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the cbw auction - closed w/ note -

next auction is cancelled til further

- there will be 2 mystery men and a prize
with every person you win

and that's if yall still wanna play


wtf!!! lol dany ima knock you out
and how the hell I get him and then you take him back soso?? lol

Not real number...
*adjutses dress again crossing the right leg over the left* 3.5 million and full hot body oil message!

*crosses arms over chest* try me b****es.

trey songz
and a f***ing foot massage

Yes! Buuuut. (Pushes and stomps Chyna)

Hey King!

.................chris is NOT sold! can we go higher than 7.5 billion lol

nana you and cole get a lovely cruise to the BAHAMASSSS!

aughhh Ty is sold! but he has some baggaaaage! King Cairo Stevenson come on out! (Chyna pushes out a baby stroller next to Tyga and walks off with a bag of money) lol

nobody for Kirk or Shad................................alrighty then lol Shad is sold to me myself and I!

whooooooooooooooooo gah damn Keria. SOLD!

900,000 for Trey! can we go any higher?!

Chris for 7.5 billion please.

*crosses left leg over the right and raises hand*
Tremaine Aldon Neverson 900,000 and a romantic itlian dinner!


for chris :) all u b****es back the f*** up !!! lol

break bread bree lol

Tyga $55,000 and a two month vacay!

*looks around* yall better keep yall hands down lol

s*** taking out loans for this dude!!! lol

woooooohooooo !!!!!!!


we got 80 thou and a snicker bar for Trey... can we get any higher?! going once going twice!

this auctioning will be closed by midnight lol

going once for Tyga

going once for Chris

JCole is sold! Nana you can come and get Jcole

trey songz 80,000 and a snicker

we got 45,000 for trey song! can we get higher?

Chris for 80,000 lol

jermaine 45,000 !


Trey Songz $40,000

Tyga $50,000 lol

trey songz 24,000 and a smile