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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


damn 10 pages
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lol i did all 10 pages!

lol i did all 10 pages!

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i love this story!
I tried to stop reading it and
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I love chris and mike they're
so cute tryna stay professional

Lmao these niggas.
Run it!

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

I walked out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my waist. I stopped to look in the mirror, rubbing my abs and making faces. I laugh at myself and continue into the bedroom. My phone rang and I picked it up off the dresser, answering it. "Sup nigga," I lay back on the bed.

"Yo, my man you get an e-mail back from Sofia?" Mike asks.

I smile and get up walking over to my computer desk and take a seat. I pull up my yahoo account to see a new e-mail from, "Yeah. I just got it."

"What it say," he snickers.

"She wrote," I began to read it, "To Mr. Think-You-Slick Brown-"

Mike busted up laughing, "Ahhhh, no she didn't?!"

"Yes she did. Lemme finish reading it. Subject: Le Art Show / Date - yeah i peeped yo game..."

"Wow, she see straight through yo ass."

"Shut up, man!" I grin. "Okay um, she wrote: <em>My roomie Giovanni was invited out by Mr. Stricter-Than-A-Muthasucka Stevenson, and so I GUESS I'm going. So see you there.</em>"

Mike was on the other end busting up laughing. "Ah sht, ah sht, ah sht! That girl is crazyyy! She quiet af in my class, thought. What she like in your class?"

"She smart as hell man. And I don't mean brains, I mean mouthwise. But she is intelligent."

"Giovanni is, too," Mike huffed. "But aye I was just calling to see if you was getting ready and what's gonna happen after we get through this art show?"

"Well, I'm going to Mr. Greeks! So um er uh...ionno what yo ass gonna be doing!" I smile.

"Man, guess I'll see when the time comes. Bye nigga," he hangs up.

I shake my head and get dressed in a white button up, black slacks and suede shoes and grabbed my leather jacket. I checked myself out in the mirror and then sighed. I called Mike back. "Yo nigga what you wearing?!"

"NIGGA!" Mike yelled. "Are you legit calling me right now on some high school sht like we girls?!"


"Man, sumn DECENT! I don't go to no damn art shows! I should be asking yo ass that question! f*** off my line nigga. I gotta get fly," he hangs up.

I laugh, bending over as I clapped my hands. Then I stood up and sighed and took off what I had on and threw on a black tanktop putting a black long-sleeved shirt over that, some blue jeans, black sneakers, my gold watch, and put my wallet in my back pocket. I grab my red jacket and headed out.

I left my car in it's parking spot and got on the 157 Taylor bus headed East. It'd take a while heading from coming out West to get to Halsted St. and then get on the Halsted bus heading south, but I'd make it to the art gallery before they would, hopefully if Sofia and Giovanni were really coming.


"SOFIA COME THE FCKS ON BTCH!" Gigi yelled. "How many outfits you gon try on?!"

"I FOUND THE ONE!" I said trying on a black bralet that pushed my boobs up and wore high-waisted red shorts with gold decoration on the back pockets plus black Jordans. My hair was tied up in a slick bun and I wore red lipstick already so all I needed to do was get my purse.


"BTCH I DOUBT THE NIGGA WOULD TAKE MY ASS TO MCDONALDS! HE KNOW IM WORTH MORE THAN THAT!" I grab a gold clutch purse making sure I had all my ID, keys, and money in it.

"OKAY LIKE WHAT, MR. GREEKS!" she laughed.



I smile as I check myself out in the long body mirror on the back of my door before I walked out and smiled. Then i walked out of my room to see Gigi in her outfit. I smirked as I came to a stop folding my arms over my chest. "You talm bout me, btch I'm a fashionista just tryna look good, fck you mean! Now what the hell you got on?! Lookin' all good for Mr. Stevenson, bet!" I roll my neck and stare at her, waiting for an answer while she half-smiled looking down at her outfit.


So I was in the middle of my second Long Island iced tea, laughing and joking with Mr. Stevenson, when my phone rang. I looked at it and saw Sofia’s contact picture.

“Oh sh*t!” I answered it, “Excuse me. Hello?” I started to gather my things to leave, knowing that she’d be upset that I wasn’t waiting on her.

“Where the hell are you?” she stated annoyed.

I sighed, “I’m like literally on my way right now. I’ll be there in 5 minutes just stand outside.”

“But no really, where are you?” she asked again.

I looked at Mr. Stevenson as he paid for our drinks, “Ummm I’ll tell you when I pick you up. Love you, bye!” I hurried off the phone.

“Boyfriend?” Stevenson asked as he held the door open.

I looked at him like he was crazy, “Why do you always think that I have a boyfriend or I’m talking to my boyfriend? That’s really annoying.” I started walking back where I parked my car at a fast pace.

“My bad.” He stated defeated as he walked behind me.

I sighed as I stopped to look back at him, “It was Sofia. I was supposed to pick her up from work at 8. She hates when I’m late. I’m never late.” I grabbed his hand, “Now come on!”

He began to laugh as we ran, “You legit as hell for running in them heels though!”

I stopped at my car, “Naw you just been hanging around the wrong chicks.”

“Oh, is that so?” he looked down at our hands, still locked together.

I quickly let his hand go, “Yup, well thanks for drinks! Next time they’re on me buddy.” I patted his shoulder and walked around to the driver’s side.

“Ohhhh the pat on the shoulder and the ‘Buddy’ card, okay.” He chuckled.

I looked at him confused, “But we are buddies.”

“True.” He stood there.

I got in my car, “I’ll see you next week in class!”

“Wait!” he jogged around to my side of the car and stood in my door as he leaned down to face me.

I looked at him waiting for him to start talking. I honestly had no time for this, because he was making me later and later. I’m glad that the weather was nice or Sofie would’ve been mad pissed.

“Um, Chris…Mr. Brown, invited me to this art show on Halstead tonight. I think it would be good for you to go. I mean, since you’re in his art class and everything.” He spoke awkwardly.

I looked at him, trying not to laugh because I knew he was trying. “Are you going?”

“I’m not really sure yet. Other than the art, I don’t really have a good reason to go.” He awkwardly implied.

I smirked, “Hmm, I’ll talk to Sofia. Maybe she knows about it. She ran into him this morning while he was jogging.” I shrugged, “We might go. We like art.”

“Oh, cool. Maybe I’ll see you two there.” He smiled as he closed me car door.

I smiled as I started my car, “Maybe. Hanks for the drinks again.”

“No problem. Tell Ms. Sofia I said hello.” He stepped away from the car.

I nodded and sped off. Dipping and dodging threw traffic, I made it to her in 4 minutes. She was standing right outside so she hopped in and we were on our way home.

When we finally made it inside our apartment, she let the questions fire. “so why were you late?”

“Ummmm…” I trailed off as I went into the kitchen to get some water.

She followed me, “Ummm what hoe?! You know I hate staying after with Shad there.”

“OMG! Shut up, I wasn’t even 10 minutes late!” I whined as I went into my room.

Sofia stood at my door, “No, I’m not letting this go until you tell me what was more important that picking up your friend from work. You’re never late Gigi.”

“I was with Mr. Stevenson okay?!” I blurted while standing in the middle of my room.

She looked at me, “B*tch what?”

“He came to the boutique, told me he couldn’t help being attracted to me. I told him it would be inappropriate so he offered to be friends. Then he asked me to drinks after I got off, and I had an hour to kill so there! You happy?!” I took a breath as I plopped on my bed.

She looked at me and then cracked a smile, “Oooooohhh!! I’m telling Brandon!”

“I swear b*tch, I will tell Trey about this morning after he left!” I threatened.

She came and sat by me, “Damn b*tch why you gotta be like that?”

We both laughed and laid back across my bed.

