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THIS will be

My <em>very <strong>first</strong></em> "story"

This popped into my head at like 4:30AM

Just wanna try it out..
So Im NOT sure at all where this is going..

I'd appreciate full feedback..

Here goes nothing.......


<em>"He.. He's cheating on me?" She said as soon as I opened the door. More of asking in disbelief barely above a whisper.</em>

I was taken back. Her head fell into my chest as I could feel her tears soak through my top. I held her tightly as we began to rock, slowly, back and forth. For once I had no advice, no words of wisdom, not one ounce of encouragement, or anything to say. So I did all I knew I could do. I let her cry. As her loud whimpers began to soften I looked down at her head on my chest and she slowly looked back up at me. She sniffled.

<em>"It's gonna be okay. N-no he's not." I tried to assure her, barely above a whisper.</em>

She franticly shook her head to respond 'no' with her eyes closed. I brushed her hair away from her eyes and rubbed the tears from her cheek with my thumb. She placed her hand on mine while I cuffed her cheek. Then in an instant it seemed as if we moved in slow motion as our eyes met.

She pressed her luscious lips against mine. My hands traveled gently across her cheek and my finger tips brushed across her neck. She let out a slight low moan, indicating I discovered her spot, and sigh of relief, as I deepend the kiss. I couldnt fathom the many feelings I felt inside as I let my lips be her escape and couldnt control the urge any longer. My hands continued to move down the small of her back as she placed her arms around my neck. I rested my hands on her hips as I pulled away and looked into her eyes. I slightly bit the edge of my bottom lip. I searched her eyes and wiped away a few more tears that fell. She leaned in and She pecked my lips again.

I cautiously returned the kiss. I gripped the sides of her dress tightly. As the kiss began to deepen again, I found myself with her legs open arund me as she leaned back against the stairs. Her dress rose above her knees she stepped back onto the steps. She let my hands touch her thigh as her knee rest beside my hip. I caressed her soft, round, lifted bottom then rubbed her thighs as my fingers roamed between her legs.

I moved my lips down to her neck sucking on her spot while I brushed my fingers across the front of her panties. I could feel her body respond and I couldnt controll the tingling between my own thighs any longer. I tugged the front of her panties, moving two fingers inside slowly brushing across her middle. She droped her panties as I lifted her dress more and positioned myself on my knees to be at eye level with her pretty, shaven, pink between her legs. I massaged her pearl with my thumb as I slowly slid my tongue from bottom to top to open her other set of lips. I looked up to see her eyes closing while she threw her head back. She moaned. Her body began to tense up as She squeezed my shoulders trying to push me back a bit.

My tongue took on a mind of its own. I licked slowly back and forth across her pearl three times while placing a finger inside her wetness. Her legs spread open even wider around me, with her hands on my shoulders for balance. I could taste her getting wetter. I slowly went inside her deeper and harder with my finger while making small circles on her swollen pearl. Her moans increased and I knew I was pleasing her. I moved my head to her inner thigh and licked her with the tip of tongue stopping right at her opening. As I did the same to her other thigh She sighed with a bit of frustration.

I grabbed her hands, lacing our fingers, and pulling her arms away from my me up against the wall. I began to lick vigorously all over her as she squeezed my hands. I knew she was about to release.

I held her legs as I guided her to lay on her back on the steps. We removed her dress from over her head and kissed. Her breathing was fast and heavy. I watched her chest rise and fall as I slipped my fingers between her legs to keep her satified and licked the top of her breast. I unhooked her bra with my free hand to fully expose her ample breast. I sucked on each one and massaged the other to give both the same attention and made circles around her nipples until they were hard as rocks.

I kissed and licked her down from her neck to her navel. She squirmed when I stopped right at her center. I spread her other set of lips again and blew over her pearl and her knees went up. I massaged her with my thumb. Starting with slow, wide circles and licking her inside slowly. I quickened the pace of my thumb over her pearl, licking inside and out. Her hands wrapped around my neck pulling my face deeper into her middle. Her nails went across my back, hitting my spot. I french kissed her middle nice and slow.

<em>"A-aAh! Ahhh..S-sss-Sh-Shiiiiiiiit!" she moaned in a loud whisper.</em>

I was loving her moans. I sucked on her pearl. She stopped fighting her release. I let my mouth take in her warm, wet, sweet juices. I sucked on her second set of lips and flicked my tongue up and down in between. I massaged wild circles on her swollen pearl with my thumb until she let out a scream to signal she couldnt take anymore.
Her scream was so beautiful. I wanted more. I was jealous. She closed her shaking legs and raised herself on a higher step up on her elbows and lifted her head. She sat up. Her eyes were still closed as she tried to calm down. I backed away.

<em>"Th- th-Thank. Y-you." she sighed.</em>

She mustered a small weak smile before She crawled up the steps, moaning a little with each move. I heard a door shut and the shower turn on.

I couldnt believe what had just happened. I sat on the steps with my head in my hands. I felt the phone vibrate and heard his ringtone singing lowly down by my side. It all seemed so surreal. I felt so confused. And still felt the throbbing between my legs. I grabbed her phone and looked for my keys. I slid on my shoes by the door and hopped into my car ........

I was banging loudly on the door. He was looking down when he slowly opened it. I pushed him aside and walked in. He closed the door and glanced up at me.

<em>"Why am I here?! She loves you! She's over there-- Do you love her?!"</em> I couldnt control the emotions. I paced back and forth. My face was heated in frustration. Tears of confusion escaped my eyes.

He placed his hands on my cheeks and wiped the tears away with his thumbs. He looked deep into my eyes. I returned his gaze and could read the confusion and shared frustration.

<em>"No." He whspered.</em> Shaking his head with his eyes never leaving mine.
<em>"N-n-no?"</em> I asked in a whisper. <em>"But.. She s-ssaid.. Who.."</em>

He kissed me, passionately. I fell into it deep, without a fight.I wondered if he could taste her on my tongue. A low moan escaped my lips into his mouth as I pulled at his pants. He lifted my petite frame up onto the table by the door as I wrapped my legs around his waist and slid his pants down with my feet. I raised my arms as he removed my tank top then wrapped my arms around his neck. His soft lips brushed across my neck as his hands rubbed my thighs. He kissed and licked my neck just right, removing my bra to give more attention to my breast. He glanced up into my eyes as I looked down at him. He backed up, holding my hand as I hopped off the table. We made our way upstairs to his room.


I wanna know what you guys think so far?

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Wait is the person a girl or a boy, i'm confused! I wanna know.
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what is going on here??? I'm so confused!!! Run it!!