to our first class and didn't want to make the same mistake." she smiled back now looking down at her schedule.

Her green eyes had pierced me for the few minutes she had spoke. "Well I'm sure the professor would understand." I glanced at my watch. It was going on 9. I didn't start my class until 9:15 but I could already see my students filing in.

"Not this one, I heard Professor  Stevenson is no nonsense." The other one stated.

I smiled knowing that she was talking about me and they didn't even know. "Well maybe you should hurry. You're already 5 minutes late." I glanced at my watch again.

"Sh*t!" they both exclaimed as they hurried off into my classroom.

I chuckled to myself as I slowly walked into the classroom. "Good morning class. This is English II and I am Professor Stevenson. The classroom number is 1270 and this is section A. If this does not sound familiar or is not on your schedules, please feel free to leave now." I looked at the class quickly counting the 20 which matched my number.

I also noticed the shocked look on the two girls I met in the hallway faces. I winked at them and then proceeded to pass out the syllabi. 

"Okay, if you follow with me there is general information about the course along with the name of the text book you are to have by the 3rd week of classes if you have not ordered or purchased it from the bookstore already. If you are unable to purchase it, two copies are in the library its only 10 cents to photocopy. The next page is my grading scale and the way I break up the percentages of the class, make sure you know and are aware of it. The next 3 pages lists what we will be doing each day, the readings that are to be done, and when essays are due. These three pages are your best friend. The next couple of pages is your reading for today and the last page is your assignment that is due Friday." I looked up at the class to make sure they were still with me. "If you ever need help with your essays or just want a fresh pair of eyes on it, I suggest the Learning Center where there are student tutors as well as actual professors. I am available every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-3. Are there any questions?" I sat on the edge of the table in the front and saw hands go up.

I picked on one of the boys in the back. "Uh yeah, is this class really Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?" he asked concerned.

I smiled, "I'm glad you asked. Our full hour classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays is just a 30 minute class where you hand in your essays and projects. I'll explain more on Wednesday." 

I picked a girl in the front. "How often are your tests and quizzes?"

"Well there are a total of 2 tests, which is your midterm and final. And a total of 10 quizzes. I usually give them every Friday on the reading of that week. You will be notified of an upcoming quiz every Monday." I looked at her to see if she was satisfied with my answer.

Then I saw the girl with the green eyes that I had met in the hallway hand go up. "Umm I just added your class today and didn't know that there would be class on Fridays. I actually have to work then, is there anyway we could work that out?"

I nodded, "Sure we can. Come meet me in the Learning Center tomorrow between 12 and 3. We should be able to work something out." I flashed her a smile and she did so in return.

"If there's no more questions, turn to page 6 of your syllabus to the first reading. We'll read this short story today. Discuss it Wednesday and the paper will be due Friday. There will be no quiz this Friday but questions for this story will be on next week's quiz along with the ones for the new story so keep that in mind. I will be doing roll by the reading so everyone will read out loud." I scanned the roster, "Giovanni Monroe?"

I looked up to see the green eyed beauty start reading. I smiled to myself as I marked her present.

At the end of our hour, Sofia and Giovanni were the last ones to leave.

I looked up from gathering my things, "I'd love to stay and chat ladies but I have to make it across campus for my Computers class." I started towards the door as they followed.

"We just wanted to apologize for earlier in the hall. We didn't know that <em>you</em> were Professor Stevenson." Sofia pleaded.

I smiled, "It's okay. I know the students talk. It's just the bitter ones that didn't do well in my class." I closed and locked the door behind them.

I saw Giovanni looking at her schedule confused. She then looked up at me, "You teach Computer for the Arts at 10:15?"

I nodded, "Yes and it's 9:55." 

"I'm in your class. Mind if I walk with you? Maybe we can talk about my work situation." she smiled.

As much as I wanted to say no I couldn't. "Yeah sure."

"Okay. See you around 11:30?" she asked Sofia.

"Yeah just call me!" Sofia answered as she walked the opposite way.

"Your best friend?" I asked as I opened the door for her.

She smiled and nodded, "And roommate. So about my job situation."