“So I have to tell you about how Mr. Brown popped up at the Water Tower today.” Sofia started.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “Oh Lord, he starting to pop up everywhere. Call that nigga whack a mole!”

We both laughed and she continued to tell me the whole story.

“Damn, Soso that’s crazy. He asked yo ass out likeamf yo!” I laughed.

She sat up, “I know!”

“But lowkey though, Mr. Stevenson asked me to the same art gallery. I think we should go.” I got up and went to my closet to see what I would wear.

She looked at me, “What?!”

“We should go! Go pick out something sexy, it starts at 10.” I smiled at her.

gigi i'm ready for
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I really like this story... I'm mad that I read it so fast..

I really like this story... I'm mad that I read it so fast..

He wants her baddddddddd......and she wants him too. I mean...I don't see what the big deal is....well...besides the fact that she's in a relationship with Trey..... :(

Sofia need to stop playing and go head with Mr.Brown she acting like she wasnt dying over him a couple days ago lol...Run it!


I walked down to the cafeteria inside the Water Tower Place to get something to eat like every other day. I stood at the pizza place in line when someone taps me on my shoulder. I turn around to see Mr. Brown. I roll my eyes, smiling. "Oh lord... It's you."

"What're you doing here?" he smiles.

I swear I saw him licking his lips and glancing at my ass from the corner of my eye. "Getting me some lurnch, that's what."

"Did I hear you wrong or did you really just say 'some lurnch?" he chuckles.

"Nah, you heard right!" I laughed. "I'm gettin' me a slice of pizza before I go back to work while on my lurnch break."

"Oh, you work here?"

"Yupz," I nod. "Up at Footlocker."

"Hm," he says, chewing on his lip as he stared at the menu. "How long is your break?"

I smile and step up in line. "Like 15 minutes..."

"Can I sit and talk with you?" he asks, leaning to the side so he could look at me as I stood with my back to him. "Miss Sofia."

I saw that bright ass smile. Sht Got Damn! Why he had to be so fcking sexy! Fine! Hell, the nigga was a greek god! I mean just beautiful! "Uh...I guess." I smile and order the regular. I get my food and then find a near by seat.

"Can you help me, please?" he asks staring at me.

I get back up and grab some of his shopping bags and take them to a table. "I see you splurging! Where ya girl at?" I ask.

He smiles as he comes sits down with the rest of his bags and food. "She's out there in the world somewhere...lookin for me," he smiles.

I lick my lips with eyebrows raised and then look down at my pizza. "Oh word?"

"Mm hm," he says taking a bite out of his pizza with mushrooms and green peppers and everything else.

I grimace at the sight of all that extra stuff. " actually like all that stuff on your pizza?"

"What? It's good as hell!"

I shake my head and take a bite of my cheesy cheese pizza. "Bleh..."

"Bleh?" he licks his lips and picks up his pizza. "Here, try it..." he holds out his slice.

I shake my head no. "Nah, I'm good. That's no thanks, anyway."

"Taste it, man. It's really good, I swear. Got all the flavors to compliment it besides just the plain ass cheese! TASTE IT!" he demands.

I poke my lips out not wanting to. "I don't wanna," I look away.

He cuts a piece off that he hadn't bitten and puts it on my place. "You gon' taste it, Sofie! It's good girl!"

I stare at him for a minute. Did he seriously just call me Sofie like I gave him the right to call me by nickname?! I sigh, giving up and taste a little bit of the pizza he gave me. "Hmm..."

"It's good ain't it?!" he stares at me.

I lick my lips to get some cheese that was hanging off and look down at my plate. "It's iight."

"Nah this is da bomb, baby. Fire," he smiles and continues to gobble all his food down. I go back to eating my pizza as he starts to talk. "How old are you?"

I wanted to snap on him for getting out of line and calling me 'baby' but I just stayed cool. "I'm 21."

"Oh ok," he nods. "You still going to that art gallery tonight?"

"ionno. Depends how I feel after I get off of work, or if Gigi feel like going."

"Well...if she doesn't wanna go...would you care if we went?"

"Like...why would WE go, though?" I tilt my head, smiling.

He stares at me, grinning. "Cause man! As a teacher..and a student going to look at art, fellow associates who both enjoy the same interest."

"Mmmm," I think about it and look away.

"Lemme get that for you," he reaches across the table and wipes something off the side of my face with his thumb. "Had a lil...sumn" he says.

I stare at him, surprised. "...thanks." I finish eating my pizza. I check the time and I only had 1 minute left. "I gotta go."

"Alright. I'll walk you there." he gets up the same time as me, grabbing my plate and cup to throw it away with his. He comes back to grab his bags and we get on the escalators heading back to the 5th floor of the mall. "So can you e-mail me? If're friend doesn't want to go?"

"I guess," I shrug. It would be too inappropriate if he got my number. Kind of inappropriate still to be e-mailing, couldn't hurt. "Can I ask you a question?"


"You legit don't have a girlfriend or aren't married?!"

"Yes, I'm single." he smiles.

"Females must be blind cause uh! You uh..." I let my word fade. "They are...passin' up on a young, decent, working man!"

"Decent?" he yanks his head back. "You ain't say I was decent when I was jogging earlier!"

I smile and straight ahead as we arrived on the 5th floor. He walked me to Footlocker and gave me a quick hug, which I was not expecting. "Uh...see you..tonight maybe."

"Yeah, maybe." He then grins and picks his bags back up, "You know what? I think I might get me a few shoes!"

"Aw hell..." I watch him walk into my job. I raise my upper lip, making it tremble. I go inside and head to the cash register where Shad was working. "Tupac's back!" I smile as I bumped him out the way after he finished up with a customer.

"And you 3 minutes late," he winks at me. "But I'm a let it slide."

"You ain't gettin' back with me so can just dock my pay booboo. Sorry you gets no love no more. Cause ion need no drama in my life."

Shad laughs and shakes his head as he walks out onto the floor to help some other customers. Mr. Brown constantly glanced at me as he checked out the shoes. I knew he didn't want to buy anything. He soon left and I sighed in relief; however, I kind of had a gut feeling I'd be e-mailing him later. But hopefully Gigi was resting it up while I worked cause it'd be super weird going out with him. I already felt like it was a sneak date Mr. Brown was trying to get in. I didn't know man, but Shad was working my damn nerves steady joking around. We were the only two working today. Time needed to hurry up so I could get off work and go home.

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where the hell is soso??


“Whhhyyy are you leaving me?” I whined as Brandon pecked my lips repeatedly, trying to leave.

He chuckled, “Because, I have to work. You’re gonna make me late!”

“Soooo?” I smirked as I bit his bottom lip.

He breathed hard, “Gi, come on! Do not start this! I have to go!”

I laughed mostly because I was playing with him anyway, “Fiiinnne!”

“Okay, I’ll call you when I get off.” He smiled and pecked my lips one more time.

I watched him tie up his shoes and I got up slipping my feet in my sky blue Crocs. As I walked him down, we ran into Soso with a stupid grin on her face and I knew it wasn’t because of Trey.

“Mmmhmm b*tch! Be prepared when I come back up!” I laughed.

She laughed too, “Whatever hoe!”

I walked Brandon down to his car and kissed him goodbye. Soon as he drove off, I ran back inside the building.

When I got back to our apartment, I went into the Sofia’s room and laid down. Then I second guessed it, “Ewww, do I even wanna lay on your bed?”

She pushed me laughing, “Don’t play b*tch!”

“You gon quit pushing me!” I laughed, “But aye what time you gotta go in?”

She shrugged, “Like around 4:30. What about you?”

“5. I’ll drop you off. So when are you done?” I asked laying on my back next to her.

“Sh*t, like 8.” She responded.

I looked at her wide eyed, “Damn! I gotta wait a whole hour for yo ass?!”

