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Rescue Me Revamped

Y'all remember this? It's back!!!

I was in the hospital fighting for my life. I was going in and out of consciousness. I looked over at Tyrell and everything went back. Lemme show you how we got here.
As a baby
"shut the f*** up crying!" my mother Katrina roared. I stopped crying and just stared. "Such a stupid b****!" she yelled. Katrina looked over at me and slapped my face so hard. She busted my lip and I was crying again. " Shut The f*** Up!" she screamed choking me out. I lost all air and eventually passed out. I woke up 2 hours later to my mom watching T.V. My stomach was growling. I was a new born and I hadn’t eaten in since I arrived home 6 days ago. My mom looked over at me "you done crying hoe?" she asked me. She got up and lifted up her shirt. She plopped down on the couch and proceeded to breast me while watching I Am Legend on TV. She rocked me back and forth to put me back to sleep. I pooped and I guess she smelled it “you stank ass nasty ass hoe!” she yelled. She got up and grabbed some wipes and a diaper’ she threw me down on the couch and I hurt my head on the arm of the chair. I started whimpering softly but not too loud becuz all she’d do was hurt me again. She took off my diaper and my little cooch was raw. I had severe diaper rash and I’m sure that it smell terrible. I just don’t understand why my mom doesn’t love me. ‹em›“Hoe! Hoe! Sideline hoe Youse a hoe Youse a hoe Sideline hoe!” ‹/em›My mom’s phone rang. It must have been Darnell. My mom was cheating on my father and he was nothing but faithful to her. He was away at a biz trip. He insisted that he stay and help her take care of me but he insisted otherwise. “Hey Darnell baby” she said in a flirty voice. Ugh pathetic hoe! “Yea you can come over babe. The only other person here is this stupid ass baby” she said referring to me. It really hurt me to my heart to now that she didn’t have any love for me. “Be here in 45 minutes” she said hanging up the phone. She hung up the phone after being on it for 5 minutes. Since I didn’t have on a diaper, I had peed all over the cover on the couch. She looked beyond pissed. She picked me up and took me to the bathroom. She ran the water too hot and out me in it as punishment. She turned off the water and left to the living room. She had picked up the wet cover and put it in the washing machine. “I should have aborted your ass when I had the opportunity” she mumbled but I heard her loud and clear. If only I had understood what it meant at the time. She lifted me up and washed me off. She used a sponge (to bathe with) and scrubbed me really hard. I had red marks all over me from the rough material and hard scrubbing. After about 5 minutes of being in the tub, she picked me to dress me. After dressing me she put me in the crib down in the basement. I laid down and tried to go to sleep. It was hard because the bruises, slap marks, and harsh scrubbing was hurting me all over. I heard the door open and a deep voice. “Wassup boo” I heard the voice say. Must be Darnell. “Nothing just thinking about you baby” she replied. I heard them kiss and then he asked “where is the baby?” Why in the hell did he wanna see me? I guess my mom was thinking the same thing as me because she asked “why in the hell do you wanna see her?!” I swear sometimes I think she is jealous of me. It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. ‘I just wanna see my girl’s baby” he said. “She is downstairs in the basement sleep” she told him. He went downstairs to see me. “Mmm you a sexy b**** aint you?” he asked me. I just looked up at him “you got pretty brown eyes too” he said licking his lips at me. He pulled off his pants and pulled his penis out. He undressed me and pulled off my diaper. He rubbed on my vagina really hard. He stroked his d*** and started rubbing faster. The was this felt was terrible. I started to cry. He stroked faster and rubbed me faster. I started crying harder. He pointed his d*** at me and his hot cum shot all over my face. He took a discarded towel and rubbed it off my face. He put it away, zipped up his pants, put my clothes back on me, and went upstairs like nothing ever happened. I cannot believe he did this to me *Just so yall know, yea she is supposed to be a baby in this chapter but it is all a memory. She is still in the hospital. Hope yall like it*


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