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I'mmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk :)

its been a grip since i was on hurr.. whats new with everyone? im bored listening to Old school jams, soo hmuuu... any new stories i should read? and read mine, its called "My Boy's Sister"


lmao mad late
but ive been good, waitin to graduate *5/31/13*


And I've been okay lol.

And you?

lmfao ! i was bouta go off. hi you been?


Naaaah. I got the right one....

You got 'King Chris' on your hip.

Lol, I'm just kidding.

? umm. you got the wrong girl ma.

Uhhhhhh..... I know you......

We worked at King Of Kings last years together.

You was one of the top strippers after me though. I'm glad you back girl.....

I had a knee injury attempting that new move on the pole...

Smh, I got my knee brace though and I am ALL good :]