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I walked my teacup Yorkie, <a href=>Snickers</a>, down the street of my neighborhood. The real estate agent said a few celebrities lived nearby. I wasn’t really listening that day because I was busy thinking about other things. I made a right down a slight hill and came across people talking loud a few houses ahead. “Bae, just forget it!” A male’s voice yells. “Really Cas?” he smacks his lips. “Yes, Really!” A woman’s voice shouted back. “It’ll only take a minute!” I heard heels clicking and then a door open and close.

I hear the male cursing under his breath and then a car door slam. “Every time,” he groaned. I tried to put on my best ‘minding my business’ look as I sipped on my caramel frappe as I appeared with Snickers walking by. The angry male happened to be non-other than <a href=>Chris Brown</a> sitting on the stairs to his house. “How are you doing?” he politely smiled at me. “Fine, and yourself?” “Good,” he nods. I smile back and continue to walk.

“What’s his name?” Chris asked while pointing to my dog. I stop and glance at Chris and then down at my dog. “Oh, uh…this is Snickers.” “Snickers?” Chris laughs. “Yeah,” I giggle. “Is there something wrong with that name?” “Nah,” he shrugs. “I like it. Chris Brown,” he introduces himself. “Sofia Margueritte.” His eyes filled with curiosity. “The ballet dancer?” “Yes, that’s me.” I grinned. Ballet is what I was best known for, but I also did other genres, too. I was even on Dancing with the Stars one season. “Your mom was Sophia Marie.” Chris stated and I nodded in agreement. He stood up and walked over to me with amazement. “My mom went to all her ballet recitals back in the day. She was a huge fan.”

“Did you?” I asked. “Nah!” he rubbed the back of his head with a grin on his face. “Mm hm.” I smirked. “It was nice to meet you. I’m a fan of yours. Great music.” “Thanks.” Snickers barked as she was pacing back and forth. “Well that’s my cue. Snickers is probably hungry.” “Sorry Snickers for keeping you,” Chris looked down at the dog. Snickers stood on his back legs for a quick second, wagging his tail and letting his tongue hang out. He then jumped and twirled in the air. “Good boy!” Chris bent down a bit and clapped. “Do it again for ya boy.” Snickers did it again. “Ayeee,” I smile. “Alright. C’mon Snicks,” I keep on walking. “Bye.”

“See you around,” Chris waves and then turns around to find his <a href=>girlfriend</a> walking back out the door. “Bout damn time,” he walks up to his jetfighter. “Shut up,” Cassie rolls her eyes and walks around the hood of the car. Chris rolls his eyes and gets in at the same time as Cassie. “Please don’t fckin speed there, okay? We’ll make it.” “Yeah,” Chris closes his door and puts on his seatbelt. “Then you gon’ be complaining about why I wasn’t driving fast enough and that we’re late.” He put the car in reverse and carefully backed out of the driveway.

Cassie sighed. “Who was that? Looked like that ballet chick.” “It was. I think she lives around here.” he put the car in drive once he was all the way in the street and slowly drove off. They came up to a stop sign where Sofia was just making it to and Chris honked. Sofia waved as she turned the corner. “Ain’t that dog cute? He did a trick for me.” he turned the corner making a right. Cassie half-smiled rolling down the window. “I can do a trick,” she stuck her middle finger out the window towards Sofia. “Fck that btch."

“CASSIE!” Chris stomped on the breaks. “WHAT THE F-?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU?!” Cassie laughed. “Chill she probably didn’t even see me.” Chris continued to drive and looked in the rearview mirror at Sofia picking up Snickers. He sighed and focused on the road. “You are something else Cassie. I don’t even know how I deal.” “Yeah you do,” she put her hands between her legs smiling. “That sht ain’t funny yo!” he got mad. “Aweee,” Cassie placed an open palm under his chin. “You mad?” He just shook his head and kept quiet.

I had picked up Snickers to then look ahead and see Cassie sticking her middle finger out the window. I looked all around and noticed I was the only person it was being directed to. “Btch.” I rolled my eyes and rounded the area back to my place. I walked into my <a href=>home</a> and let Snickers off the leash. Then I went to go get ready for my date to pick me up. He should be arriving in 30 minutes. I quickly took a shower and then got out to Snickers lying on the mat in front of the sink. He followed me to the bed where I rubbed lotion on and then got into my <a href=>outfit</a>. “How do I look?” I asked. Snickers barked uncontrollably. “Great,” I smiled and we went downstairs to wait.

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Run it!!!

run it

<a href=>I</a> parked on the curb in front of Chris’ house. “I’m sorry Morgan, but I just gotta check on Chris real quick. I feel like I should’ve checked on him before I left.” “Are you gonna stay?” “Idk, but I’ll text you.” “Man, I don’t wanna go to this party by myself, these not my friends.” “Tey is cool, Mo. And I don’t even know I’m staying yet so don’t get ahead of yourself.” I got out the driver side and walked up to the door and rung the bell. Joyce soon came to the door with a smile on her face. “Hey hun.” “Hi, Joyce. I just wanted to come check on Chris. Is he okay?” “I don’t know, he’s been in his room. I assumed he was sleep all this time. Come in, I’m sure he won’t mind you being back here at all.” Joyce stepped to the side and I walked in. “Thank you,” I said. “No problem.” She closed and locked the door, then lead me to Chris’ room and knocked on the door. “What?” Chris yelled. Joyce looked at me and walked away. “It’s me, SoSo.” I announced. Next thing I know is that Chris was opening up the door. He wore black basketball shorts with some socks and nothing else. “Whassup,” he walked away. I walked in his <a href=>room</a>. “Just came to check on you. I meant to before I left, but…” I closed the door behind me and leaned up against it. “I’m good,” Chris shrugged while climbing into his bed.

“You sure? I kinda felt like you’re mad at something. Like after everything that happened today-” “Oh, and what happened today?” Chris asked. “You took me out and we held hands in public. That’s not normal for friends.” “Who says it’s not.” “And on top of that I met your mother recently and we vibe so well. I bet your ex and Joyce didn’t even like each other. She’s likes me so much and she shows her interests in me over the internet and basically says to the fans that she wants me for you by retweeting things the fans say.” “She didn’t like Cassie at all so trueee.” Chris agreed. “But,” he continued “I’m not mad. I’m beyond that. Like I’m pissed.” “Why?” I stared at him. “Because people keep on assuming that you’re my girl and you’re not. Like you ain’t even deny it when the fan asked if you was my girl. You just looked away.” “But you didn’t deny it either. And I shut her rumor down on the internet.” “Yeah, but you had to wait until a rumor started in order to say something.” “I didn’t think she’d go that far… Look, I’d love to be in a relationship with you, but I don’t want to be in a long distant relationship in my FIRST relationship. You’re about to go on tour and…i just feel like i’d want to be around my boyfriend all the time, not every once in a while.” I admitted. Chris smiled, “So come with me.” he suggests. “I can’t. I’m not leaving those kids, and I’m not your girlfriend.” I smirked. Chris sighed and looked down. “Will you be my woman?” he looked back up at me with that glint in his eye, again. I swear I saw his eyes sparkle this time.

