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the cbw auction - closed w/ note -

next auction is cancelled til further

- there will be 2 mystery men and a prize
with every person you win

and that's if yall still wanna play


Another auction???


awww okay

my internet is getting cut off so...yeah
don't know when the next time i'll be on.
can't do the auction today or i don't know
when. Just thought i'd let ya know. Have a
nice weekend <3


8 or 9 pm

i wonder who the mystery men gonna be lol what time friday bruh?

dany i sold him to you cause i like your offer


Ayee y'all be ready i'm switching up the rules and
all dat. And the lineup is gonna be a bit different
than usual. so yuppps

cant wait for fridayyyyy ! 1 !\

You saying I won out of pity?

Thats some bulls***!


but finee finee
i guess you right

cmon nana, dany aint got sht she can at least have ty lol

And what you was gone do with cole, obama, and ty?


SOLD! to dany

500 gazilli
&& the previous things i added

15 gazilli and you already know the deal.

aight aight

10 gazilli
plus ryan reynolds
&& ANYY 3 bad bxtches you want !

wooo wee dany 500 trillion and anything I want, fck yes

but imaaaaaa have to pass that up im greedy tonight

can i get a gazillion in this muthafcka

ryan reynolds
ryan evans
you can throw a bad btch there, too

500 trillion and you know everything he needs and anything you need and want.

uuuugh lol
idk who else you likee besides bluey
&& Shad lol

idk bree i'm a spend it all on the whole club
then pay a lil bit of tuition for some strippers
and then buy me 2 chains and a yacht and travel
the world....

gone have to do better than channing tatum lol

Soso you just greedy af. Tf you gon' do with ALL that money? Lol.

instead of billii
ugh edit button come bck

200 billi for Ty
pay all his bills

100 billi for you Soso
&& Bluey, Channing Tatum && w/e else you'd likee

3 trill, his rent payments a back massage.

And whatever you want soso

damnzzzzz nana i likes that

but fck a shad tho bluey is nice


a milli is all yall got?

40 billion
10 billi for you Soso
Payment for his rent && to keep chyna asx awayy frm him

&& Soso ima get you Shad && Bluey for a year !