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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


Hmmm she didn't not answer that question (side eye) she bet not be pregnant at least not right now...Sofia and Chris my favorite though she's more affectionate towards Chris while GiGi more protective, but her and Mike's relationship is cute too

I swear I just died reading yo post!!
Lmao but forreal, FU CK TREY!! Hahaha
Let me go start on my add

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

As I drove all I could think about what happened before Giovanni and Mike arrived up at the apartment. It made me smile though because after my ex, I never thought I'd find anyone else and not as quick. Sofia was everything. Doing it all right err night.

"Fck is you smiling about nigga," Mike asked while staring out his window.

"Nothing man," I smiled.

"Tssst," Mike shook his head. "Thinking about Sofia."

"You thinkin bout GiGi too!"

"Just drive man."

"You wanna call me out on what I'm thinkin about! Don't think ionno what you thinking about too!"

"Yeah but i ain't daydreaming bout the sht."

" and mine be goin hard. We was gonna go for a third round in the kitchen but yall niggas walked in nsht!"

"WELP!" Mike laughed. "Good thing we did with yall freaky asses!"

"WE SHO IS!" I laughed with him. "Some real freaks nigga!" We calmed down and went back to talk about little stuff while listening to music. While staring at the road focusing, I have a flashback to earlier.


<em>"I fcking hate you," Sofia says softly while lying on her side with her back to me.

<em>"Why," I asked. My arms were wrapped around her waist and face snuggled in the crevice of her neck. "Because you love me?"

<em>"Because you make me feel so weak right now," she smiles. "This that sht i don't like bae."

<em>"So you don't love me?"

<em>"I luh you Chris."

<em>"Nah you aint hear me correctly," I laughed. "Do you LOVE me?!"

<em>"And you heard me," she smiled. "You ain't deaf!"

<em>"iight be like that then," I began sucking on her neck and slapped her ass, running my hand over her thigh and in between her legs. After caressing her kitty, I stopped and hopped out the bed. "Nah luh me on that sht baby!" I laughed snatching the covers and leaving out the room.

<em>"FCK YOU CHRIS!" she screamed soon coming out after me with my shirt on just as Giovanni and Mike were walking in</em>


We finally made it to Gino's and I pulled up in a parking space. I looked over at my boy and he aint look like he really wanted to get out. He made a long hard sigh while throwing his head back before grabbing the door's handle. I minded mines and got out the car.


Gigi laughed at me as I told her what Trey did to me right before Chris had showed up on the elevator. "Soso how did you let THAT sht happen?! We woulda been up against that muthaf***in wall gettin it!"

"SHUT UP!" I fold my arms over my chest. "Sht is not funny! Trey got me good yo! I hate to love Trey he always know how to get me."

"Damn straight," Gigi smirked. "Trey took yo LIFE btch! He made sure that you was gon miss his ass! Smdh!"

I couldn't help but laugh. It was sad however that was the truth. A damn shame. "But I swear I thought Chris was gone let me go..." I stared down at my nails remember that moment when he walked off the elevator without me. That feeling of possibly losing him because of some complications about how I feel for Trey...ugh. I hated myself for feeling this way.

"b**** please," she rolled her eyes. "You got Chris ass hooked. You not losing that nigga!"

"He asked me if I loved him earlier when we was cuddling," I smiled.

"Wut? And you said..."

"I told him I 'Luh' him but then I think he got mad and teased the f*** outta me!"

"Guh you is getting yo life took!!!" Gigi laughed damn near falling out of the bed. "You are letting these niggas run you! SoSo you gotta get on top of this sht! Especially Chris! Fa real fck Trey. He just mad and whatnot. He can be that and stay mad, stay in lane! You don't want him no more! Boo hoo that nigga gon have to deal! But Chris!! You gotta let his ass know how you feel boo! Fck that old sht. We on some brand new sht. You have to tell Chris SoSo."

"I did tell Chris how I felt on our way back over here. We're on the same level now," I sighed and then thought about how Chris got me earlier. "Oooh, I'm a get his ass back! Chris put it down, half for making me feel better and the other half for making him have to come with me to deal with Trey. GiGi you and Mike might have the apartment tonight. I'm tearing that nigga up on some real sht gon tease me. He done lost his mind!"

"That nigga look like he could go about another round."

