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Chris browns tattoo - whats he thinkin?!?!?!

Im confused by the whole drama of breezy, ri ri and that gassed up model karreuche tran....
Is cb's tattoo to get back at rihanna and show her that shes moving on??
Is karreuche just a way to make rhi rhi jealous?
Is cb's tattoo REALLY of rihanna?
Some one help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am 100% sure that Chris wouldn't glorify or pay any type of sick, twisted homage to the incident. It is evident to me that he and Rihanna have put that behind them and so should we all as fans. If you love Rihanna and Chris you ought not hold anything like that against them. If you do, then your less of a fan and more of an enemy. Yes, we love these people because they entertain, but yet we must understand that we cannot control what they do.

Aha,im new to this.. But im jealous of anyone whos met chris no matter how long ago!;-)

and Kellie haters gonna hate...breezys strong enough to look past it all and be mature about it so its allll good

my baby chris is all dattt people say hes gay but thats all the haters like stop hating on hem and just ask about hem

Oh its fine, I didn't mean to come off the wrong way. And gurl, that pic is waaaay old lol

Tiffan, just wanna say I'm sooo jealous you met breezy!!!
Was just posting a simple question, no harm intended:-)
I'm the same as you, I get waaay protective over chris, but i thought it would be better if i actually knew what it was so i can properly have a go at any of my friends who don't like him!

Can u guys let this die already please? The tattoo is not of Rihanna, its Dia De Los Muertos, Day Of The Dead. Please stop spreading this.

Hey Prisca,
As you can see I love breezy!!!!!!!!!:-)
Not really comfortable putting my details to people I don't know, but it would be great to get to know other things about you:-)

you are the best. Everyone tells me we look a lot alike and my last name is brown. LOL

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