We both laughed and then got quiet.

“So I heard MJ profess his love for you last night.” Sofia smiled.

I busted up laughing, “Girl, don’t fckn remind me! I swear I don’t wanna remember that. But umm, fck were you all happy about when you were coming from outside?”

“Oh, ummmm.” She paused.

I hit her arm, “Ummmm nothing b*tch, you better speak up!”

“Haha, well….i saw Mr. Brown jogging.” She started.

I laughed, “His in shape ass!”

“I know right?! But anyway, he invited us to this art gallery thing tonight on Halsted. And <em>then</em> he pretty much told me that he was attracted to me.” She said the last part fast.

I sat up, “B*tch…<em>WHAT</em> did you just say? He told you that he was attracted to you and you didn’t give him your body right then and there?!”

We both fell into laughter.

“It’s not that easy Gi. He’s my teacher.” She said looking at the ceiling.

I shrugged, “True, but a b*tch can dream.”

“That she can.” She responded.

We both fell asleep and woke up later to get ready for work.

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

I didn’t end up going to the Learning Center today. I mean there was no real reason, nobody needed any help just yet especially in any of my classes. Plus I was still a little fckd up from last night. Me and Chris had a good ass time, at least until I saw Nicole ass in the bar. Like, the odds of her being all the way across town really bugged my soul.

But then I saw Giovanni. I mean she was only in sweats and a v-neck but her body was looking hella right. Not to mention her perfect smile and dimples. And those eyes, man I swear I could get lost in them b*tches.

I had to say, I was a little disappointed when they could come kick it with us. But then Chris put it in perspective for me. He said, “Nigga, they’re our students. We can’t get drunk with them! Ain’t no telling what would happen.”

He was right, but sh*t at this point I didn’t care what would’ve happened. It was only a week but I was more attracted to her than I would be to another girl after a month of knowing her. Around 12 I decided to get out the house and run a few errands. I had to make sure that Nicole had all her sh*t, and her mail was forwarded to her mom’s house.

I was done with all of that by 3 and then I decided to hit up the LA Fitness downtown. I worked out there for a couple of hours. I had a lot of steam to work off. After around 6:30, I took a shower and dressed. I went to the parking lot and put my gym bag in the back seat. I sat behind the wheel of my Range and thought of where I wanted to go. I knew I didn’t wanna go home yet.

Shrugging, I put the car in drive and drove out of the parking garage onto the streets. Not too long, I found myself parking in front of the boutique where Giovanni worked. I shook my head as I killed the ignition and got out of my truck, “What are you doing Mike?”

Soon as I walked in, Giovanni was looking right at me, “What are you doing here…..again?”

I couldn’t do anything but smile, “I never know why I end up here.”

“Maybe something’s pulling you to be here.” She walked over to me smiling.

I looked around and noticed that it was only us in the store, “Or someone.”

“Wonder who that could be.” Her stare was intense.

Something had to give, “I’m thinking it’s you.”

She laughed, “Stop it.”

“I’m serious. I can’t help that I’m attracted to such a beautiful woman like yourself.” I put some hair behind her ear.

I could tell she was blushing, “I think you’re a handsome devil yourself, but you’re my teacher and…”

“It would be inappropriate.” I finished already knowing that myself.

She nodded, “Yeah.”

“Well, what about being friends?” I couldn’t walk away with nothing.

She laughed, “Seriously?”

“Yes, I’m dead serious!” I joked even though I really was serious and pressed just to be next to her.

She shrugged, “Sure, friends.”

“Well, how about your number?” I pulled out my iPhone.

She looked down at it and back at me. She looked like she was hesitating but took it anyway. She input her phone and saved it. “There you go. But only use it for friendly activities.” She smiled.

“God, I love your smile.” I let it slip out.

She blushed, “Thank you.” She looked at her watch and then to the back of the store.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No, just time for me to get off.”

“Well, you wanna grab a drink?” I suggested, “Friends do that, right?”

She chuckled, “Yes, they do. Sure, I’ll go. I have an hour to kill anyway. We can go to the one a couple blocks from here.”

I nodded and watched her walk to the back and disappear. I wiped my face, “What are you <em>doing</em>?” when she walked back out, I didn’t even care what I was doing.

“Okay, let’s go!” she sang.

I chuckled and opened the door for her. I followed her outside and down the block. This couldn’t be right, but all I could think about was how happy I was to be with her. What did this even mean right now?

run it


I woke up in the morning to Trey sitting at my desk sketching. "What time is it," I asked.

"11 o'clock in the morning." he glanced over his shoulder and then at his sketchbook. "You got work today?"

"I don't know. Lemme see." I call my manager and he answers with an attitude. "Don't get SMART Shad!" I yelled at him over the phone. "NIGGA PLEASE! f*** OUTTA HERE! I ASKED YOU A MUTHAFCKN QUESTION YOU NEED TO ANSWER IT BEFORE I COME UP THERE! ....YOU DAMN RIGHT I'M A BE UP THERE IN A QUICK MINUTE, FCK YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS?!" I rolled my eyes and then laughed. Trey stared at me. "Yeah, check yo self before i whoop that ass. ....I bet you I will. ....Yeah ok. That's what I thought! Bye!" I hung up and scooted out of bed.

"What the hell?" Trey asked.

I giggled, shaking my head. "Don't even ask." I rolled my eyes as i grabbed some clothes and went to go get dressed. Shad was my ex. We both worked at the same place, and eventually he became manager tryna to show and sht, like he control me. He got me twisted. I knocked on the bathroom door and nobody answered so I walked in and tended to my daily hygiene routine. On my way back to my room, Brandon was coming out of Gi's. "Sup slick," I smiled.

"Ayeee," Brandon grinned and went to use the bathroom.

I turned around and went into Gi's room. "Sup girl."

Gi was laying in bed eating a bowl of cereal. "Hey, SoSo."

"You got work?"

"Mm hm. You?"

"Yeah, later, tho. So uh..." I began to say but she shook her head.

"Btch, get yo nosy ass out! Headboardbanging muhfcka!" she giggled.

"YET YOU ALL IN MY SHT THO!" I walked out.

"Y'all was loud as fck so i can be!" she yelled..

I laughed on the way back to the room. Trey was gathering his things. "Awww where you going?"

"I got class."

I hopped on the edge of the bed. "NOooooo!" I pouted.

"I'll be back later," he walked up to me and pecked me on the lips. "Or you can come to my place," he smiled.

"We'll see," I sighed. "I'll walk you down." I grabbed my keys and walked out behind Trey. "GIGI ILL BE RIGHT BACK!"

"OK!" She yelled back.

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

I wiped the sweat off my face with a wash rag i kept in my side pocket on my basketball shorts. Every morning I ran around the city for a good 30 minutes. The gym was ok, but I only went there when it's late at night. A nigga ain't tryna get robbed.

It'd been 15 minutes since I started jogging so I decided to take a break by walking a few blocks when out of my peripheral vision I see Sofia across the street waving to her boyfriend Trey getting in a taxi. A smirk ran across my face as I without hesitation crossed the street. The taxi pulled off and I started jogging to act normal.

"Why are you doing this?!" I asked myself. That made me laugh out loud as I passed her.

Sofia was just about to walk into the building when she turned around and saw me. "Mr. Brown? Fck is you- I mean, what're you laughing at?"

I stopped and turned around with a smile on my face. "I honestly don't know." I shrugged.

She raised her eyebrows and folded her arm over her stomach. "Mm hmmm. What you're doing around these parts?"

"Just jogging," I swung my hands back and forth.

"Aw... Yeah, you look like you in tip top shape for a college professor. Woulda thought you was teaching gym at a high school or sumn," she grinned.

