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I Wish I Never Met Him ~Finished 1/6/13~

This is my 1st story on this board. I dont know how to post pics so I'll describe every thing until i learn how to :) Let me know what u think.


Olivia Smith/U Draya Michele
Tori Jackson/ Jarell Houston
y/m Nicole Ari Parker
Ke-ke Ciara
Tremaine Neverson himself
Stacy Angel Lola
Christina Brown Elle Varner
Ashley Chanel Iman
Stephanie logan browning
Chris Brown himself

More will be added later.

U just moved from New York to Virginia because your parents (lawyers) got better jobs:( u r the only child. As of now you are 16.

The day before u start school u are in your room laying in your bed on skype with Tori your best friend.
Tori: its been 3 days how u liking it
U: iono nigga its only been 3 days (lol)
Tori: (lol) whateva ma u know I miss u like crazy
U: aww yeh I know I miss u too Tori (making a puppy face)
y/m: (coming in your room) Livie
Tori: Mommy!!
y/m: didn’t I just speak to u
Tori: (looking at his phone) that was 30 minutes ago on my phone this is skype ma
U: (lol) Tori ill hit u up tomorrow
Tori: cool (loggin off)
y/m: I have to run to the office they’re throwing a little get together and they’re bringing their kids u should come
U: (making a face) no thanks mom I’m going to finish (looking around at ur finished room) doing my hair for school tomorrow
y/m: ok call me if u need anything
U: k
* your mother left and u fell asleep the next day u woke up did all hygine. U put on a black polo shirt with some dk blue str8 jeans a red belt and some black red and white retro 11s :) Your hair is in a doughnut and u put on gold bamboo earrings with a neck lace and bangles to match…u grabbed your black PINK vs back pack and u went down stairs
y/m: u look cute
U: thanks (grabbing a piece of turkey bacon) am I driving today
y/m: no I have to enroll u
U: ok lets go
*yall went to your school and she registered you and she left. You got your schedule and had to wait for some girl to come show u around. After all of 5 minuets she came in
t/g: Hi Im ke-Ke
U”: im Olivia
keke: (smiling) can I see your schedule
U: yeh (giving hit to her and putting on chap stick)
keke: ok (the bell rings) come with me
U: (following her)
keke: you have algebra 2 next and im in geometry so I’ll meet u back here after class
U: iight
*U walked in the class and sat down as the class slowly started to fill up. Then the bell rung and this light skinned chick with pretty eyes and long hair walked in with the sexiest boy u ever saw
t/t: Stacy, Tremaine please take a seat
*U couldn’t help but to stare at him we was so gorgeous!!
t/t: I am Ms. Williams
Stacy: we know
Ms. Williams: not u smart ass im talking to our new student Olivia
e/b: (turns and look)
Ms. Williams: u got anything to say
U: no
Ms. Williams: Don’t be shy give us some basic info
U: (thinking “this b****”) uh--
Ms. Williams: come to the front
U: (thinking “s***” and getting up) Im Olivia im 16 and im from New York
Stacy: (lol)
U (looking at her with an evil expression)
Stacy: u got a problem (smartly)
U: no, but if u keep talking u might have one
e/b: oooh
Ms. Williams: everyone settle down , Stacy leave her alone, take out your books and turn to page 75 and do problems 1 through 18
*u sat down and did your work when the bell rung u got up and met keke
keke: how was your class
U: I met a b**** already
keke: who
U: stacy
Keke: ugh that’s my cousin I cant stand her
U: who’s the boy she be with
Keke: Trey?
U: I guess
keke: a boy she likes and follows everywhere. She’s a hoe, he doesn’t really like her
Stacy: Kiera you’re talking to Olive--
U: it’s Olivia boo boo
Stacy: it’s not important ma ma (rolling her neck)
U: (raising your eye brow) no u’re not important
Stacy; look new girl, I am important. This is my school if u don’t like it u can go back to new York
U: I don’t like it and im not going back to new York so u better get used to me (smiling) keke u ready
Keke: (lol and walking with u) u r crazy
U: (lol) I don’t care for girls like her
Keke: she really doesn’t like u
U: she don’t know me
Keke: I got gym with u this block so I gotta introduce u to my girls
