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Bad Girls Club Amsterdam

Episode 1- Intros

"b**** i'm not the won to f*** with, you don't know me"
"do it look i like i give a f*** about who you are" she said stepping in her face.
"you gonna do something, pop off b****" she said
"you want me to pop off b****" she said swing.

*4 Weeks Earlier*

<a href="">Bree</a>

"Amsterdam b****!!!!!" Bree called out."im boutta get High as a kite out here" she added.

<em>My name is Bree and im from Tennesse. Chicks love me like im hella lovable and cool to be around UNTIL you mess with my food or man, thats a no, no. People say im Bipolar and i truly believe i am one minute we could be laugh the next we scrapping that it. 2 type of chick i don't mess with are Sneaky hoes and scheming ass b****.</em>

"damn this house is big as hell" i said as the limo pulled up to the Bad Girls Club <a href="">Mansion</a>. I got out and walked in to the house luckily i was the first one here.

"let me get the good bed before these other b****es get here" i said as i rushed off to find the best room. Hopefully i don't room with no sneaky b****.

<a href="">Nani</a>

"Nani's in the house b****es!" i yelled as i walked into this huge as mansion.

<em>i'm nani and im from VA, two up two down you know what it is. I'm sweet as hell like i can be a b****es best friend....until you you f*** with me or my s***. I got hands don't let my sweet face fool you i'm known to f*** b****es up and i'll let you get the first hit to be nice but after that b**** its over</em>

"anybody here?" i yelled out as some girl came from down stairs.
"hey!!, im bree" she said as we hugged each other.
"i'm nani, are we the only ones here?" i asked.
"yeah so if you wanna get a good bed nows the time" she said.
"you right, i hope i don't room with no grimy ass b****" i said.
"thats how i feel" bree said as she walked me towards the room.
"where you sleeping, i feel like were gonna click" i asked.
"in here" she pointed.


"NY is about to take over Amsterdam"

<em>i got 3 rules and hopefully these b**** obey them, 1- Don't touch my s***, @-Don't touch my man, and 3-Don't talk s*** if you can't back it up. I'm funny as hell anybody who's around me is going to have a good time. I loyal ass b****, ride or die type chick. as long as you rocking with me i'm rocking with you</em>

"b****es!!" i called out as i walked into the house."am i the only one here?" i asked out loud as i got no reaction. I walked up the stairs and looked into the rooms to see two chicks talking.

"hey im Lexi" i said shaking their hands.
"i'm bree" one girl said.
"hey" i said to her as the other girl didn't speak at all."and you are?" i asked trying to speak to her.
"nani" she spoke dryly.

<em>i haven't been in this house for 10 minutes yet and i already know imma end up given this b**** a NY beat down</em>


"bad girls club get ready for the baddest bad girl"

<em>im candace and im from Orlando baby!. I'm a bad girl cause i love to drink, party and have a good time. Being a bad girl doesn't mean punching a b**** in her face. don;t get me wrong tho if i have to lay hands on someone i will but i try my best to avoid conflict.</em>

"CANDACE IS IN THE BUILDING" i yelled as i walked into the house.
"aye!!" some said coming in the room."i'm lexi" she said hugging me.
"hey, who else is here?" i asked her.
"two other girls, but the one named nani is a b****, just warning you" she said walking away.

<a href="<a href="">Joslin</a>

"f*** with me get f*** up, thats my motto"

<em>the name is Joslin and i'm from Georgia Hoe!. i'm nice when i first meet you just to see who you really are, if you cool we cool but if your not, them were not, obviously. i don't play games with chick and i don't do the talking if we got a problem imma pop off point blank end of story</em>

"queen B have arrived" i said as i walked into this huge house."hey im joslin" i said to the first girls i saw.
"i'm lexi" one of them spoke.
"i'm candace" the other said as two ther girls walked down.

"hey i'm joslin" i said shaking their hands.
"i'm nani" one of then said.
"joslin? like the hoe from love and hip hop?" the other girl asked laughing.

<em>*laughs* haters already, b**** are two much *laughs again*</em>


"don't touch my s*** i wont touch yours"

<em>im dany and im from Cali!!. Im a chill as chick, i get along with everybody until you press the wrong buttons. I'm athletic but i'm far from a tomboy. I speak my mind and if i got something to say to you i will say it to YOU. i'm not about the sneaky s***.</em>

"aye ladies" i called out as i walked into the house."damn am i the last one here?" i asked as i looked around.
"hell yeah we taking shot you need to catch up" one of the girls said.
"well then pour me a shot" i said laughing."im danyell by the way or just dany" i said.
"i'm bree"
"i'm lexi"
"i'm nani"
"i'm candace"
"i'm joslin" they said introducing themselves.