"Yeah," I steadied my breathing, observing her as she looked away. She shook her right leg. I wonder if she was nervous that I talking to her or that if I was flirting. "I hope you're doing your homework."

"Homework? Spshhh," she smacked her lips. "Homework be easy as hell."

"I guess i'm a have to make it a little harder," I licked my lips.

She giggled. "iight Mr. Brown, I gotta get back upstairs."

As she started to turn, I blurted out, "There's an art gallery opening tonight down on south Halsted. You know, if you'd like to go to it with your friends or somethin'..."

"Oh word," she turned around with a grin. "Nigga I see right through yo ass. Enough of these games, side eye glances, glares at my boyriend." she stared at me with a straight face. "Real talk..." she clapped her hands, "You ain't slick."

"What?" I stared at her.

"And i'm not crazy. I know you be staring me down at school. I saw yo ass across the street, too."

I smirked. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Mm hm." she smiled. "Gone somewhere, Mr. Brown." she walked away towards the doors.

"It's only been a week, and I just...been attracted to you. I know this unprofessional, but I'm just being honest. I think about you sometimes." I admitted.

Sofia stopped at the doors with her back facing me and head down. "Whaaat?" she turned around with her face scrunched up. "Uhnnn Mr. Brown, you's a nasty bastard!" she shook her finger at me. "But i'm not gonna lie I think about you, too."

"I don't know, it's just something about you," I stared at her.

"I mean," she shrugged. "Not that i like yo fine ass or anything either so..."

I laughed. "You DON'T like my FINE ass? Wow! Okay, Sofia."

"I'm just being honest." she said while looking down as she licked her lips

Damn she was beautiful and I think I was getting happy. "I should go."

"Yeahhhh," she nodded. "And don't expect me at that art gallery. You be on some creep sht popping up every damn where." she giggled and walked into the building for good.

"Creep?" I said aloud. "I ain't no damn creep!" I raised my upper lip and then turned to walk away. "but you got that 'fine' right with yo sexy ass," I thought.

@soso you on as hell for that fight scene tho lol



Soon as Sofia closed her door, I turned to MJ. “What in the <strong>FHUCK</strong> is your problem?”

“What you doing with this nigga Gi?” he asked pointing at the same door Brandon had just left out of.

I had tears in my eyes because I was so mad, “Why does it even matter? We’re <em>not</em> together and for you to just bust up in here and beat up a nigga that I’m chillin with is <em>bullsh*t</em>! What in the hell MJ? Me and you are just <em>FRIENDS</em>! If I got <em>three</em> niggas in my muthafckn bed it ain’t got sh*t to do with you! The fck you here so late for anyway?”

“Because…” he forced himself to say. He knew he was wrong on all levels.

I looked at him, “What’s up MJ? Huh? Fckn talk to me!” I pushed him.

“I fckn like you Gi! Okay?! Is this what the fck you wanna hear? I get jealous when I see you with other niggas. I wanna be with you.” He tried to grab my hand but I snatched away.

I went to the door and opened it, “I <em>don’t</em> wanna be with you MJ. Please leave.”

He chuckled, “Are you <em>serious</em>? You want me to leave?”

“Yes.” I simply said.

He nodded his head defeated, “You’re choosing <em>him</em> over <em>me</em>?”

“Just <em>leave</em> please.” I kept a straight face.

He shook his head and walked out of the door. I closed it and went into my room to grab my phone and call Brandon. I had to apologize and get him back here, possibly. I really liked him and I didn’t want this to ruin any chance.

“Gi, <em>tell</em> me you wasn’t fckn with <em>that</em> nigga too.” He started as soon as he answered the phone.

I wiped my tears, “<em>Noooo</em>. I always told him we were <em>just</em> friends.”

“So what the fck was that sh*t? Got me fighting and sh*t!” he spoke angrily into the phone.

“Gi.” Sofia came into my room.

I shook my head and gestured for her to be quiet. She nodded and sat at the foot of my bed.

“Can you come back <em>please</em>?” I asked, hopeful.

He sighed, “Why should I? You didn’t even come after me.”

“MJ was still in my house! I had to get rid of him. But I <em>swear</em> I wanted to.” I explained.

There was a long pause before he told Trey to turn around, “You know you owe me right?”

I smiled knowing that he was gonna come back, “Yeah, I do.”

“Aiight, we should be up in a few.” He informed me.

I smiled at Soso, “Okay.”

We hung up and Sofia looked at me still concerned.

“B*tch say <em>something</em>!” she exclaimed.

I laughed, “They’re coming back!”

“Girl good! Cuz I almost fckd MJ up myself! Fckn up me and Trey’s cuddle time.” She joked.

I playfully pushed her, “Whatever, it’s not like you was givin it up.”

“That’s only because we have class tomorrow!” she defended.

I looked at her confused, “Nigga, now we don’t.”

“Yes we do, we got---” she stopped herself now realizing.

I nodded, “Riiight, only Monday and Wednesday classes!” We both laughed.

“Damn, I’m dumb as hell.” She laughed.

“Naw, you just still turnt.” I laughed with her.

Just then there was a knock on the front door. We both went to open it, revealing both Brandon and Trey. I rushed to embrace Brandon and he picked me up walking in the apartment. Trey put his arm around Soso as they went into her room.

“I’m <em>soooo</em> happy you came back.” I said as he finally put me down in my room.

He smiled, “I couldn’t help it. But that fight was bullsh*t.”

“Let’s just forget about it okay?” I looked up at him.

He shrugged, “Whatever.” He sat down on the bed.

I examined his face and saw that he only had a busted lip and his eye was starting to turn purple. “Lemme get you some ice for your eye.” I hurried out the room and put some ice in a sandwich bag and wrapped a small towel around it.

When I went back into my room, Brandon was laid across my bed. I crawled on the bed and straddled him, putting the ice on his eye.

He smiled as he grabbed the ice with one hand and gripped my hip with his other. “You ready to pay what you owe?”

Smirking, I bit my bottom lip. “Depends, what’s the form of currency?” I leaned down and started to kiss on his neck.

“Mmmm, you got the right idea.” He spoke in the most sexiest tone.

I crawled off of him and closed my door, locking it. “Let’s see how close I can get.”

“Just watch the lip.” He joked as I mounted him again.

The whole time, all I could picture was Mr. Stevenson. I was lucky that we weren’t trying to be loud to be courteous to Sofia and Trey, who were probably sleeping. Because if we weren’t I might’ve slipped up and said his name. And one fight tonight was more than enough.

Not to throw any shade on Brandon. The sex was hella incredible and I never wanted it to end. Afterwards, we cuddled up and went straight to sleep. I was so happy that I only had to work from 5pm – 7pm tomorrow. Next thing I knew, I heard the headboard hitting over in Soso’s room. I smiled to myself and went back to sleep.

@gigi nah yo sht was a decent length lol


When they were done smoking the weed, I took Trey in my room and GiGi took Brandon in her room. Trey laid down on my bed, rubbing his hands on his pants.

"You sleepy?" Trey asked, smiling.

"Yeah," I answered in a soft voice. "I see you not."


I turned off the light, turned on the television, grabbed the remote and got in the bed lying on my side. Trey lay behind me with his back up against the wall. I yawned as i flipped through the channels.

Trey wrapped his arms around me and pulled me super close. He stuck his face in the crevice of my neck. "Go to sleep, bae? I'll handle you in the morning."

I laughed. "Nah we got class, son. Ain't gon be no playin round in the morning."

"In the shower, bet i'm have you up against the wa-" Trey broke his neck towards the door.

Giovanni bust in the room. "TREY! BRANDON IS FIGHTING MJ AND BLOOD IS EVERYWHERE!" she yelled. "He goin ham on MJ! Please!"

"What the fck?!" Trey hopped out the bed and ran out the room.