*yall walked in the gym and the laid back teacher Mr. Johnson took attendance and let yall chill u and k eke walked over to 3 girls
keke: hey
e/b: wass up
keke: this is Olivia she’s from New York, Olivia this is Stephanie , Ashley and Christie
e/b: hey
Stephanie: what part u from
U: Manhattan
Stephanie: oh ok
Christie: so do u know anyone on va
U: just yall
Ashley: u should come party with us so u can meet people
Christie: ooh we should throw a party
e/b: (excited) yeh
U: sounds good as long as stacy doesn’t come
Stephanie: (w/an attitude) u don’t like Stacy
U: (sizing her) No
Stephanie: (cheesing) good u r going to be my best friend
e/b: (lol)
somebody: Yo Christie u need to go get your brother he’s spazzing in the parking lot
Christie: why
someboy: Jessica thinks she’s pregnant
Christie: (running out)
e/b: oh s*** (running behind her)
keke: come on u come too (grabbing u)
*Yall walked out to the parking lot to see a cute tall light skinned boy (l/s/b)mad as hell flipping out on this skinny brown skinned chick and the sexy boy from algebra holding him back
l/s/b: what the f*** r u talking about
t/g: im pregnant
l/s/b: by who? Because I haven’t been f***ing you
Trey: Chris chill
Christie: (pulling chris) what happened
Chris: that b**** cheated on me
Christie: watch ur mouth
Trey: no f*** that Christie she’s a b**** and u know it
t/g: f*** u chris and trey! Im filing for child support so get a job b****
Christie: (holding chris back) watch ur mouth Jessica
Jessica: f*** that Christie ur brother wanna play dumb. I hope we having twins So I can get all of yo money
Chris: b**** I will kill u (charging at her)
Trey: (pulling him back) yall want me to take him home before he gets locked up
Christie: yeh
Jessica: yeh take his b**** ass home
Christie: Jessica call my brother a b**** one more time
Jessica: and what Christie?
Christie: I will beat you ass like I did last year don’t act like u forgot how I get down (walking towards her)
keke: no Christie (grabbing her arm)
Ashley: I say u let her beat her class
Jessica: bye b****es (walking away)
keke: omg (gripping christies arm)
Christie: u better watch ur back u stupid hoe
Intercom: Students we are entering a lock down anyone found outside of their designated classes without permission will be suspended!
Trey: oh s***.. ok 2 people ride with me and 3 ride with Ashley
*U Keke and Stephanie rode with Ashley to this big ass house and yall went in. Trey Chris and Christie was already there when yall walked in and Chris calmer talking about the situation
Chris: oooh she lucky I didn’t (looking at u) who is this
KeKe: this is Olivia, Olivia this is Christies twin Chris and Trey
U: wassup
Chris: (smiling)
Trey: ok (not interested)
Christie: no u can’t date her
Chris: (looking guilty) what? I wasn’t tryin to holla (looking at u) she’s cute tho… u got a man
U: (lol) you’re funny
Chris: Trey she’s from the city u hear her accent
Trey: (nonchalant) yeh, she’s the same broad from my algebra class
U: broad?
Trey: (looking at u) yeh u got a problem
U: yeh that’s disrespectful
Trey: ok (looking away)
U: (rolling your eyes) ugh
Ashley: Trey stop being stuck up
Trey: whatever yo. im hungry (looking in the kitchen)
Christie: ignore him… how long r we staying here
Stephanie: until class is over
Ashley: we need to plan our party
Chris: where r yall doing his s*** at
KeKe: my house
Stephanie: r u comfortable in a swim suit
U: yeh
Stephanie: since the season is about to break lets do a pool party
Chris: HELL NO
Trey: I’m down to look at some asses
U: (thinking “he just need to stf up”)
Christie: (looking at u and laughing) Olivia u ok
U: yeh im good, so how many dudes and r they cute
Chris: u think im cute?
U: (looking at him) yeh u r cute
e/b: oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Chris: (blushing) u think so?
U: yeh, but I don’t talk to dudes with kids
e/b: (ltao)
U: im kidding, that’s none of my business (lol)
Chris: (lol) u cool, I like u
Trey: I don’t
U: who gives a f***
Trey: (looking a u stupidly)
Christie: oh s***
Trey: u talking to me
U: yeh
Trey: f*** u
U: (raising your eyebrow) f*** u too nigga, let me go he’s to negative for me
Keke: u wanna go back to school
U: yeh
Keke: iight ima go
Ashley: cool ima go too
*yall left ant went back to school.