<em>This season on bad girls club: "that b**** better not even look my way or she leaving in a body bag" josline said, "YALL BTICHES WANNA TRY AND JUMP A b**** COME I"LL f*** ALL YALL UP!" Nani yelled, "i seriously feel like i'm going crazy, i'm about to stab a b**** nani" Bree spoke</em>

(please tell me i did a good job, lmao)


This b**** is really not adding to this story!!! Make me come find yo ass!!! Lol Run it..... pleeeeaaasssssseeeee :(


Lmbo. Why you trying to make me the mean one?

Idc about the new girl. She aint gotta prove s*** to me.

ummm where the f*** is all my runs? lol
yall aint getting s*** until then think i'm playing

RUN IT:)))


Hmmm yes!
Joslin mannish asx is gone!
Ohwa ! Ohwa!
*pelvic thrust repeatedly*

New girl???
Idk I have a thought that Candace gon try to fck with her.

I don't like jumping but damn . . . just damn


I aint gone lie, Joslin went out with a BANG. I don't really agree tht it was on her terms cause they was already moving the b**** s*** out. They went in on her ass though when she came for Bree. They got what they wanted though!!! Them f***s was something serious though!!!! They laid the pipe game down like crazyyyy!!! Surprised my dogs could walk the next day!!! Lol. Run it:)))

Episode 8


"bye guy" bree said as the all the guys left the next morning.
"yall some hoes" dany said laughing.
"how was it?" nani asked.
"the best i ever had" bree said.
"hell yeah, dude was putting in work, yall punch asses should have got some" lexi said.
"my dude got down in the pool" dany said.
"eww b**** i was swimming in that water" nani said laughing.

"where is candace?" bree asked.
"knocked the f*** out, ol girl was trashed last night" dany said.
"oh! she kissed joslin" nani said.
"what?" bree and lexi said at the same time.
"candace was drunk off her ass kissing everybody and chase joslin down and kissed her mouth to mouth" dany said.
"you think she's gonna remember?" lexi asked.

"probably not" nani said.

<em>Bree: so i wake up thins morning and find out candace made out with joslin, aint enough liquor in the world that would make me want to kiss joslins ass</em>

The girl went up to the room where candace was and woke her up. The sat along her bed as she woke up and rubbed her eyes.

"do you know what you did last night?" bree asked.
"what?" candace asked wide eyed.
"you kissed joslin" dany said.
"i kissed who?!" she asked.
"joslin!" nani said.
"ewwwwwwwwwwwww" candace said getting up and running to the bathroom to wash her moth out.

"joslin" said walking into joslins and her room and sat on her bed."joslin!" she called again.
"what?" joslin asked.
"you kissed candace last night" lexi said making joslin jump up.
"no i didn't" she said in disbelief
"yeah you did" lexi said.
"what the f***? why the f***? ugh" joslin said getting up from her bed.

<em>Joslin: ewwwwwwwwwww!!! no no no no i can't believe my ear. i kissed candace ew</em>

All the girls were in the kitchen talking about their night and lexi and bree were explaining to them about their sexual encounters.

"how big were they?" candace asked.
"baby had a mandigo" lexi said.
"mine too" bree said giving lexi dap.
"yall lying" dany said.
"night i'm tellign you he was biig" lexi said.

"ya'll do realize yall sleep with some dudes yall just met" joslin said."if that doesn't scream desperation i don't know what does" she added.

<em>Bree- somebody please tell me who the f*** asked joslin for her f***ing opinion</em>

"don't judge me because i like to have a good time" lexi said getting offended by her statement.
"sit down somewhere nobody was talking about you" joslin said to her.

<em>Lexi- she's supposed to be my girl so why would she make a comment like that. i was with someone last night too so she had to be talking about me</em>

<em>Dany- are these two really fight? o s*** i never thought i'd see the day</em>

"b**** you were talking about me though, i was f***ing last night too" lexi said.

The other girls stood back and watched the whole thing unfold before them.

"i don't have time for you" joslin said pushing her out the way.
"don't f***ing touch me" lexi said pushing her and making her fall on the floor but joslin just got up and walked away into the phone booth.