I sat up. "What the hell?"

Giovanni looked so confused. She began explaining quickly, "Brandon and i was lying in the bed watching a movie and then MJ text messaged me that he was downstairs so i was just gon tell him i wasn't here but then there was knocking at the and MJ bust in on some tweak sht and went in my room and saw Brandon. Brandon gon' say some 'fck is you lookin at nigga'. I know Brandon is high and sht, but MJ know he wrong for coming over unannounced. I don't know what's up with him!" she walked out the room and I followed.

"AYE!" Trey held MJ back." Hey nigga chill tf out!"

I stood back watching as Gigi glared at MJ, holding my hands over my mouth. MJ's face... Brandon's... they really got into it. If that'd been Professor Stevenson or Mr. Brown...

"Some bullsht," Brandon stared at GiGi and then walked out. It looked liked she wanted to go after him and apologize, but then MJ was still here.

"Aye man!" Trey groaned. "Fck! Bae i'll see you later," he pecked me on the lips went to grab his sht from my room and left out with Brandon.

"MJ..." I said. "They just friends, bruh."

"Mind ya business SoSo," he glanced at me and then back at Gigi.

"this is my business!" I look at GiGi. "you fcking up my sht and now my boyfriend gone! fck is yo problem!"

"SoSo he'll be back," Gigi sighs, irritated. "Can you give us some privacy?"

"Hell yeah. Y'all need that sht too bad, right now." I rolled my eyes and MJ and went to my room closing my door.

I ordered a chicken philly with fries and mild sauce but got a pizza puff to eat while I waited. I stood in between Brandon’s legs, “Mmm, this pizza puff is so fckn good!”

“Lemme taste.” Brandon tried to reach for it.

I stepped back, “Oh no my brother…you gots ta get cho own!”

We all laughed and I broke him off a piece.

“That sh*t is good! We ain’t got that s*** in Atlanta.” He exclaimed.

Trey smiled big, “Well welcome to the muthafckn Chi nigga!” He spoke so slow making it even funnier.

“I keep forgetting that you’re not from here!” I said as I sat on his lap even though there were hella seats available.

“Right, me too!” Sofia added in as Trey laid back on her, closing his eyes.

Brandon shrugged, “Yeah, my dad wanted me up here so I could help him out with the store.”

“Well look, me and Soso’s birthdays are coming up nigga and we tryna get TOO turnt up!” I said, turning to the side to look at him.

“Hell yeah!” Sofia exclaimed.

He smiled, “I got you baby.”

“You got me?” I said pecking his lips.

He nodded, “I got you.” He attacked my lips.

“32!” the man behind the counter called.

Trey jumped up too geeked, “Right here!” he almost ran over there to get him and Sofia’s food.

“33!” he called.

I got up and grabbed the bag with me and Brandon’s food. “We out? Or we eating here?”

“I’d rather go home and eat.” Sofia answered.

I nodded, “Sh*t, me too!”

Trey sighed the longest sigh in the world, “Fck man, come on! But I’m tellin you, if my food cold I’m goin in on both y’all!”

We walked out as he held the door. “Whatever nigga!” I said with attitude. “Hell yeah, you ain’t on sh*t!” Sofia cosigned.

“Oh, you ridin with Gi?” he asked Sofia.

Sofia put her arm around my neck, “Till the muthafckn wheels fall off nigga!”

“Belee dat! How ya luh dat nigga?!” I mimicked my best hood nigga voice.

We all couldn’t do anything but laugh as we made it to the bus stop. The bus pulled up right on time and took us to the train. Soon as we reached the platform, the train was pulling up.

“Aye, shout out to CTA for this good ass timing though!” Brandon said as we entered an empty car on the train.

We all agreed and sat down.

“Yo, my high coming down already.” Trey stated a little disappointed.

Brandon looked at him with a screwed face, “Nigga, we got more.” He looked around at the empty car, “Sh*t, we can spark one right now!” he pulled a rolled blunt out of his pocket.

“My nigga!” Trey smiled from ear to ear as he pulled out his lighter.

When we got back to me and Sofia’s apartment, we all sat on the floor and began to eat. Sofia got a gyro, Trey got a double cheeseburger and a gyro with cheese fries, and Brandon got two double cheeseburgers and fries with mild sauce and lemon pepper.

Me and Sofia spilt our food like we always did when we went to Mr. Greeks.

“Y’all share every fckn thing though!” Trey pointed out with a mouth full of gyro and cheese fries.

Me and Sofia looked at each other, “Not everything!” we both exclaimed and then laughed.

Then we heard some arguing outside because we had the balcony door open.

“Yelling?” I looked at Sofia.

She looked at me too, “In this neighborhood?”

“Hell naw!” we both said as we got up with the boys following us.

We all stood on the balcony looking down at the sidewalk where the couple argued.

“Yoooo, that’s the big booty b*tch that served us at that pizza place I was telling you about!” Brandon said pointing her out to Trey.

I hit his arm, “Excuse me nigga?”

“Come on babe, you know yo ass fatter!” he exclaimed as he tapped it.

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the couple. The dude started to look hell familiar. I had seen him earlier when we were leaving. But I knew I knew him from somewhere else. Oh now, I know.

“Yo that’s Mr. Stevenson!” Sofia whispered to me.

My eyes widened as I tried to hear their argument.

“He told me they were broken up.” I whispered back.

Sofia shrugged, “You know how niggas be. You think he live over here?”

I shook my head, “Naw we woulda been saw that nigga.”

“True.” She nodded.

“Yo y’all huff as hell for whispering nsh*t. What, y’all know dude or some sh*t?” Trey looked down at us.

We both nodded, “Yeah, that’s our teacher.”

“Who Mr. Brown lil b*tch ass?” he asked giving us his full attention.

I screwed my face up, “Damn nigga, that’s the only teacher you know?!”

He laughed, “Naw, but for real though. Who is it?”

“Mr. Stevenson.” I said while looking back down.

Brandon smacked his lips, “That huff ass nigga. That’s the one I told y’all was muggin my grill nsh*t!”

Just then, Mr. Stevenson looked up. We all dashed fast as hell form the window and back into the apartment.

“Aw sh*t, you think he saw us?” I asked.

“So what if he did? Fck that nigga.” Brandon said all angry.

Trey laughed, “Get the fck outta here! You was the first one running nigga!”

We all laughed and continued eating. When we were done, I noticed that it was time for the garbage to go out. I looked out into the living room and both Trey and Brandon were rolling up more blunts. I then saw Sofia on the couch sipping on her mixed drink I made her.

“Aye b*tch, come with me to take this garbage out.” I called over.

She got up bringing her cup, “We’ll be right back.

“Yup.” They both said as they concentrated on rolling up.

We walked out and Sofia looked at me smiling, “So what’s the real reason we taking out the garbage at 1 in the morning?”

I just smiled and walked with the garbage in one hand and my liquor in the other.

“Mmhmm.” She nudged me.

We made it down and out the back. Stevenson was sitting on the hood of a car. More importantly, the girl was gone meaning he was alone. We walked past him, but didn’t say anything. I let Sofia hold my cup as I threw the garbage bag in the bin. I took my cup and we walked back in front of him.

“Hey, I know y’all.” He said smiling at us.

His eyes were low and his words a little slurred. Needless to say, he was faded and so were we.

“Hey Mr. Stevenson.” Sofia greeted.

He looked at me, “So you too cute to talk to your teacher?”

“What’s up.” I simply said, sipping out of my cup.

He frowned, “What’s up? I thought I was your favorite teacher!”

I laughed hard with Sofia joining me.

“Y’all must be fckd up.” He observed.

“You must be too!” Sofia pointed out.

He smirked, “I was, till Nicole b*tch ass showed up and wanted to argue.”

“Your girlfriend?” I asked.