i new dis was gn mess they friendship up smh run it

That's messed up

Oh s***!! Friends with benefits! This is the last time, oh yeah the last time! All caught up! I sound just like Trigga cause that's my nigga!! I'm a damn lie. Chris needs to choose Veronica or Olivia! -screams- PICK LIVIE!!!!! Or that other girl, whats her name? Veronica.
Run it

For the remainder of the summer u and Chris continued to mess around. Trey was mad and stopped taking to y’all but he got over it and started acting his normal self again. 7 weeks later… BACK TO SCHOOL. It’s been 2 days since y’all got back in school you and Chyna ended up sharing an apartment again. U r in ur room laying down and Chyna came in.
Chyna: what’s wrong with u all u do is lay in the bed
U: I’m good
Chyna: does this have anything to do with the fact that Chris and Veronica are still mushy mushy after he’s been all up in ur cookie the whole summer
U: I don’t really care
Veronica: yes that f*** u do. Mike and Jay are having a little get together tonight I think u should come.
U: no--
Chyna: b**** u coming
U: (lol) wtf ever
* Later that night u got dressed in a some straight legged ripped dark blue jeans with a red cropped shirt and some cute red sandals. U curled ur hair and walked out and saw Chyna all dolled up.
Chyna: did u call Christie
U: yeh she said they are already there
Chyna: ok lets go
*Y’all got there and u was greeted by Jay hugging u and kissing ur cheek
Jay: what’s good livie
U: nothing
Jay: u look cute
U: yeh I know
Chyna: (shaking her head) conceded girl. There’s Mike (walking off)
Jay: u gone save me a dance
U: absolutely
Jay: (smiling) u want something to drink
U: u know me (smiling)
Jay: come on (he grabbed ur hand and led u through the party in to the kitchen and poured u some Hennessey and walking over to some girl)
U: (drinking some and seeing Christie) Chrissyy!!!
Christie: (hugging u) wassup mama
U: nothing haven’t seen u in about a month
Christie: I know me I shouldn’t have gone with Drake to meet his family… u think we are crazy (shh)
Drake: who u calling crazy
U: (lol)
Christie: ur family
Drake: (ignoring her) hi Olivia
U: Hi Drizzy. What’s good
Drake: working hard
U: or hardly working? Do u have a job?
Drake: My Job is beating Christie’s pu--
Christie: (covering his mouth) AUBREY
U: (lmao) y’all nasty
Drake: (smiling) where’s Chris
U: don’t know. He’s not my man.
Drake: (mumbling) Couldn’t tell
U: u got something u wanna say
Christie: Chris Veronica wassup
U: not funny
Chris: wassup (looking at u and biting his bottom lip) Hi Livie
U: wassup
Veronica: OMG! I love ur shoes Olivia.
U: (looking at Chris) thanks
Chris: bae, do u mind if I dance with Livie right quick
Veronica: no go head (getting something to drink)
Drake: (laughing loud)
U: (looking at Drake) Christie
Christie: I’m on it (grabbing his hand)
Chris grabbed ur arm and pulling u in to an empty room. Once y’all got inside with the door closed he pushed u to the wall and started kissing u.
Chris: (unbuttoning ur jeans) why u gotta be so sexy (kissing ur cleavage)
U: Chris--
Chris: yes baby (kissing jaw)
U: we can’t Ver--
Chris: (cutting u off by tongue kissing u)
U: Chris--
Chris: (pulling down his pants) yes baby
U: I don’t think we should do this
Chris: (sucking on ur neck) what
U: (lightly moans) u know, da-da-dats my spot
Chris: (still attacking ur spot) u want me to stop baby (gripping ur ass)
U: (shaking ur head yes) no
Chris: which one?
U: this is the last time.
*He lifted u up, ripped ur lace underwear off, pulled his “member” through the hole in his boxers and slid himself inside of u. U wrapped ur arms around his neck and held on for the ride. 15 minutes later he slid himself out of u and kissed u twice and then once passionately.
U: this is it
Chris: r u serious
U: yeh, u got a girl. I feel bad for even doing this and u know that.
Chris: (biting his lip) I’m sorry, I just can’t help the way I feel about u. I honestly love u. I just don’t know how to leave Veronica
U: (putting on ur jeans and shaking ur head) Ur not going to leave her
Chris: yes I am
U: no ur not because u care about her and if deep down in ur heart u wanted to leave her, u woulda been did it.
Chris: so u mad
U: (shaking ur head no) I knew what it was before slept with u the 1st time (pecking his lips) I’ll see u around (walking out the room and closing the door)
(sorry it's kinda short)

Thanks y'all
Lmao @ forgetMeNot

Trey needs to go somewhere. Obviously she doesn't feel how she FELT about you now. Nigga getting mad, boy stop! Sings- that's Chris' pussy!! Don't make him tell you again! Lol
Run it

ok i hope dis dnt mess up there friendship cus he is still taken by v and he jus had sex wit o to be honest chris jus did the same as trey did only diff was she no chris gt a girl she so confused its crazy bt i like her and chris betta as jus friends run it

she shouldnt have answered him if she did or didnt do thats her business
and trey u done screwed up too many times
chris please make her yours!
run it!
dont end it yet ... let the best friends be together... chris and olivia :D

Loved tht last post about time they had sex Lol...
Run It!!!!