“Not right now.” “But after I come back to the states, will you be my woman?” “It depends…” “ON WHAT?! My schedule?” he asked in a loud raspy tone. “No. I just feel like…we’re both so busy and with me working, I don’t want to be bothered with people while I'm trying to focus; i just like to stay friends because I don't want to feel like...I'm not giving my all to that person because I'm so tired and don't want to be bothered. But once these classes are over right before Christmas and you’re back in the US readying for the tour in the states next year, we’ll be able to get to know each other more than we do now. I’ll be able to go wherever with you and not worry about having to deal with these kids parents on what I do in my spare time.” “To me, I just feel like we’d become stronger while apart. I really like you Sofia. I want you, man. And for so long; like you don’t even know how much I like you.” “Not obsessed ‘like’ me, right?” I smiled. “Nah man.” Chris laughed and then continued on. “You’re so classy and such…a real woman. You’re not accustomed to my lifestyle, you’re different, and that makes it all the more fun. It makes you much more interesting. Opposites attract, you know. I feel as if we could be great together.” “I’m glad that you think that Chris. I’m so happy to know that someone wants me, but besides everything I’ve said, I’m just not sure if I’m ready to even get close to someone, again; at least not this early in our relationship. I endured a lot of pain in the past and I just need…time.” “I’d prefer we get together now so nobody can snatch you up from me.” he pouted folding his arms over his chest. I giggled at him; he was so cute. “I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll get to know anybody else, but it’s possible.” “Well just know that I liked you first.” “I’ll remember.”

“Aye, good luck on that interview with Oprah.” “Thanks,” I folded my lips in and looked down. “You still going to Tey’s party?” he asks. “Yeah, mo’s waiting outside.” I tell him. Chris rolled his eyes at the word ‘Mo’. “You don’t even know her,” I blurted out. “I don’t have to. I just feel some type of way about her. Like she’s using you.” he admits. “Ok, well if she is, then I can guarantee you she won’t make it as far when I fire her and that’s if she does something to prove you right.” “Alright.” Chris shrugs. “But uh…I got a swimming pool,” he bounced his eyebrows up and down. I smile and shake my head. “If you want me to stay, then just say so and I’ll stay.” “I know you wanna see Sean so…” he sighs. “Gone girl. Meet some other nigga besides me. Leave your options open,” he looks away. “Really Chris?” I smirk and then laugh. “You are so cute!” I tell him. “CUTE?! I’m sexy! And I know it,” he poked his lips out. “But for real, uh…I’m leaving next week. So it’d be nice if I could have you spend time with me after tomorrow.” he stared at me. I twisted my mouth and took out my phone to text Morgan that I was on my way out. “Yeah, sure. I can try and meet up with you. I haven’t hung with Tey in a while so…I think I’m a go. And I’ve spent so much time with you already though.” I held my hand out to Chris. “Not that much,” he gets up. “Girls don’t need to hang y’all yap on the phone all day; however, if I don’t see you around before I go on tour, then it’s whatever, you know.” “You got my number,” I opened his bedroom door. “And you got mine,” he put his hand on the edge of the door, above my head. He was standing no less than half a foot away, leaning in my face staring dead in my eyes.

“Can you promise me something?” Chris asks. “What?” “That if you do spend time with another guy, promise me that you won’t give him your all unless you really know for sure that he loves you like I do.” “And how do you love me?” I asked with my eyebrows raised. “You barely know me, son.” I pushed his shoulder gently. Chris grabbed my wrists with a serious expression upon his face, “Swear that if he breaks your heart that you’ll give me a chance.” “I gotta promise and swear?” I gasped. Chris nods his head. I think about and then I put my pinky finger up and he did too. “I promise.” I say. And then we shook hands like business men. “And I swear…on my mother’s grave, that if this really is love at first sight, I’ll give you a chance.” “Good.” Our hands fell and we stared at each other. “I gotta go…” I backed out of the room. Chris nodded and followed me to the door. I gave him a hug and he held my tighter than I expected as if we’d never see each other again. “Chris, chill. You’ll see me again.” “I know that,” he set his chin on my shoulder, still hugging me. “But things happen, and people change, and we meet someone else. Who knows if one of those might happen?” “Right, but it won’t…” “You don’t know that,” he let go. “Have fun tonight,” he kissed me on the cheek and winked. “Thanks,” I smiled and ran down to the car. I hopped in and drove off, without saying a word. Morgan and I made it to the party. It’s weird that Chris would say those last words because hanging with Sean…I felt like he’d be the one I’d become close with while Chris was away. I just hoped that if things did happen, that it’d all be for a reason, and a lesson I’d surely remember in the future.

awww chris doesnt want her to do the interview
and he wants to actually be with her but right now he
has to tell all of the fans and people that they are
just friends

i love her and his moms relationship thats the key
to having a great couple..

soso and chris need to get it in one good/GREAT
time and make it official

and idk how the party will go with sean trying to dig on

oprah better not act up!!!


i dnt think i likee how she dng
myy boyy Chris . . .
she bng distant && ish

likee i get tht yall not together
but still you aint gotta bellikee tht . . .
*shrugg* but i bet if he acted likee
tht to her she'd be readyy to top
fckng with a nigga smh

tht interview though
*rolls eyyes*
everyybodyy knw all Oprah
do is probee &&probee until you cryy
or spill somee shxt she dnt gaf abt you
or your fckng feelings
b i t c h just want ratings
im with Chris i'd be irritated to
likee the f u c k
(yup im in myy feelings lol)

but i bet whn she get to the partyy
&& see Big Sean & fckng Teyanana irrelevant asx
she goin be all happyy && all on Sean

Chris . . .myy brother . . . you are SOOOOOOOOOOO
much better than me !

runs man

Run it!

Run It

I think Snickers loves Chris lol he was not trying to leave.....Okay..Soso needs to stop doing my boy like that....she knows he likes her.....stop playin.....Mama Joyce is too coo.....Soso gone have a better friendship with her than with Chris lol!