He looked at me and licked his lips, “EX girlfriend.”

“Aw okay!” I said drinking some more.

He chuckled, “What you sippin on?”

“Don’t worry bout what’s in my cup, it’s my cup!” I said imitating Lil Wayne.

He laughed, “Awww, shorty got jokes!”

“Shorty got a lot of things.” I joked back.

He smiled, “I see.” He then looked at Sofia, “Yo Mr. Brown in the bar across the street, y’all wanna kick it?”

“Ohhhh seeee, we would buuut ummmm….” I looked at Sofia.

“Well we kinda have company.” She finished.

He smiled and nodded defeated, “Some niggas over.”

“I guess you could say that.” I shrugged.

He shrugged, “I mean you don’t have to lie to me. I understand y’all chilling with y’all lil boyfriends. Just be safe aiight?”

We nodded.

“Maybe some other time? We live in this building right here.” I pointed up at our apartment building.

He shrugged, “Maybe. See you two in class next week.”

We agreed and watched him walk away.

“Why he seem sad when we said we had company though?” I asked.

Sofia looked at me as we walked back inside, “Cuz he fckn likes you!”

“Nope!” I retorted.

She shook her head and laughed, “Whatever nigga.”

When we got back to our apartment, Trey and Brandon were waiting for us.

“It took y’all that long to throw away some garbage?” Trey asked.

“Man sit yo paranoid ass down!” Sofia exclaimed.

Brandon sat down, “Better not been talkin to that teachin nigga.”

“And if we was nigga?!” I tested him.

He looked into space, “It was gon be some muhfckn problems.”

Sofia and I shook our heads and poured some more drinks as Trey sparked the next blunt.

My sh*t long for no reason lmao

love it they ass is all the way in a bind like
the teachers diggin they students
students want to f*** the teacher i be on that s***
hell extra credit for the team lol

idk yall KNOW trey my baby daddy in real life
but i dont think i really f*** with him
in this one soso i think should be with
mr. brown and get on in the art studio

and gigi is a gag but i dont like brandon
for her either he cute and all but he aint
t-raw lol
mj is a trick for starting up so s*** like that

but i hope they find out what they want to do and fast
before they mess themselves all the way up

(funny how every where they go they end up seeing
they teachers lol)

its meant to be


Giovanni, Brandon, Trey, and I all sat in the living room smoking. Well, i wasn't smoking but I did drink some of the Grey Goose Brandon bought.

"Yo daddy own a liquor store!" Gigi asks. "Aw sht, you shouldn't have said that! SoSo be goin hard with these dranks! And she don't need anymore in her cup!"

"Tssst," Brandon took a hit off the blunt and passed it to GiGi. He blew out a smoke ring. "Yooo, tell me why I bumped into this light skinned nigga. I think he was a teacher, but I couldn't tell. Anyway, nigga was on some bullsht. I was like, 'fck you lookin at', and he was- he was like...he was like 'keep it moving son you ain't bout it' and i'm like..."

"Nigga what you was like," Trey laughed.

Gigi giggled. "Oh sht, why you stop?!" she reached over to get the blunt from Trey. "Damn SoSo you ain't smoking, but you can at least pass the blunt!"

I smiled. "I ain't touching that sht!"

"And I'm like..." Brandon continued.

"SoSo you buzzed off this weed smoke," Gigi interrupted.

"Hell yeah," Trey agreed wrapping his arms around me.

"Yeah this smoke doin sumn," I agreed.

"So i'm like..." Brandon laughed; "Fck outta here and kept on walking."

"I thought you was gone throwdown, nigga." Trey shook his head. "Probably was that Mr. Brown nigga."

"Fck that nigga, I got him for whas-a-name and he be bullshtting giving us homework everday. I got a job nigga, can't be doing all this running around and sht." Brandon coughed.

"Mr. Brown is cool," Gigi disagreed.

"Yeah, he iight," I co-signed.

"Fck that nigga," Trey reached for the blunt from GiGi. "I'd whoop that scrawny nigga's ass, ya feel me."

I looked at Gigi and she looked away snickering. I bust up laughing, slapping my knee. "Oh ok," I smiled at Trey. "You ain't about to go to jail fighting no teacher."

"Sht I would," Brandon says taking the blunt from Trey.

"Y'all so crazy," Gigi sighed.

"Aye is Mr. Greeks still open? I'm hunggggry!" I said.

Brandon looked at GiGi, Gigi looked at Trey, and Trey looked at Brandon. "YUP!" they all said.

"Bae you high," Trey snickered.

"I thought was just dizzy at first, but then I knew it was the smoke that's affecting me!" I laughed along with everybody else.

"So is we going or not?" Brandon asked.

"Yeah we going," GiGi said. "C'mon."

Everybody got up and we left out heading to the train station. "What you looking at?" I asked GiGi.

"Nothing..." she shook her head. "I thought i saw somebody."

"Who? Mr. Stevenson stalking you?" I whispered and giggled.

She scoffed. "No, btch, no."

"Fck y'all!" Brandon said. "Whispering and sht," he licked his lips at Gigi. "Need to come whisper on this dck!"

"Need to come lick these lips!" Gigi spat back. "Fck you mean!"

"I'll lick em alright," he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning in to kiss her.

"Mm," Gigi groaned.

"Damn!" Trey said watching. "B you gon' make GiGi choke on yo tongue nigga! Showing out and sht," he wrapped one arm around my waist. "We gon' show em how it's done, baby?" he grinned.

"Nigga if we go public out here," I looked around; "they gon' have to call a camera crew out here! Muhfckas gonna be wanting tips and sht on how you dive in and all dat!"

"Ewww!" GiGi pulled out of the kiss. "Now y'all some nasty muthafckas! We only kissin!"

"Y'all swapping spit and that sht...ain't nothin' nobody wanna see." I shook my head.

Gigi and Brandon laughed. "Shut the fck up," she pushed me. The train came and loaded on, joking around in the empty car until we came to the clinton stop and got off and then took the Halsted bus down to Jackson and got off right in front of Mr. Greeks.

"YEAHHH!" Brandon yelled before we went in, rubbing his hands together.

"AYEEE!" GiGi I cheered as we walked in getting ready to chow down.


“I swear I love their Red Velvet Cheesecake!” I finished my last bite and licked my fork.

Sofia laughed at me, “B*tch you like everything red velvet!”

“Damn, you gon tell the whole restaurant nigga?” We both laughed, “And I don’t like everything red velvet. I can’t f*** with the cake. Too much red, not enough velvet.” We both laughed again.

“So you like Brandon?” Sofia asked me.

I shrugged, “Yeah, but I don’t want a boyfriend.”

“So what, you just wanna fck?” she giggled.

I laughed, “What’s wrong with that?”

“Sh*t, nothing!” she laughed with me.

We split the bill and walked out, arm and arm down Michigan street.

“I can’t believe MJ tripped like that on you.” Sofia pointed out as we made our way to the parking garage.

I rolled my eyes, “Right! Jealous for no reason and sh*t. I know he better hop out his feelings though.”

We laughed as we got in the car. I opened the sunroof and sped out of the garage and onto the busy streets of downtown Chicago.

“Do you think that Brown and Stevenson will ever cross the line?” Sofi asked.

I smirked, “I have no idea. What would you do if Mr. Brown did?”

“I honestly have no idea. What would you do about Stevenson?” she laughed.

I smiled wide, “You <em>alllll</em> my tricks!”

We burst into laughter.

“You crazy as hell Gi!” she yelled as she let her hair out of her ponytail to let it blow in the wind with mine.

I shrugged, “Whatever, he look like he got good d*ck. Brown too, while you frontin wit a nigga who likes boys.”

She hit my arm, “Trey is not fckn gay! <em>Believe</em> me.”