"We was bout to til' yall niggas walked in."

"Smh. But you love Chris?"

"The way I felt earlier I felt like I couldn't be without him." I shrug. "So I guess so..."

"It's a yes or no question!"

"IONNO YET!" I smiled. "I wish they'd hurry up with this food tho..."

"So is you pregnant now or sumn," Gigi inquired, "cause the way you keep on talkin bout you hungry nsht..."

"Bish..." I smirked.

"It's a simple yes or no," Gigi shrugged.

I sighed. "So what happened between you and Brandon?" I said getting away from <strong>that</strong> topic. Missing Chris was already enough. I aint need to think about how I wanted more of him at the moment. That s*** he pulled was gon get his ass locked out of heaven. But I was falling for him. I put that on everything, I felt like I was in love.

Finally! lol

yeahhh . ( twiddles fingers )

adding tonight ;D

uh oh .. i don't see this going well at all , knowing damn well she'll be working . Chris better go in and grab that pizza then dip out , leave michael in the car .

Run it!!!!!

need some runs


I laughed as I walked out and met the cool breeze of the night that the Spring had to offer. I walked around the back to the apartment’s parking lot where Michael had moved his car a little earlier. I saw him sitting in his car looking down at his phone while bobbing his head to the obvious heavily bass filled music. I bit my bottom lip and then hopped on the hood of his car. I tossed my hair and laid back on his windshield.

He knocked on the windshield but I didn’t even acknowledge it. I wanted him to get out of the car. It took him a couple minutes, but eventually he got out.

“What you doing?” he asked, still standing on the driver’s side.

I looked over at him and smiled, “Sit with me.”

“What?” he asked while smiling.

Not saying anything, I put my right arm behind my head and looked up at the stars. He’d get the idea soon. After a few more minutes, he sighed and climbed on the car’s hood next to me. I smiled and snuggled up next to him.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” I stated still looking up at the night sky.

I felt him staring right at me, “Yeah, beautiful.”

“Why did you say what you said? You know, earlier.” I finally looked at him.

He sighed deeply and shrugged, “Just because I started thinking about stuff that we never really took into consideration.”


He looked up at the sky, “Just like, I’m ready to settle down and start a family. I’m gonna be 30 in a few years. I got all that room in my house and it’s just me. But you’re 21 going on 22 and you still wanna have fun and party. Which I don’t mind because I like to party to, but you’re not near ready to be a wife or have kids. I just feel like whomever I’m serious with at this point in my life; I should be able to see myself making her my wife. I’m looking for that long term love, not that right now lust.”

“So, you think we have right now lust?” I rose up and asked.

He shrugged, “I don’t know what we have honestly. All I know is how I feel.”

“How do you feel?” I pulled my knees to my chest.

He sat up and put his arm around me, making me lean into him. “I know that I like you enough to see where this could go. I’m not ready to give up yet; I just got a little scared. That’s all.”

I chuckled and pecked his lips. To be honest, I didn’t know how to feel after he told me what he said.

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

I was I too deep already and didn’t even care. I mean sure, I wanted those things but I guess they could wait. Who’s to say that she wasn’t the girl I was supposed to be with anyway?

“Yo, you’re different.” I smiled at her.

She giggled, “Different like 2 Chainz?”

“Haha, naw that nigga too different. But you different from all these basic ass b*tches out here.”

She smiled and looked back up at the sky, “Cool, so you staying the night?”

I shrugged, not really sure if I was up for a sleepover with her roommate and my homie. “I don’t really know. I was thinking bout going home.”

“So you’re staying then, good. I got work tomorrow at 3, so you can just leave out with me.” She slid off the hood of the car.

I laughed and shook my head, “You’re something else. But I like that sh*t.”

“Just come on.” She pulled me off the hood and I wrapped my arms around her as we walked back to her building.

When we got back up to her apartment, I wished that we would’ve chilled downstairs for a little longer. Chris was walking out of what I guess had to be Sofia’s room with nothing but some seats on and then Sofia behind him with his button up shirt on.

“Damn b*tch, really?!” Giovanni exclaimed.

Sofia jumped so hard that I just had to laugh. She clenched her chest where her heart was and tried to catch her breath.

“Yo our bad, we thought y’all were gonna be one for a while.” Chris spoke.