I don't know why, but I feel like Sofia should have checked on Chris before she left

Snickers is a trip lol

A couple of days had passed and Chris called asking me to go out to a basketball game with him since his mother didn’t want to go. I would be finishing up a class right before the game, but still agreed to go. I brought a change of clothes, took a shower in the girl’s shower room, and got <a href=>dressed</a>. Morgan took the car home while I waited outside the building. <a href=>He</a> came and picked me up. I hopped in the car and received a kiss on the cheek before he pulled off. “Hey,” I blushed. “Hey. How are classes going?” he asked. “They’re great. The kids love me and Morgan.” “Mostly you, I bet.” He smiled. “Yeah.” “Ready for this Bulls vs. Lakers game? Ahhh,” he yelled in excitement. “Bulls team!” I smiled. “Ayeee,” he put his hand up for a hi-five and I smacked his hand with my palm. “I like your shirt.” He glanced over at it. “Thanks.” “….Um, wanna come over to my place to eat tonight? I’ve been taking my mom out and she’s tired of the restaurants.” “Already? Mm, I guess.” There was a few seconds of silence until Chris spoke up. “I got a call from Oprah to do Master’s class,” he blurted out. “Really,” I asked. “Yeah; I’m not doing it though.” “…I got a call from Oprah too; a few different show hosts.” “You’re not- You’re not going to do any interviews are you?” he stopped at a stoplight and we literally sat there staring at each other. “…Just with Oprah.” I admitted. Chris continued to drive without saying a word. “Are you upset?” I asked. “I just feel like the world doesn’t need to know any more than what we give them.” He shrugged. “I totally understand that.” I sighed. Inside I felt the world did need to know. People weren’t used to seeing me in all kinds of drama.

“This is just a one-time thing, and I’ll be clearing up some rumors, talking about my parents, and how I dealt with everything prior to this life and some of the current things going on in my life. That’s it.” “So what are you going to tell her about us?” “That we’re just friends.” I scratched my arm and looked out the window as we pulled up to the Staples Center. Chris cleared his throat and kept quiet. A lot of other people were arriving, too. So the parking lot was kind of crowded. We got out the car and headed towards the building. Chris walked a few feet ahead of me; he stopped and held out his hand before we crossed the street. I caught up with him and took his hand. When we walked into the building I dropped his hand and reached in my purse to turn my phone on vibrate, following Chris on his heels. We made it to our courtside seats and sat down. I text messaged Teyana Taylor back: <strong>[ at a bball game w/ chris ]</strong> I looked over at Chris and he was standing up with his hands around his mouth yelling across the way. “AYE LUDA!” he smiled, chewing on gum. “Heyyy,” I pouted. “Where did you get gum from?” Chris reached in his pocket and handed me the pack. I took a piece out and handed it back. “Keep it,” he went back to look at Ludacris as the rapper jogged across the court. “Breezy!” he dapped Chris. I minded my business and put the gum in my purse and checked my messages from Teyana:<strong> [ y’all coming to my party tonight ]</strong> “Sofia,” Chris called and I looked up. “Huh?” I asked. “Meet my good friend, Ludacris.” “Hello,” I smiled politely as I stood up to shake his hand. “Call me Chris…or Luda.” Ludacris introduced himself. “Ok. Just call me SoSo.” “Alright,” he nods and looks at Chris. “Y’all coming out after the game?” “Nah, moms is back at the crib.” Chris said.

I sat back down and went back to text messaging Teyana: <strong>[ it’s a lotta parties tonight, idk yet ]</strong> Then she texted back, <strong>[ pweaase it’s a pool party ] </strong> I sighed and quickly sent back, <strong>[ idk man ]</strong> Teyana then sent one back, <strong>[ Sean will be in attendance ;) ]</strong> I chuckled at the thought of the last time I spoke to Sean. He was too funny with his cute self. I smiled and sent a text back: <strong>[ im mad at him :( ]</strong> <strong>[ yeah he told me but he said he gonna make it up if he see u tonight ] </strong> <strong>[ I don’t think chris will like that ] </strong> <strong>[ lol sean told me the other day, chris gonna be sol if he don’t step up his game ]</strong> <strong>[ smh lol ]</strong> And with that last text, I paid attention to Chris who was sitting down after finishing up his quick conversation with Ludacris. “You good?” he asked, staring at me. “Yes,” I smiled. “You going out tonight?” “Tey invited me to a pool party. it all depends on how I feel later,” I stretched my arms out. “YEAH ACT LIKE YOU AIN’T SEE ME NIGGA!” I heard a voice yell from close by. “Yo Kev,” Chris laughed, leaning forward. “Kevin Hart the comedian?” I asked Chris. He nodded and I looked back at the short chocolate drop that was laughing and trying to yell across the court to Ludacris. “CHRIS SO DAMN TALL AND YELLOW HE WAS BLINDING YO PERIPHERAL VISION SO YOU AIN’T SEE ME!” he glanced at Chris and then double looked at me. “Hello, beautiful! Who is this?” Kevin smiled and turned to introduce him-self to me. “You got a new girl?” he asked. Chris shook his head no while smiling and chewing on his gum still. Kevin and I got into a conversation while Chris was talking to Kim Kardashian and Kanye who was on the other side of him. The game soon started, but we still talked every now and then. When the game was over, Chris talked to Kanye and I was in a conversation with Kim Kardashian who invited me to a couple of fashion shows. I met so many people and was invited to so many places that I was tired when we got to the car.

“Ma said dinner should be ready by the time we get home.” “Okay,” I simply agreed ignoring the last part of his statement. “Did you have fun?” “Hell yeah,” I grinned. “Kev is somethin’ else.” “He’s a fool,” Chris rolled down the window and spit out his gum. “So I was thinking we could go out tomorrow when I take moms shopping and then have lunch.” He suggested. Go out in public with him and his mother? “Oprah is coming tomorrow.” “Okay,” he quickly said. I knew he was mad, but he shrugged it off. He pulled up into his driveway and we got out. Out of no-where a girl ran up to the curb. “Hi Chris!” she said while holding a camera. Chris looked at her like she was crazy coming up on him at his house. “Can I take a picture with you and your girlfriend?!” Chris looked at me and then back at her. I smiled and looked away. “What’s your name?” he sighed. “Jennifer!” she gave Chris a hug. “And I painted this picture for you!” she pulled a frame of some artwork. “Thank you,” he forced a smiled. “Can you please?” she held the camera out to me with her hands shaking. “Sure,” I popped my gum and took the camera. “AHH!” she screamed and then covered her mouth, calming down. “Sorry,” she beamed. “Say cheese,” I said. Chris wrapped his arm around the fan’s shoulder and they both smiled. I took the picture. “Can I take a picture with you?” she looked at me. “Please.” Chris looked away and rolled his eyes really quick. He must’ve wanted to relax and eat by now. “Ok,” I said and kept the camera to take it myself. Chris walked in the house as me and the fan looked at the camera. I took a few pictures of us making crazy faces. “Thanks so much! I’m sorry for interrupting you guys!” she waved and scurried away. I waved as I walked up to the door and went inside. “Sofia, is that you!” Joyce called. “Yes,” I answered as I made my way towards the kitchen. “What happened? Chris looks irritated,” she fixed our plates. I sighed and leaned against the counter. “Some fan just walked up on us outside. I guess he didn’t feel like dealing with her…” “Oh yeah… He tells me about these fans that come and find his house to take pictures,” she snickered. “Are you hungry?” “Yes ma’am.” “Here you go,” she hands me a plate and holds the other two, and then we walk over to the dining room table and sit down. “CHRIS!” she screamed. He soon walked into the kitchen wearing a tank top and basketball shorts.