"so i think it's time for that new girl" candace said breaking the silence."yall thinking what i'm thinking?" she asked as they all smiled and ran towards joslins room and started putting her stuff in garbage bags and throwing them outside.
"extermination time! throwing out all the rodents" lexi said.

"b**** their throwing my stuff outside my stuff out side" joslin said to her friend on the phone.
"what are you going to do?" her friend asked.
"i'm about to f*** s*** up" she said."just let everybody know imma be home soom" joslin said handing up the phone.

The girls waited outside for joslin to coem find her stuff. Joslin walked up to her room and laughed to herself when she seen all her stuff gone. She looked under her bed for the bag she knew she need just in case something like this happened.

"i knew b****es were gonna hate" joslin said as she sliped on sweatpants and a t-shirt."im about to f*** s*** up BGC style" joslin said as she tired her hair up and put Vaseline all over herself and walked towards the confessional.

<em>Joslin- i told yall from the beginning that if i'm leving this house i'm leaving here on my terms, imma about f*** these b****es up and they s***, it's been real BGC i'll see yall aat the reunion</em>

Joslin took bleach out the kitchen cabinet and walked to all of their room poring bleach on everything they had laying out.

"you think she's going to come out here?" dany asked.
"she probably in there hiding" lexi said.
"no jumping" candace said.

Meanwhile joslin is in the makeup room breaking all the mirrors and breaking makeup pecils.

"now for the main event" joslin said as she walked down the stairs and out the door and went straight for bree first grabbing her hair and punching her in the face. It wasn't long before lexi, nani and dany all jumped in and made it.

"stop, stop, i told yall about jumping" candace said trying to break it up as the security ran out and broke up the fight.

"f*** you b****, you going home b****" lexi yelled as the security pulled her away from the other girls.


"joslin i know you got jumped but you threw the first punch and this isn't the first time so i'm afraid you have to go" the producer said.
"thats cool i was ready to go anyway" joslin said.

"BYE b****!" dany called out.

"i had enough of yall that" joslin said pointing in danys direction.

Joslin picked up her things from the from steps and put them in the van that was waiting for her as the other girls watched.

<em>Joslin- hold on i'm not done yet theres one b**** that aint get popped yet</em>

Joslin ran back towards candace and knocked her down to the floor before the security can and put her in the van sending her away.

"aye the whicked witch of the west is gone!" lexi yelled as the girls walked back into the house.
"now, i hope the new girl comes in ready to party" nani said as she closed the front door behind them.

<strong>Nexy Time On Bad Girls Club:</strong><em>"girls!!!!!"-'New Girl'...."the new girl is here i don't really like her she need to prove herself to me"- candace....."WERE GOING TO PUERTO RICO!!"- Bree</em>


What was this?

Some big ass horny festival? Lol

Just a damn mess. A complete mess!

And Joslin & Candace kissed though?

Eww. She got cooties now!

Better scrub your mouth CLEAN when you wake up Candace.

And I'm still just like grossed out lol.

And I can't believe they f u c k e d them on the first night of meeting them!

That's that ho s h i t. That's not cute.

Run it

drunk asx dun kissed a man
chi . . .see this why you shouldnt drink

mmmm Dwight fine asx looking all good && stuff
Lexi && Bree got them some penis
i hear y'all lol

Bree asx nasty talking about "you tired? im tired"
b**** just say you wanna f u c k!



Damn everybody got they lil f*** in!!! So is this just gonna be a one night stand or are the dudes here for good??? Run it:)))

Ewwwww.... I kissed Joslin?

I must of been drunk off my ass to kiss that b****... I dont like her and she needs to go..

Atleast two people in that house were getting that d***!!!
Lexi sure was getting hers. Lmao.
Bree too! Damn freaks.
Candace, WHAT THE f***??
Girl, you have a fine specimen like Trey and you kissing Joslin?!?!
The f*** is running thru your brain?
Oh hey Chris, I see you boo!!

Run it

Episode 7

*Operation Hook Up*

"Lexi b**** wake up, i heard its yo birthday" Bree said jumping on lexi as she slept in her bed.

<em>Bree- since lexi is making an effort to be cool with us imma make that effort equally, and since today is her birthday what better way to bond then turning up*laughs*</em>

"can yall take that loud s*** somewhere else" joslin said turning her her bed.
"come on" lexi said hopping out the bed and laughing with bree as they walked out the room.

The rest of the girls were in the kitchen and as lexi walked in with bree they yelled happy birthday to her.