Ok so I'm going to try and finish typing this story (it's already written) I dont think I wanna take it into 2013 soo... This should be ending this month...
If ur not reading it already check out my other story The One I Gave My Heart To... if u like it comment & run. :)

@ ur house
Chris: (laying on ur bed) Your mother is never home
U: yeh I know (taking off ur dress and covering ur boobs)
Chris: (looking at u and licking his lips)
U: why u looking at me like u want it?
Chris: (low) because I do
U: (pretending not to hear him) u wanna shower now or later
Chris: will it be with u
U: uh no
Chris: damn iight, ill go now
*Y’all took separate showers. U put on a black baby doll and he put on some basketball shorts and y’all went downstairs in the living room and u cuddled with his as y’all watched a movie. After the movie u left ur head on his shoulder and u played with your hair.
U: I miss how we used to be, before the whole confession fail
Chris: I know, I miss it too. U was the only female, well besides Christie that got close to me.
U: yeh I heard
Chris: u know I love u Olivia and I’d do anything for u right
U: god because I love u too Chrissy, now let’s go to bed I’m tired
*in the bed 2 minutes later
U: Chris
Chris: Olivia
U: I can’t sleep
Chris: (lol)
U: u wanna sing to me like u used to?
Chris: r u serious
(a/n I know I never put him singing to her in this… I left that part out so oops :))
U: yeh I love how u sing (smiling)
Chris: ok (clearing his throat) I don’t know what to sing
U: the one from high school
Chris: which one?
U: with u (a/n: I love that song!! Ok back to the story)
Chris: ok u want a performance?
U: yeh
Chris: (smiling) iight
*He got up and sung and danced and it was cute. He killed it :) at the end u pretended to be sleep and he climbed on top of u and pecked u and u looked at him.
Chris: u r so beautiful
U: thanks
Chris: I wanna kiss u so bad right now
U: (blushing)
Chris: (Licking his lips) do I have permission to kiss u?
U: yes u do
*He smiled and started kissing u. Of course the kisses turned u on sooo badly that u started moaning in between kisses and he just smiled
Chris: (between kisses) u (peck) ok (peck)
U: (ignoring him and continuing to kiss him and moan)
Chris: (stopping and looking at u) u r turning me on
U: (smiling and licking ur lips) yeh, because ur turning me on
*He smiled and leaned back down and continued to make out with u. After about 3 minutes u started sucking on his neck and pulling at his shorts.
Chris: s***… u know what u doing
U: (sucking on his neck) um hum
*He helped u get his shorts and boxers down and u pulled off ur panties. In the heat of making out he started pressing against u. After about a minuet he got in. U both continued on moaned as he continued to pump in and out of u. That night was better than u envisioned it being… he made love to u over and over and over again. The next morning u woke up to a phone call from Trey.
U: yeh (sleepily and smiling at Chris)
Trey: I need to talk 2 u
U: Trey (looking at the clock) it’s 8 oclock
Trey: I know but it’s important
U: (thinking “s***”) iight where r u
Trey: outside
U: iight (u hung up and put on a robe and went downstairs and opened the door and he came in) Wassup
Trey: (sitting down) u remember how I told u I wanted to wife u?
U: (lost) what
Trey: yeh, I finally broke up with Stacy and I’m here baby (smiling)
u: (thinking “wtf”) what
Trey: Olivia I love u
U: Trey we can’t do this right now
Trey: (looking at u weird) why? U got another dude here??
U: Kinda
Trey: (mad) who is it
U: it’s not important right now
Trey: DID U f*** HIM?
U; uh yeh
U: excuse u, u need to lower ur voice!! And ur pussy (lol) no not un u f***ed this only once and that doesn’t make it urs.
Chris: (walking in) wass up Trey (eyes widen) Trey what r u doing here
Trey: nigga I was just about to ask u the same question, so Olivia u with Chris now?
U: no, we’re just friends
Trey: (pissed) iight, cool. Chris I’ll see u later and Livie this isn’t over.
U: wtf??