I stayed laughing while Giovanni kept shaking her head. “Just nasty.” She spoke and finally laughed while leading me to her room.

I laid back on the bed while Giovanni looked through her drawers. Sofia suddenly appeared in the doorway, “Y’all hungry?”

“YES!” Giovanni exaggerated

I chuckled at her, “Yeah, I could eat.”

“Yeah man, we hungry too.” Chris stated walking up behind Sofia at the door.

“Soooo, why don’t the boys go get food. We needed to talk anyway.” Giovanni said sitting in her desk chair.

Sofia nodded, “Sh*t, sounds gee to me!”

“Of course it would.” Chris playfully pushed her.

I laughed and stood up, “What y’all got a taste for?”

“I don’t really know.” Sofia answered.

“Pizza!” Giovanni smiled and clapped like a little kid.

“Yeah that does sound good.” Chris nodded and rubbed his stomach.

I shrugged, “I don’t really care.”

“Okay then, but can we get Gino’s?” Sofia said sitting on Giovanni’s lap.

I sighed, knowing which one we had to go to. It was the same one that Nicole worked and Lord knows I was not up for that visit.

“Cool, y’all call it in while we on our way. Just txt us and tell us the name it’s in.” Chris instructed.

“Yup!” both the girls answered.

I walked over and pecked Gi’s lips as Chris followed with Sofia. After that we were out, with Chris driving his car.

run ittt (: ready to see how their relationship goes

yeah, I'm writing right now! lol

gigi girl you gonna add soon?

Love love love Chris

trey shouldn't MAKE her feel like she has to choose . she just has to follow her heart . & i believe chris is it . put it down , chris . show her why you're the better man !!

"Imma put it down, you gone fall in love...if you put it down right.." lol Chris better show her what it is!

Idk if I would've been able to fight off Trey either. Hell, if she let him get the finger in, that should've been her answer right there but maybe that's just me. I just hope Sofia's sure with her decision now.

Lawwwwwwwddd.....I can't deal....I'm sorry....but I would've caved at Trey's.....I...couldn't take that!......

And then here comes Chris with this sexy as s***.....ahhhhhh!


Tears streamed down my face as I couldn't control my emotions. "I'm sorry," I say in a raspy voice. Staring into his eyes, I could just see the pain of heartbreak. "I'm so sorry..."

"Sofia, you don't even <em>know</em> him," Trey tilts his head to the side, staring into my eyes and holding my hands. "You don't know that man," he steps closer. "He's not worth what we have, baby. Can't you see that? Baby," he asks while searching my eyes and wiping my tears away. "don't do this to me."

I stared up at Trey thinking about it, even though I shouldn't have been. We were both hot from standing so close together and it was intense. Damn those eyes of his, hypnotizing me Nsht. Just as he was about to lean in I smack his hands from my face. It'd been four minutes. If I stayed too long, Chris would be here and whoopin Trey's ass no questions asked. I couldn't have that. I hadn't told Trey who this new guy was, but he suspected Chris either way. So I finally admitted to it.

"Baby," Trey called with tears welling up in his eyes, "stay. Fck him. You don't need him. You <stsrong>want</strong> him. Don't make this mistake, Sofia. I'm telling you that you should be with me, need to be with me."

I inhaled so hard that I felt like I was about to faint from all the thoughts bum rushing my head and the constant crying. But I backed away damn near sobbing and then turned on my heels to hurry to the elevator pressing the down button repeatedly. I couldn't be here right now. I had to leave. I had to go before Trey comforted me like usual. And he knows I can't resist... Suddenly I gasped and then let out a soft moan as Trey had came up behind me and slipped his hand down my pants and began to rub my clit. He removed my hair from the right side of my neck and started kissing my neck.

"Nooo," I let out trying to remove his hand, but every time he stuck his finger in my pussy causing me to gasp. "Trey!"

"Say my name baby," Trey mumbled against my neck as he removed his hand and placed both on my waist turning me around to kiss me passionately. With all the ump he put in the kiss, he pulled out of it but left his lips against mine. "I know you know that," he mumbled, "I love you, Sofia. I hate to see you choose him over me. You'll see that you should've chose me." he licked his lips angry and walks back down the hall.