I laughed at her eagerness, "Well you can drop your essays off to me in the Learning Center and take your quizzes on Thursday during my hours."

She nodded, "Sounds cool to me." she then began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I asked curious as to what was making her giggle. I hated to admit it, but I loved her giggle.

"Just that you were gonna make me come down here tomorrow for something that didn't even take 5 minutes." she laughed again.

She made me smile, more than I wanted to. I shrugged, "It just seemed easier at the moment."

She shook her head, "Not for me, I have to work tomorrow."

"So where do you work?" I had already asked more questions than I needed to but I just couldn't resist. I wanted to know all that I could about her.

"I work as a stylist in my mother's boutique on Michigan in the South Loop." she answered.

I was impressed, "Sounds exciting."

She nodded, "Most definitely. So what's with all the tattoos? Little excessive for a college professor don't you think?"

I shrugged. No one had asked me that before. This was the first time I didn't have an answer for everything. "I don't know. Being young I guess. I never pictured myself here...or being a teacher for that matter." I opened the door for her.

"That's cool I guess." she answered calmly as if she had no desire to know more.

I was disappointed. I wanted her to ask more so I could too. We were quiet as we walked to the computer lab that the class was in. 

Soon as she walked in, she noticed a guy and took the empty seat next to his computer. I watched her hug and kiss him on the cheek as I logged in to the instructor's computer.

I don't know why, but I felt some type of way by how I saw her act with him. By the end of the class as I watched her walk out with him, I wished it was me. I tried to shake her from my thoughts as I went to go meet Chris for lunch. He was usually the logical one, I'm sure he could help me put her out of my head.

Wow....not gonna lue if chris brown was my teacher I wouldnt fall aslep is hes class :) it RUN IT!!!!

smh teachers these days...
he should be ashamed of himself...
them girls slick!
how can you doze off in class like that?!


Professor Brown

I sat in my classroom, getting all the syllabuses ready for class. Spring semester for college started today and this was my first day here at the Art Institute of Illinois at Chicago. I was an art history teacher. Soon the class began to fill as I sat behind, smiling at the incoming students. I counted 13 students. There were supposed to be 15. It was 8:10. I usually waited until 8:15 to start. I passed out the syllabuses to the students who were present. When nobody else came through my door at 8:15, I began.

“Hello class. Welcome to Art History 1. I am your professor Mr. Brown. Today we won’t be doing much but going over a powerpoint presentation that I’ve created; however, I know that you all got my e-mail Friday about the art assignment. I hope you started on it because it’s due Wednesday. Does anybody actually have it finished?” Nobody raised their hand.

“We do,” a female said as she walked into class with another girl following. “Sorry, we were waiting to get our schedules.” She sat down in the front row.

“And how is it that you got this homework done when you were added today?” I asked.

“We were supposed to be taking this class with another teacher but he’s not teaching this semester so we had to wait today to add your class onto the schedule.” The other girl said. “Anyways, we got the assignment off your website after finding out you were the only teacher teaching the class.” She smiled.

“Late, but with homework.” I smiled back, proud of these two students. “What are your names?” I asked, already having taken attendance.

“Sofia Margueritte,” one said as she took out her essay.

“And I’m Giovanni Monroe,” the other student, who walked in late with her, said. They held out their assignments and I took them.

“What was the assignment on,” another student asked. “Because I didn’t get an e-mail since I was just added to the class today.” A few more students said the same.

“Well, that’s okay. Everybody who does not have the assignment, it’s on my website. Until then, I’ll give you the assignment paper and you all can start on it for the remainder of the class. For those of you who are getting the assignment today, it will be due next Monday. Everybody else, it’s due this Wednesday. Anybody who’s done it already can turn it in right now. Just pass it to the front.” I walked back to my desk to pick up my coffee mug. “Now to my introduction since everyone is here. My biography is in the syllabus; however, I’ll briefly state some points.” I sat on the edge of my desk. “My name is Christopher Brown. I graduated from the University of Virginia. I studied abroad in Athens, Greece and Spain. I am very fluent in Greek, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, and Spanish. I am 26 years old, no kids, and no wife; however I was engaged to a beautiful woman who currently lives in Spain teaching English.”