Joyce prayed over the food and we said ‘Amen’, and then ate talking about how the game went. When I finished eating I tended to my phone to see mentions from the Jennifer girl on twitter and instagram. She tried to make confirmations that Chris and I were together because neither of us denied when she asked if she could take a picture with Chris and me, but I shut that down quick with: <strong>[‘In a relationship..with the dance floor lol’#teamsingle ]</em> . Just as I was scrolling through twitter, I got a follow from Joyce. “Ayeee,” I giggled and followed her back. “Y’all rude,” Chris said as he still ate. “Boy you are so damn slow,” Joyce stared at him. “You must not be that hungry.” “I am hungry. I’m just tired.” “Then go to sleep. I’ll keep Sofia company.” “iight,” he got up and put his food in the microwave. “Don’t talk behind my back either!” he eyed us down and walked out of the kitchen. “I think I know why Chris is mad,” Joyce smiled. “Me too,” I laughed knowing she was hinting at the rumors of me being Chris’ girlfriend when I wasn’t, but he wants me to be. “Thanks for dinner, Joyce.” “You’re welcome honey. What’re you doing this weekend?” “I’m doing an interview with Oprah." "What? Why?" "Because I feel like I owe my fans an explanation, to let them in on what happened to me. So I figure this is the ONLY interview I should do.” “Chris doesn’t do too many interviews. Did you tell him?” “Yes. He wasn’t too thrilled about it.” “Well, there’s nothing he can do about what you wanna do,” she shrugged. “Mm hm,” I nodded. “Are you busy tomorrow?” Joyce asks. “No. I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing tomorrow. Might go to the dance studio and then to the gym.” I shrugged. “Maybe I can come with you, to the gym.” “Of course! Workout buddies!” “Heyyy,” she gave me a hi-five and we laughed. Joyce was so cool; like one of those moms who could be your friend. It got late and I left, jogging back home. Morgan was bored and so was I. We both decided that we’d go to Tey’s pool party.

damn i would sue that damn
neighbor for everything he had
s*** have two houses one
for me one for snicks lol

and i love that fact that
chris wanted her to meet his momma
that means he likes her
he wants to date her
love her and
marry her lol

but i wonder the crazy things
his mom told her lol

snicks on the low loves chris more
i can see it lol

no hard feelings about it soso


The next morning, my phone was full of missed calls, e-mails, and notifications from my social networks. It pissed me off. The news had also revealed that the next door neighbor had given my number and Morgan’s number out to some blog sites for money. And I thought I could trust those old rusty btches. Morgan knocked on my door. “Come in,” I groaned. “MUTHAFCKAS IS CALLING MY SHT SINCE 9 THIS MORNING!” she walked in and sat on the edge of my bed. “I just wanna sue that old ass nigga!” she crossed her arms over her chest. I smirked and threw my phone to the side. “Just as long as he ain’t give out the address. We can always buy new phones.” “I got a contract my phone.” Morgan says. I snickered and tell her, “I never get contracts. Look just don’t pay the next phone bill and get a new phone.” “So we going shopping?” “It’s Sunday. I’m resting today.” “Okay. I made breakfast and put your plate in the microwave. Let me go back in my room to finish watching this church program cause I really need Jesus right now,” she walked back out, closing my door behind her. I threw my head back and scooted out of bed going to do my daily routine. When I got downstairs, Snickers was unexpectedly sound asleep. I didn’t bother him and continued into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

I heard my phone ringing. It was Chris’ ringtone and I ran to go answer it. “Hello,” I answered. “What you was doing, jogging?” Chris chuckled. “No,” I smiled. “What’s up?” I wiped my mouth. “I just picked my mom up from the airport. She wants to meet you.” “Right, right…she’s a huge fan of my mother’s.” “And you. I can just tell her you’re busy.” “No, it’s okay. I was just gonna stay in and sleep. I can come over.” “It’ll be awhile until we get back so you have some time.” “Okay. I’ll be over at like 1.” “Cool. See you then,” he hangs up. I check missed calls and found some voicemails. One of them was from Oprah herself. How Oprah got my number, I had no clue but if I was ever going to do an interview it’d be with her nosy self. To pass time, I ate breakfast in bed and checked all my notifications. Just ignoring them annoyed me so I clicked on every single one just to see what it was about and then deleted them; however, I did read questions on my tumblr, and mentions on twitter. I replied to good followers and retweeted nice stuff. I ignored all the haters and paid attention to all the lovers. My fans were happy to see me talking to them. Once they noticed that I was on twitter, they were all over it trying to ask me questions. I answered a few stupid ones and then logged off of everything. Then I went to get ready to go meet Chris’ mom. I was still shocked that she was a fan of me.

I closed and locked my bedroom door. “Alright Mo, I’m gone.” “Okay,” she says. I went downstairs, put Snickers on a leash, walked through the side door that led to the garage from inside the house, and hopped in the black Aventador. It took me less than five minutes to drive over to Chris house. I parked on the curve and got out to see <a href=>them</a> sitting on the front steps talking. “Hey,” I smiled as I walked up to them. “Ma this is Sofia and Snickers. Sofia this is my mom, Joyce.” Chris introduced us even though she knew who I was already. “Hello,” Joyce stood up to give me a hug. “He’s so cute,” she looked down at Snickers. “C’mere boy,” Chris picked up Snickers. ‘How are you doing? How was the flight?” I asked. “It was very long,” Joyce sighed. “But I made it off the plane so I’m happy…to be here with my son,” she glanced at him. Chris smiled, got up to give me a quick one-armed hug, and then took us inside. “Do you go to church?” she asked me as we sat down in the living room. “No,” I shook my head. “I just watch church programs on television.” “Usually me and ma go to church every other Sunday.” “I’m trying to get him to go next Sunday,” she glanced over at him while he stood at an art covered wall shaking up a spray paint bottle. Snickers was following Chris on his heels every time he moved. “Oh lord, I hate that damn smell.” Joyce sighed. “Then go in the kitchen,” he suggested. “Fine,” she stood up and I followed. “I’m hungry anyway.” “I was gonna take you out!” Chris yelled.