I stare after him. How he gone do that sht! ...Okay, so I see why he did that sht. Ugh! I hated him. Now I'm wet Nsht gotta leave with Chris and then he be trying sht, but probably not in the car. Give me some time to clean myself up. FCK! The elevator doors finally opened. Shockingly, but kind of expected, Chris was on it.

"You good," he asks staying on the elevator.

"Yeah," I nod and walk on. Standing by his side with my back against the elevator he moves in front of me and looks down at my face. "What," I ask looking away from him at someone getting on.

Chris fixed my hair, putting his hand around my neck where Trey had just kissed it. Good thing I wiped that off though. He kissed my cheek and then near my mouth. Nigga was scaring me. the fck was he doing though, tryna fck in the elevator? No... it was deeper than that. He knew some sht happened. I'm in some deep water now. My ass can't lie worth a damn especially if Trey knew I broke up with him for more than the explanation I gave him.

"Chris," I tried to say as the doors to the lobby had been opened for a few seconds.

He sighs and backs away from me, turning his back. Now this was odd as fck, he usually takes my hand and leads me. But it was like he was leaving me behind on the elevator. "Maybe you should stay here...with him," he stopped in between the elevator doors with his back to me and hands in his pocket. "I don't want to pull you away from something you obviously can't let go. It's tearing you apart, babe."

FCKKKK ME! They stay calling me 'Baby & babe'! That's what makes it worse! So bad, just that one fckn word! I can let go of Trey! Fck Trey! Tf Trey got on Chris? Not a damn thang! ...maybe a few things- I shook my head and cleared my throat getting out of my thoughts. "Chris," I walk up to him and place my hands on his lower back, then wrapping them around his waist and laying my forehead on his upper back, "This is my decision."

"Are you sure that you want to be with me?" He looks over his shoulder.

"Yes," I answer in a soft voice, barely above a whisper. "I do want to be with you..." But I need to be with Trey, I thought. That caused me to close my eye to keep the tears from falling out. "Let's just go, okay?"

"Alright," he says chewing on his bottom lip. "C'mon," he pulled his hand out of his pocket and removed my hands. I walked around him and grabbed his hand walking towards the doors exiting the building. Chris opens my door and I step in watching his every move after he slams the door.

<strong>(Professor Brown)</strong>

I stood by the passenger door thinking. For some reason knowing that I'm a great person, the best boyfriend to her...I couldn't understand why she chose me over him. I know I think I'm the better choice and he ain't got sht on me. But if it was causing her so much pain, then why was she hurting herself?

I walk around the hood and get in on the driver's side. Before starting the ignition, I stare at Sofia placing my hand under her chin turning her face to me. "Give me 2 reasons why you chose me over him?"

Sofia stared back at me with a confused expression upon his face. She shifted her eyes down to her fumbling hands and then out the window at his building. "Because..." she breathed in and then out. "I just feel're better for me. You know what you want. You're not afraid to show me that you care. You don't hide sht from me. Your feelings are always out there, since the start and..." she exhaled looking over at me.

I cut her off to give her a kiss and then peck those pretty lips a few times causing her to smile. "That was more than 2 babe," I put my seat belt on reminding her to put hers on and then drove off into traffic. While on the way to her apartment, I saw her text messaging. Probably Giovanni.

"I'm probably gonna be a while," Sofia says while I pulled up to her building. "You might want to park."

"iight," I speed around the building and park in the back. We get out and hurry in through the back door. We head towards the front to take the elevators up to her apartment. As we approached the elevator its doors were opening and Mike was walking off with Giovanni giggling and smiling. "Tf y'all going?"

"Outside," Giovanni smirks. "Mind ya bidness, Mr. Brown!" she giggled.

I smirked. "Sweetheart, don't do me, iight! I'll give yo ass a quick F minus! think I'm playin guh!"

"Nigga yo country ass," Mike shook his head and walked on. "We out dis btch tryna get some fresh air man. Gigi, I'm a get the car."

"Okay," Giovanni says and then looks at us. "Girl, we'll talk later. I ain't think he was ready to go yet."

"It's cool," Sofia shrugs.

"iight," she smiles and heads towards the doors. "BYE Y'all!"

"See yo lame ass later," I joked.

"BOOBOO PLEASE, WITH YO WEAK ASS HOMEWORK," she yelled before opening the door. "I COULD FINISH THE WHOLE SEMESTER IN LESS THAN A WEEK," she threw her middle finger up and walked out.