I laughed, “Okay, I definitely believe you!” I turned the music up a little.

“Wanna have the guys over?” Sofia asked me while looking up from her phone.

I glanced at her, “Why? To keep your mind off of <em>Mr. Brown</em>?” I teased her as I laughed.

“Maybe.” She laughed.

I shrugged, “Sh*t I guess, I don’t have work till 5 tomorrow so that’s cool.”

“Really? So you only work until 7?” Sofia sounded happy.

I laughed, “Yeah. Moms be lovely on the hours. But ask Trey if they gonna smoke us out.”

“Smoke us out? The fck?” she asked confused.

I chuckled, “Yeah, like is he gonna supply the weed. Damn girl, if you gonna fck wit me you need to know the lingo.”

“I guess, sh*t well let me call him so you can talk to him.” She started to call him and put him on speaker.

I rolled my eyes a little as he answered, “What’s up pretty nigga!”

He laughed, “Gi, yoooo!”

“Yo check it, you gon smoke us out?” I asked.

He paused, “Sh*t, does Sofi smoke?”

I looked at her and she shrugged. I shook my head, “She shrugged, whatever the fck that sh*t mean. But we got the bottle service.”

“Word, party favors on deck then. So it’s a lowkey kickback?” he questioned.

I gave him a serious straight face even though he was on the phone, “Yeah Trey, with only 4 muhfckas.”

He laughed deeply, “I swear I fcks wit you, but aiight Gi! We should be over about like….sh*t, like 11.”

“I guess y’all can crash n sh*t since we gon turn up and what not.” I pulled in my parking spot behind our apartment building.

“Condoms on deck!!” Trey yelled before hanging up.

We both laughed as I shook my head, “That’s <em>yo</em> boyfriend!”

“Whatever! I only claim him on occasion.” Sofia joked.

I laughed hard, “Oh, and this not one of em?”

“Hell naw!” She answered.

We both laughed as we took the elevator up to our apartment. Sofia and I laid in my bed and watched a movie until the boys arrived.

When GiGi sent me that text I gathered my things and made my way back to our apartment. I got in I checked her room and she wasn't back so I went to take a shower, put on lotion, threw on some basketball shorts and a t-shirt with socks. Guess i could start on the next assignment. Trey text messaged me to come chill later, but i told him I couldn't. I waited on GiGi and soon found myself checking out Mr. Brown's website. I caught myself and shut my laptop. I turned on some Beyonce and fell asleep.

"HEY!" Gigi yelled.

I nearly jumped out of bed. "Huh?"

Gigi laughed and clapped at the same time. "Wake up, girl! You was all knocked out! I'm a send this video of you snoring to Trey!"

"I was not snoring!" I sat up.

"Anyways, why you leave?!" she crossed her arms over her chest demanding an answer.

"Cause man!" i got up.

"Cause you bumped into Mr Brown wasn't it?"

"No man. He be giving me these looks yo! And when Trey and I were leaving Mr. Brown passed by and was staring at my ass! I fckn swear I can't do this sht, GiGi! He giving me them 'if i wasn't yo teacher' type looks! A btch got wetter than ocean! I'm droppin his class."

"Girl calm yo ass down. Mr. Brown know his boundaries. He ain't gonna try it."

"Yeah ok. He bet not! Or...or-"

"SoSo you ain't go do sht!"

"Okay, then. What happened in class today with Mr. Stevenson?"

"Man!" she rolled her eyes. "Trey cousin got a class with me! He like me and I like him and Mr. Stevenson-"

"AH HA! So i ain't the only one!"

"Shut the fck up!" Gigi grinned. "I swear he be...he be..."

"Giving you THEM LOOKS! Don't lie GiGi! You know it. I ain't delusional man. Sht is getting real out chea. Got fine teachers at school! I can't take it!" i grabbed my hair laughing.

Gigi laughed too. "Ugh. What you wanna do today?"

"ionno. Let's go out to eat tonight."


"Yeah. Let's go to the Cheesecake Factory!"

"I'm down. We going now or later?"

"Um, i guess in an hour we can go."

"iight. Don't yo ass fall asleep!" Gigi walks away to her room.

"If you don't be taking all day in the bathroom, then I won't!"

"Yo ass better call Trey while i'm in there."

Just then Trey called. "Hello?" I answered.

"So...tell me why I bumped into Mr. Brown and he looked me up and down like I did something to his ass!"


"Yeah lookin like he jealous of me or sumn."

"Ahhhhh nigga you tweakin."

"No, Sofia. I know what I saw. And I saw him lookin' at yo ass earlier! He ain't slick! I'm a tell his ass next time he givin my girl looks! Smh, i ain't playin. He better watch himself, bae."

I smirked. "Trey, just chill. He's my professor. He wouldn't try no sht."

"And he's also a man."

"I'm about to get ready to go out with GiGi. I'm a call you later."

"iight. Bye."

"Bye," I hung up and smiled. " Man, this can't be happening." I thought.


When I got Sofia’s txt that she left early and went to Trey’s, I had half a mind to call her. Why would she leave me like that! I didn’t even get a chance to tell her about what Mr. Stevenson and I talked about. I walked pass the big library window and saw MJ at one of the tables on his laptop. I smiled and went in. I crept behind him and covered his eyes.
He took out his headphones and started to chuckle, “Let me guess…ummmm Giovanni?”

“Damn, how’d you know it was me?” I laughed and sat down in front of him.

He closed his laptop and looked into my eyes, “You always wear Viva La Juicy perfume.”

I blushed at the fact that he knew that about me. “I still think it was a lucky guess.” I joked to play it off.

He frowned, “Never a lucky guess when it comes to you sweetheart.”

Before I could respond I was approached by Brandon. I forgot that he had started at the school. “What’s up Gi.” He smiled.

“Hey love.” I stood to greet him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

MJ cleared his throat. I was gonna introduce them, but I guess I was moving too slow for him. “Um Brandon, this is MJ. MJ, this is Brandon. He’s Trey’s cousin, he just started here.”

They both shook hands but I could see the animosity in MJ’s eyes. I had no idea what his problem was, we were only friends. I never gave him a reason to think otherwise. Brandon sat down next to me and put his arm on the back of my chair.

MJ saw it and screwed his face, “So y’all talking or some sh*t?”

I looked at Brandon and he shrugged. “We’re just kickin it.” I answered.

“So y’all fckn?” MJ incorrectly assumed.

I looked at him shocked, “No nigga!”

“We’re just hanging out man, why? You like her or something?” Brandon interjected before I went off on MJ’s ass.

MJ turned his attention to Brandon, “Like her? Naw, we just friends.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at the time on my phone. It was 5 minutes until my English class. I officially had no time for this bullsh*t. “Well I have class so…” I gathered my things and got up to leave.

“Yeah me too.” Brandon stated, following my lead.

MJ opened his laptop, “See you later Gi.”

“Yup.” I answered and walked out of the library with Brandon.

He put his arm around me, “So what class you got?”

“English II.” I answered, still pissed at MJ for acting like an ass.

Brandon looked at his freshly printed schedule, “With Professor Stevenson?”

“That’s the one!” I just wanted to be alone as I walked to class.

He smiled, “Me too.”

I threw on a smile, “Coolness!” this was the last thing I needed. My teacher crush and the guy I’m talking to in the same classroom for 55 minutes.

I was totally out of it during class. I barely participated and stayed to myself. On top of everything, Soso wasn’t texting me back. I really didn’t feel like being at the school anymore but I knew I had to go to computers because Stevenson had already seen me.

After class was over Brandon stopped me outside, “Wanna grab a bite later on?”

“Ummm no, Wednesday’s are always me and Sofia days. But I’ll call you.” I smiled.

He nodded and gave me a hug planting a kiss on my cheek, “See you later.”