We entered the kitchen. I sat down at the kitchen table while Joyce searched the fridge. “How long has Chris known you? He told me he’s known you for a while, but I don’t know how long that is.” “For a couple of months,” I told her. “Oh okay, not too long. I came out here…” she pulled some food out of the fridge. “to spend time with Chris before he went on tour, and catch up on things. All he’s been talking about is you,” she whispered. “Whenever he calls,” she smiles and starts to mimick him. “Ma, guess who I met? Sofia Margueritte! Ma, I think she hates me because of Cassie. Ma, she definitely hates me! She’s not answering my calls or coming to the door. Ma, I think we’re friends, again. Ma, blah blah blah.” She giggled. “Oh wow,” I smiled. “He’s been wanting to meet you for a long time,” she admits. I couldn’t stop smiling. “MA I HOPE YOU NOT LYING ON ME!” Chris yelled. “I’m about to do U-Stream for my fans! Don’t come in here!” “Okay!” Joyce yelled. “I’M COOKING TONIGHT!” she yelled back. “NOOO!” he whined. I laughed. He was such a momma’s boy. “He ain’t gonna be whining when I cook his favorite food." she says, walking over to the fridge. “YOU BETTER COOK MY FAVORITE FOOD THEN!” he yelled. We laughed at him and continued to talk; mostly about me and teaching at the dance studio. I didn’t mind being interviewed by his mother. She was a really nice person and she would tell me secrets about Chris. It was too funny.

After dinner, it was time to go. Chris walked me to the door as Joyce cleaned off the table. “It was nice to have you over,” he hugged me. “Yeah. I had fun,” I smiled. “If my momma told you anything embarrassing you need to tell me now so I don’t take her shopping tomorrow.” “No, she didn’t.” “Okay. Bye Snicks.” He looked down. Snickers groaned, sitting on his hind legs next to Chris. “C’mon Snicks,” I skipped down the stairs. “Snicks!” I called. Snickers barked at me. Joyce came to the door. “Bye honey!” “Bye,” I waved. “Snickers, go.” Chris laughed. I sighed and got in my car. Snickers soon came running. “Mm hm,” I opened the door for him to get in. I waved once more and drove off. I made it back to the house and walked in kicking my shoes off. I headed upstairs to my room. I sat down on the bed and was about to fall asleep when I get another call from Oprah. I answered it with hesitation. “H-hello?” I said. It was surely Oprah herself proclaiming how much she’s been waiting to do an interview with me and how much she loves my work. She apparently got my number from an old choreographer I kept in touch with. I told her I would think about doing the interview and would call her back in two days. She was okay with giving me time to think on it, and then we ended the call. I fluffed up my pillows and lay down on the bed drifting to sleep.

I wonder if what Chris is feeling about Morgan true


even chris feeling my vibe like that morgan
chick is sneaky as they come idk what it is but
she involved with too much like the chick a
secret spy for necoleb****ie or something idk
what it is

but the date was really nice i can tell chris really
likes her asking all them questions lol
and he does work for kids ..

soso you better snatch that up

home girl morgan better watch out
i have my eye on her....


YES MA'AM ! ! !
you didnt havee too BUT THANK YOU FOR DNG IT

Is this better? I edited it since there's no button to fix the other one. Hopefully there's no more confusion.


After Morgan and I finished eating a small Mexican restaurant down the street from the dance studio, we began our walk to the parking lot a few blocks back. We were tired from rehearsing and was ready to go home. “I received an invite to MTV Unplugged from Omarion himself!” Morgan told me, and continued on. “Like you don’t know how fckn sexy I think he is.” She shrieked. “When is it?” I asked. “Next Monday. Do you think I should go?” “Definitely go." I agreed, and then asked; "What else did he say in the e-mail?” “He asked for my number,” she grinned. “And I love me some milk chocolate niggas. Fck a light skin nigga. You can have em.” Morgan says. I laughed at this chick. I’m glad Chris wasn’t her type. Cause if she’d tried Chris on some sneak sht, it’d been a problem. “Did you call Chris?” Morgan reminded me. “…no. I should do it now.” I pulled out my phone. “Hello?” a raspy, tired Chris answered. “Hey, you wanted me to call you to remind you of something?” “Oh yeah." he laughed, and then went on to say. "Uh, well I wanted to ask you to go with me to the opening of this restaurant called the Red Case. And maybe we can talk, you know, and get to know each other.” “Um…Sure. I guess.” “Great. I’ll come pick you up at 7.” “Okay. See you then. Bye,” I smiled. “Bye,” he hung up. “Sooo?” Morgan stared at me. “I’m going out with Chris tonight,” I grinned. “Well let’s get yo ass home so you can ready!” Morgan grabbed my hand and we hurried to the car. “It’s not a date!” I explained. “SoSo you’re in denial!” she let go of my hand and walked towards he driver side. “I am not!” I said as we got in the car. “Keep saying that and watch you get in some sht,” Morgan shook her head and drove out of the parking lot. She sped back to the house so I could get dressed since it was now 6 pm.

ooooh okayy
tht kinda confused me

Omarion invited Morgan, but it's not to dance it's just an invite to the show.

*whn she found out Chris wasnt Morgan's typee

i dnt trust Morgan either
i feel likee she got an agenda or somee
likee Sofia is a lil naiivee so she tryy to see good
in all ppl but everybody dnt got it in them

her && Chris' datee went reallyy nicee
in myy opjnion
&& i peeped how she got happyy whn she found out
Chris wasnt her typee

im a bit confused though . . .
did Morgan or Sofia get invited to dance with Omarion??
tht was a littlee hard to follow . . .


run it

Wonder why he doesn't trust her....I mean usually when people gets these feelings about other's because of something that they've done....sooo.....wassup?