"we turning up tonight or what?" nani asked.
"hell yeah" lexi said."i wanna go to the club and i wanna find me a cute ass dude to bring home" lexi said.
"i'm down for that" candace said.
"foreal we need some d*** in this house, to much pussy floating around" dany said.
"yall horny asses" bree said laughing.

The girls spent the rest of the morning chilling in the back yard by the pool.

"i've come to the conclusion that joslin needs to go home" candace said.
"i was thinking the same damn thing" bree said as she high fived candace.

<em>Nani- this b**** candace has changed. maybe beating joslins ass went to her head but i don't know but damn</em>

"i'm thinking a new girl would be good right about now" candace said."an i know just what to do" she added.
"uh uh not on my birthday you little master plan better wait until tomorrow" lexi said.
"yes tonight we turning up, i'm not tryna have no drama stop me from bring a dude home tonight, its operration hook" dany said laughing.

<em>Lexi- It's my birthday, lets turn it up!</em>

"joslin we hitting Lava for my birthday you coming?" lexi asked her.
"yeah i'm down" joslin said.
"iight, we leaving in a few hours" lexi said leaving the room.

<em>Joslin- hell yeah i'm going out these b****es aint about to stop me from having fun, imma do me regardless f*** these broke ass bumb ass hoes</em>

They girls all sat in front of there mirrors and did their hair and make up. By 8 o-clock they were ready to go so they all hopped in the car and headed to Lava. As soon as the girl walked in the club and were escorted to their BGC VIP section nani pointed out a group of guys to lexi.

"damnnnnnn" lexi said as she caught the eye of one of them.

<em>Nani- we're just walking in and then i see a huge group of dudes, fine as dude chilling together and then there was one in particular tall dark and handsome ding ding ding</em>

"come here" lexi called out as she waved the guys over. Without hesitation the guys walked over to the girls VIP section said sat down.
"whats your name shawty" <a href="">He</a> asked lexi.
"lexi, yours?" she asked.
"kirko" he said licking his lips

<em>Lexi- oh god lips lickers! *laughes* dudes who lick there lips are an ultimate turn on</em>

"can i sit here beautiful" <a href="">He</a> asked dany.
"i don't see why not" she said with a smile.
"i'm chris by the way" he said reaching out his hand.
"danyell or dany" she said.

"my names is micheal but the friends call me tyga" <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">He</a> said to bree.
"tyga, thats sexy" bree said.
"thanks ma, whats your name?" he asked.
"bree" she told him.

"i seen you staring as soon as you walked in you like what you see?" <a href="">He</a> said to nani as he sat down next to her and put his arm on her seat behind her.
"maybe" she laughed.
"you're real cute, i'm dwight, whats you're name" he asked.
"nani" she said biting her bottom lip.

"well trey, my name is candace" she said to him.
"thats a cute as name, candace" <a href="">He</a> said with a smile showing his dimples.

"wassup sweetheart why you so far from the rest of group?" <a href="">He</a> asked joslin.
"girl drama, you know" she said.
"yeah i get it" he said."but lets forget about that and have a good time, i'm jay" he said making her smile.
"i'm joslin" she said with a smile.
"joslin, i like that" he said biting his lip.

<em>Joslin- drama what? candace who? lawd jeezus this man is fine *laughs*</em>

While Candace, Bree, Dany, nani and joslin got up and started dancing with there guys Lexi was making sure heres was coming back home with her.

"you coming to the crib right?" lexi asked kirko
"for sure" he said
"good cause you know its my birthday and all" she said.
"word, imma bring you something extra special then" he said smiling.
"sounds good, brings your boys too cause my girls need to be entertained as well" she said.
"of course" she said.

<em>Lexi- okay i'm really feeling this guy, he got good game but you know what they say you gotta test drive before you buy</em>

The girls left the club around 2am and waited for the boys to arrive at there house to chill even more. Theres was a knock at the door 20 minutes after girls arrived and Lexi ran towards the door.

"uh hun looking running for the door like dog running for it owner" candace said.
"shut up" lexi said as she opened the door letting them in.

They brought with them beer and liquor and there girls already knew this was going to be a good night.

"shot!" chris called out.
"aye! you read my mind" bree said as she took out shot glasses and pour them all shots.
"1, 2, 3" jay said as they all down their shot.

By their 3rd shot everyone had relax and really started to get to know each other.

"where the hell is lexi?" nani asked.
"her and kirko went up stairs like 10 minutes ago" candace said.
"OH I SEE YOU LEXI!!" bree called out.