“Was? Or still is?” Giovanni asked.

“Was,” I nodded and set my cup down.

Sofia smiled. “Do you prefer Mr. Brown or Professor?”

“Either one.” I shrugged. “This is my first time teaching at a college. I use to teach back in Spain for two years, English as well, for elementary students. I studied English in college and Art.”

“What kind of art are you interested in?” Giovanni asked.

“Well, what I teach is not really my taste; however, I do love the history of art and I appreciate those artists. Um, I’m interested in Graffiti. I draw other things. I’m weird,” I chuckled. “I recently did an art show in Los Angeles with a toy maker and we created these cool dolls. You can check it out on my professional art and fashion website. It’s all in the syllabus, my works and everything. But moving on,” I walked around my desk to get the remote control from a drawer. “Let’s get to this presentation so those who were added to my class today can get started on the art assignment.”

“And for those who finished?” Sofia asked with a smirk on her face.

“You gonna let us leave early, right?” Giovanni asked. “I’m not tryna brag, but…we’re the only ones who finished the assignment.”

“I’m not gonna favor anybody because they finished the assignment,” I stated. “And you two were late.”

“Yes, because they were taking all day at the Registration Office.” Sofia said. “The printer was broke and we had to wait for them to fix it and print out our schedules. We’re lucky that we even caught the shuttle bus to make it just a few minutes late.”

“C’mon Mr. Brown,” Giovanni smiled. “We’re not gonna have anything to do. The assignment is due Wednesday.”

“Yes, and I’ll also be talking about the next assignment Wednesday. Maybe you should look that over after I finish the presentation.”

“We skimmed that already.” Sofia giggled. “And started on it.” she bit her bottom lip and stared at me.

I looked at these two students, surprised. They were some damn overachievers. They weren’t slick. “I’ll think about it.” I said as I pressed play on the powerpoint presention and began explaining what we were going to be doing this semester, while referring to future assignments in the packet and talking about the books and field trips. Before I knew it, class was over and people were packing up their things. The two females who tried to get out of class were knocked out sleep, lying their heads on their desks. I grabbed my art book for the class, which was heavier than the student’s book and stood in front of the girls and dropped my book on the floor.

“Huh?” Giovanni jumped up, startled. She rubbed her head and looked around, landing her eyes on me. “What the hell was that?” she looked confused.

I picked up the book and walked away. “Your alarm. Class is over.”

“Sof!” Giovanni began to pack her things. “SOFIA!” she yelled. “Girl, we gotta go! We gotta catch the shuttle bus to our next class!” she pushed her.

“iight,” Sofia mumbled as she slowly sat up and stretched her arms out. “Fck, what time is it?”

“Time to go, btch!” Giovanni stood up, sliding her purse onto her shoulder. “C’mon! Stop lollygagging before I leave your ass!”

“Okay! Damn!” Sofia smiled, glancing at me, and then grabbed her things and shoved them into her purse. “Alright, Mr. Brown. See you Wednesday. Good luck with the rest of your classes. Hope you like it here,” she smiled and followed the other student towards the door.

"BYE MR. BROWN!" Giovanni yelled. "We'll be done with the next assignment by Wednesday!" She laughed as they exited out the class.

I smiled, feeling a tingling sensation run through my body after. I ignored thinking I was just cold. They all finally left and I sat down at my desk. My next class was in ten minutes. Hopefully the next class was better with the homework being somewhat done. And I hope my body wasn't excited from that female student because that would be highly inappropriate for me to have any type of feelings towards that young lady. I tried to focus on something else, but all I could see was her face and body. "Damn!" I slammed my pen down and hurried to the bathroom, locking my class room door and hid in a stall, jerking off. I should be ashamed, but I can't help my desires. And I couldn't be in class with a hard-on. "Nice way to start off your first day," I thought to myself as I washed my hands, shaking my head. I then made my way back to my class, thinking about not thinking of her, my student, Sofia Margueritte.

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