After Morgan and I finished eating a small Mexican restaurant down the street from the dance studio, we began our walk to the parking lot a few blocks back. We were tired from rehearsing and was ready to go home. “I received an invite to MTV Unplugged from Omarion himself!” Morgan told me. “Like you don’t know how fckn sexy I think he is.” She shrieked. “When is it?” “Next Monday. Do you think I should go?” “Definitely go. What else did he say?” “He asked for my number,” she grinned. “And I love me some milk chocolate niggas. Fck a light skin nigga. You can have em.” I’m glad Chris wasn’t her type. Cause if she’d tried Chris on some sneak sht, it’d been a problem. “Did you call Chris?” Morgan reminded me. “…no. I should do it now.” I pulled out my phone. “Hello?” a raspy, tired voice answered. “Hey, you wanted me to call you to remind you of something.” “Oh yeah. Uh, well I wanted to ask you to go with me to the opening of this restaurant called the Red Case. And maybe we can talk, you know, and get to know each other.” “Um…” Morgan smiled and gave me a thumbs up. “Sure. I guess.” “Great. I’ll come pick you up at 7.” “Okay. See you then. Bye,” I smiled. “Bye,” he hung up. “So?” Morgan stared at me. “I’m going out with Chris tonight,” I smiled. “Well let’s get yo ass home so you can ready!” she grabbed my hand and we hurried to the car. “It’s not a date!” “SoSo you’re in denial!” she let go of my hand and walked towards he driver side. “I am not!” I said as we got in the car. “Keep saying that and watch you get in some sht,” she shook her head and drove out of the parking lot. She sped back to the house so I could get dressed since it was now 6 pm.


<a href=>Chris</a> and <a href=>I</a> walked in the restaurant and were immediately escorted to a table for two. The waiter was about to pull my seat out when Chris stopped him. “Thanks man, I got it.” The waiter nodded and stepped to the side. “Thank you,” I sat down. Chris sat down across from me. “Would you like a bottle of wine or champagne?” The waiter asked. “Wine,” Chris spoke for the both of us. “Okay…” the waiter handed us a menu and then an extra one for the wine selection. Chris automatically handed him the menu back and threw a wine name out there. The waiter nodded and walked away. While we were looking at our menu, a lovely <a href=>song</a> was playing. I could definitely see myself dancing to it. “I love this song,” Chris says. “Me too,” I smile unwillingly. The vibe of this place was definitely romancey. I could tell that a lot of couples came out tonight. “Your wine,” the waiter set the bottle down and two wine glasses then poured the wine for us. He quickly walked away and it was silent. I didn’t know what to say to Chris. I never thought we’d get this far after everything that happened. Luckily, he spoke up first.

“How was your day?” he asked. “It was great. I’m so excited to start teaching these dance classes on Monday!” I grinned. “Mo and I rehearsed the dance routine, over and over. All I could think about is…seeing smiles on the kids faces and them having fun.” “You know, I sponsor a foundation called Symphonic Love.” “Oh really?” My eyes lit up. I loved men who loved kids and charities. “Yeah, I just got through giving out school supplies a month ago and helping them get ready for the new school year. It was fun.” “Wow. That’s amazing. I didn’t know you sponsored any foundations.” “Oh yeah, I do at least 2 or 3 basketball charity events every year.” “I love basketball,” I admitted. “You play?” “No,” I shook my head. “I just like to watch.” “Maybe I can show you how to play sometimes.” “That would be nice.” “So would you have kids of your own?” “Most definitely. I was the only child and I was extremely lonely. And I know all single children aren’t lonely, but my maximum limit for children is 2.” “Me, too.” Chris nods. “How was your day?” I asked him. “It was alright. I went to the recording studio really quick to get a song out of my head, and then I was at the dance studio rehearsing for my tour.” “To be quite honest, I have never seen you dance.” “Really?!” “No. I’ve only heard your music on the radio.” “You’re kidding.” “No, I am not. I don’t watch television like that.” “Wow…” he said, shocked. “Well, I dance in all of my videos.” “I’ll have to check some out.”

“How do you feel about your job? What made you like, want to become a dance teacher?” “Um, no I didn’t think that I’d become a dance teacher, let alone a teacher…period. Not only have I taught kids the art of dance, I’ve taught them life lessons. I give advice on anything I can; however, mostly things that I’ve experienced. It’s how I connect with kids. It’s why I’m so passionate about doing this, now. But I feel that this job is something that I can grow from. It is something has helped me through my hardships and for me to be able to help others, I feel great to teach dance classes.” “I thought that you were still doing ballet shows and stuff. I was happy to meet you so could get some free tickets,” he chuckled. “Ha ha,” I smirked. “I do plan on maybe getting back into the profession of dancing, just not now. …What about you and your job, how do you feel?” I stared at him. “Uh, right now, I feel lonely. I feel stressed. Like I’ve been in the music industry since I was 16. I’m 23 now. I grew up so fast. I experienced things a normal child isn’t supposed to. Like I dated my best friend and that wound up a disaster because we were going so fast. The relationship was like a car with no breaks; however, Robyn…came to her senses and said we shouldn’t be together. It’s dangerous. We could wind up hurt or something.” “Did you wind up hurt?” “From heart break, yeah.” He admitted. “I can’t believe you dated Robyn,” I acted surprised as if I didn’t know this small fact already. “Um…” he hesitated for a second. “That made a huge impact on my life and my music. I was so angry; I kind of lost myself. I did a lot of things I regret, especially the women I dated. This all caused me to take a turn in how I directed my career.” “Did you still talk to Robyn?” “Only over the phone, but we talked every day.”

The waiter arrived with our food on a cart. He handed us our plates and left. “Do you mind if I ask something personal?” I asked before eating. Chris shrugged as he cut a piece of his steak and ate it. “What happened in your last relationship?” I looked down at my plate that had a steak on it with a baked potato on the side. Chris swallowed his food and finally answered. “Just to clear it up, you were not the reason we broke up. Cassie…cheated on me and got pregnant by this person.” My eyes bulged out. “Was she pregnant when she was-“ ‘No,” Chris shook his head. “It was the weeks after that she found out.” “Wow…” “I kind of figured she was sexing this guy for weeks, though. We’d been fighting for a while after I confronted her about it. It’s why I thought she wasn’t coming to the club that night.” “Mm,” was all I could say, and take a sip of wine. “What happened in your last relationship?” he asked. “Never had one.” “So you’re a virgin?” he squints his eyes. “Yes. …Is that a bad thing?” “Not at all,” he smiled. “It’s a very good thing. I respect you.” “But I always have wanted to have a relationship. I was just so busy all the time that I never had a chance.” “Do you think that life is more about fate or chance?” “Fate. I was lucky my mother was a dancer and could put me in a great school to explore my talents. I was lucky to have parents that loved me and pushed me to reach the stars and above. I was lucky to have experienced the hardships in my life and be able to find other doorways that led me here to LA to teach.” The waiter came back, interrupting our conversation. “Is everything alright?” “Yes,” Chris says and the waiter swiftly walks away.