Sofia snickered as we got on the elevator. I stared at her, "Fck is you laughing at?" I stood in front of her after pressing the number to her floor. "Hm?" She shook her head no and stared up at me with her hands behind her back. "My homework weak, baby?"

"No," she grins. "It's challenging...a little bit."

"What!" I laugh. "Well I see I'm a have to do something about that, once again."

"Mm hm," she nods.

I scrunch up my eyebrows. Oh she don' wanna talk to me? "You better not start acting up," I warned her.

"Or else..." she raised one eyebrow.

"Or else..." I lean over her with my hand placed on the wall above her head, "I'm a have to teach you a lesson."

"But how am I supposed to learn tho," she pushed pass me, "when yo sht weak son?" she laughs and runs off the elevator.

I clear my throat and turned around to walk off the elevator. I could tell she was tryna laugh to keep from crying, but I had a feeling I wasn't about to give her the regular dck. She was about to get a special delivery tonight. Fck that bullsht. I'm sure Trey told her that 'she don't even know me'. Nah, never that. Some people meet each other and know that person is the one. With that said, ain't no regrets here. Ain't no mistakes. I know what the fck I'm doing and Sofia is about to find out just how wrong Trey is for her for real. Nigga wanna get real have my baby crying Nsht. I was about to dive in deeper than he ever has gone. I was about to put my name on it for good.

idk how i feel about all this . trey & brandon really just need to back off . i'm just nervous about if anyone finds out about them .

SMFcknH <em>cool out</em>, nigga wuh?
over a text mafcka? i think not!
that nigga tried it! fck outta here lol

Run It

I love this story soo much <3 ...just sayin' ^_^


I was taking a shower, getting ready to go to dinner with Michael. Right when I was rinsing off, the shower curtain was snatched open causing me to jump a little. Startled, I turned around to see an angry Michael holding my phone.

“Babe, what the hell?! You scared the sh*t outta me!” I exclaimed, ignoring his irate mood.

He looked at my phone and then back at me, “Just thought you should know that your <em>friend</em> wants to know if he can come over tonight and <em>talk</em>.” He sat my phone down on the sink. “Like he really wanna talk. What he gotta come over for to talk? You know what, f u ck what I said in the car. This nigga is doing too much.”

I turned the water off and grabbed a towel, “Babe--”

“No Giovanni, this sh*t ain’t cool. What nigga wants to go over the house of a girl he been fckn with to <em>not</em> fck?! That sh*t is impossible!” he vented.

Grabbing the towel around me I looked at him, “How do you know we fckd? So I’m just out here fckn niggas?” I know I had fckd Brandon, and damn good might I add, but I never told Michael that. But by this time, I didn’t even care. This argument was a joke to me.

“I’m not saying that, but I know you <em>f u cked</em> a nigga or not! Its all in how he felt so comfortable to have his arm around you, the way he was looking at you, whispering in yo ear. I know what the fck that sh*t mean. Y’all fckd, he liked it, and he wants to do it again.” He ranted before taking a seat on the closed toilet lid.

I walked over to him and stood between his legs. Instinctively, he gripped my hips firmly. I cupped his face to make him look at me, “Hey, calm down baby okay? Yes, me and him fckd once. But he knows that we won’t again.”

“How does he know that? Y’all talked about that? You actually sat him down and said ‘look, we not gon fck no more’, huh? Did you?” he shot back.

I bit my bottom lip, “No, but--”

He cut me off, “Ain’t no but.” He pushed me back gently and got up, leaving out of the bathroom.

I didn’t like where this was going at all. He didn’t trust me and he damn sure didn’t trust Brandon. I really didn’t need this in my life right now. Maybe mending things with Brandon was a bad idea. But I had feelings for him and I couldn’t stand the fact of him being mad at me. Now it seems having Brandon not mad at me only made Michael upset with me. I just couldn’t win. I guess this is what they meant by having your cake and eating it too. Michael was damn sure making me eat that muhfcka.

“Michael…” I called as I walked out of the bathroom and into his bedroom to see him grabbing my overnight bag and taking it out of the room. “What are you doing with my bag?” I followed him.