I nodded and then headed out the building to my computer’s class.

“Boyfriend?” Mr. Stevenson appeared on the side of me.

I looked up, “No, just friends.”

He nodded as if thinking about it, “So how do you know him? He seems to be the new student on campus.”

“Oh he’s Sofia’s boyfriend’s cousin.” I informed him.

He shrugged, “Seems nice, I bet you like him.”

I giggled, “Maybe. Are you trying to get at something Mr. Stevenson?” I stopped walking and so did he.

He chuckled and crossed his arms, “I have no idea what you could possibly be talking about.”

I looked at him curiously and then turned to walk, “Yeah okay.”

“So is Mr. Jordan your boyfriend?” He asked while scratching the back of his head.

I laughed loud,” No! I have no boyfriend. Does that make you feel better?”

He held the door open for me and shrugged, “It doesn’t make me feel any type of way. I was only asking questions.”

“Okay Mr. Stevenson.” I laughed and entered the classroom. MJ hadn’t made it yet so I sat down towards the front of the class.

Stevenson noticed me there at the front computer, “Front of the class today huh?”

“I figured this should be the appropriate seating for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.” I joked.

He laughed, “I’m sure you’re far better than what you let on.”

Then we locked eyes for what seemed like forever. I don’t know what it is, but there was something in his stare. As if he liked me just as much as I liked him.

“Sup Mr. Stevenson.” MJ greeted as he was the last to walk in.

We broke eye contact and Mr. Stevenson proceeded to start class. I then texted Sofia, <em><strong>yo ass better be home when I get there!</strong></em>


Mr. Brown cut class 15 minutes early. He was constantly eyeing me throughout the presentation. His ass wasn't slick in the darkness of the classroom, I caught that sht. And so did Giovanni with a smile on her face, shaking her head.

"What?" i looked at her.

"Nothing." she closed her notebook and threw it in her bag. "C'mon."

I sighed and picked up my books, sliding them into my purse. Just as I was about to mess with Mr. Brown about the next assignment, Trey walked in. "Hey baby," he smiled.

"Hey," I smiled and let him hug me. I pressed my cheek against his chest so I wouldn't look at Mr. Brown. "How was class?"

"Good," he let me good. "Yours?"

"It was cool."

"C'mon. I'll walk you and my sister in law to your next class," he grabbed my hand as the three of us walked out.

"sister in law?!" giovanni raised her eyebrows. "Oh fa real? You gonna wife my sis up, Trey?!"

"Yeah," he grinned.

I glanced over my shoulder to watch Mr. Brown walk out of his class and head across the hall probably to the learning center.

'Soso! SoSo you heard me?!" Giovanni walked backwards in front of me.

"Huh?" I looked at giovanni.

She smiled. "Girl, I said we gotta get your wedding look book started! This ngga said he gone put a ring on it, we gotta start tonight!" she giggled.

I smiled. "Nigga gon' somewhere." I swung Trey's hand back and forth. "You play too damn much."

Trey wrapped his arms around me. "I ain't playin!" he laughed along with Giovanni. He kissed my cheek multiple times before letting me go and looked at his watch. "Time is going by so slow." we wound up stopping in front of the student's lounge. "It's only been five minutes."

"Yeah, i forgot Mr. Brown let us out early." Giovanni sighed. "Let's...go sit in the student lounge. I don't feel like going back to the merchandise mart."

"We can always go to the store by the escalators." I suggested.

Giovanni giggled. "I'm tired and that's still too far! Mr. Brown was bullshtting on that presentation cause I was fallin asleep!"

I shook my head with a half-smile. "Girl..."

"Bet my baby was wide awoke though," he opened the door for us to the student lounge.

Giovanni gave me a look before walking in front of me and taking a seat at the nearest empty table. Trey and I sat down at the same time. 'Cause SoSo loves to learn," she patted my hand. "and because she got my back! That coffee wasn't doing it!"

"Yeah, somebody had to take notes," I folded my arms over my chest.

"Mm hm," Trey nodded as he stared at me.

Giovanni got quiet, looking between me and Trey. "What's wrong, Trey?" she asked. "Something happen in class?"

"Nah," he sat back and pulled out his phone. "Waitin' on my baby to greet me properly cause she damn sure was too caught up in thinkin about what Mr. Brown would say if she kissed me in front of her crush."

I gasped, dropping my mouth. "TREY!"

Giovanni smirked and took a sip of what she had left in her frappe. That's all she could do with the moment being so awkward.

I glanced at Giovanni and she looked away. I sighed. "That is not true, Trey!"

Trey shrugged, typing away on his phone.

Giovanni then had a smirk on her face. "well then, guess I'm a go uh...get me something else to drink from the store." she shook her empty cup. "Be right back," she looked at me one more time and then walked out.

I pouted and stared at Trey. "Bae," i called repeatedly. He only ignored me as he pulled out his Mac laptop and began to do work. "Trey!" I yelled not caring if people looked. "Ugh!" I scooted closer to him to kiss him on the cheek but he moved his head away smiling. "Nigga keep pushin buttons i'm a pop the fck off!"

he bit his lip and glanced at me. All this glancing and side-eyein was pissing me off. "Ok."

I grabbed his face turning it towards me and kissed him. "Is that better?"

"Nope," he went back paying attention to his computer.

I squint my eyes and sat back. I wasn't gonna let him see me any more mad than I was. I got up and left to get away from him. He was trying me. All I did was like the man! Okay, maybe I imagined a few times, but it's not that serious or bad! It's just a crush! I stormed out of the student lounge and bumped into Mr. Brown.

"I'm so sorry!" I backed up. I knocked some papers out of his hand and bent down to pick them up. "Sorry."

He stood straight and then bent down to start picking them up, too. "It's okay."

I glanced at him and our eyes met, gazing for a few seconds until we hear someone clear their throat. Our eyes go back to picking up the papers. "Gigi don't even." I stand up and hand the papers to Mr. Brown. "Sorry, again."

"Don't be." he winked at me and kept going down the hall.

I turned to look at giovanni and there she was again with that smirk on his face, shaking her head. "WHAT?!"

"No wonder Trey mad. He see that sht. We ain't blind hoe." she giggled.

"Yeah ok, wait till later!" I followed her back in the student lounge.

"Ain't sht happening later boo, don't be tryna jinx me cause you slippin'!" she said as we both sat back down.

Trey had his head down on the keyboard, reaching his arm out to me. "Come here, baby..." he whispered.

I started to scoot over but he shook his head and sat up for me to sit on his lap. He started to kissing me and then we got into a make-out session.

"Fa real though," Giovanni sighed. "Y'all some disrespectul niggas." she smacked her lips and got up, slamming the chair into the table. "Fck y'all!" she laughed. "I'm going to find MJ," she left.

I stopped and stared in Trey's eyes. They were the most hypnotizing. And he was the best, desire wasn't for him. This I couldn't help. This feeling for Mr. Brown, had me feigning. I had to get him out of my mind. "Can you take me home?" I asked Trey. I couldn't see Mr. Brown again today. It'd make everything worse. This was going to ruin my life if I let this go on any further.

"Sure bae," Trey pushed me off his lap and gathered his things. "You okay? I was just playin' earlier."

"I know," I picked up my purse. "I just feel a little dizzy. I need to lay down."

"Okay, but uh..." We walked out of the student lounge. "My place is closer," he smiled.

I smiled, too. We walked down the hall and then Mr. Brown bent the corner again. Butterflies rammed my stomach as he got closer. I tried to look somewhere else, anywhere else but him but I side-glanced at him and he turned to look at me once he passed by, staring. I looked down trying not to think about it, but it was all I could think about. Trey dropped me off at his place and went back to school. I sent Giovanni a text and then fell asleep.