“Uh…” Chris thought. “Besides dancing, did you have any hobbies growing up?” “I did,’ I smiled. “I painted a lot, a lot. My dad liked to paint in his spare time. It’s who I got the inspiration from. Every now and then, I’ll paint a small canvas of nature or something; nothing big.” “I paint graffiti.” “The stuff that’s illegal?” “You know, I personally think that art is not a crime.” “But it’s on the city’s property, and that’s destroying or damaging it.” “Yes, but artists only make the property look better,” he smirked. “Another hobby I had growing up was collecting pennies.” “What? Pennies?” “Yes,” I nodded. “Like it’s still change! It’s just a lesser amount. It’s still good use, and I saw that. I would pick up pennies everywhere, even if I saw it in the street or on a floor in the store. I’d pick it up and put it in a little ziplock bag. And when I had a full jar, I’d take it to a change count machine, put it all in, give the receipt to the cashier in customer service, get the money back, and go give it to charity.” “You’re all about giving. I like that in a woman.” He smiled genuinely. I blushed and looked away. “What do you do for fun in your spare time?” “I mostly paint on the walls in my house.” “What!” “Just in a few spots; I paint over the old art.” he chortled. “Why not just buy canvases?” “I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I like the walls better. I guess I just feel like graffiti isn’t meant for canvas. Other than that, I go to parties.” “Not involved with being social.” “I dance, and draw. I go to art events. I collaborate with other artists. I paint for my foundation. I’m all about being social, man!” Chris grinned. “Even with you relationships?” “What people get on the blogs is what they get. That’s all they see. I don’t talk about my relationships in interviews.” He nods and starts to eat, again. I pick at my potato, not really hungry. I didn’t eat lots of meat, but I ate it sometimes. This was one of those occasions where I’d eat it just so it wouldn’t go to waste.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” I asked. “Yes, I do.” he looked at me with a glint in his eyes. Something about this question made me feel like he was secretly thinking of me. “Do you?” “Yes. I believe in that.” Chris finished his plate, but I acted as if I was full. He called for the check, paid for the bill, gave the waiter a tip, and we got ready to go. “Wait.” I said before getting up to check the last text message from Morgan. She had sent like six of them. “Oh my god,” I closed my eyes. “What?” Chris asked, standing over me. “One of my neighbors recorded the fight.” I looked up at him. He closed his eyes and sighed. “Damn.” I put my phone away and stood up. “Whatever,” Chris shook his head. “Don’t let this news ruin our night.” I simply nodded and for some reason took his hand as we headed for the doors. As we exited, paparazzi were waiting. “Chris, is the beef with Drake squashed? Are you and Sofia dating? Why did you and Cassie break up?!” Chris gripped my hand tighter as we made our way through the crowd. Flashing lights damn near blinded me and the screaming was so loud that I thought my ears were going to pop. Chris opened the passenger door to his Jetfighter that the valet had just pulled up, and I got in. He closed the door and walked around the hood with his hands in his pants pockets. I could tell he was angry. “No comment,” he said before getting in and closing the door. “Got your seatbelt on,” he asked, glancing over at me. I quickly put it on as he did, too. The paparazzi cleared from in front of the car and Chris drove off.

“Can I be honest with you?” Chris asked. “Yes,” I stared at him while he focused on the road. “I don’t trust Morgan. Like I just get a bad vibe about her. Maybe I’m wrong, but like…I don’t know.” He tugged at his tie and snatched it off. “Are you tryna say that she tipped the video off?” “Probably.” “I don’t think so. I refuse to believe that she would do anything like this. I gave her a chance. If anything, she’d try to do some interviews on the slick side.” “Alright.” He said and that was the last word during the ride home. Chris pulled up in my driveway. “Are you gonna be okay?” he looked over at me, lying his head back on the head rest. “Yes,” I sighed. “I’ve ignored it before I can do it again.” “Good,” he reached over and pinched my chin. “Night,” I smiled and opened the door. “Thanks for coming out with me. Sweet dreams,” he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re welcome,” I said and got out. Morgan opened the door as I walked up the steps and walked away with Snickers cradled in her arms. As I walked in the house, Chris backed out of the driveway. “What in the world?!” I yelled as I closed and locked the front door, setting the alarm. Morgan plopped back down on the couch. “Sofia, I DVR’d the whole damn news so you could see this sht!” she pulled up the program. “Let me go take a shower and get changed.” I headed up the stairs, took a quick shower, stepped into some shorts and a t-shirt, and made my way back downstairs. “How was the date?” Morgan asked. “It was nice.” I plopped down on the couch and stared at the television. Morgan nodded, getting the idea that I wasn’t going to get into details, and pressed play. “I just wanted to go whoop that old niggas ass, man!” she blurted out. I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest watching the news program. Come to find out, it really was the neighbor from across the street.

Robyn ol b**** ass fought Sofia over Chris and Aubrey!
Her ol snake ass smh
But ummm s*** if you dont want the new s***
I'll gladly take it off your hands! lmao


i dnt reallyy knw wht to sayy . .
so this may be a shorter comment than i usuallyy

likee Aubreyy . . .i can sayy he at least tried
to makee a comebck after tht shxt he pulled
&& Sofia had a point though he cant sayy tht
Chris isnt a man && all tht other shxt tht he was sayying
abt him whn HE started the fight

he didnt havee to punch Chris
he cldve just at the least said wht he
had to sayy && been donee with is
or not even tht sayy wht he needed to sayy
to Sofia then left
but no this nigga had to do all this extra shxt

ugh! aubreyy you CANNOT buy her
he is tryying entirely TOO fckng hard man !

i wonder wht Chris wanted her to remind him


Run it!!!

aubrey a b**** and to think somebody
gon want his ass back just because
he bout a car... stupid dude

but for real idk how i feel about her

and chris wants to see her later i bet at the party
and what does he want her to remind him of...

hope she doesnt fight again.. lol

uhmm if you aint doing s*** with that car...
why dont you share with the team!!!