All the girl and guys were having fun and they chilled and talked in the living room, even joslin who joined in on the groups conversation.

"look hows he's looking at you, girl you better kiss him" joslin said to dany. Dany looked at chris with a smile to see he was smiling back at her.
"do it, do it" joslin chanted as everybody joined her.
"stop pla.." dany said as chris cut her off by grabbing her chin and kissing her.

"iight who's next?" joslin asked.
"b**** you next" candace laughed.
"yeah you're next" jay said kissed her for a few seconds with tongue.

Couple by couple they kissed each other easing the tension in the room even more.

"i'm tired, are you tired?" bree asked tyga.
"yeah" he said nodding his head.
"international sign for 'i wanna f***, you wana f***?" nani said laughing.

he rest of the crowd ended up in the hot tube where they makeout. Even the girls who were far beyond drunk started to each each other.

"come here, you know you want it" candace said as she swam closer to joslin.
"no, no, no" joslin said trying to move away.

Candace got close enough to joslin where she grabbed her face and kissed her for a full minute.


<strong>Next Time On Bad Girls Club</strong><em>: "i did what with who?"- candace...... "b**** i'm telling you he was big"- lexi..... "i told yall if imma leave this house i'm leaving on my terms, aint nobody about to put me out"- joslin</em>

Why does everybody think I'm gonna let kicking Joslins ass go to my head?
I aint even like that s***.. Lol..

All I wanna do is have a good time and meet boys...lOL

Candace went HAM!! Joslin seriously thought she was running s*** in this house huh? Uh, you got all the s*** mixed up boo boo. Im glad lexi came back to her senses and isnt letting anyone control her, especially not Joslin. Man, next add is going to be on and poppin. I feel it. The only person that will be going home will be Joslin.

Run it.

Chris Brown

Daaaammmmnnnnn!!!! I guess Candace aint one to mess with huh??? Lol. Joslin thought she was bad, NOT TODAY!!! Lmfaoooo. Candace finna whop her ass again. I'm the same way though, once I start I don't stop until I KNOW tht YOU AND EVERYBODY ELSE KNOW tht the fight wasn't no damn tie!!! I aint expect her ass to be tough though cause she stay flip flopping but hopefully tht changes once joslin's ass is out of the house. Lexi ass know she lying!!! She know damn well she be up Joslin's ass ALL THE TIME!!! I got a feeling she gone be the weak one. Episode 7 lets gooooo!!! Run it.

So.... Candace went into beast mode on that Joslin ho huh? Lol. Good. And tf this b**** mean she a queen? Funny looking ass b****. How you get yo ass beat but STILL talking s***? How that works? Cuz I never understood that lol... Smh. b****es be tripping & mmmhm. Whatever Lexi. But PLEASE don't tell me Candace let this s*** go to her head!!!

Run it

Kirko Bangz

and can i be the next to f*** up a b**** i dont want niggahs thinkin im weak or a follower or some s*** its time for me to put the paws on someone

and who tf is this chick tlkin bout being a replacement GIRL BYE! *hair flip and two snaps*



I'll be back to read.

And Trey lol


J. Cole or Dwight Howard

And make sure yall put who y'all are too
Cause a b**** can't keep up with all these name changes lol

Do me a favor and put who y'all
Wanted to be with again...
But I'm changing it up yall gon meet them while yall out clubbing.

How the f*** I'm flaw for apologizing? I'm woman enough to know what I did something wrong and did the mature thing and apologize.

Joslin ass think its okay to throw my bed in the pool ole weak ass hoe!

I told hoes not to mess with me cause I wasnt about no damn drama.

She f***ed with my s*** so I f***ed with her face...Lol..

Run it!


Candace && Joslin got me weak like a mf'er
Joslin thought her asx was bad af but Candace
did her like shorty did on tht video lmfao

Lexxi I'm gla you came to your senses
But I ain't letting my guard down just yet

I'm willing to bet Candace asx gon try to "run" s***
&& get Joslin or somebody out the house
Like yeah you beat her asx but you don't let it go to your head
That's how them girls on bgc be fckng up



Episode 6

The girls partied in the club and were having a good time. All except Joslin who was making her way out the club. She hopped in a cap and told them to take her back to the BGC house. When she got there she dropped her purse on the table and went straight into the confessional.