ITS PARTY TIME!! CHRISTOPHER MAURICE AND CHRISTINA MAURIAH’S 20TH BIRTHDAY BASH! May 5, 2009. U, Stacy, and Chyna spent the night at Christie’s house to help her prepare for everything. So 2 hours before the party everyone started getting dressed. U went in the bathroom downstairs while they all bombarded Christie’s bathroom. U put on and all white dressed white dress which stopped mid-thigh and was v cut front and back and it stopped just above your navel. The dress had a tan belt attached to it so u threw on some tan pumps and some gold accessories. U curled ur hair swooped it and pinned it to the left and sprayed some j’adore perfume and walked in the room with Chris, Trey, Mike and Drake.
U: hey yall
e/b: hey
Chris: (smiling) u look cute, u trying to outdo me on my birthday? (hugging u and pecking ur cheek)
U: u know his chick say fly
Chris: (smiling) yeh u do
Trey: the other girls ready yet
U: nope they take forever
Drake: let me guess, u got dressed first, tok long and now they gotta rush
U: (lol) Drizzy, u know I’m not like that
e/b: (making stupid faces)
Mike: well they got 30 minute before the hummer comes.
U: om
*45 minutes later everyone was ready and grabbed their gifts and made it into the hummer. The hummer dropped y’all off at Gelsons everyone ate and was chilling.
Christie: ok it’s gift time
Stacy: ooh me and Trey 1st (giving her the bag)
Christie: (opening it) ooh matching apple mini ipads
Trey: and 1,000 minutes of studio time
Chris: that’s wtf Im talking about
Chyna: ok me and Mike is next (giving them small boxes)
e/b: ooohhh
Mike: so tha f*** what she fine
e/b: (lol)
Chris: (opening it) I don’t know if I feel comfortable accepting jewelry from a dude
e/b: (lol)
Chyna: I brought u diamond earrings and Christie diamond hoops and put his name on it
Christie: (putting them on) I love them
U: uh, I guess I’m last (giving them both bags)
Christie” (opening it) OMG! Louboutins with the matching purse like I always wanted!!! (hugging u tight)
U: yeh I know, u taped it to my mirror
e/b: (lol)
Chris: (opening his) my J’s with the matching outfit (opening a smaller box) a Jacob?
U: yuuuppp (lol)
Chris: (hugging u) that’s dope ma
U: I know (concededly)
e/b: (lol)
Christie: ok it’s a wrap. I’m ready to party.
*U looked down and saw 3 texts
trey (text): u look sexy ma
U (text): delete my number ur with Stacy
Chris (text): Thanks for my presents they madd dope ma
Chris (text): and u look madd sexy
U (text): ur welcome and I know
Chris (text): sit next to me in the hummer
U: (looking at him and nodding)
*Yall got in the hummer and u sat next to Chris and he wrapped his arm around ur neck
Chris: (whispering) why u wear that
U: (whispering back) because this dress is bad and I’m bad in it. Why u all on me?
Chris: because u bad and I’m bad with u
U: (lol)
*When y’all got to the club everyone was escorted to the vip section and Trey’s cousin Dee was there so Yall was able to get shots. Everyone broke free from the vip section and went to go get loose. U stayed there and rocked ur hips the music. After a few u felt someone grab u and u turned around and saw Chris and u smiled and hugged him.
U: u wanna dance?
Chris: (smiling) yeh
*Birthday sex blasted through the speaker as u sat him in the chair in the empty vip section. U sat on his lap (not facing him) and u started to grind ur ass into his pelvis. U turned around and straddled him and started slow winding on him. He looked into ur eyes and bit his lip. His hands slid up ur ass as he started to grind back on to the beat of the music. You just kept looking at him while u danced it turned u on. After a few seconds he pulled ur face to his and Kissed u. At first u was shocked but u quickly got over it when u felt his tongue part ur lips. Y’all ended up kissing for the remainder of the song. After the song was over u broke the kiss and got up.
Chris: (licking his lips) u got me stiff
U: (smiling) yeh I know (grabbing his hand)
Chris: (hugging u frm behind) Livie can I sleep over with u tonight?
U: (lol) what would Veronica think?
Chirs: (smiling)
Christie: (walking over) Olivia u’re the one who announces the birthday song
U: ok
*Y’all went on stage with the rest of the vips
U: (on the mic) Ok Ok everybody quiet down! Its time to sing happy birthday to the Prince and the Princess of VA
e/b: (cheering)
U: yall ready?
*Yall sing the birthday song as 2 huge cakes come out.The songs over and they went to blow out the candles out chris grabbed u and blew them out. After the party was over everyone went home except Chris… he went to ur house.

run it

lol y'all be having me laughing. calling the poor girl slow lol. I'm going to try to add tonight XD

lol she no its her she want to ply that s*** off smh n if she dnt no she slow lol need more run it

Omfg! Olivia you are slooww! Obviously he was talking about you. I got confused a little, but at the end I caught on. Her and Chris would be perfect, they both slow. Lol
Run it