He sat it down by the door, “You wanted to go back to your place earlier and I didn’t listen. So now, I’m taking you. That way your <em>friend</em> can come over and <em>talk</em>.”

“Will you just let it go already?! You making it seem like I set it up or some sh*t! I hadn’t even <em>seen</em> the message until you came huffin and puffin in there!” I argued as I pointed back towards the room. I continued before he could say anything, “I’m here with <em>you</em>. When I’m here with you, all I’m thinking about is you, and all who I wanna be with is you. I’m not worried about no other niggas, about what they doing, or anything. Just you. But if you want me to leave so badly, let me put on some clothes and we can go.” I stood there, waiting for his response.

He stared at me for what seemed like forever. He then grabbed my bag, “I’ll be waiting in the car while you get dressed.”

My mouth dropped open. I was so fckn shocked I didn’t know what to do! Was he really putting me out over a stupid ass txt message? That sh*t ain’t even mean anything. I probably wouldn’t have even replied if I was really at home, let alone with Michael. If I didn’t have half a mind I swear I would’ve cried right there. Instead, I watched him walk out and I went into the room and put back on my clothes I wore to school earlier.

I was calling Sofia while I was getting dressed to see if she was at home, so that I could talk to her when I got there, but no answer. I sucked it up and grabbed my school bag and walked out of the house and to his car.

The car ride was silent all the way from his home out south to me and Sofia’s apartment up north. He took Lakeshore Drive most of the way, I guess to kill time so he wouldn’t change his mind. He hadn’t even looked at me until we pulled up to our destination.

“See you later.” He said and then looked at me plainly.

I couldn’t even say anything. I was so mad, but more so hurt that he could let something so little affect us like it did. I just got out and grabbed my bag out of the back seat, slamming the door when I was done. I got up the steps and to the main door before I felt myself being turned around.

I was met by lips. His lips. So warm, smooth, and tender. I dropped my bag and wrapped my arms around his neck. He parted my lips with his wet cool tongue. Sending me through the roof with his tongue theatrics, I was like putty in his hands. I had never been kissed like this before. It was so full of passion and lust; I could’ve had an orgasm off this kiss alone. I never wanted this to end! And when it did, we were breathless.

<STRONG>Professor Stevenson</strong>

We stood there arms wrapped around each other, breathing each other’s air, in pure bliss. Right there on the front porch of her building for everyone to see. The sun had barely gone down and paired with the luminescent glow of the light hanging right above the door, anyone could’ve easily spotted us.

“I have to go.” I spoke, freeing my neck from her grasp.

She only grabbed my arm instead, “No, you just can’t leave. Not after a kiss like that. Stay…<em>please</em>?”

What was I doing? I was feeling this girl too much. Way more than I had ever planned and too soon. We were too comfortable with each other already. The whole drive over here I couldn’t figure out why I was so pissed in the first place. She was 21, she was supposed to be talking to more than one guy, having fun, and breaking hearts. Here I was 27, ready to settle down and start a family. I couldn’t possibly put that burden on her.

“No, I can’t stay. Maybe we need to just, cool out. We’re moving really fast and we never really thought about….well, anything.” I regretted everything as soon as it left my mouth.

She crossed her arms and replaced a lustful look with a more pissed off one, “What?”

“I’m sorry.” Was all I could manage to muster and it still was the wrong thing to say.

Her eyes widened and her hands moved to her hips, “Are you playing with me right now? You gotta be playing because I know you just wouldn’t say some stupid sh*t like that to me after you completely went off on me about another nigga wanting to kick it with me. Practically kicked me out of your house for the night, drove me all the way home, only to fck me through a kiss right on the front porch of the building, to fckn tell me that we need to <em>cool out</em>? This is not serious and I will not take it seriously at all.” She picked up her bag and opened the door, waiting for me to speak or either walk through it.

What <em>could</em> I say? She made everything sound so stupid. Like nothing that was done was taken serious. Did she even care that I was mad about dude? Did she even care that I kicked her out and brought her home? I had no idea, but this was the moment I had to make an important decision. I was either gonna walk through that door and spend the night with my lady, or walk away and drive off on the best thing that has happened to me in a while. The answer seemed quite simple. But it wasn’t <em>that</em> simple, not with high stake risks involved. Was she even worth it? Did I really want to cool out? Or was I gonna let the fires of spring catch me?