Late in the morning, I woke up and took a shower thinking about yesterday. I wonder if any of the neighbors heard it, saw it, or recorded it. “Lord, I do not need any more drama, right now.” I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I went into my closet and threw on <a href=>something</a> comfortable. When I made it downstairs, <a href=>Morgan</a> was walking in from taking a stroll around the block with Snickers. “GURL!” Morgan closed the door behind her and took Snickers off the leash. “Come look outside!” She went to the living room window and opened the curtains. I walked over and saw <a href=>this</a> with a bow on top, parked in my driveway, and Aubrey sitting on the hood. I scoffed. “He truly believes he can buy me?!” “What did he say yesterday?” Morgan asked. I sighed and shook my head. “It was all so quick I forgot, but he did basically say that I was his! And he left me a voicemail this morning apologizing and spilling his feelings! Like nigga you weak as hell for that.” “But Chris was all in his face, tho! If Drake wasn’t gonna do it, then I swear Chris was gonna start it!” she laughed. “Man… Mo just get Snicks ready in his carrier and then we can go. Let me go talk to this fool first.” I opened the door and walked outside, keeping my distance on the porch. Aubrey took his shades off and stood up straight. Before he could open his mouth, I spoke.

“Listen, yesterday…you and Chris fighting was just super childish. I mean yes you’ve had this beef for a while, but I have nothing to do with that. And for y’all to fight in front of my house was just disrespectful. I hated seeing all of this blood drip out of you both. I thought you were better than that,” I looked at him with hurt in my eyes. “That was just uncalled for. You wanna say Chris is not a man? You were not a man when you hit Chris. A man knows that there are people who aren’t going to like you. A man would’ve ignored making any comment towards that other person. A man would have just talked to me. A man would have understood that Chris and I aren’t even really friends, we’re just neighbors who speak from time to time. I went out with him ONE time. Yes, I wound up getting hurt, but I thought you’d at least understand that I don’t have a lot of friends. The only people I know out here are you and Chris, and now Teyana and Sean <em>because</em> I went to that party. So for you to get at me for something that is helping me out really made me look at you and think, maybe he’s not what I’m looking for.” I walked down the steps and passed him to look at the car. “And I got your voicemail, but I would appreciate those words in person.” “Are we still going to be friends?” he asked. “Depends; I will come across Chris in the future. And I’m not saying that I’m going to deny him a friendship so… Like I said I’m not about choose anyone because you two have a problem that’s honestly making me question: what is the problem?”

Aubrey looked down as he scratched his nose and then back up at me. “Okay, first of all I apologize for acting a fool yesterday. It was stupid. I also am truly sorry for being mad at you. I shouldn’t have stopped calling you. But you gotta understand that I felt like you were playing me. You went out with me earlier that day and THEN I get the news of you being in a fight at the club, to then find pictures of Chris all over the woman that I’m trying to get with. Don’t you see that I was shocked, and…and hurt? That killed me to see you at the club with him. Plus I asked you what you were gonna do later on and you said ‘oh just hanging with a friend’.” “Okay, I was gonna hang with Chris, but not at the club. He invited me out and so I went. And I’m sorry if you felt played, but like I said I’m going to meet people and talk to them. Yes, y’all have problems, but…I’m not gonna refuse being able to go to a party where I’m liable to meet more new people. In which I did.” “Okay, I see where you’re going with that.” he sighed. “The problem is that I use to date his best friend Robyn two years ago after they broke up.” I was shocked and confused. I thought Ana said Robyn was a lesbian. “Yes, Chris and Robyn dated, and Chris didn’t like the fact that I got with her afterwards and then bragged about it in my songs.” I was speechless. The btch that fought me was an ex of his. Maybe that’s why she was burning a hole in my head throughout the night after seeing the pics of me and Aubrey on the internet, and then me with Chris. “Chris couldn’t stand me and so he made a diss song making fun of me. After that Robyn and I broke up because she couldn’t stand us dissing each other. She chose Chris over me, but we stayed friends for a quick minute. Then she stopped talking to me when I started spilling feelings to her. She didn’t want to be committed; she basically used me.” Damn, I thought. She looked grimy. “And that’s why Chris and I have a problem.” He sighed. I was still shocked. “What are you doing today?” he moved on.

I snapped out of my thoughts trying to see it all and then shrugged. “I’m going to the dance studio and then out to eat on the town with my assistant, Morgan. Maybe head to a party-” “You’re still gonna-(gco)“ “I’m not gonna sit up in the house all day, Aubrey!” I stared him in the eyes. He cleared his throat and looked at the car. “…Well then, I’m sorry. I won’t be coming around as often. I’ll just call you.” “Don’t bother. I’m not about to deal with you doing this. I’m not your girl, it hasn’t been made official at all. Money definitely doesn’t stamp nothing onto this relationship so…” I sighed, crossing my hands over my chest. “The bags you left are in the foyer. I don’t want them since you felt the need to throw them on the ground.” “Keep them, and the car.” “No. You said that you basically bought me like I’m some prostitute or whore. I’m not that; you disrespected me like I was one of these industry females that you usually mess with!” I walked back to the steps and sat down, running my fingers through my hair. “Keep the clothes. Give it to charity or something. And take the car, too.” he says. “I don’t want it.” “Too bad, I bought this car for you and I don’t want anyone else to have it.” “Aubrey, N-“ “Bye Sofia,” he walked away to a Rover sitting on the curb. “AUBREY COME GET THIS DAMN CAR!!!” I yelled as he got in the back of the Rover. It then drove off. I stood there irritated wanting the bust the windows out this new btch.

The garage door opened, and Morgan walked out. “Ready to go?” she asks. “Yeah,” I sighed. She handed me my purse and walked up to the new car. “Can I drive it?” “No,” I half-smiled. “You only have a two car garage, though.” Morgan says. “You gonna leave it out here?” I scratched my ear as I thought about it. “Uh…well, I guess I’m a put this one in the garage and leave the Benz out. Lemme pull this new fcker out so I can put it in the garage.” Morgan simply nodded and went to hop in my old Aventador as I pulled the new one out. Morgan backed out of the driveway and parked on the street while I parked the new car in the garage. Then I hit the garage button to close and ran to get in the car with Morgan. “Um…” Morgan pulled off. “Chris told me to tell you to call him.” “Why can’t he just call me?” “Cause he said that he had to be somewhere today, but for you to call him and remind him.” “Remind him about what?” “I don’t know. That’s just what he said.” “When did he leave this morning?” “Around 10.” "Okay," I sighed and turned the radio up. Morgan sung the lyrics while I closed my eyes and thought about what he could possibly want. But more importantly I had my own questions that needed to be answered.

that f***ing sesame street character how the hell he gon pull some b**** ass s*** like that and punch chris first but dont finish the fight thats crazy if you gon pull do it right dumb ass

and chris just cant keep his self out of trouble he is starting to piss me off too like you dont have to fight every time s*** act up
ughh idk if he right for soso either

but he is sexy though and if i would have seen that fight i would have got wet as hell he won and brushed it off like a G

idk how i feel about soso roommate yet she seem like the type to try and pull it with chris idk why...

but i got my eye on her i will knock he out if i have to

i <3 SNICKS the most