10:30 that same night.
U just got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around ur self and someone was knocking at the door.
U: Chy!! Get the door!! (no answer) CHYNA!!
*u went in the living room and saw a note:
I’m with Mike XD. Don’t wait up. I’ll see u in the morning.
*U opened the door and it was Chris.
U: wassup (letting him in)
Chris: nothing, u just got out of the shower
U: obviously
Chris: Oh
*Y’all went in ur room and u went in ur bathroom and put on ur underwear and a white tank top and u came back out and sat on ur bed
U: so why r u here
Chris: damn I gotta have a reason to check on u
U: since we’re no longer in high school, yeh
Chris: (licking his lips) u right, what was u and Veronica talking about today
U: about how it’s none of ur business--
Chris: seriously
U: u really wanna know?
Chris: yeh
U: I told her how I wanted to partake in a 3 sum with u guys for ur birthday. I mean I don’t eat pussy but I’m sure we can work something out
Chris: (playfully mushing u) wtf ever
U: (lol) ok she wanted to say that she was happy that we became cool… u know how she do
Chris: (lol) yeh that sounds like V
U: what u want for ur birthday?
Chris: some J’s like the ones u had on today. Those s***s were hard
U: U know I stay fresh
Chris: (nodding) yeh u do
U: so how’s everything with u and V
Chris: it’s good (looking away)
U: U lien
Chris: yeh I know
U: what’s wrong
Chris: I don’t even know. Like if I was the old me she’d be a 10, but lately my mind has been on another chick
U: a hoe?
Chris: no, trust me she’s far from a hoe. If Veronica is a 10 she’s a 1000 standing next to her and I swear if I could go back I would, because I had a chance with her and I f***ed it up
U: how
Chris: (lol) I tried to ignore my feelings because one of my homeboys called dibs on her since day one. It’s been like torture watching her, like the way she looks at me or the way she walks I mean even the way she smells (sniffing the air) I mean everything this girl does
U: (looking at him weird) damn that b**** got u sprung
Chris: (looking at u) Livie please don’t call her a b****
U: (making a face) my bad. Soo when do I get to meet her? What’s her name?
Chris: u don’t get to meet her and she doesn’t have a name. forget I even brought her up
U: (looking at him) is it Stacy
Chris: Hell no! why would u think that?
U: because u said ur homeboy called ‘dibs’ so that means it has to be one of ur homeboys girlfriends
Chris: check this, he never even wifed her, but he claims he is
U: (syh) damn sorry to hear that papi
Chris: so was up with u and J
*a/n:U and J have been chilling a lot because him and Mike are cool and Mike is always over for Chyna and he always tags along*
U: (smiling) J’s a sweety but we are just friends, but I like him though
Chris: like like?
U: no not “like like” he’s cute and cool peeps so I could see him becoming the new u
Chris: wtf does that mean? U replacing me
U: no, but ur never here, u got a girl occupying ur time and J (smiling) every time I call he comes so…
Chris: (shh) that’s wrong
U: it is what it is
Chris: iight so im sleeping over so move over
U: ugh! (moving over) good night
Chris: livie
Chris: can I have a good night peck on the cheek so I could have sweet dreams?
U: (Lol) and u say I’m a baby (pecking his cheek 4 times) love u Chris
Chris: I love u too

2 weeks had passed ant Kierra moved off campus. u got a new roommate named Chyna (blac Chyna) and it took yall no time to get cool. So u r in ur room when she walked in.
Chyna: Livie u wanna come with me to watch the boys practice?
U: (scratching ur head) um no
Chyna: Oh, Chris is going to be there
U: (smiling) oh well in that case (frowning) hell no
Chyna: (lol) damn, I don’t wanna look all hot and horny
U: u are hot and horny for Mike (Tyga)
Chyna: well duah, but if u come they wont think s
U: damn, give me a minuet
*U threw your hair in a messy bun and put on some grey PINK sweat pants with a black spaghetti shirt with a grey PINK pullover hoodie and some black and grey J’s to match.
Chyna: U ready
U: yeh lets go
*Yall walked to the gym and Veronica and Stacy was sitting together ^u and stacy and Shannon are civil with each other but u still don’t trust them^
Stacy: wassup
Veronica: u really look like a college girl now
U: yeh, I I know. I’m not tryin to be cute for none of these nappy headed niggas
st/chy/ver: Hey!
U: (lol) oops my bad. Y’all men do play ball
Chyna: ha ha
Veronica: I’ve been meaning to talk to u
U: ok
Veronica: come walk with me
*Y’all walked away from the group and u could see Chris looking at y’all.
U: wassup
Veronica: before me u and Christie were the closest females t Chris and I wanted to get him the perfect gift for his birthday, but I need help
U: ask him
Veronica: he said he just wants me
U: tmi
Veronica: Iknow, I’m sory, but can u help me out
U: I don’t know. Cook dinner for him with candles and wear ur birthday suit
Veronica: OLIVIA!
U: ugh! Give me your number and I’ll find something and I’ll let u know
Veronica: (giving u her #) thanks
U: (raising ur eyebrows) no problem.
*Yall walked back over to the girls
Chyna: so Stacy Whats going on with u and trey
Stacy: he don’t think I know but he wants to quit me, but I give excellent head so he stays
Chyna: eww u be sucking him off
Stacy: yup everyday
Veronica: (slapping her 5) I know that’s right
*Christie and Shannon walks up
Christie: Hey hoes and Livie
e/b: (lol)
U: I’m glad u got that right
Christie: what u doing
U: thinking about what I’m getting my best friend for her birthday
Chyna: livia my birthday passed it was in march
U: (lol)
Christie: no boo she’s talking about me
Chyna: (lol) My bad
Christie: yeh I kno, but yall coming to our party rught
e/b: yeh
Christie: it’s gonna be all black and the vips in white
Stacy: that’s hot
Christie: we doing it in the home town
Veronica: WHAT??!!
Christie: yeh u know we go on summer break Friday
Christie: sorry ma ma
Shannon: I can’t come neither u know I live in the A
Christie: so it’s me livie Stacy and Chyna
Veronica: (looking sad)
U: aww she’s sad
Christie: I’ll tell Chris to break her off and she’ll be ok
e/b: (lol)