“Well?” she stood there.

F u ck it, I’ll burn. I jogged up the few steps and walked in the door after her and followed her upstairs to her apartment. I'm a Trey lover...this is no secret...and when I was reading that add I could literally see him staring at her with those beautiful brown eyes and damn it I almost broke down myself....

Sof does need to tell him the truth he can move on....That alpha male thing Chris has going on is sexy AF!!!! s*** is about to get realllll ugly tho....real ugly.

I love that Chris is so manish!! lol
& Trey dude....idk what to say
but Sof you really gotta doozy coming
Call me if you need me lmao


I sat in the main hallway listening to Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar featuring Drake while waiting on class to start when someone snatches my headphones off. I was so into the music that I didn't notice Trey standing over me.

"Well goddamn!" I look him up and down. "F u ck is yo problem son?!" I snatch my headphones back and check my phone for the time. Five minutes left until my last class.

Trey stared at me with sincere eyes, no smile on his face. "I'm not in the mood for any jokes. I'm not laughing and I'm...serious about us having a real relationship, Sof. It's why I asked you to be my girl. I really wanted something more than sex. If we just tried..."

"Tremaine Aldon-"

"No," he cut me off stepping forward now standing less than an inch away from me. His lips were so close and tempting and his eyes were doing something to me, hypnotizing me to where I couldn't do anything but stare back into his intense eyes. "You gave up on us, and I'm going to find out why. So tell me. Be honest with me, Sofia. I don't want that bulls*** answer. You obviously have found someone else so if that's the case, then just tell me and I'll be on my merry way. You won't have to be bothered with me again. honest with me, please."

Feeling my heart begin to beat slightly different than to the song it was before, I knew I was falling for Trey's looks, right now. For what we had, our friends with benefit relations before the start of a real relationship. He had something that Chris couldn't give me right now and that was chemistry.

Before I could tell my truth, Chris cleared his throat standing in his classroom's doorway. Trey rolled his eyes and continued to stare at me. I looked down licking my lips fumbling my fingers not knowing if I should even say anything.

"Sofia," Trey cupped my chin with his hand as he searched my eyes for an answer. "Please babe."

From my peripheral I could see Chris clenching his teeth wanting to jump in and say something, not giving a flying fck about what anybody thought. However, I knew if he did say anything he'd get into with Trey and they'd fight. Then, Chris would lose his job and Trey would get kicked out of school.

Tears well up in my eyes feeling confused. Why did my heart have to be so complicated. My lips were stuck closed, body frozen, and mind running loose with all kinds of truths, lies, and excuses. This was taking too long. Maybe I should just walk away from here. But then Trey would probably follow me not caring if he missed his last class or if we missed it together.

I turn to gather my things, glancing up at Chris as he disappeared into his classroom closing the door behind him. Trey grabbed my bag off the floor and handed it to me. "Thank you," I whisper as I took it making sure not to look at him.

"Why are you crying, Sof?" he says following behind me. "Stop and talk to me. It can't be that hard. Just say <em>something</em>," he begged. "Please baby."

I inhaled and exhaled wiping my tears away trying not to let this get the best of me. Maybe I was wrong for breaking up with Trey this fast to be with Chris. I barely even knew him, but everything felt so right about him. I hated being indecisive. This is the sht I had to deal with. Feeling guilty and regretting stuff. Making myself believe that everything is my fault. The feeling of constantly screwing up. The mistakes of my life. Not following my heart, not listening to my gut. The feeling of being lost and found.

Before walking into my class that was far from Chris', Trey grabbed me by the arm, pulling me out of the doorway and then to the side. He pushes me up against the wall. "Look at me," he demands.

"I have to get to class," I say with a raspy voice. "I'm late."

"Then we'll talk about this later," he grabs my waist and kisses my cheek, "face to face. Okay," he turns my face so that I could look at him.

I sigh and nod so he could leave me alone. "Yes. Later, Trey."

"Alright," he placed his hands on the side of my face and kissed me. I couldn't deny him, his irresistible passion for me. Trey gives me another kiss on the cheek along with a hug and walks away. "See you later."

I close my eyes, standing in the hallway for a minute and then walk into class trying to figure out what would even happen from here on out. But I knew one thing, Chris was going to ask me what happened and I'd have to tell him the truth.