<em>Joslin- this house is filled with a whole bunch of lame ass, wack ass bum ass b****es. When they come home you know theres gonna be some drama cause i put a b****es bed in a pool. Lets just sit back and watch the drama unfold.</em>

"i'm not gonna lie, like imma keep it 100. the only reason why i didn't like you was because i was told you were talking s*** about me behind my back" lexi said to bree.
"thats one thing i don't do, is that s*** behind a b****es back, if i have something to say, i say it to them in person" bre said.
"and i respect that, thats a rule i go by" lexi said,"how about we start over cause a b**** is just trying to have fun" lexi said.

"cool with me" bree said as they clicked their shot glasses together.

Meanwhile nani danced with dany as she watched Bree and Lexi talked to each other.

<em>Nani- lexi wanna join the crew? i'm still iffy about this b**** but i'll let her prove herself</em>

The girls stood at the club until closing. They walked out the club and into their limo and made their way home.

"look i just wanna say my bad for the drama i was causing before, but i'm just tryna have fun, i didn't come here to fight" lexi slurred.
"you need to stop letting joslin control you" dany said.
"true" candace added in."joslin cool and all but she be up to no good" she added in.
"joslin don't run me, i don't follow no b****" lexi said.
"you gonna have to prove to us that what you saying right now is what you mean cause all this is just words we need to see actions" nani said.

"trish i'm telling you i'm about to have this house on lock" joslin spoke to her friend on the phone.
"you got them b****es scared don't you?" trish asked.
"you know me, so you know i do aint nobody f***ing with the queen" joslin laughed as she noticed the door open and the girls walking.

"why you leave early?" lexi asked joslin as she walked into the phone room.
"i didn't feel like being there anymore" she said with a hint of attitude.
"you good?" lexi asked.
"great, i'm on the phone though sooooo" she said as lexi nodded her head and walked out the phone room.

"what the f***, wheres my bed?" candace asked.
"what?" dany asked walking in the room."oh s***" she said seeing it for herself.

"yo candaces bed is missing" dany told nani and bree as she walked out th room.
"lets go check the pool" nani said as they rushed out to the back yard.

"CANDACE!" nani yelled out.
"What!" candace yelled.
"your bed is in the pool" bree yelled out as candace made her way to the back yard and saw her bed floating in the pool.

<em>Candace- why can't a b**** have a peaceful night, what the f*** did i do that my bed is in the pool, b**** always think candace is weak cause i'm quite but these b**** don't f***ing know me</em>

"who threw my bed in the pool!" candace yelled out out.

"trish i threw this b****es bed in the pool and she just found out" joslin laughs.
"you a bad b****" trish stated.
"i know, but imma call you back, s*** is about to pop off" joslin said.
"iight i want the details tho" trish said.
"of course" joslin said before hanging up.

"you threw my bed in the pool?" candace asked lexi.
"it wasn't me, i had nothing to do with it" lexi said.

"so it was joslin" candace said as she walked over to the living room to find joslin. Joslin was standing in the middle of the room smiling waiting for candace to speak but she did, she charged at joslin no words spoken, grabbed her hair and swung her to the floor and started punching her head. Moments later security came running in and broke it up.

"i told these b**** not to f*** with me" candace said as she got pulled away."b****es take my kindness as a weakness f*** that" she shouted.

<em>Dany- *stares at camera mouth wide open* candace baby girl where the f*** did that come from. It was like the beast came out of her. I know who's good side im staying on</em>

"candace you're a f***ing beast" bree said as the girls sat in the room with her.

"flip flopping ass hoes!" joslin yelled out.

"i swear that b**** better shut the f*** up" candace said as she sat on the edge of the bed with her leg shaking.

"broke ass hoes, wish they were me" joslin continued to talk.

Candace got up and quickly ducked under the guards arm and charged joslin tossing her to the floor once again.

<strong>Next Time On BGC:</strong><em>"it's my bithday, lets turn it up!"- Lexi....."this b**** candace has changed"- Nani..... "this b**** needs to go i want her gone"- candace....</em>

HELL YESSS!!! First off I wanna be somebody's replacement cause I know somebody finna go home. I wanna be honey cocaine and get in good with bree and nani. Lexi is so damn dumb. She trynna be a sale out to get in good with everybody and now her ass finna be lonely. Thts what she get for trynna be a kiss ass. Joslin is trying too hard to look like a "bad ass" take a seat b****!!! ------> _/ Candace is flaw as f*** too but she might last cause now she cool with bree nani and dany. Dany seems pretty chill. I need to be in this b**** like ASAP lol!!! Run it:)))

Still waiting
:( lol