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If You Had the Chance to Spend a C O M P L E T E 24Hours,
to Sit Down, Face to Face
& Express Yourself to Chris,
What Would You Say to Him,
What Do You Want Him to Know ?

Not the Ordinary "Chris Im Your BIGGEST FAN, iLoveYou,iLoveYou,iLoveYou! MarryMe, iWannaHaveYourBabies!" Type of Kid stuff..

Im Talking NO B.S. [WithNoPunIntended]
& I Mean the Chance to Pour Your Heart 0ut and be 100%,
Up Close & All the Way Personal With Him..

* [ R A N D 0 M thought ] ;


i'd freak for a few minutes and relax and have fun. I would wnt him to make me some art and we could just play some games and we would do stuff he likes to do. and things we both like to do ;)

We-on Chris dude send this song to my e-mail it would be the biggest gift that u can give me ;)

oh he would definately have draw something for me, and i'd go get it tatted on me immediatelyyy!

Honestly, I'd just wanna chill and play Call of Duty and 2k12. And ask him to draw something for me oh and eat donuts i love donuts lol.


at first i was like get a load of this niqqa his lil light skin c**kyy self. and that blonde hair?! smh. i wanted to slap him. lol. but it grew on me.

Lol I knooooow I agree with EVERYTHING you just said!!! I miss that Chris too! And his c**ky attitude is so sexy to me! Like ughhh he just knows he looks good! Specially with that blonde hair, I'm looking like "only if my mamma had be about 10 years earlier" lol But oh well, I still would love to meet him and do a long one on one and just talk and not have fun.

i miss his lil 16yr old, joke cracking, big axx smile having, picking on BowWow self. awwww those were the days. He's only about 2yrs older than me. lol.

and we only human [in T.I. voice ] lol.
but everybody makes mistakes. when it comes to that, i still believe there is soooooo much more to the story. and unfortunately/ fortunately, it helped Chris&Rihanna comfront their skeletons. His anger managemnet, his past. Her abusive past and reconnecting/forgiving her dad.

They were only 19 & 21 YEARS old, young af, inthe spotlight. and now they're both STILL RISING superstars.

anyways, i keep falling in love with Chris 0ver&Over again. lol. Even his c**kiness and the way he shrugs off the BS and comes across kinda axxhole-ish. lol.

i just completely listened to FOURTUNE like past 2days. 2012, SweetLove, DontJudgeMe, Bassline, i LOVE it!

Starting feel like Im 16 again. lol. smh.

Lol I don't think anyone knew who she was before they got together. And the tat of her on his elbow was a dumbass idea. Do they not understand that nothing lasts forever. But I will be happy if they do because they seem pretty happy together but it's rough if they don't because then he will have to look at her face almost everyday.

And I've been a fan since '05 too, I was a 6 year old in love! I remember dancing to Run it and learning the words not even really knowing what the hell I was talking about lol I miss those days when he was just a cute and very talented 16 year old and not the "23 year old who beats women" I hate when people always bring up his past. It annoys me, it was three years ago and I big mistake! Build a bridge and get over it!

i havent even paid attention to her. i didnt know she existed till he got that crazy tat of her face, which doesnt do either of them justice. [he needs to find who ever tatted Kelis on Nas]smh.

And looking at these post Im wondering if Im like one of the oldest on here. smh. Been rockin with Breezy since '05! lol

Lol yeeees, I actually think I'm the youngest on this site but it's cool and yeeeeah Kae seems really cool that's why I would want to meet her. And you're not lying though. It ain't easy bein' Breezy lol

10yrs apart, lol. Struggle is still struggle. &i know what you mean. i've been around that way and know what it looks like.

& That's very interesting, wanting to meet Kae. I would want to ask him about her too and try to get to know her. To see as fan if it would be possible to see why he loves her...

i would ask him how does he do it, keep his faith, stand tall, with all the stuff thrown at him, about him, and so on. Gotta be hard to be ChrisBrown and remain true to being ChristopherMauriceBrown. smh. He's still human, and we forget that about "cerlebrities".

I can't really say what I would do because I know that I would freak out the first few hours just because I'm in his presence an I think that I'm not the only one who would do that but after I calmed down, I would just talk to him about my life, about the struggles I've been through. That me and him kind of have a similar childhood despite the fact that we are 10 years apart.....and tell him about how I grew up and how it's a day to day struggle out here in the damn HOOD. I would also want to talk to Kae too, get to know her because she seems really nice, just talk about boys like girls always do. I would want them to come to my town though. Come to Macon and show them around and stuff just so they can actually SEE what I mean. Just become good friends and be a person that they won't forget you know? I would love for that to happen though.