<strong>(Professor Brown)</strong>

It angered me to see Trey so close to Sofia, and I could tell she was debating with herself whether she wanted to do something with him or not, probably just talk. There was a conflict, but that sht was about to get handled. Walking down the steps into the parking lot, I could see Sofia sitting in my car. As I got closer, I realized she was sleep with my snapback on lowered over her face and my jacket over her torso.

I gently kiss her lips and watch her eyes flutter open. Looking into her pretty brown eyes made me smile. "Hey baby. You okay," I ask sitting up straight in my seat and closing my door.

"Not really," she says in a soft voice. Half of it was tired and the other half was sad. "Can you take me back to my apartment?"

"What," I glance at her while starting the ignition. "Why babe? I wanted to take you out tonight."

Sofia removes my jacket from over her and puts the seat belt on. "I just...I want to be alone for a little bit," she looks out the window. "And I'm really tired baby," she yawns covering her mouth.

"Whatever you want," I drive out of the parking space following the arrows out of the lot. "But tell me if it's about Trey. Is he the reason why you're acting like this?"

She stared down at her hands as she fixed my jacket back over her. "He did want to talk to me later," she told me the truth.

"Why couldn't he tell you what he had to say while you were at school? Why can't y'all just talk over the phone?" I glance at her.

"He's just that type of person," she shrugs. "He doesn't like to discuss things over the phone. He likes to talk in person."

"Y'all don't have s*** to discuss unless it's about a class project," I snapped soon realizing what I had just said. "Look, I trust you. So if you need to talk to him to get him off your back, then go ahead." I stare at the road. "But I still want to go out tonight so make it quick. I'll even drop you off and stay downstairs in the car if you'd like while you talk to him."

She nods at me, agreeing that I give her a ride to his place. So this meant I'll be at her apartment until that time came. Not a fckn problem. If she thinks that she needs me close to her so she can get out if he tries anything, then I'll be there. Enough Said.

"Can I be honest with you," Sofia asks staring at me.

"Yes, you can." I say grabbing her hand and setting ours over the middle compartment as I drove with my left hand. "You can tell me anything."

"Trey...he, um..." she sighs and stares at me. I could see her being hesitant from my peripheral. "He kissed me while talking earlier before class."

My jaws clenched tightly as I caressed the back of her hand with my thumb. "Does he know about us? Is that why he did it, because he's jealous?" I ask while coming to a red light and glancing at her. She looks ahead at the cars in front of us shaking her head no. "I don't want you going to talk to him then."

"But it's why i'm going to tell him that I'm in a relationship with someone."

"Why was it so hard for you to tell him in school?!"

"Emotions overwhelmed me and I," she gulped shrugging, "it was so hard because I know he'll keep trying even knowing that I'm with someone else. He won't give up. He fell in love me sometime this year and never told me," she says. "I just know he did and he's not saying it! It's why he's so passionate now about me, I guess! The way he was staring at me... He's not gonna let me go."

I drove off again, even angrier now knowing this. I interlaced our fingers and pulled both arms up so I can kiss the back of her hand. Trying to find the words to answer her statement, there was only one thought that came to mind. "Is he there now?"

"What," she breaks her neck to look at me.

"Is your ex at his place so we can go over there and tell him that you're mine?" I repeat, glaring at the road as if it was Trey. He really was trying it. What they had was nothing to what I was going to put into a true relationship. What they had was most likely just lust. Friends with benefits. And you can't turn that into love, not in my opinion. And if I judged this man correctly, he just couldn't let go of her bomb ass pussy. He wanted it for himself, but that's too bad because he got another muthaf***in' thing coming. "Hm," I glance at Sofia.

"He should be," she gulped hard. "Chris-"

"Nah," I lick my lips, "he wants to talk to you, then he can talk to you while I'm there by your side as your man. Simple as that," I decide.

Sofia sighed, holding her forehead in her hand as she stared out of the window. We made our way to his place in silence. I changed my mind figuring I wouldn't go up with her just yet. But if she wasn't back down in five minutes, then I was going up. Before getting out the car, Sofia called to let Trey know that she was on her way into the building. I watched as she got out and headed inside. She gave me Trey's apartment number so if she took longer than expected...nigga was gon learn today.

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