Omg. I feel like I've neglected this story! If anyone's still reading this I apologize and the next 2 adds will be up in one second :)


I wish Olivia find a boyfriend at school so that Chris AND Trey will see how she feels when they bring their skeezers around I want her with someone who will keep her happy

smh she need to gt it together run it

Why does she have to be so damn difficult, she needs to tell Chris before another year goes by and he ends up getting another chick pregnate.
Run it

Around 10 o’clock u went back to Chris and Trey’s room and Stacy and Trey was there.
U: hey Trey
Trey: (smiling) hi Livie
Stacy: (looking at u) how did u get a key
U: your momma gave me one
Stacy: u see she’s starting right
Trey: (shh and lol) Livie
U: what? Tell her to mind her business
Trey: Chris isn’t here
U: I know (looking in the refrigerator)
Trey: he probably wont be back here until late
U: (grabbing a water) good maybe I’ll get some sleep
Trey: iight lock up we out
*Then left. You washed and put on some pjs and threw your hair in a messy bun and u went to sleep. 5 hours later
Chris: (on the phone lol) yeh, I had a good time… u and your girls know how to show a nigga some love. No that’s not my girl… we can be friends tho, iight I need to wash my nuts, I gotta go (hanging up)
U: (looking at him evilly)
Chris: did I wake u
U: yes (looking at the clock) it’s 3 am (looking at his neck and seeing a hickey) I hope u used a rubber (turning the other way)
Chris: we didn’t f***, she just gave me head
U: tmi, goodnight
*U went to sleep. The next day u put on some sweats and an unzipped hoodie and nosily packed your stuff and Chris woke up
Chris: u leaving me?
U: (looking at him) yup
Chris: why
U: because my 2 days are up (not looking at him)
Chris: u need help (about to get up)
U: no stay there I got it (picking up your bag and leaving)

*1 week later. You are good u r keeping yourself busy. You are in the library when u heard
f/v: (lol) stop (lol) Chris stop (lol) stop (1,000 times)* U turned around and saw Chris kissing Veronica’s (A Cheerleader *kae Tran*) neck
Veronica: (lol) stop
Chris: (smiling) u wasn’t saying that last night
Veronica: (kissing him) I know
*U walked left. Later on that night u and Christie decided to cook so u got dressed in some grey shorts with a black tank and some black open toed heels. Your hair was in ponytail. Its 8 pm and everybody (Trey, Stacy, Jay, Shannon, keke, Malcom and Drake) was there 15 minutes later Chris came in with Veronica.
Chris: whats up peeps
e/b except u: hi, hey ect
Chris: this is my girl Veronica, Veronica this is everyone
Veronica: (smiling) Hi
E/b except u: Hi
Christie: (looking at u) if u toss that salad any harder it’ll be vegetable juice
U: (looking at the salad then back at her) I good
Christie: sure u are (loud) Hi Christopher
Chris: Chrissy what u and livie whipping up
U: (opening the vodka)
Christina: fish fries and salad
Chris (grabbing Veronica’s hand and walking over) Veronica this is my sister and her best friend Olivia
Christie: so ur his girl friend
Veronica: no
Chris: u don’t have to lie these my peeps
Veronica: (smiling) ok weh we’re dating (excited)
U: (turning the bottle up and taking huge gulps)
Christie: (taking the bottle) excuse her she’s a little stressed
Veronica: ok
U: damn I feel like s*** it gonna get started tonight
Christie: ok yall go have fun (grabbing u) Olivia chill out
U: did u hear how he introduced me?
Christie: it was wrong but semi true
U: it’s all good because im on f*** Christopher Maurice Brown mode
Christie: really?
U: (taking the bottle and gulping another mouth full) yup
*An hour later u are ok sitting next to Christie when KeKe stands up
KeKe: everybody settle down I have news
e/b: quite
Keke: Im pregnant
e/b: (shocked)what?
KeKe: yup so unfortunately I have to leave campus
U: so u’re not going to be living with me anymore
KeKe: no, sorry livie
U: (looking down) me too
e/b: (excited) congrats
* You went upstairs and opened your window and climbed on the roof and just sat there. After maybe an hour u felt a blanket being thrown on u and u looked back and saw Chris.
Chris: I’m ready to talk if u are
U: I wanna go back to New York (looking at the sky)
Chris: (sitting next to u) we’ve had this conversation before and it’s always where u wanna go when things aren’t going your way
U: (wiping your tear) I know, it’s where my heart is
Chris: does this have anything to do with me?
U: no (lying) I just wanna be with my best friend I miss him
Chris: and what am I
U: my best friend’s brother
Chris: damn that’s all I am to u
U: (looking at him) no, but that’s all I am to u
Chris: what u mean
U: (Looking down) that’s how u introduced me
Chris: (silent and then looking at u) I’m sorry Livie, I didn’t
U: yes u did or u wouldn’t have said it
Chris: I apologize
U: (looking the opposite way) whatever, isn’t Veronica waiting for u
Chris: No, she’s in her room
U: (syh)
Chris: I’m not leaving until we squash this
U: well get comfortable because it’s gonna be a long night
* Yall stayed up there talking for over an hour. U lied and convinced him that everything was good, but inside was a totally different story.

