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how far the passion 4 breezy can go

Born on 5th may 89,he's singer songwriter and expresses himself by means of music and thru his dances,chris brown is one of the best singer|dancer to ever been in this planet .I don't know if the world is still to bring someone as talented.

Chris brown has been thru a lot in his life only he knws hw that felt like..people judging him jus because..

What he did was really wrong no doubt about that but like micheale said you never judge no one without knowing the person, its wrong.

My biggest inspiration of all time since his first single''run it'' he caught my atention.when I was busy playin Football manager 2005, busy makin proposal to buy players cousin\brothr touchd me in the shoulder sayin'' look at this guy he sounds like a girl ,I ddnt look at first. He said it again look at this guy..the tv was right behind us. I turn around n
Jus from seeing him in tht video battling with those girls with moves like no other, from that moment I knew he was going to be a star.

My d***headed friends always said its gay to like chris or even RNB singersmayb cz they were mostly rapped or made hipop beats.

but since chris return after the incident they started lovin him sayingl "this guy he's good, man''.. I'm like fuk you only nw you see tht...

Although he got even better mayb because he's got the feelin of revenge for ppl who wanted to put him down.
The incident its long gone but ''people still bringing s*** up that happend 2 years ago'' well now three. Like he said..

Namely the country singer song writter lambert miranda whom I hate so much for sayin he doesn't belong at the grammies I was like ''who da fuk r u to say tht'' I even said on FB which a woman replied violently

But anyway the only reason I'm writin all these its because of the dream I had last night wich I thought I should share.

Out of nowhere is someone performing in front of many people,its really dark but I knew. Who he was of cours..its someone dancing like he doesn't care n very close to the crowd thou...I'm there starin at him lookin at the peoples facial expression ,wich of corse isn't as excitin as mine.. When he finishes can't recall how ,thts when I went straight like a mad fan and shake his big hand and I literally begged him to take a picture with him ,was me n other 3 guys in still photo-to-be but I was right next to him when I said''I'm a cropp the s*** out of this photo'' that's when he started laughing -i was like I jus made chris laugh..this is th best day ever.. We went outside because somehow the person jus couldn't take th picture ..I was so pissd no one could take a single picture I decided to take the picture myself, he was jus about to start reharsin..
I said I've got the phone let's take it we went to the corner of the roof(apparently) I'm holdin the phone ready to take th pictur. When I saw these 2 idiots jus standin ther I thought it would come out better if they took One of the guys,short long hair black guy wearin glasses couldn't take th picture cz he was lookin at th girl right across th room
Supposely there was a room on tht roof with a hot girl in it
We went to someehere else can't really remember whr but was really cozy cz some of my family members whr ther and I asked my 6 years old sister to take th pict..chris brown n I posed as to finally a picture. My aunt talkin to my cousin\ sister said somethin which my sister thought would be interestin to hear it..still dddnt take th picture..
Vey irritated I gave my blackberry 8520 the same phone has been runnin around peoples hands to my cousin.he held th phone with his right hand lookin very concentrated I managed to smile thru exhaustion can't believe I took THE CHRis brown all the way here just to take a single picture..that's when I wake up...happy at th same time angry cz I thought I should have taken th photo myself...

I never wrote somethin in my life unless I was obliged to this is jus a proof of hw much I love Christopher maurice brown....

I love you, man.