she shouldnt make things difficult run it

UhOh! this is getting tricky. I was lovin her&chris together.. wow her & trey just made up like, boom. then trey just kinda threw me with that L word. aw damn. smh.


Now I'm about gone..

If Chris finds out she likes him and she lost her virginity to Trey then that would COMPLICATE the HELL out of everybody's friendship..

IDK I like both Chris and Trey for her though

*The next morning u woke up next to Chris and u smiled, he was so cute. U still had a crush on him but after the confession fail he’d never know. All of your starring must’ve woke him up
Chris: (opening one eye) What r u looking at
U: a big hed conceded light skinned boy
Chris: (sitting up) whatever, how’d u sleep
U: after u stopped snoring. Fine
Chris: I don’t snore
U: ok (getting up *ur wearing shorts and a beater*) what u doing today
Chris: (looking at ur ass)
Chris: (looking at u) what
U: I said what u doing today
Chris: going to practice u wanna come
U: so I can see sweaty men and soggy asses? I guess u can count me in (lol)
Chris: yeh, u r a perv
U: but you’re the one who’s looking at my ass tho right
Chris: u look like u got thicker
U: whatever, get dressed so we can go
*Yall got ready and yall went to the gym. You sat on the bleachers and watched them play… well u was really watching chris. Your thoughts were interrupted by Christie and Shannon walking in.
Christie: (sitting next 2 u) Let me guess Chris asked u to come
U: (lol) and u know it
Shannon: (licking her lips) he is so sexy
U: give that thirsty b**** a Gatorade
Shannon: who are u calling a b**** Olivia
U: U Shan-non
Christie: Chill Shannon with the outbursts we all know my brother is sexy look at me (lol) and u Livie with the insults
U: whatever why u f*** with her anyway
Christie: she’s cool people
U: (rolling your eyes) That’s funny
s/g: damn look at Chris Brown um! I’d lick the sweat off of his balls
a/g: (lol) true
U: (making a face) I’m about to go
Christie: ok and (looking at u) Livie
U: yeh
Christie: I know why and I don’t appreciate u lying about it
U: (grabbing her hand and walking her to the door) what
Christie: u still like Chris
U: (lying) I? Like Chris? (lol) Really?
Christie: yeh that’s why u wont stay because those hoes are talking, and that’s why u don’t like Shannon
U: whatever Christina
Christie: Olivia admit it
U: (Looking down) I cant (practice lets out)
Christie: (smiling) oooh u just gave yourself away (Lol)
U: (looking at her with widened eyes and then making them normal again) oops, I mean tsk whatever
Christie: it’s all good
U: please don’t tell Chris
Chris: Tell chris what
U: (eyes widen)
Christie: That she was going to take u to lunch
U: damn Christie u got a big mouth
Christie: my bad
Chris: (cheesing) word
a/g: (in unison) Hi Chrissss
Chris: (smiling) Hi ladies
s/g: u wanna come to our room later on
Chris: where at
s/g: room 715 in Perfection Hall
Chris: only if I can bring a friend
s/g: (looking at u) only if he’s a man
Chris: (lol) we’ll see
a/g: bye
Chris: bye (looking at their asses) damn
U: (looking at ur phone) Never mind I have to cancel, I just got a text from kee she needs help (Lying)
Chris: (looking at u) so u don’t wanna feed me
U; I might cook at the room
Chris: (hugging u and pecking ur cheek) iight tell kee I said
U: mmk
*You went to your apt. and chilled for a few hours…

@ cartersmom yea basically. Olivia never really gave Shannon a chance. But shannon constantly talks about chris so she doesn't care for her.

Why don't Olivia like Shannon though? Just because she likes Chris?

that b**** stacy looknn for a ass whoopn and yay they made up so happy hope they get together bt wen they do hope it dnt mess up her n chris friendship